PHD #277: You're Welcome, Cidra
You're Welcome, Cidra
Summary: Shiner and Devlin run into each other on the deck and have a brief discussion of the women of Cerberus. Devlin manages to convince Shiner that Cidra should be his new mission in life. Thanks will be accepted in the form of booze, hugs, or money orders.
Date: 30 November 2041 AE
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Devlin Shiner 
Portside Hangar Deck
Post-Holocaust Day: #277

Shiner is over by one of the Vipers under repair, generally pestering the poor deck crew actually trying to work on the thing with a lot of inane questions and crude innuendos.

Devlin heads over towards that same Viper, off-duty from the looks of it, but a clipboard in hand. "Hey," he greets the deckhands, "How's it looking?" Shiner gets a smile and a chin-up of greeting, "Hey, man. How's it going?"

"Yeah, well you can get a good grip of /my/ control rod any time," Shiner quips to the deckhand, ever the mature man on the deck, giving her a lascivious wink much to her dismay and eyerolling. Glancing back as he's greeted, though, he lifts a hand for a high five. "Yo, pretty good, sir. How about you? Flying today or just down here to slum it with us working stiffs." A pause, then a snicker. Yeah. He said stiffs. Hur hur hur.

Devlin snorts at Shiner's come-on, biting down on a bit of a grin and shaking his head. "Dude, you've got to get better lines," he chuckles, even as he gives the high five. "I'm alright, just checking in on a couple of the planes that've been up for repair. Collecting progress reports and stuff to bring back." He gestures with the clipboard and then glances after the female deckhand, who is taking this chance to try to sneak away. "Does that stuff ever actually work?" he asks.

"Totally!" Shiner assures him, nodding firmly. "The chicks love it when you make an effort. They're all like 'oh, doesn't he have a good sense of humour' then they're all over you like a fat kid on a cupcake. Sense of humour in a guy? They love it. It's not like 'oh, she's got a good sense of humour' in a woman. Which is equivalent to 'good hair, nice personality'. And by the way, if any girl ever says to meet her friend who has 'good hair, nice personality', remember to bring a paper bag and a fork lift."

Devlin laughs and laughs, shaking his head a little before agreeing, "Yeah, 'nice personality' is always a tip-off. Not that girls ever really describe their friends as 'oh hey you should meet my friend with the fantastic rack', you know?" He shrugs and tucks the clipboard away under his arm, covering a yawn and scrubbing a hand over his head. Then he grins suddenly, remembering, "Is it true you've been trying this stuff out on Captain Vakos?"

Shiner groans, rubbing at his face. "Don't even remind me, man. It's like coming on to an iceberg or something. Sure, she's great to look at from a distance, but when you get close? DANGER DANGER!"

Devlin snickers and shakes his head, "Man, you have a deathwish or something? She's not an iceberg, she's a frakking pitbull. And I dunno," he says, brows furrowing skeptically, "I've never noticed she's much to look at from a distance. I think I just see her coming and start focusing on how to get away before she gets to me."

"No challenge too great for the Davester," Shiner insists, buffing his fingernails against his overalls. "Just you wait, dude. And seriously? Next time you're behind her? Check out that booty. She's got to be old enough to be my mother, and I /still/ would."

"There's a challenge and then there's a suicide mission," Devlin retorts, laughing, "And no way, man. She would probably slit my throat with her eyes if she caught me looking. There is no possible way her ass is good enough to make up for the rest, and I don't mean the fact that she's twice our age. I've got nothing against older women in general."

"Where's your sense of adventure, man?" Shiner asks, flashing a goodnatured grin in return. "What, did the little woman lock it all away when you got hitched?"

Devlin snorts and shakes his head again, grinning, "Nah, man, she's adventurous enough for the both of us, trust me. I just don't think Vakos is worth it. She's just not that hot. She's got kind of a man-chin going, you know? If you're really just in it for the adventure you should aim higher, anyways. Go for the CAG or the Marine CO or somebody."

Shiner tilts his head, considering. "The CAG's pretty fit, but she's like way old," he points out. "Maybe with the lights off. The marines, though, dude, never mind their CO, I'd totally do their S3. Small, but perfectly formed." He nods to himself approvingly, forming an outline with his hands in front of him.

"She doesn't come off old, though," Devlin argues in Cidra's defense, "And she's definitely fit. Cool eyes, too. Also," he holds up a hand to make sure Shiner catches this particular bit of info, "She totally kisses girls. Granted, in a like… ceremonial way when she promotes them and stuff, but still. Psyche told me about it and then we both just kinda sat there and thought about it for a while," he grins before shaking his head, "Never met the S3. But I got nothing against short girls, obviously."

Shiner is distracted from his mime, jerking his head round. "What, seriously? She's into chicks? Now, dude, /that/ is hot, and you can't deny it. I've got a new mission in life."

"Whoa whoa whoa," Devlin holds up both hands now laughing, clarifying, "I mean, I dunno that she's actually into chicks. But when she promotes them, she kisses them on the mouth. I guess it's like a Gemenon thing or something? But yeah, it's still kind of totally hot," he admits, "As, like… a mental image."

Shiner holds up his hands in kind. "No, no. Stop right there. I'm in my happy place. Don't ruin it."

Devlin laughs, and nods, "Yeah, no worries, man. Just… think about any girl in the wing that's been promoted since Warday… and the CAG has totally kissed her. Don't tell I told you that, it might be a secret girl thing, I dunno. Anyways, dude, I gotta run. Catch you later, right?"

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