BCH #017: XO Arrives
XO Arrives
Summary: Sarkis arrives on deck and doesn't make for happy civilians.
Date: 017 BCH
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[ Hangar Deck - Port ]----[ Midship - Battlestar Cerberus ]—

The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.


With the Raptor towed to a halt, security takes flanking positions on the transport's door and faces out into the small crowd. Out in front is a small gathering of officers and senior NCO's of all stripes standing in a neat square, evenly spaced to receive the XO in their Dress Grays. Directly to the side and caddy to the gathering of naval personnel is a small troop of Colonial Marine Corps Military Policemen. Captain Tillman stands at the foot of the Raptor's wing, his own uniform pressed to perfection. When the Raptor's door hisses and opens, revealing the man inside, Tillman stands straight and his voice barks in harsh Marine cadence: "Deeee-TAIL! Uhttennn-SHUN!" With the last syllable the Marines and Naval personnel snap heels and stand ramrod straight. Hands slowly lift to a salute and hold there. "Battlestar Cerberus Executive Officer, Colonel Alec Sarkis coming aboard."

Captain Margaret Quinn was the perfect lady in picking up the XO. Bright, shining officer, greeting the man in a respectful, clipped Caprican accent and making little small talk otherwise. Now that they are there, she and her ECO spill out of the Raptor first, the moment she sets foot on the deck her body is drawn into attention, making an honour guard directly outside of the Raptor to also greet the XO. She says nothing, simply responding to the attention call and standing as straight and stiff as her taller form can.

Sarkis steps down off the Raptor once the pilot and ECO have departed. With him is an aide, who is carrying anything the Colonel needs in some briefcase, no doubt. Once he reaches the deck, he glances to those here with a slight nod. "Exemplary piloting, Captain," he states and then continues onward, before stopping in front of Tillman. Salutes are given and received on his way through.

Tillman's salute snaps down as do those of the standing detail. Hands fold behind his back and he keeps his eyes on the arriving XO. "Colonel Sarkis, I'm Captain Tillman, your Tactical Officer. I've arranged to have everything set-up in your quarters and it is currently en route behind you. E-T-A is about thirty minutes, sir." He steps up beside the man, keeping with him and attentive to questions or requests.

The sound of heels, no pumps on the deck is an unusual one. Military personnel don't exactly wear pumps afterall, and it seems there's another new arrival. The good professor is surrounded by her marine escort before they stop and stand at attention when the XO arrives. Jodilyn blinks for a few moments before she too raises her hand in salute and studies the XO carefully. She'd be known as one of the science consultant for the delegation and for now she's content to remain quiet.

Quinn nods curtly towards the XO, "Thank you, sir!" She echoes in that usual, clipped, stacatto accent that is all Caprican city upper class. It fits well with a senior officer, though, and matches her perfectly pressed, uniformed self. It helps sharpen up the less than precise things about her — her ever frizzing, wild red hair that still escapes the tight french braid she has it restrained into, or the smattering of sun touched freckles that always seem to spoil her face.

Sarkis makes a pointed motion for the Ensign who is his aide, to go on and deal with whatever needs to be dealt with. He nods to Tillman and glances over those here. Then his gaze turns to the Deck itself, "The Skipper will be delayed," telling Tillman that the CO is still off site. Pumps do draw his attention, along with the escort and the woman with them. Taking more steps forward, he sets his hands behind his back, as he regards Jodilyn. "Were you recruited, Miss?"

The stoic professor blinks for a few moments as she shows off her badge with the delegation. "Well if you mean for the military then know, but if you mean delegation then yes." Her tones are clear and crisp as she extends a hand out towards the XO, having a high society Caprican accent as well. "Dr. Jodilyn Blake from Caprica University. I'm one of the consultants for the delegation. I was just asking some questions from engineering and I heard that the XO had come aboard. A pleasure to meet you."

Tillman's head nods curtly, jaw set. Devoid of the near smile he usually wears, the man's face takes a decidedly angry look despite an even temperment. "Aye, sir. I'll inform the current Watch." With the sound of the approaching heels, the Captain's eyes settle on the woman. His jaw sets but he retains his stoich composure. A quick glance to Quinn and he focuses back on the Doctor.

Quinn's greenish eyes flicker towards Tillman just a heartbeat, but it's the sort of look that says volumes… Apparently, the two have gotten to know each other, then she looks back away, dead ahead forward, since she's still at attention and not in conversaton of any sort. She remains the still, stoic soldier she has been trained to be, silent other than quiet breath through her nose.

"Then, I didn't see you saluting," Sarkis responds in a rather clipped tone. "Captain, see that the good Doctor is escorted off the deck and to whereever, they are supposed to be." His gaze narrows very slightly, "The deck is a dangerous place, Doctor, we'd hate to see your," and he makes a long pause, "..pumps become soiled." The hand is ignored for the time being.

"Well I was hoping that I could perhaps finally get a tour of the ship. I didn't know you were busy, but I will continue to do as my position requires me, which is to continue interviewing the crew, with your permission of course." Jodilyn says with a forced smile onto her features. She's being saccharine sweet right now as she bows her head towards the XO.

"Colonel, Doctor Blake has been informed that the Deck is strictly off limits to civilians for any reason except departure and arrival." The Captain's voice holds steady but its apparent he's quite displeased. He looks to the Marines escorting her and meets the Corporal's eyes: "Escort her to the Galley and get the young Doctor some supper please, Corporal. I will find you later, Doctor Blake."

Quinn remains starkly poised at attention, as much a human statue was anything, but as she hears the XO's words, her stern expression cracks, just a touch, into a slow smile. The new XO just gained major, major points, it seems. She doesn't dare speak, but she's listening damn close, some of that smile faltering into quiet shock as the scientist actually speaks back to the man. Her eyes then flicker to the Marines, just to be certain that they are taking the woman away. She's not been given an order, so she remains cemented to her position just outside of her raptor.

"The delgate crew will be given a tour at 2 bells, that is 2pm for civilians., tommorrow." Sarkis responds to the sweetness dripping. "Until then, my deck is to be cleaned," he turns to Tillman and then to the deck crew at attention still. "And I mean cleaned, gentleman. This place is a mess and it will be sparkling. I better see that hull mirror shined and able to find the pimple on your asses. Am I understood?"

There's a soft sigh from Jodilyn as she idly runs her fingers through her hair. "Then it seems that I am finished. Captain, if you could please me know when the next Raptor is going back to Leonis, I would very much appreciate it." and with that she bows her head once more and starts to head towards the galley.

Boots clunking along from the stair cases and out into the hangar proper, come a usual sight to be seen on a battlestar. A trio of marines serving their time in a roving patrol. Clad up in their blacks, they seem relatively normal, save for the one taking lead, as he stands out like a small tree moving amidst them. Of course the MP brassard and helmet also do set him apart from the others, even if the white letters are obscured by the goggles resting there.

A raise of a brow hidden by the lip of his helmet, Reuben, raises a fist for those coming off to stop once out of the way of general traffic from the stairs. A look over his shoulder and the tall marine, is nodding to the collection of officers…and a civvie from the looks of it. "Wonder what's pissed on th' deck now." accent thick and rustic like his own colony, but words don't filter much from their little trio.

"I'll do just that, Doctor Blake." Tillman keeps his eyes on her as he turns to the XO with the man's orders. "Aye, sir. I'll ensure its done. And sir, we received orders just before I left CIC. Its in reference to the games, sir. I'll have them sent to your quarters." He looks to the assembled crews and the deck itself. Its gonna be a long night.

Quinn looks back towards her Raptor at the comment about cleaning the deck, that hint of a smile gone as she thinks about the scrubbing work. She doesn't roll her eyes, or speak back, but it is going to be a long night. "Yes, sir!" She snaps back in the quick attention, drill sort of call as the XO asks if he's understood.

Sarkis turns to Tillman and gives him a nod, "I'll be contacting the departments to make sure everything is on time. Any more delays and the Old Man will be biting through his own brass pins," when another group of marines come into view, he gives them a look over. "Good to see there is security moving about and stationed. We want a quiet ship for the next day or so. No one will be drinking on board until this …delegation is done with their inspections."

"Oh, before I go, Colonel?" Jodilyn replies, smiling brightly as she flashes her teeth at him. She's going to savor this bit of information. "We're going to be here quite some time. We'll be joining you during the war games. That's when our jobs truly begin, for now we're doing informational interviews with your crew. I do hope to speak with you soon." she says matter of factly before she walks off with her escort. Snarky bitch.

"So I guess your officers won't be drinking for some time." she mutters softly, clearly amused.

Reuben remains silent as he catches eyes from the Colonel sent over his way. A faint stiffening, though pins cannot be perceived. Polite after all, it saves your ass from getting chewed on later. There's a slight nod over towards the private at his left "Morris, move it-" soft bark of his voice as he gets the sweep underway. They'll move Port then over to starboard, and back up the stairs like clock work. Though there's no speeding to the walk right now. Official, casual sentry gait being the speed at the moment. One glance is passed towards Quinn, before looking back to the officer grouping. Keeping an eye on all things.

"Aye, sir. I have a meeting with a few of the department heads myself. I'll ensure it doesn't interfere." The TACCO keeps his rigid posture, hands folded tightly behind his back. It might even remind the XO of a Marine. "The Marine XO, sir, is aboard and organizing security details. I believe the Master-at-Arms just arrived ahead of you. As for the ban, aye sir. I'll post the orders myself within the hour." As Jodi speaks up, the Captain turns slowly. Its like the turret of a tank coming around on its target. "DOCTOR BLAKE!" he roars. "You will afford the Colonel respect." He points to the Marine Corporal. "Marine! Escort the Doctor to the Security Hub and hold her until I arrive! She is not to leave for any reason at all until I give consent!" His voice is blistering, the man clearly pissed.

Yes. You could hear a pin drop. Sarkis pauses in what he was going to say next and rivets his attention to the civilian woman and her escort. If he could straighten more, he probably would, but right now all his attention is on the civilian doctor and her escort. Tillman's orders bring very little from him as his Officers are on their toes. He nods slightly to Rueben to make sure that does happen as well, then comments quietly, "Make sure her Raptor escort is double-timed, we wouldn't want to keep her from returning home."

"The XO has all my respect, Captain." Jodilyn says with a bow towards him once more. "Oh, I get to see the security hub. Thank you. I was hoping to see the types of security aboard the ship." Jodilyn grabs her notebook and scribbles something in it. "While I'm there, I'd like to see the finances for the tactical department. I think I know just which department to perform a full audit on. Hopefully we'll get rid of some things that do not belong so things can run more efficiently. Good day, sirs." she says before waiting for the marines to escort her to the security hub.

Eyes flick towards the Colonel and back to the Captain, as he holds again for a moment. Fist up, before he's looking towards Jodilyn, and there's a brief nod given over to the Corporal. "I'll bring her in." said over to the Corporal "Coolie, hold my spot. It'll be quick, and I will pick back up." After all why take a chance with a delegate when funding is on the line. He'll find her a nice quiet chair to sit in, facing a corner sort of like time out. Though there's a brief screwing of his features, almost as if Reuben was expecting her to resist. Shucks.

Tillman just stares at her as she continues talking, waiting until she is done. "Apparently the Marines need to be educated on immediate escort, sir." The Captain straightens his jacket, tugging at the bottom hem. "I will have a word with Captain Archer and the Master at Arms as well." He takes one last huffed breath and looks to the newly-arrived XO. "Very sorry, sir. I'll get the LSO on that Raptor on the double. I will also explain a few things to the Doctor before she leaves this ship. Shall I revoke her access for good?" He looks to Quinn, then. "Captain Quinn: Would you mind grabbing a deck crew and preflighting A-sap?"

Quinn shakes her head immediately, "Not at all, sir!" She then turns to her ECO, "You heard the man. Inside, start pre-flight checks…" And then she's off her cemented spot and towards two of the snipes, beginning to fire off orders. "Let's get her fueled back up and ready to fly yesterday, gentlemen. I'll start the visual check list…" And she grabs one of the regulation clip boards off the side station, going through the pre-flight duties herself as much as the snipes do. Ready and eager to work.

Sarkis manages to show some teeth. Look, he's smiling. If it can be called that. "See that it is, Captain Tillman." He seems content with that handled and begins to leave the hangar deck.

And that's enough to have the Sagittaron just tighten his jaw for a moment, as he's moving to meet the Corporal and his partner half way. One hand reaching to take a hold of Jodi's arm, while Reuben uses the other hand to sling his CAL USG to the back of his shoulder. "Miss, you've been told to show the Colonel respect, as it stands, you should just shut your frakking mouth, before there is anything else to say." And with his other hand free, he's moving to guide Jodi, a bit…well roughly covers the term quite well, doesn't it. And with that he's moving to escort the Doctor to the stairs and out of here.

"Of course." Jodilyn says as she lets go of her notebook with the hand that's grabbed and lets herself be led of.

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