Ximena Alteris
Ensign Ximena Alteris
Lena Headey
Lena Headey as Ximena Alteris
Alias: Mena, Xim, Ximmie
Age: 37 (01 Jan 2005)
Features: Pale skin, grey eyes, dark hair. Wheelchair.
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Ensign
Department: Engineering
Position: Engineering Officer (M&R)


If you ask who she was, you'll get: Ximena Alteris, daughter of CMD Leto Alteris (CN, Ret.) and Danae. That part's no mystery. She doesn't make any effort to hide her history. She's not ashamed of who she came from, nor what. Certainly not if what they say about her is true. Tore up an appointment to Fleet Academy, worked her way up from the ground up in the Colonial Marine Corps. If you ask her who she is: Ximena Alteris. CMC, Assault Engineer. Wounded on Warday. Survivor of Sagittaron. Engineer, billeted into the Colonial Navy. Survivor. In most all of the ways that matter.

Immediate Family

  • CMD Leto Alteris (CN, Ret.) — Father. Deceased 6 Nov, 2037 AE.
  • Danae Alteris — Mother. Presumed dead on Leonis.

Service Jacket

Period Exiting Rank Billet Note
2022 AE Private Fort Calderone, Virgon Enlisted at the age of 17. Basic Training / AIT (Assault Engineer)
2023-2025 AE PFC CEC-221 Pleides Marine E2, Whiskey 2-3, C Company, 1st Division: 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines
2025-2026 AE LCPL CEC-221 Pleides Marine E3, Whiskey 2-3, C Company, 1st Division: 3rd Battalion, 1st Mariness
2025-2028 AE CPL Fort Honos, Tauron Marine E4, Phantom 4-2, F Company, 1st Division: 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines
2028-2029 AE SGT BS-125 Solaria Marine E5, Tango 1-1 Actual, B Company, 1st Division: 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines
2029-2031 AE SSGT Fort Argus, Sagittaron Marine E6, Able 2-3, E Company, 1st Division: 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines
2031-2032 AE SSGT CMC Base Hospital, Fort Calderone, Virgon WIA (Aera Yazd, Sagittaron); Recovery and Rehabilitation
2032-2035 AE GSGT Fort Keres, Picon Marine E7, Delta 1-2, A Company, 2nd Division: 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines
2035-2038 AE MSGT CA-17 Orion Marine E8, Delta 1-2, A Company, 2nd Division: 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines
2038-2041 AE MSGT Fort Argus, Sagittaron Marine E8, Delta 1-2, A Company, 2nd Division: 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines
2041-8 Feb 2042 AE SCPO BS-132 Cerberus Engineering (Mechanical & Repair)
8 Feb 2042 AE-Present ENS BS-132 Cerberus Engineering (Mechanical & Repair)

Personal Profile


It's rare to find someone who'd wiling interact directly with someone such as Ximena. Awkward and uncomfortable, it's so much easier to just avoid individuals in wheelchairs, or proxy interactions through anyone else present. However, she's not one to endorse or enable such behavior. This woman's determination is evident in her intense, gray gaze. The charcoal encircled silver eyes constantly challenge for eye contact, for that connection with others that'll acknowledge her presence. A wind-tousled mop of black hair rains down upon her shoulders but falls just shy, enhancing her stormy demeanor. On the rare occasions when her lips curl into a smile, it is more often sardonic and wry than warm and affectionate, with a subtle twist of sensuality. She wields her chair with determined grace, using it as easily and as readily as others use their own legs, rather than letting it hinder or defeat her.


ENFJs are the benevolent 'pedagogues' of humanity. They have tremendous charisma by which many are drawn into their nurturant tutelage and/or grand schemes. ENFJs are global learners. They see the big picture. The ENFJs focus is expansive. Some can juggle an amazing number of responsibilities or projects simultaneously. ENFJs know and appreciate people. They are apt to neglect themselves and their own needs for the needs of others. ENFJs often take on more of the burdens of others than they can bear.

You can read a bit more about ENFPs HERE. You can take the test HERE.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Sofia_icon.jpg An able a 3M as I could ask for. She works hard, she always has her ducks in a row, and she's willing to put herself out there and go outside of her comfort zone to get the job done. If she had as much confidence in herself as those who work with her do, she'd be golden.

Other Stuff

  • Sapper: Need to know the best way to build a bridge over infinity, or how to blow things up or, alternately, keep them from blowing up in a satisfactory manner? If there some Assault Engineering you need worked out, the former Sapper is at your service.
  • Marine: Once a Marine, always a Marine. To the best of her abilities, Ximena has done what she can to keep up her combat skills, and her tactical acumen. She may no longer to be able to lead the way, as she once did, but she can still look at a battlefield and pick out the points of entry, still draw up designs, often on the fly, for the best way to build maneuverability across a field of battle. If you need to get from point A to Point B, she can find you the quickest route.
  • Engineer: In addition to keeping herself abreast of the latest advances in Assault Engineering, her two primary focuses as an Engineer are in Structural and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Jury-Rigger: Perhaps as an offshoot, or some might say, a benefit of learning to serve with her disability, she's a born and bred jury-rigger. Give her some materials, and she's bound to find a way to make it work.

Recent Logs


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