PHD #351: Who Are We?
Who are We
Summary: Cidra's first visit to post-revived Andrea turns into an argument concerning the incident with Decoy
Date: 12 Feb 2042 AE
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Andrea Cidra 
It's Medbay. What do you want from me?
Post-Holocaust Day: #351

Hosedown blinks repeatedly as she comes out from under a drug enduced haze… and straight into the headache that usually was waiting for her when she did. "Argh, Gods…" she mutters to herself. The beeping from the machines around her assures her that she's still alive, though, and the ache from 24 hours on a ventilator is finally starting go away, which is nice.

Cidra headed up to Sickbay after the last attack, to get a full casualty report. They were lighter today, thankfully, but she lingers. There are still personnel to see to who aren't back on their feet yet. Andrea being one of them. She drifts back to the Recovery area, still in her flight suit, sweaty and disheveled in that way one fresh from the flight line looks. She clears her throat softly, to announce her entrance.

Andrea looks up at Cidra and smiles, saluting weakly with her good arm. "Heard the Cylons paid us another visit, sir. How'd we do?"

"Better than in last days. Raptors put in some rather jamming efforts. The Cylons could not get a solid bead on us. Just many beaten planes, and some minor injuries." Minor in comparison to comas, at least. "You are awake. That is very well." She comes to pull up a chair beside Andrea's bed. "Do not salute me here, Hosedown. As I told Poppy. If one is addicted to protocol they know very well it is not necessary here, in the berthings, in the galley. Overdoing it is no more proper than ignoring it when it is necessary." Her tone is gentle enough, and a little dry.

"It's one of the few military things I can do at the moment, Toast," Andrea says with a smile. "Thought it might be a good idea to keep…" she coughs, a bit, and then puts a hand to her hurt chest. Damn ventilator. "Argh, sorry. To keep in practice." She shakes her head to clear away some of the cobwebs and then immediately regrets it. "Gah… bad headaches. But drugs just knock me cold. Don't tell the pilots I said that, they'll think I'm a lightweight."

Cidra lets out the softest of wry chuckles. "I doubt anyone will think you a lightweight at present, Lieutenant. Do not think on it. Rest and mend, and return to the flightline whole. That is the best you can do for us right now, for you are very missed." A pause and she adds, "I thank all gods you awoke to us. Do try and stay that way, yes?"

"That's the plan, Major." Andrea smiles, but then the smile fades, a bit. "Also, apologies for missing you with that meeting you wanted to have. Was on my way to your office when the klaxons went off… been kinda busy since then."

"Busy?" Another soft "Heh" from Cidra. "So say we all to that. As to that we. We all have more important matters to focus on, as I did say in my memo. I considered the whole affair an unfortunate distraction at the time, and I consider it so now. Tell me. How do you think you mishandled that incident?" A pause and she adds. "And do not take this opportunity to tell me how poorly Decoy behaved, as that is not the present issue. He was also at fault but, as superior officer, the onus for clear-headedness in such situations is far heavier upon you."

Andrea closes her eyes for a moment, to marshall her thoughts. "It was wrong for me to choose him in the first place. I thought his bird had gotten through untouched but he took a hit to the wing as we were making our landings." A few long breaths. "I should have known he'd taken that damage. And given his state over Bubbles, he didn't need to be in the air any more than he needed to be underfoot for the doctors. But after I gave the order, well, he didn't leave me very many options."

Cidra nods to that. "All quite true. My main concern about this incident - on your part - is that the reaction you had most unnecessary. There were other pilots in better condition to go up both mentally and physically, yet you seemed to not consider that and your reaction toward the situation was punitive rather than of necessity. And you always have a choice, Lieutenant, to attempt to calm a situation rather than inflame it. Decoy owes you repentance because you are his superior officer and he did not pay the rank the proper respect. The rank always deserves respect, though the one who holds it cannot presume every action they take is proper. Keep that in mind, and we need go no further with this, yes? I consider the whole thing an anathema and distraction when we all have more important matters to concentrate on."

Andrea looks up at her, and seems like she is trying to keep her eyes in focus. "Sir, I once spent a day in the brig and a week cleaning the head with a toothbrush because I tricked a deckie into stripping in your Raptor. We were at Condition 3, but it was on the deck, where you said that hijinks are unacceptable. We were on the deck at condition 1, sir. And he was loudly and clearly refusing to follow orders, and shouting the matter at me for everyone to hear. I didn't yell, I didn't shout, and I didn't have time to handle disciplinary matters in that second. I am having trouble, therefore, in seeing how his twenty minutes in the brig, and verbal apology to me, equates to military discipline. Toast, why did he get away with it?"

"You forcibly tied a deckhand into a Raptor - which does actually equate to assault if one is being strict about such things - and interfered with an upcoming CAP," Cidra replies. "That Apprentice Wright was an idiot does not actually forgive that. I was light with you then, which I do not regret, but be mindful of that. I would advise you not bring up that particular for comparison. I have not seen fit to, as I do not think the incident reflects your character as an officer on the whole, but I would not advise unearthing it just now."

"I apologize, sir. I voluntarily ground myself for, oh, the next couple of weeks at least, as my act of contrition. " Andrea keeps watching Cidra. "He disobeyed a direct order. He verbally abused me in front of the entire deck. He more or less declared to everyone present that he only intends to follow orders when it is convienent for his marriage. And you're hand waving it!? An apology to me, no harm no foul? If anything, everyone is looking at me like I'm the wicked witch of Aerilon because I ordered an Ensign of the wing to do his job? Haha, look at Hosedown, thinks she's the boss, how cute? I hope you never need me in a command capacity, because any authority I might have had has been completely undermined!"

"You will fly when Medical says you are fit to fly, Hosedown. Not before but not after," Cidra says mildly. "As for the rest, this the end of what I have to say on the matter, as I find this whole affair a regrettable distraction on several fronts. I am not undermining your authority and I regret that you interpret it thusly, but I will not take an action I deem improper simply because you find it unfair. We all have more important matters to focus on than this, do we at least agree upon that, Lieutenant?"

Andrea sighs and closes her eyes. "I don't want to be on his wing, or in his chain of command. He's compromised by his relationship with Bubbles. This time, it involved him mouthing off to me and refusing to fly CAP at Condition 1. Next time, he might be busy looking out for her when I need him watching my ass. And I sure as hell don't need him questioning my orders if something goes wrong and I end up his SL again. I think, given this incident, these are reasonable concerns. Maybe you have some great way of beating him into shape that doesn't involve military discipline. But its not safe to fly with someone compromised. I know we've dropped frat regs. It's just, in this instance, I cannot for the life of me understand WHY."

"I will take your opinion under advisement and I shall not insist he be paired with you in flight, but I suspect you know I do not agree with you and I suspect as you reflect upon this incident you will see it is not something to be proud of on either end. Such is my hope, in any case, as I do like to think better reason eventually prevails." Cidra rises, on that note. "We are finished here, I think. I regret this had to be the subject of our first conversation upon you waking, Hosedown. As I am very much glad to have you back."

"So you have said. But you still haven't said WHY. If he doesn't have to follow my orders, why do I have to follow Poppy's? Why does Poppy have to obey yours? Why do you have to obey Tillmans? What the frak are we but a bunch of people really good at killing things in Vipers except that there are some bastards in Raiders even better at killing us! If we aren't military anymore than what…" her heart rate is going up, several alarms go off, and a nurse rushes in, hitting the button that administers morpha. The effect is nearly instant, and Hosedown quiets. "What the hell are we…"

"If you wish to address this again, it shall be when you are more coherent. Rest well, Hosedown." And Cidra goes, on that note.

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