Ashley "Sunshine" Wilkins
Lieutenant Ashley Wilkins
Ruby Wax
Ruby Wax as Ashley Wilkins
Alias: Sunshine
Age: 30
Features: Frizzled hair; motor mouth
Colony: Virgon
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Air Wing
Position: Operations Officer


Like several of her compatriots in the Fighting Fourteenth's operations division, Ashley Wilkins used to be a pilot until she was diagnosed with a cataract in her right eye at the age of twenty-four — a secondary effect of the diabetes she's been fighting for most of her life. With three years remaining on her initial tour, she applied for and received a transfer to the billet she now holds, where her talent for thinking outside the box has been put to good use.

Unfortunately, the Holocaust hasn't been kind to this frazzled little woman, known colloquially among the pilots as Lieutenant Sunshine for her peppy demeanor during the Air Wing's mission briefings — even those most likely to end with one or more pilots KIA. These days, she looks like a little white mouse lost in a scientist's devious maze, and she's almost always seen in rumpled duty blues sprinkled with a light dusting of dandruff. The loss of her family hit her hard, all the more so because she's had to oversee the various rescue operations the Wing has mounted over the past several months while knowing that the chances of BSG-132 returning to occupied Virgon are virtually nil.

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