BCH #017: XO Arrives II
XO Arrives II
Summary: Reuben escorts Jodi to the Security Hub. Tillman informs her of her status.
Date: 017 BCH
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Security Hub
More than just an office for the Marines and their XO, this room has remote surveillance views of the Brigs as well as a state of the art communications center built into the far bulkhead. A locked and heavily armored door to the aft leads into another room, the white lettering on it reading 'ARMORY.' There are a few desks scattered around the room for getting necessary paperwork done and the Commandant's picture hangs on the wall next to one of the President.

"Uppity aren't they." she says softly as she's lead towards the security hub, raising her brows as she looks around and purses her lips. "Hrmm, spartan conditions, nothing too fancy. This is what I expect for the military." Jodilyn muses.

"No." Reuben responds as he looks back towards Jodilyn, releasing her briefly. "Stay here." he says simply, as if he was telling a dog to sit for a treat. A spare chair is drug over and faced into a corner. Partially, because this should discourage her to talk to anyone else, but mainly for his own amusement. "They are officers, and they look out for the well being of our ship and everyone here." the marine rattles off easily. And with that, one big gloved hand is reaching for the woman again, before he is moving to sit her down. Forcibly. "Sit." stay. Good dog.

She is a bitch. She hrmms and eases on down as she sits in the chair. She rolls her eyes at the whole thing. "Mmm, this is how the military works. I'm so glad we have journalists on board too." she says with a soft sigh.

A look over the the Staff Sergeant just raises a brow. "Excuse me?" apparently the Marine didn't care for the tone, because his hand is back to her shoulder, and squeezing a little harder than necessary. "I am going to give you advice, miss. So clean out your ears and frakking listen. While on this ship you can't skip around like you're in some meadow filled with flowers, or kittens, and you can't talk to everyone like you want to. This is our ship and we have rules and regulations, and whilst on it you will follow them." And with that releases as if to punctuate that point. "One of those rules, is showing officers respect. In the military you give it, because if they have the rank, they frakkin earned it. What have you done?" A shake of his head as he steps away.

Currently Reuben has Jodi sat down in a chair facing the corner. Great use of military issued chairs, right?

Tillman steps through the hatch, still dressed in his grays. He shuts it behind him lightly and looks around the room. His face is long and drawn. The anger is gone but the man's deadly serious demeanor is obvious in the rigid line of his shoulders. After a moment's pause he makes his way over towards the pair and he looks to Jodi. "Doctor Blake, you do realize that I would be within my rights to authorize this Marine to shackle you and place you in the brig?" The Captain certainly doesn't look like he's kidding.

"I am fully aware of that." Jodilyn says firmly and resolutely. She sits prim and proper,her hands on her lap as she looks towards the Captain.

"Sir." said back upon the TACCO's arrival into the Security hub. Reuben then though falls silent as it is Tillman's turn to read her the riot act, though at the mention of being allowed to shackle and brig, there is a certain perk back up as eyes trail over to Jodi. Just give him the excuse.

Tillman glances to Reuben and flatens his hand, shaking it a touch for the 'not now' gesture. Its not stern, but more a holding pattern. "Stand fast, Staff Sergeant." He nods to the man and looks back to Jodi. "Good. So when I tell you that you are to leave this ship, then you understand that your actions have created a dangerous situation for yourself here. I trust that you are aware of the implications for your behavior with potential arrest and detainment, correct?"

"Yes, but I also understand that even if I am arrested I will not be tried under military law, Captain. I am a civilian after all under a government contract." Jodilyn says matter of factly with a nod.

"Nobody said anything about charges. I'm talking about detaining you for disobeying a policy designed to protect you and my crew from civilians wandering around into Restricted Areas. I told you when I first met you where your limits were and you chose to ignore them. I don't think the JAG Corps would have a big problem going to civilian courts to charge you with Trespassing into an area like that. Especially given your vocal and obvious disrespect for the chain of command and the military establishment." The Captain is completely within his compsure once again. "Now, I'm going to tell you this once so listen closely: Your clearance for visiting this facility is revoked. The Staff Sergeant here is witness to this information being passed. Now he is going to escort you directly to the Hangar Deck where you will board a Raptor and be returned to Leonis. Do you understand what I have just told you?" He's not being condescending. Its a legality.

"It's understood and it's crystal clear." Jodilyn says matter of factly.

Reuben just grins once towards Jodi as he looks back towards the Captain, and moves in to make ready to send along the Doctor on down to the ground. By that he means Leonis, he's not going to trip her up or anything like that. No he will escort her accordingly. A faint grin towards Jodi as he shifts right there. "Anything you need me to sign sir?" In case this needs to be put into writing. Sometimes some situations require forms.. Legality.

Tillman shakes his head to Reuben. "No, thank you Staff Sergeant. I appreciate it. But I'll have some paperwork down for you to sign in a few hours so nothing at the moment." The Captain nods to him before looking to Jodilyn. "Best of luck in your endevours, Doctor Blake." With that, he moves off from the chair and heads for the exit.

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