PHD #134: Yes Lady
Yes Lady
Summary: Madilyn gets to be the Yes Lady when people come and ask her things!
Date: 10 Jul 2041 AE
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Lunair Madilyn Devlin 
Marine Offices - Deck 6 - Battlestar Cerberus
This offices consists of desks for those under the CO, along with his desk toward the back of the room. The S1 and S2 have desks here and the place is neat as a pin, with everything in its place. At the front of the room, a Marine sits at a desk to meet people as they come in through the hatch.
Post-Holocaust Day: #134

A touch nervous, Lunair steps into the office. This time? No coffee pot. A bit odd. She looks around, as if hunting for someone. It seems to be a fairly usual day, papers shuffling, interviews going and on and on. She makes a careful path towards the CO's desk. She smiles at the Marine who greets people and nods at him. Everything neat and orderly.

Like 90% of every duty period, the Marine CO is sitting behind the desk. Today, she's typing at the computer terminal, in the process of putting together a memo for someone regarding something. The arrival of someone looming across the desk gets her to stop and turn about. "Hello Lieutenant."

Lunair is near her CO's desk. The Marine office is humming along, busy and efficient. She looks a bit shier than usual, her face even reddening a bit. "Hello, sir. I was wondering if - I could ask permission for something. I ah-" Uh oh. This must be big. She swallows. "Ah… see. I would like permission to marry someone." She almost faints then and there, the dork. But mercifully, her bearing and consciousness hold up.

Well now, this is certainly an interesting development…and a nice little change of pace from the recent investigations and paperwork being done. Behind the desk, Madilyn steeples her fingers, and even begins to smile. "Well, this is certainly a nice little surprise Lieutenant. Who is the lucky individual?" Have to check because of those pesky fraternization rules.

Devlin steps in through the hatch, looking around the office for a second before he heads towards that first desk, speaking with the marine playing secretary today. He's clearly a civilian, but looks up after a moment as the CO's desk is indicated, watching Madilyn and Lunair for a moment before nodding at the marine he's speaking with and stepping away to take a seat off to the side, waiting.

Lunair's face is redder than a communist tomato. She smiles a little shyly as Madilyn steeples her fingers. "T-thanks. And it's Lieutenant Junior Grade Marko Scaurus," Still red. But happy. She pauses though, looking over her shoulder. "Oh. I ah - don't think I'm the only one to see you," She smiles politely at Devlin, but is happily flustered. Someone's a bit shy.

"Well, I don't see that violating the Fleet's fraternization regulations, but even so, you'll want to refresh yourself. Other than that, I have absolutely no problem in granting permission. I assume he's doing the same with his CO? Air-wing, correct?" Madilyn's smiling a little brighter now than she has recently, and it shows when she peeks around Lunair to see who's waiting to see her.

Devlin smiles a wide, friendly smile at Lunair as she turns and looks at him, but waves off her concern, saying, "I'm fine waiting, don't worry about me. And congratulations!" Alright, so waiting and eavesdropping, but it's not like there are magazines here in the marine office waiting-area.

Lunair nods and smiles, "Well I thought it over too. Different departments, both officers, um." There's some more but Lunair definitely thought about it it seems. She turns red and smiles. "Thank you sir. And that's correct. He is doing so." A nod. She seems happier. "That's all I had for the moment. The food growing is going well, and I hope you are doing well," She admits. "But I won't keep you," A wave and a smile. Happy times. She nods at Devlin then turns red. "Thank you."

"Sounds like you have some preparations of your own to make, now." For the moment, Madilyn lets the salute and dismissal and all that slide. One person down, one to go. Devlin gets waved over…if that's all Lunair has to ask for the moment!

"Oh, are you the marine who runs the hydroponics?" Devlin asks of Lunair as she moves away from the desk. He smiles at her and says, "We should talk! I'd like to help. Deck 8, right? I'll have to stop by." And then Madilyn is waving him over and he heads towards the CO's desk, offering a friendly, "Afternoon, major. It is major, right?" He nods at her pins.

Lunair smiles and nods at Devlin. "That's correct! Feel free to stop by, sign in or just talk." She beams. Friendly sort at least. She blushes and hesitates. Sal- okay, nevermind that. She just waves and shuffles to attend to her own duties.

"It is, in fact. What is it I can do for you today, Mr…?" She intentionally lets her voice trail off, indicating that she doesn't know his name, but would like to know it. "Have a seat and let's chat. I could certainly use a brief reprieve from duty work."

"Oh good. I keep messing them up," Devlin admits of the pins with a smile. When she pauses for his name, he offers, "Alex Devlin," and his hand before taking a seat. "Thanks, major. I'm thinking about enlisting," he tells her, "And I wanted to check that the background check I did when I joined the civilian workforce thing was all I needed."

"So you're…currently serving aboard ship in a civilian capacity? Or was this prior to recent evets which have brought civilians aboard? Long story short? How current is the background check you were subjected to? There's an obvious inability for us to check the full volume of Colonial Fleet records, so you might have to go through the checks one more time."

"Oh, no, this is from a couple months ago when they started up the volunteer civilian workforce thing," Devlin explains, "I was aboard making a delivery at Picon when the attack happened. I've been helping out here and there, you know, just as a volunteer. Sort of a handyman position, I guess."

"Ah…well, that certainly makes our job that much easier. You should be on file here locally, then, if you're part of that civilian workforce." To check, Madilyn spins in her chair and pulls up that application on the computer behind her desk. "Yep, here we go. Devlin, Alex. All the basics here, and it tells me we have all your original background checks on file. Says you've already been cleared through once, and these questions are still the same ones we're using for civilians."

Devlin leans over a little, not quite peering at her computer, but clearly curious, forearms braced against her desk. "Great," he replies, head bobbing with a nod. He sits back again, "So, I should be all set with that if I wanna join up, then?"
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"Background check-wise, yes. There is still the matter of filling out the appropriate forms for enlisting in the fleet. That leads to a slightly more thorough background check with an obviously military focus, fitness tests, so forth and so on. Passing this preliminary check means you can jump to the enlistment paperwork without having to go through the civilian portion of the background check though." She spins back around to face him. "I take it to mean you're interested in enlisting with the Cee-Em-Cee, then?"

"Oh, alright," Devlin nods, listening to the all the various processes of enlistment. He's not leaning against her desk anymore when Madilyn spins back around, instead crossing an ankle over the other knee, and shaking his head, "No, ma'am. Air wing."

"Well, it was worth a shot." Madilyn smirks a bit at him, sliding open a drawer on the desk, and pulling out a sheet of paper from one very thin stack of many inside. "Here's the first part of the paperwork, which is the general fleet enlistment form. You'll want to fill this out and submit it to a representative of the air-wing."

Devlin smiles broadly at her smirk, and shrugs, "Sorry, ma'am. I've done some flying, never done any shooting. Aside from paintball, of course, but I don't think that counts. Plus they asked." His grin is warm, and he leans over to take the sheet of paper, looking at it and nodding. "And then fitness tests and more background interview stuff?"

"I'm sure the CAG will want to know some more specific information about your flight history if you intend to enlist in the air-wing. Of course, I do believe that enlisting in flight school, such as it is given our present circumstances, still requires being commissioned as an officer and having a four-year degree. So, you may need to apply for officer candidate school, for which there are a handful of interested parties already. You'll have to take to the CAG, however, to see which requirements she may or may not waive given the unique circumstances and need for additional manpower."

"Yeah, it was the CAG who asked me if I'd thought about it," Devlin explains with a nod, before Madilyn goes on and his brows furrow. "Well, I haven't got a four year degree," he admits, "She didn't mention any of that. We've still got officer candidate school?" He seems surprised, but nods, "Alright, I'll have to ask her about it. She just heard me saying I'd flown freighters and asked and I said I would."

"Ultimately, it's her and the XO who make the decisions. If they want to bend the rules a little to get more folks in Vipers and flying, that's their perogative. Times certainly are a little dire, so that doesn't sound unreasonable. I'm just speaking to what I know." Madilyn's leaning back in the chair while talking now, answering questions as best she can without being the CAG.

"Alright," Devlin replies with another nod, not seeming concerned, "I guess I'll find out when I talk to her. If not… do you guys, the marines, I mean — do they require a college degree?" he asks curiously, "Or any of that other stuff my file says I haven't got?" he adds with a crooked smile.

"Nope. Enlisting in the marines, or the deck, or engineering is much simpler. Not everyone that joins our ranks has to be an officer, which is what all that college and Oh-Cee-Ess stuff is about. If you want to be a marine, you sign up and we kick your butt into shape. No good with a rifle? We'll teach you."

Devlin listens some more, nods some more. "Okay, got it," he replies to Madilyn, smiling, "In shape I've got, I think. Rifle I've never really tried. Not a real one, anyhow. Not much for hunting on Libran," he smiles.

"Nor on Caprica, but that didn't stop me. Regardless, are there any more questions I can answer now? I suspect you'll have to talk to the CAG before you make your decision. At any rate, that form there is the key to starting, no matter which department."

"Nope, I think that was it," Devlin smiles, getting to his feet, "I'll stop taking up your time. Thanks for your help, major. Sorry it wasn't anything interesting like marrying people." He grins, and takes his form and steps away from her desk.

"This is more indicative of the type of job I do on a daily basis. That's the first officer I've actually had ask permission to marry in all my time as a marine officer." Not all of that as a CO, of course. "If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask an MP on deck in the hangar bay. They should be able to answer, or to forward it up the chain to someone who can."

"Yeah, sorry. Boring duty stuff after all!" Devlin's smile is apologetic, and then he nods again. "I will, and if the air wing thing doesn't work out maybe I'll be handing you my form instead," he says. "Thanks again, major. See you around." He gives a bit of a wave, and heads off.

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