BCH #008: Work It Out
Work It Out
Summary: Nostos, Aeolus, Sofia, and Julie meet in the gym - hilarity ensures.
Date: 2.18.2041
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Athletic Area

A large pair of mats dominates the center of this room, their centers taped-out for a small area to practice boxing or other martial arts. Around the outside are treadmills, bikes, weights, and an impressive variety of gym equipment to help tone and shape the bodies of the crew. To one side of the room is the locker room while at the rear is a hatch that leads back to the oversized swimming pool. Off to the side is a rack that holds boxing gloves, pugil sticks, and the associated pads for the sticks.

Within the taped out portion of the room there is a tallish man with big shoulders that is sizing up a heavy bag. Nostos finishes sizing up the bag and there is a series of mixed punches and kicks. The combo starts out with a kick to what would be the face followed by a downward motion in which the knee is brought up to hit a hypothetical head and then an elbow moves in to follow for a crushing blow. Nostos jumps back keeping his feet moving slightly as he stops the heavy bag for a moment and he sizes it up again.

Men. Manly men. Aeolus is no exception to the manly-man rule of the gym. Decked out in a green t-shirt, a pair of black shorts, and plain shoes, he enters from the deck quietly, toting a small gym bag. The bag gets set down by the door immediately. Without a word to anyone — hell, without even /looking/ at anyone — Aeolus makes his way to one of the bikes, and climbs on. After setting up his program, he begins the long warm-up process. Alone. Without talking to anyone else. Like a manly man.

They're not men in tights, but they do often fight for their rights? Which might be getting oppressed soon. Depending on how on feels about engineering and management anyway. One could cue the organ music and rolling black clouds as Sofia enters. DA NAAAAAA. Da nuuh dun dun dun. Mercifully, she doesn't get a dramatic background theme. Someone has to make sure that no one loses an eye in here to a pointy edge or torn equipment or - things like that. Shuffleshuffle. Sofia seems to be attempting to inspect things incognito, so as not to disturb the inhabitants. She slinks past Nostos and Aeolus, looking a bit … shifty.

Angelus stops as if the hairs on the back of his neck have gone up and he turns to look first at Aeolus and the man in the black shorts and the green shirt gets a nod though the shifty looking woman gets a more studied look since he knows none of these people in the room. There is a moment where Angelus drops his guard from his gloves and kneepads to look at the new arrivals. It would appear that the work out is secondary to the gathering intell on the new people.

As Nostos watches Sofia is looking at things around the room and looking a touch shady while Aeolus is working out on the cycles. Angelus stands in front of the heavy bag with knee pads and gloves with pads as he watches people coming into and out of the room.

Julie steps into the ship's gym with a towel over her shoulder, dressed in regulation sweats for exercise. She doesn't even pause or stop as she enter, heading over to one of the treadmills and dialing it up as she begins a brisk run.

The intel on Aeolus is simple. He looks like a jar-head. He pedals on his bike at a fast pace, intent on working up a sweat. He has one of those 'thousand-league' stares, aimed at a space somewhere in front of him. Short hair. Broad shoulders. Could've played Pyramid for a living, if he had the skill. Instead, he's on a ship, on a stationary bike. His complexion may give away his place of birth. And that's it. If he notices Nostos' stare, he doesn't react to it. He just stays focus. Stay on target. Break through the envelope. Master that ass.

Unfortunately, Buffy's not here to put a stake in Sofia. Which is good news for the Crewman. If she /has/ a heart to be staked through at any rate. She pauses and looks around her. Look natural. Look normal. Take notes. A pen scratches across a paper clip. She's totally exercising. Totally. Scritchscritchscritch- shiftyeyes. Hmm. That's clean. She nods at a treadmill. Smiles politely at Julie. "Hello. Lovely weather," That's it Sofia. Miiiingle.

Julie doesn't stop her running as she glances over at Sofia, waving with one hand at the other woman, "Oh yeah, it's amazing isn't it? Not a cloud in the sky." Raising the setting of the treadmill a little more, she grins at Sofia, "I'm Julie by the way."

"Lovely weather?" Angelus repeats softly looking at the ceiling since the weather is always the same on the Cerberus. Then when he spots the possible jarhead/pyramid/mountain on the cycle he simply nods and reserves from making further comment since he has been mistaken for a marine once or twice, mostly on account of his shoulders. Then when Julie makes her way into the room there is another pause as he watches another new person enter into the room. Hestia crew, three, Nostos, zero. Angelus' eyes go back to the woman with the clipboard as he idly throws a kick followed by two jabs.

A reaction! Aeolus looks to his left, at the treadmills. People talking. That totally breaks the man-code of the gym. However, these are women. Women are the exception to the man-code of the gym. They can talk. As long as they aren't hogging the machines; that's just frustrating. He makes a noise in his throat, like a grunt, and continues to pedal fast, slogans running through his head. Empower your thighs. Forget the pain. Use the juice. Etc.

Yes, but is that juice regulation? Tested and safe? Sheesh. Sofia smiles, waves. "Fantastic." A nod. She does seem human enough, if fond of playing up her role. Dramatists! She tilts her head, "I am Sofia. Pleased to meet you." Nod. She blinks as Angelous repeats her comment. A … nod. She waves politely. She has manners, if not a soul. More scritching ensues. What could she be writing about? Aeolus gets a curious look in turn. Poor Sofia, even when being frinedly just seems to radiate 'shifty git' as if she belongs at a card games table much as anywhere else. "How is the treadmill today?"

Julie shrugs her shoulders when Angelus comments, looking back to Sofia, her tone as friendly as can be, "Nice to meet you Sofia." Enjoying the fact that nobody really has a clue about her rank or job on the ship while in sweats, she asks, "So what do you do on the Cerberus? You must be pretty busy, it looks like you're working even in the gym."

Nostos kicks the bag, hard and it begins to jingle a bit as it is kicked. The pilot throws a heavy punch and the bag really begins to move a bit as the screws from the top holding the bag up begin to get lose. Nostos throws one more kick, a jump kick, and then there is a sudden snap as the bag falls from the ceiling though as Nostos lands from his jump kick the bag swings back and falls on top of him as only legs and arms are seen making him look a bit like a roach that has been stepped on.

The noise over by the beating bags are also enough to get Aeolus' lofty attention. His expression darkens into a scowl, and he dips a little to stare at the read-out on his bike. By now, sweat comes from his brow and neck. Way to go, bra'. Break the equipment. That's a violation of Rule 4 of the Man-Code of the Gym, sub-section (B): Damage to the equipment means others can't use it; those others may be you one day. Strike one. He shakes his head before lifting it again, eyes locked on Nostos. Like he has heat-ray vision and can /burn/ him up with a hard-enough stare.

… well, every dastardly plan has at least one hole. Sofia blinks. Whoops. "Oh. Uhm. I'm… an engineer," Shiftyshifty. "I should have changed to my sweats I guess," She considers. Sofia's sharp eyes catch the - movement of screws coming loose. Engineering senses… TINGLING! She turns and makes an awkward squeak noise. That was perhaps a warning. Or a note of abject horror at damage to equipment. She tries not to giggle at the image and shuffles over towards Nostos. Even her movements seem sly and furtive. A pause. Wait. She has to survey this. She actually moves around, taking nose. "Loose screws, poorly maintained. Possibility of excessive force," Mmhmm. Mmhmm. "Wait, did someone-" She kneels to look at the screws. Stands to check the mount. "Oh hell's bells, someone didn't tighten this." The tip of the writing utensil taps her chin. Pause. Wait a second. She blinks owlishly. "Oh right." Poor Nostos. She will set her precious clip board down and with a grunt, pull the bag off the poor fellow.

Julie raises a palm to cover her mouth to stifle a laugh because well, there is no denying that it was funny. Switching the treadmill off quickly, she runs over to Nostos as fast as she can to help move the gymbag, smiling down at Angelus, she asks concerned, "You need a hand with that or.." Then the sarcasm enters the picture, "Did you plan to roundhouse kick it off?"

Nostos would feel the burning of Aeolus' gave if he could see him from underneath the bag, however, he can not and so he is safe. As Sofia moves in and begins to help him with the bag he rolls over and looks at the bag, "Son of a bitch, it attacked back." Then there is a brief pause, "You mean someone didn't tighten the screws and that is why I got a body full of the heavy bag?" He looks less than pleased but he shrugs, "Well, good to know I found that flaw before someone smaller got hurt by it." He looks at Julie, "I was not planning on kicking it off. I wanted to kick it to end my combo but I never expected the thing to fall over on me." He quickly checks his body and luckily for him there is no bruising or broken bones - blood, nope.

Meh. Aeolus continues his burning-eye stare for a few more moments, and then gets lost. Eyes shift from Julie to Sofia. Mrf. Women-folk. He grunts again, and resumes pedalling. Eyes fix forward again. His expression darkens, and then, he's back to internally shouting slogans at himself. Whizzzzzz goes the bike. He starts the huffing and puffing of a spinner.

"Well, that's why I came in - to check the equipment. I'm on inspection duty this morning," Sofia explains. "I guess I came in a little late," Sadness. Sofia looks to Aeolus, meeting his stare evenly. If he has lasers, she has ice beams that would freeze lava. No soul comes in handy for staring. Was she a child of the corn as a younger girl perhaps? She just lifts an eyebrow at Aeolus. "Right." She looks back to poor Nostos. She does have to stifle a giggle. It DID attack back. "You're not hurt then?" She seems relatively relieved. Or if she is, she's good at hiding it.

Julie looks down at Nostos with her eyebrows raised, asking, "You sure you're ok? That looked like, well, like it sort of hurt, I know I'd probably be crying." Glancing back to Daphne and her rank of Crewman, she holds back a comment, instead smiling at the other woman, "Wow, just some bad timing maybe." She places a bit more emphasis on what she says next though, "Might be a good idea to get the rest of that equipment inspected, like.." She laughs and looks back to Nostos, "Before someone actually gets hurt."

Nostos sits up and as Aeolus glares the Caprican hardly looks phased since he is the one with two women talking to him and Aeolus is the one on the bike keeping to his lonesome. Angelus looks at Sofia first, "I suppose you could say you came in a little late." He begins to roll his shoulders and he checks his nose with his fingers, "Only thing hurt is my pride but then again I don't have any pride, ego yes, pride no." He looks back at Julie, "And yeah, it might be a good idea to get this bag up before someone does get hurt." As he rolls his right shoulder there is a popping sound. "Angelus Nostos, JiG, Air Wing, Vipers, Halo." He puts all of the information as to who he is out and up front as he gives the heavy bag not on the ground a kick, "Take that for hitting me, bag!" There isn't really any rancor in his voice as much as it is done for comedic effect.

"…" That's what Aeolus has to say to Sofia and her cold stare. "…" His pace slows, now that he has worked up a sweat, and he comes off of the bike slowly. The equipment-checking young woman gets a once-over. The tall, muscled young man with the dark hair — and the dark, dark eyes — purses his lips. His jaw clenches for half-a-second, behind his lips. "…" When Nostos kicks the bag on the ground, and makes with the funny, the young man pointedly looks away, his expression one of irritation. He walks over to the military press machine, hunches over to set the weights, turns, and sits at it. Arms out. Squeeze the pecs. A slow release, to let the burn set into the deltoids. And again — squeeze the pecs. He doesn't look like a happy camper. Then again, he has the expression of a moody sort of man that an orgy couldn't even fix.

Julie cannot help but notice the very strong silent type that is Aeolus, with that smoldering stare towards poor Nostos. Offering her hand to Nostos, she grins, "Nice to meetcha Halo. I'm Lieutenant Julie Walker.." She rolls her eyes, "I fly Raptors though." Unable to resist a jab at a Viper pilot, she teases, "Cause like, I actually like to do something when I fly."

Sofia goes quiet, but smiles back. She glances over to Julie, "Tell me about it. And I know. It's hard though, there's crew at all hours awake - so someone is bound to be out and about at all times," She notes. SHe shrugs. "I didn't think people normally punched or kicked that hard," She considers. Sofia is still slinky as usual. She just kind of eyes Aeolus right back. A blink as the bag gets kicked. Cheerful fellow. Her eyebrows lift, but she says nothing. She looks to Nostos. "Pleased to meet you both then, I'm Crewman Sofia Wolfe." She waits to offer her hand though, seeming a bit cautious. "Engineer," Is her simple answer. She seems loathe to divulge more, as if she might need suitably dramatic music. "Materials Division and all that." Thehre she goes. For now, she looks up to where the screws were with a frown. "Did a number…"

Aeolus can stare all he wants since the Caprican doesn't flinch as he could care less what the other man thinks at the moment, why, he is just as big himself and he doesn't feel the need to run around working out like he needs to be the most muscular man on Earth. Also, he just had a heavy bag fall on him. "Eltee Walker, pleasure to meet you." He offers a small smile to the new Raptor Bunny and he jabs back ,"Ah, flying is that what you Raptor Bunnies call that? I suppose that is fine if you plan on a slow and safe pace." There is a wink to Julie as he says this and then when Sofia speaks, "Crewman Wolfe, pleasure to meet you as well." He then says, "Sorry, I found out that someone didn't do their job."

"It hardly makes us popular people," Sofia comments quietly. No one likes middle management. She shrugs. A faint smile though. Ah, pilots. Although it is hard to not feel a bit out of place. Occiffers abound. Fidget. Shiftshift. "I'll go get a repairman on this. I'm going to see why it came loose like that though. Someone's going to be in trouble if they couldn't take a moment to tighten some screws." DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. THE WRATH OF MIDDLEMANAGEMENT IS upon… up on … some screws. For now, Sofia picks up her clipboard. "I apologize for the inconvenience," A frown. There does seem strangely enough, to be a compassionate heart below there. She might even /care/ about the pilots as it were. But who knows? Either way the engineer moves fast. Like a ferret on crack being tossed down some stairs.

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