Kamran Abreas Zaris
Lieutenant Kamran Abreas Zaris
Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus as Kamran Abreas Zaris
Alias: None
Age: 27
Features: Smoker. Mole. Quietly Obsessive. Married to the Job. Aerilonian Accent.
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Weapons
Position: Weapons Officer

"Numbers rule the Universe."
- Pythagoras

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Kamran Zaris' tale is that of a child born into the wrong family. Raised as a bookworm amongst farmers will little more to do in the evenings than to slip off to the pub for some bitter, he's taken to the stars using the only route available to him: Recruitment. Though he's managed to survive warday, he puts his skills to good use, trying to crack some sort of mathematical sequence that might explain the keystone of the Cylon programming.

Immediate Family/Close Friends

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
Apr 2035 AE <rank> <station> <notes>.

Physical Features

Standing at around five feet, ten inches and sporting a wiry frame, Kamran Zaris' most identifying feature is his rather unkempt appearance as of late. His hair has grown to fall over his eyes in the sloppy, matted mops that have defined many of the surviving humans in an era that's quickly run out of hair products and shampoo. The matted bangs, matched with the rest of his features, gives him a rather sly appearance. A small, flat mole rests just to the upper corner of his left lip, framed by the light growth of scruff he's allowed to grow. Razors, as well, are scarce. When not wearing long sleeves, the patches of tattoo ink on his forearms are visible.

Identifying features are:

  • His dirty looking hair, despite how well he tries to clean it.
  • The small, flat mole on the upper-left corner of his lip.
  • The cloud of cigarette smoke that seems to follow him everywhere he goes.
  • His never ending love for all things mathematic.
  • His relaxed nature, and the way he sometimes misinterprets the standard language.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Zaris_icon.jpg Myself: <jibba jabba>
Zaris_icon.jpg Myself: <jibba jabba>
Zaris_icon.jpg Myself: <jibba jabba>
Zaris_icon.jpg Myself: <jibba jabba>
Zaris_icon.jpg Myself: <jibba jabba>


  • Kamran learned standard staring at the age of twelve, and to this day is more comfortable speaking his original dialect.
  • When he curses, it's in Aerilonian.
  • He finds spirituality in the strangest things, like mathematics and tattoo.
  • While he's not the best there ever was, he is known for being one of the few remaining tattoo artists alive.
  • Likes his food bland, tasking like meat and grain.
  • His bunk is filled with small, hexagonal papers and notes written onto the bunk in ink, a sign of middle-of-the-night inspirations.
  • Has his own private library of fifteen notebooks he's filled since transferring from the BS Triton.
  • He's filled with old world sayings and mannerisms, and is known to be superstitious.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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