PHD #197: Who We Are is Who We Were
Who We Are is Who We Were
Summary: The plebe and the MIDN 2/C take a jog down memory lane, when Leyla runs into Wade in the Athletics area.
Date: 11 Sep 2041 AE
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Leyla Wade 
Athletics Area
A large pair of mats dominates the center of this room, their centers taped-out for a small area to practice boxing or other martial arts. Around the outside are treadmills, bikes, weights, and an impressive variety of gym equipment to help tone and shape the bodies of the crew. To one side of the room is the locker room while at the rear is a hatch that leads back to the oversized swimming pool. Off to the side is a rack that holds boxing gloves, pugil sticks, and the associated pads for the sticks.
Post-Holocaust Day: #197

There's something quite soothing about running. At least when you're not running for your life or being chased by someone with a grudge. And just at the moment, the small pilot's life neither seems in danger, nor her person in the sights of someone who might wish her ill. And so, she runs, dressed in standard Navy sweats, sans T-shirts, wearing, instead, just the sports bra that comes standard issue with all female uniforms. The gloves aren't off, but, a rarity, some of her tatau are visible, inky black against light skin along her sides, across her back. A water bottle sits in the holder set for it at the display console for the machine.

The Athletics area is never empty, which is good, it means everyone or almost everyone in Cerberus likes the exercise. Wade is one of them, he is there right now. The man is not running at the moment, he is just doing some weight lifting. He has the standard issue tanktop, no tshirt underneath and the good ol' pants that everyone wears. His face has some visible sweat on it, same for his chest and arms. He exhales air when he lifts the bar with the plates and inhales when he lowers them. His attention moves for a moment towards Leyla, a person that he has seen in the past, way back in the past. He leaves the weights there and stands up, taking a towel to remove the sweat as he walks towards the track "Hey there Leyla…" offers the man, followed with a nod. Since he is still fairly new around the ship, he is still trying to get used to who's around.

Leyla doesn't stop running, as she catches sight of a long ago familiar face, her pace still neat and even, in that place between running and jogging. The running of a long distance runner, rather than a sprinter. But her voice rises, in that formal way that likely brings back more memories than her face. Memories of a time when the rules still applied, and one of them was responsible for enforcing those rules. "Midshipman Second Class Duncan, sir!" It's given in that military staccato, with just the slightest hint of humour in tone and in the curl at the edge of her lips, nearly a smile. Long ago and far away, but it's unlikely Leyla will ever forget her plebe year at the Academy, or one of the many senior middies who saw her through it. But then, just as easily, her tone settles back into a normal timbre, "How's the day finding you, Wade?"

Leyla's first words does bring up a bit of a smile on Wade, and a heck of a lot of memories. He takes a couple normal steps in the same direction she's running and then starts picking up speed until he gets to the point in which he matches her enough to keep up with the pace "It certainly makes you wonder the finer points of…how everything went to hell, right?" asks Wade, talking about those events in the past and how everything has changed. "Doing pretty good, just taking some time to do some weight lifting before going out in the next CAP. How about you?" a faint smile appears on his lips as he asks this. He throws the towel on his right shoulder and runs his fingers over his hair, starting to adjust his breathing rhythm for the task at hand.

Leyla keeps to her routine, maintaining her flow as Wade steps up beside her to run with her, not a difficult task, considering the disparity in their heights. He takes one stride for every two of hers. "I wonder every day. It's a puzzle, a problem that has a solution." Because that's Leyla's world. And in Leyla's world, now as it was in the Academy, every problem has a solution. It was how she managed to get tutoring for her remedial skills. How she learned to not sound like she was from too far in a Taurian backwater. How she managed to get in a raptor and stay there. "I envy you that. Sometimes. We've been rotating to the planet almost like clockwork. I just want a bit of black, rather than a lot of light." Ever the space pilot. "You holding up alright?" It's only been a few months, since Duncan escaped the hell of Leonis.

Wade nods at her words "And if I recall correctly, you were quite the problem solver." He takes a deep breath after saying that and continues his path next to her "At least, I'm glad that we are fighting back." He tilts his head a little when she says she envies him and then offers "For the most part, I've been ordered to protect Cerberus, so yes, there's plenty of black out there." He nods to his own words and adds "With that said, I wouldn't mind, taking one of the birds down there and see some degree of light, for a bit, just to change the scene. Love space too damn much to leave it." As for her last question? "Aside from the fact that I have to get to know everyone in my new squadron, I think I'm ok. I processed the fact of what happened to my family, down there in Leonis. And right now, I want to beat some Cylon ass for what they did."

"Every problem has a solution, Sir." The sir, is no longer necessary, as the younger woman has finally attained the same rank as the older man, but the phrase…another holdover of her then seventeen year old self. "I can't imagine a day when we won't. At least, I hope that that day won't come. There're too many lives that need to be avenged." Oh so very Taurian, Leyla. "Well, I know the viper pilots have been doing rotations down on the planet. Even saw the Captain down there a few days ago, so I think you could probably finagle a trip down. Be a shame not to at least…see the place. Keep its' memory." Nowhere should be forgotten, even if it was not your home. "I'm in the exact same position. I just transferred over to the Harriers. And it's a lot different now. Having to work closely with people I only barely saw before. Getting used to a new ECO. That's going well, though." As for processing, "I'm glad to hear it. As terrible as it might sound, we have to move forward, however, wherever, in whatever way we can."

"I like the way you think," says Wade to Leyla, this time showing a bigger smile. "We have a lot of work to do and no tin can is going to stop me, I can even bet on that," The man takes the towel from his shoulder and runs it over his face, moving it back to said shoulder after that "I'll probably do it. I have to speak with my SL when I see him. Or with the CAG." Yeah, having to get to know new people can be a lengthy process, and develop trust in others and gain their trust can be hard. So far, things have been going well tho. "You know…" starts the man as he runs next to her "It's really a good thing to see a familiar face, it feels like…home." He nods to that, looks at her again and he nods, showing a faint smile "You look good."

Leyla is just not as neat as the man, just using the bands at her wrists to wipe the sweat away when it starts to get into her eyes. She's pushing on, moving into her third mile. And it's obvious that it's taking its toll on her, but the goal is almost in sight, and she means to reach it. "Or maybe see if there's a pilot that needs out who'd be willing to switch shifts with you. Lot of bad shite going on down there." The news of the recent murder of Coll has made its way around the berthings, that's for sure and certain, "Probably many a pilot who's wanting to see the backend of that place." There's an answering smile, as Leyla looks across at Wade, before she sets her sights back ahead, "There's little enough of that these days," home that is, "that even a little bit of it is welcome." There's that sliver of humour again, as she looks over momentarily, "I grown a whole inch since you saw me last." And that's no lie.

Wade reached his goal with the lifting and added the running as an extra one for the day. "I've heard." says the man, nodding afterwards. Yep, it seems that the info about what happened to Coll reached the Berths indeed. "A couple of them return today, I'll make sure to check and see if they want to switch spots. I know using the expression 'a breath of fresh air' doesn't apply to this one because really, the whole rock has been frakked up but…still, you are right." Then he looks at the woman after her last comment and laughs softly "You know, I've been wanting to ask that since I first saw you here." a soft chuckle following that laugh and he shakes his head. He looks at her, smiles and then looks ahead again.

A hand reaches forward, slowing down her machine, as she begins the cooldown period of the run, rather than just getting to three and stopping outright. "I think that there's just so much of it you can see, before you need to see something…anything else. And I'm pretty sure, after the last few days, some of them are there." There is such a thing as seeing too much, and for many that time has come. "Although…I'm not sure being up here is any better. Not with Bootstrap on the rampage." Not that Leyla seems terribly upset about that. After all, hers was one of the asses that got hung out to dry on her last rescue mission down on the planet. "Now we're at an even twelve inches." Taller that is.

"Your SL, right?" asks Wade when she mentions Bootstrap. "It happens everywhere really, there are points in which you /need/ to see something different, scene wise at least. I'm sure I'll get one of the Black Knights to trade spots with me. I have the feeling that it'll remind me a lot of Leonis but that's something I'm gonna have to live with and that's it. No excuses." He clears his throat and then looks at her, smiling once again "Perfect round number if you ask me." he nods to that and slows down his machine as well "And I hope you still fly Raptors the way you used to back then, right? Batshit crazy?" he smiles at this and nods once "Best way to fly."

"Yeah." The slowdown finally comes nearly to the end, and Leyla's walking now, rather than even going at a slight jog, "I don't think there's going to be a colony that won't remind you of Leonis. From all accounts, there's not an inch of any of the colonies that weren't effected in some way, not place where you can't hear the blood of the dead calling out to you." Not religious by any stretch of the imagination, is Leyla, but the ideas of family, of tribe and clan, of genealogy, of history are written down into her DNA. Upbringing will out. "You going to be alright with that?" For realz, her expression says, even if her words might not. "Worse, apparently. I think I might have made Flasher's life flash before his eyes the last time we were in the sims."

"Yeah, I'll be ok with that." says Wade about things reminding him of Leonis. He considers something for a moment and then adds "My family is still with me, they'll always will and perhaps…" he shrugs casually "Someday I'll be able to extend that family." he smiles at that, Wade is a family man as well. Now, he laughs amusedly and nods in acceptance "Like it should be Leyla, like it should be. A pilot that is able to pull shit when flying, is a pilot with fine tuned senses. If you ask me, I would fly in your Raptor with you piloting, any day." A chuckle after that and he adds "I had a couple comments in the past on how I fly Vipers but, the way I see it, every piece of craft is made to be push to its' limits."

Leyla nods, at Wade's words, glancing, briefly, down at the marks carved into her skin with bone and chisel. "No one ever truly leaves you, even if the body is gone. Every person who came before you is inside of you, living through your life, breathing through your breath." But there's an amused shake of her head, "I'm surprised you never did. At least…that's what I heard. I'd have needed both hands and all of my toes to count the plebes who were bird dogging after you." Leyla not being one of them. But she spent enough time in the admin offices for her catchup work to not be able to miss the line of teenyboppers swooning over MIDN Duncan. "I don't think this universe has a place for limits anymore. The end of the world saw to that."

Wade listens to her in silence, he takes a deep breath and finally stops his run. The man nods without saying a word, at least for the moment and then runs his fingers over his hair "I agree, and in a way, it represents a comfort to know they'll be with me, forever." he nods and smiles. The man arches one eyebrow and "Oh…?" He looks at her for a moment and shows a faint smile "I guess I was too focused with the 'flying' part." Smiling again, he nods and adds "And that's the best way to live our lives Leyla, with no limits."

"It was hard not to miss in class, and harder not to miss in the dorms." Where you couldn't close your door, and teenaged girls are not known for keeping their voices down. "Of course it didn't help that I actually knew you." Not only was Wade one of the middies in charge of her training, he happened to fly at some of the same places she did. There's a roll of Leyla's eyes. But there's no ire there, only an older woman's amusement at a memory of her younger days. "Well, I don't know about best, since I think it'll end up being the death of us. But at least we'll go out in the best way we know how." Leyla finally steps off of the treadmill, picking up her towel and drying off as best she can.

Wade opens his mouth to say something and closes it again as she speaks, he arches one eyebrow and can't help to smile, trying to bring memories back, see if he can decode something of what happened back then. "You know, now that you mention it, I do remember some of your 'roomies' from back then." he looks at her and smiles softly "Nothing happened really but, you forced me to think back on that. And I'm sorry that it created, annoyance?" He smiles again at this and dares to say "I guess the one I liked back then didn't liked me back." Beat. He shrugs at that and holds his smile.

The towel's wrapped around the back of her neck, a hand on each of the ends, as Leyla looks over at the man, now that she's standing still, "I think everything annoyed me back then. So you didn't add or subtract from that." Nose. Grindstone. Then as now, only now, she's not as narrow-minded as she was. But there's a shake of her head, at the last, "I couldn't venture a guess about that. Most things like that just flew right over my head." Still do, frankly.

Wade takes a deep breath and exhales quickly, getting the towel behind his neck, falling down to his chest. "Oh I remember that." says Wade with a bit of a smile "If I recall correctly, you got pretty pissed at once when an instructor told you to slow down with that Raptor." He tilts his head as if trying to remember that and nods. As for the trying to guess who it was, Wade just shrugs casually and says "Well, none of your roommates, I can tell you that." a soft smile forms on his lips and then he adds "Not my style."

"Never seemed to make any sense to me. They teach you to fly in a viper, then expect you to mosey it along in a raptor, when the bird can do so much more than people give it credit for." It's certainly not lost on Leyla that viper jocks always get the glory. Raptor jocks get the aftermath. "I do think there was any room in either of their beds. It was a revolving door." One of the reasons Leyla spent so much time away from the dorms. "You done for the day?"

Wade shakes his head "Some people don't get it, Leyla. Traditionalists…they expect everything gets done in the same way that has been getting done for years and years. No change…and that is plain frakking stupidity." Wade sighs after saying this and the adds "But, the good thing is that some pilots, like you for example, are willing to do what needs to be done…and if that means, pushing a bird…then, go for it." Now, he laughs amusedly at her comment on her roommates "You sure didn't like them, did you? Now I know why you were never around. I stopped by to see you a few times and you were nowhere to be found." The man looks around for a moment and then focuses his attention back on Leyla "Yes, I believe so."

"There's still a lot of that going around. Even after the end of the world. But trying to tell them that gets an insult thrown in your face." It seems the smaller pilot as well, is done with her workout, such as it was, "No, I really didn't. I don't think either of them finished all four years. And I didn't want to be a part of that." That said, Leyla starts off towards the showers, allowing Wade to walk with her, if he chooses, "About my classes? You never mentioned it to me."

"I have no idea," says Wade about Leyla's roomies finishing her four years. He starts walking with her towards the showers "Oh yes, I've had that happen to me. Not in Cerberus because frankly, I'm still getting adjusted but in Corvus and Chimaera? Oh yeah." Yep, some officers can be real morons, and he met some of the worst kind. And now she asks why he went there to see her. "Well…" starts Wade and shakes his head "No, not really." he chuckles softly at this and shakes his head "I actually went there to ask you out." And of course, he left with the impression of 'I might be getting avoided.'

There's a slight pause in Leyla's forward progress, just before she hits the door to the locker room, as Wade's words filter across the distance between herself and the taller man. Her reaction is simple, it's very much, well, Leyla. The girl she was, and the woman she's become sharing a common thread. the inability to grok certain emotions, on anything more than an intellectual, logical level. And so, the inevitable question, "Why?"

Wade starts to slow down, looking at how her final reaction develops itself. When she asks that; Wade crosses his arms over his chest, taking the question seriously and then runs his fingers over his hair, grabbing his towel and pressing it against his forehead to get the sweat away. "A lot of things about you, I found attractive. How stubborn you were, how smart you were…how bat shit crazy you were when flying the birds." he stops for a moment to consider things "It's a mix of things. You know? I don't know…we both had strong family ties." He places his hand on the door to the shower and pushes it open but still looks at her.

It's with an analytical turn of mind, that Leyla listens to Wade's reasons for his teenaged interest in her. She was all of those things, yes, that's true. But it just doesn't translate into romantic interest for her. But then, nothing seems to translate into that for the Aydin, "We still have close ties to our family." But she knows what this is. One of those moments when she needs to be less Vulcan, if such a thing existed in this universe and more human. She's had enough practice to recognize it. "I'm sorry I wasn't around, Wade." But she does step through the doors, entering into the showers, towel tossed onto a bench near the general laundry.

"That we do," offers Wade when she mentions the family ties. He steps into the showers after her and tosses his towel on a spot close by. He offers a soft smile to her when she mentions she was sorry and adds "While it would have been nice to see you there at some point, I can understand where you left. My head started to hurt after talking to your roomies for a while." The man opens his locker and takes off his tanktop, dropping it over a bench. His shoes follow and then his pants, everything placed on that spot. In his underwear, he walks towards the showers and turns them on. He walks back to the locker, and digs inside for soap, while the water warms up.

Rather than do anything piecemeal, Leyla goes about disrobing as clinically as she does everything else, bra, pants, unmentionables, all standard issue. Like a woman's need for shoes has been lost on Leyla, so too the need for pretty things. It's all standard issue. Her gloves are the last to go, set on top of the pile. But, as she heads over to the showers, the full extend of her tatau are visible, deep liquid black, in swirling lines and spiral patterns. A few of the symbols are recognizable, even by a non-Taurian, as they do frequently appear in the non-traditional kirituhi style that has become so popular. The koru or fiddlehead fern and the fishhook, are the most easily recognizable. "I don't blame you for leaving. It's shame you'd already left by the time I graduated."

Wade pushes his underwear down and places it with his laundry, he seeks for a couple more things and then heads towards the showers. Wade stands under the water, lowering his head so it hits his neck for a moment. He looks up, letting the water hit his face and he runs his fingers over his hair. "I was shipped to Corvus right after graduation, assigned to one of their Viper squadrons…" says the man, taking the soap, running it over his chest and arms. Wade doesn't have any tattoos, he has been thinking about getting some done but, who's gonna do them now, right? Everything went to hell. He lightly tilts his head to the side to look at her tattoos. "You wanted to keep seeing me?" This asked after her last comment.

Leyla settles into the shower, turning the water up as hot as she can stand it, as she goes through the motions of cleaning away the last remnants of her workout. Her only claim to vanity, perhaps, is how much care she spends on her hair. Which is odd, considering she keeps it braided all of the time. Then again, she's been irradiated and such on Sag, despite the medications, maybe she's checking for falling hair. but regardless, it's behind a shower door, so…"You were a good friend. I didn't have many of those then. I would have liked to have had you there to see me get pinned."

There's a moment of silence after Leyla speaks. Wade just stands there thinking about that and then looks to the floor "I'm sorry. You were a good friend as well, I should have been there." Alas, military duties always tend to fuck with things. Wade takes yet another deep breath, now washing running the soap over his thighs. "You know…" says Wade "…you haven't really changed, I mean, of course you are smarter, more skilled and once inch taller but…the core?" he pats his hand against his chest "Well, the things that grew my interest in you back then, are still there." Now he leans against the side of his booth, looking at her in the eyes, a smirk on his lips "And you are damn cuter." A wink goes after that and he chuckles softly, moving his hands to the soap again.

"You had your station. You couldn't refuse to do your duty just to take time off for a graduation." Leyla wasn't family. Family matters get more leeway, as evidenced by the leave Wade was granted that put him on Leonis. "I don't think I've changed all that much. Spent my first three years after I graduated out in deep space. I only put boot to ground during leave, when I went home to see my family." Ground, in this case, being a planet with some sort of habitation. Asteroids don't count. Leyla's just washing the soap out of her eyes, when Wade looks over, and she peers at him, as best one can through the water sheeting down past her vision. "Thank you." You should always say thank you when someone compliments you. It's a rule.

Wade only chuckles at her last words, he nods after that and says "Most welcome." He can't help to smile at this, so many memories of himself trying to figure how to reach deeper, past her wall of logics. "I went to see my family a couple times. You know my brother's graduation, engagement…umm…my parents 30th Anniversary." he shrugs at that and knows that, he really wasn't able to get out for longer periods of time, last time being Leonis. Fun.

Once she's sure her hair is all about staying in her scalp, the rest of her shower goes quickly and quietly, before the door to the stall opens, and Leyla heads over to her locker, or at least the one she's using at the moment. A towel, a quick mostly dry off, before she wraps it around herself, and starts combing out her hair. "I managed to get back to Tauron to see Salima have her first child. But I missed everyone else's special days. But they send me pictures, and videos. It was just as good as being home."

Wade steps away from the showers and back to his locker. He wraps the towel around his waist after running it over his body, getting himself dry, for the most part. "Everything I had from my family was blown to pieces with the Chimaera…" says Wade. He remains in silence after that, at least for a moment. It certainly is something that pains him. "I know I still have them with me. But having a picture, you know…something." He shakes his head and sits on the bench, looking inside his locker for something to wear.

Leyla dries and carefully braids her hair, before she rewashes her face, brushes her teeth, all of the little things one does, well, it's all human grooming. It doesn't take terribly long, before she returns to her locker to put on her change of clothes. "You do have something…you just don't know it yet." That said, Leyla goes about putting herself back together, "We need to make a stop in the berthing." Anything else she might say about that, will have to wait.

Wade looks up from his locker "I….do?" asks the man. He wants to ask but, knowing her? It's better to wait and see. "Sure." adds the pilot, nodding to what Leyla said and then standing up again, starting to get dressed. It certainly doesn't take him long, specially after what she said. "Shall we?" asks Wade now, completely dressed with his off-duty greens. He needs to put on his flight suit but that's back in the berthing so…it works.

Leyla is still in her sweats. or at least, a new pair of sweats. She was planning on catching a few hours of rack time, before she headed back to her next shift. Her old clothes, towels, and the like are tossed into a bag, her supplies in another, before she closes the locker, taking the lock with her, as she steps to the door, to wait for Wade to finish. Once he is, she picks back up the conversation, "Let's. I know you've got CAP shortly." Onward and upward, to the berthings.

Light chatter takes place as they both walk across the ship to reach the berths, when they finally do, Wade walks directly to his rack and opens the locker there, retrieving his flight suit. He starts to change but still looks at Leyla "So?" asks the man, smiling softly as he does "You going to keep me waiting now?" he chuckles softly at that, getting the front zipper of his suit. The Viper Logo located on the right shoulder and the Black Knights logo on the left shoulder. He takes his helmet and places it over the table.

As soon as Leyla hits the berthing, she heads over towards her bunk, and the small bit of storage there. One of those digital picture frames is retrieved, and a neatly organized box of drives to fit into it. All anal retentively organized by date and location and so on and so forth. She picks out one of the disk and slots it into the frame, before she turns it on. The menu and folders are just as anally organized, mostly, here, by person with the event cross-referenced. Her family, people she knows, Bran, for example, and Wade as well. His folder she opens, before she steps over to hand it to him.

Wade blinks at her when she offers the digital frame. The man looks at it and takes it in his hands. When the first picture appears, a lot of memories start to flash through his mind, he starts moving through the pictures until he finds a particular one that Leyla took back then, he is standing next to his brother. Next to Wade, Alexander, his father. And next to Derek, Laura, his mother. Of course, Wade and Derek were identical twins, the only thing that would tell them apart is the way they dressed. Wade was more 'devilish' and Derek was more 'neat'. "Leyla…" says the man, still looking at the picture. He looks up, directly into her eyes and his own are offering many unspoken words. "I…" he looks at the picture again, and sorts through them for a bit, but goes back to that specific one. The man places the frame on the table, looks at Leyla again and approaches her. The man takes one of her hands and looks deep into her eyes "This is the best thing that has happened to me since…since everything went to hell." With that said, he leans forward and places a gentle kiss /veeeeeeery/ close to her lips. When he moves back, he smiles a little and nods "Thank you, I'll never forget this." It really meant a lot to him.

Leyla stands quietly, as Wade goes through the pictures she's kept since she had access to a camera. Her way of chronicling her life of cementing every episode of her life into some form of permanent archive. And she doesn't make any attempt to speak, while she watches Wade commune with his ghosts. There's nothing professional about the pictures, just a record of her life, seen through her artist's eye. The pictures of Wade run the gamut from pictures of him in the practice planes they flew together, to the classroom, to many of the activities they had for the new students to get them accustomed to life in the Academy. So, for the most part, most of the pictures are really pictures of moments in Leyla's life that Wade happened to be in. Fragments of Wade's life through Leyla's eyes. But it's something. "You're welcome. I've got extra cards and such. I can burn you a copy of all of the pictures I have, and you can keep the frame." She neither steps back nor forward as Wade takes her hand, leans down to kiss her, though there is more than a bit of confusion on her face, quickly masked, "You're welcome."

Wade takes the frame again and starts sorting through the pictures, smiling at more than one. "I would like that, thank you." says Wade, looking at Leyla now. When she mentions that she wants to give him the frame he opens his mouth to say something but the surprise took his words again. He just closes his mouth, smiles to her and nods "I always kept you in my mind when we went different paths…" says the man "I'm happy that you are back into my life Leyla, I really am…" His words sound honest, true.

To Leyla the frame is just a thing. An object that's useful, but having an extra in her storage, as she seems to have at least two of everything (always prepared!), giving him one of them isn't really an big deal. "It's no trouble. And I think you might need them more than I do." Not that she won't keep a copy for herself, of course, but. "I'm glad you're still here." It's no small task to survive a nuclear holocaust.

The voice of a CIC officer is heard over the intercom "All personnel assigned to next CAP, report to Hangar." Wade looks up at that and looks back at Leyla "That's me." He takes the frame, powers it down and takes the disk, handing it over to Leyla. "It has certainly improved my stay here. A lot of memories are saved in that disk and while they are here." he taps his temple with one finger "It's good to have something extra." The man takes his helmet and then takes a deep breath "Talk to you in a bit, yes?" With that said, Wade walks towards the door but before leaving, he looks at her once again, making eye contact "Thanks again, for everything." And then he's off, to get his Viper.

Leyla accepts the disk, mind already going over what she'll need to make a copy of it, and where she's stored her blank disks. The call for the CIC is her cue as well, but this time, to mark the short time she'll have to sleep before she rotates back down to the planet. "If I'm not here, I'm down on the ground. The ready room should have the schedule on it. I won't be hard to find." It's not like there's anywhere left to go, anymore. Once the pilot departs for the CAP, Leyla moves back to her bunk, to store the disk and then get to sleep.

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