PHD #310: When The Wireless Rings Twice
When The Wireless Rings Twice
Summary: Wade visits Sawyer during an inopportune time. The two learn more about each other than perhaps bargained.
Date: 02 Jan 2042 AE;
Related Logs: Takes place during the same time as Raiders of the Lost Raider
Wade Sawyer 
News Room - Deck 3
This room isn't huge by any means, but it does have all the updated equipment and a small news staff that runs the area.
Post-Holocaust Day: #310

Busy days are busy, and so, downtime is something that not everyone can get. Wade is no exception to the rule it seems, he is wearing his pilot suit. However, the pilot just got out of CAP, so that gives him some time to slow down a little. He decides that now is a good moment to keep a promise he made, so, he makes his way to the News Room "Sawyer?" asks the man, pushing the door open.

An open hatch reveals Averies sitting on the floor and sorting through her laundry. It's no secret the reporter has been living in the News Room (despite retaining a bunk in Air Wing country for some reason), or so the hammock hanging the corner would easily declare, and so it's no wonder that all her household chores would be relegated to her current 'house'. Marine fatigue pants and a hoodie sweatshirt that says 'Clearwater Glideschool' with her hair up in a pony tail and no ounce of make-up on her face, the reporter doesn't quite look her normal self. "Present and accounted for." She flicks her gaze up and smooths back a lock of hair that's slipped from the elastic. "Wade, what can I do for you." Never mind she's sorting her unmentionables now in front of an audience.

This is the first time Wade steps into the News Room…ever. Granted, it's a surprise to see the entire setup Sawyer has running there. He closes the hatch behind him and looks around for a moment "So this is your sanctuary huh?" asks the man, nodding in acceptance to his own words. He walks towards her, helmet under his arm. "Well, I am actually keeping a promise I made to you. Remember when I told you that I will find you again, to ask what were you up to?" He smiles a little amused smile now and adds "And, just got a new question of course. Why are you bunking here instead with the Pilots? That hammock looks fun but, bad for the back"

There's a small smile from Sawyer as she looks bemusedly at Wade. "I never promised to answer. But I'm doing my laundry, can't you tell?" Her finger hooks in the arm hole of a silk blouse and she hefts it for his attention before adding it to a pile of delicates. "Not a single t-shirt in the lot except for my pajamas. I'm regretting my donations to the civilian populous," she rues with a little shake of her head. "And I sleep here because it's more convenient to my work. I'm up at all hours and crawling into a hammock a few feet away is better for my back than conking out at my desk." It's the truth, but not entirely /all/ the truth. There is clearly something else behind her decision to bunk here, but she's not exactly the most forthcoming person sometimes.

"You never did, correct…" says the man, carrying a soft smile of his own. He looks around the place again and then back to what she is doing "Indeed, I can see that." The pilot offers a nod and makes no comment on the unmentionables. "So allow me to ask this. I am not going to get an answer from you huh? About what are you doing?" See, he's saving time there. The man chuckles a little and nods at what she says, about staying here and all. "Something tells me there's more to it than what you said. It's more convenient for your work? You are a reporter, Ms. Averies…reporters are usually, eh…sniffing around?" he smiles at this and nods "If I were to guess…I would say that, in addition to what you said of course, I think you are hiding /or/ avoiding something." he shrugs at that and sits on the floor right in front of her "You know, I brought a couple tshirts back from this place we have been going to. I can give you one if you want." Hey, let there not be said that he doesn't share.

Sawyer starts stuffing her various piles into separate laundry bags to take care of when she actually has the time to walk across the hall and plop them in a machine. "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." It's the cliched response, but the journalist uses it nonetheless as to what project she's currently working on. "You ever hear the expression 'don't shit where you eat'? Well the same applies to where you sleep." It's a little more insight, at least, as to why she stopped sleeping in the pilot's berthing. A drawstring gets pulled tight before she tosses the lightest of the bags near the hatch. There will be four loads in total, but they're all relatively small. "You'd do that for me? Give me a t-shirt?"

Wade snaps his fingers "Ah yes, why didn't I see that one coming." says the pilot right after. He chuckles amusedly and shakes his head "Fair enough I guess" Now, he clears his throat and presses his lips together as he listens to the rest "Aha, I see, I see…Don't shit where you…yeah" Then of course, that could mean different things. "So you eat there, cool" There is some amusement on his smile and then, at the last, he nods and offers "Sure, why not? You need one right? And I took a few with me. Makes sense, doesn't it?" There is a soft smile and he adds "It's going to be a little big for you but I hope that's not a problem"

"Right now I'm dealing with a surly two hundred and fifty pound man in the middle of detox." Sawyer presses her palms into her thighs as she stands out of crouch. "So anything that can stand up to vomit and sweat better than my silk and linen suits, is fine by me. I think I can live with big." She gives him a little look of, 'well, you /asked/.'

"Oooooh, I gotcha. I thought it was a need need, and not a need to get a perfectly good tshirt puked on." says the man, shaking his head at that. He chuckles softly and takes a deep breath "Sure, I'll give you one, but it's going to be a plain one with no print, the option to choose the one you want has been revoked." He smiiiirks at this and then adds "So, a lot of people giving in to pressure then?"

Sawyer's smile returns in the form of a wry grin. "I'll take what I can get. Beggars can't be choosers, plain with no print suits me just fine." On her feet, the reporter pushes up the material of the hoodie to her elbows and an inch or so is unzipped at the neckline. "I think that brings the recent tally to three suicide attempts, one success. The two failures were in daunting proximity to each other, I hope to Zeus' left testicle this isn't a trend." There are only desk chairs to sit in, and Sawyer nods at one in invitation. "I'd offer you a drink, but then you'd be court marshalled at this rate."

Wade stands up after Sawyer offers a seat. He walks in that direction and takes it, leaning back against it. The man unzips his flight suit and unhooks the straps "It's a matter of wait and see right now. Granted, this isn't the best case scenario. And you know, people are tired and hopeless." He takes a deep breath and takes his gloves off, rubbing his fingers over his eyes "Morale is not at it's highest point, that's certain" Now, he clears his throat and smiles a little "You might be surprised, but I don't really drink."

Sawyer settles in her own chair, using her toes to tilt the thing backwards a bit so she's semi-reclining. Fingers pull the elastic out of her hair and rake through it in an attempt to re-tame it back into the enclosure. "You wouldn't be the first of my friends. And frankly after seeing Rejn vomit every color of the rainbow, I may never touch it again myself. The smell of regurgitated whiskey is not one I'd soon forget." As they are getting settled in, a young man appears in the hatch and the orange jumpsuit he wears marks him distinctly as deck. He just pops his head long enough to say, "He's away, Sawyer." The reporter just gives a little nod, then replies just as simply, "Let me know when everyone's back in the barn." And after a furtive glance to Wade, the kid's gone.

"Friends?" repeats Wade arching both eyebrows. There is a faint smile that forms there and he nods at that. "It's good to have friends" simply says the man and then takes a deep breath, considering a couple things. "Yeah, I had my own share of watching and smelling colorful vomit, I'll pass on that one, thank you" To this, he chuckles and then looks over his shoulder at the kid in overalls "He…" repeats Wade after he is gone. His attention goes back to Sawyer and he narrows his eyes "And back to the barn? Hmmmm…" He leans back against his seat and says "Blue is on CAP right now, but he was just picked up recently. So, the next option would be…." moment of silence "Bootstrap"

There's a sly twist to Sawyer's lips. "Even at Condition Two there are plenty of transports ferrying between the various ships. To limit your choices to merely those on CAP seems to be rather narrow minded, don't you think? I have eyes and ears everywhere Wade." Her long fingers pluck a pack of smokes off her desk and she proceeds to shake one out, she tests this particular vice against Wade's beliefs by holding out to see if he accepts. "So who's been puking on you lately?"

"There are, but the ones I remember from the top of my head are those, because of the CAP" he shrugs at this and says "So yeah, those were my options" He chuckles at this and then clears his throat and lifts one hand to reject the offer "I'm a pretty boring person Sawyer, I don't smoke either" There is an amused smile there however and then he says "Lately? Nobody, but I remember when things were…normal, I used to go clubbing with a few friends and one in particular wasn't that good at holding down alcohol"

Sawyer inverts the cigarette in her hand, tucking the filter between her lips. "Sometimes it's fun, being the only sober one. Me? I picked up a slew of bad habits along the line. I'm told they make me more relateable when I'm doing interviews." Yeah, that's why she smokes. A thin silver zippo gets sparked, and Sawyer dips the cigarette into the flame. If he has any objection to her smoking, she doesn't ask for them. This is her office, after all. "You're observant. I both admire and hate that about you."

"I can't really say that I never had a drink, that would be a lie. But it is most unusual, to see me drinking." explains the pilot. "So, yes, I'm the sober one, most of the times." He smiles at this and then rubs his fingers over his cheek, taking a deep breath after that. He doesn't bother the smoking, so that's ok. "I have to be. Observant, I mean." adds the man, nodding at that. "Well, I think I've always been that way. It helps me, keeps me focused…you tend to pick up a lot of little things. But I'm sure you've noticed that already" There is another soft smile for her and then he moves his hand to his chest "Oh? It warms my heart to know that I am both admired, and hated by you" He chuckles at this last.

Sawyer reaches out to nonchalantly ash her cigarette in an enamel tray. "Being a reporter, the fact that I've formed a personal opinion about you at all should be flattering in and of itself." Next to her, the News Room wireless rings and she holds up a finger to Wade in a 'hold that thought' sort of manner. She answers and the conversation on her end is short. "Averies, News Room." Pause. "Yes?" Pause. "Keep me informed." And then she hangs up. This time when the journalist takes a drag of her cigarette, there's a waiver to her fingers. "Might want to zip back into that flight suit."

Wade arches both eyebrows and smiles "Oh, ok, I'll keep that in mind" His smile does not fade and he adds "You are alright Sawyer" Yup, that's all he says on that matter, for now at least. When the wireless rings and she picks up, he goes quiet, narrowing his eyes only when she says that he should zip up his suit "Something wrong?" asks the man. He does indeed, zip up his flight suit, putting his gloves on after that. Wade presses his lips together now, waiting for her reply on what the frak is going on.

The frequency of tokes on Sawyer's cigarette has increased significantly in the last thirty seconds, the filter never more than an inch from her lips. She pulls it free long enough to comment, "Don't have to jump up just yet, there is only the possibility that we'll be bumped up to Condition One." Meaning he doesn't have to report for duty just yet. "The current CAP has made enemy contact."

Wade listens and nods curtly "Alert Vipers are probably out there by now then, and the rest are being moved to the launch tubes. If the call comes, my bird will be ready to fly" However, he leans down to pick up his helmet and rests it on his lap. "So you must really have eyes and ears across the fleet huh? I guess that means you do your work rather well of course" To this last, he nods again. "So, contacts in CIC then?" That's the most logical source for the incoming call. "Already know you got contacts on the Deck as well…and that already covers a lot" He smirks, again.

"It's good to have contacts in high and low places, both." But that's all Sawyer's saying. Whether or not the call just came from CIC remains answered only be his own speculation. She's antsy now, it's clear in the way she fidgets with her zipper pull, or shifts in her seat. "Tell me something about yourself. Anything. Make it juicy." It's a plea to keep her mind away from what's going on out in the Black.

Wade just looks at Sawyer for a moment, expression completely neutral. He says nothing about the idea of Enemy Contacts and then takes a deep breath "Well…I had a Twin brother, I'm the better looking one" To this, he smiles a little bit. Maybe that will help, maybe it won't. Who knows. The man now stands up, moving his helmet under his arm "Not going to run away just yet, don't worry" informs Wade to Sawyer but he calmly starts pacing around.

Sawyer lifts her eyes to follow the pacing man, which of course doesn't settle her nerves at all, what with the restless motion. "Just listen for the Wireless again. Two rings means all is clear. You'll know before most." Now she's trying to reassure him, of all things. "A twin, huh? I bet the pair of you got into all sorts of trouble. Ever trade places to pass a test or fool a girl?" The conversation keeps flowing through her natural use of questions. When all else fails, switch on the reporter.

Wade nods and after a moment of silence, he says "Aye. Sorry about the pacing tho, don't mean to make you nervous…if that is indeed, the effect it's having on you" Now, he smiles with some amusement and nods again "Yeah, sometimes, but not always. Derek was…book-ish. He was a Lawyer in Leonis." Now he stops and chuckles "There was one time in which, his girlfriend thought I was him and kissed me….she had a horror movie expression when I told her I wasn't Derek. And my breath was fine, you know?" Not to mention that, at this point, everyone having a twin brother could be suspected as a Cylon.

Sawyer doesn't pick up on the duplicity being a possible cylon connection, or if she does, she doesn't comment as that implicates her as well with the shared dream. Some things are better left untouched. "Very noble of you to point it out, before it got further than a kiss. I notice, however, that you did in fact allow the kiss to occur in the first place though." Her cigarette, now sucked down to the acrid taste of the filter, gets stamped out in the ashtray. "Pace if you like, I'm fine."

Wade smiles "Well, he kinda pounced me? So it was that or see her crashing against a tree if I dodged it. Tho I won't lie and say I didn't like it" The man chuckles again at that and then takes a deep breath "So, you know, I was the sporty twin and he was the calm and collected one…kinda." The man nods to her, in thanks for the 'keep the pace' comment "His future wife, her father was Rear Admiral…retired, he was Commander of the Battlestar Forseti" Just throwing some extra info there, maybe irrelevant.

The wireless stays annoyingly quiet, and therefore Sawyer sparks up another cigarette. "What about you, Sporty Twin, did you ever marry?" Her toes start to bounce up and down on the deck, causing a rocking motion of her chair that brings with it a tiny squeak as the metal protests.

Wade stops for a moment to look at Sawyer. He shakes his head and says "Never married, no." He tilts his head now and adds "You should really slow down on the death sticks you know? Unless you want Cancer." There is a faint smile there and then he takes a deep breath "What about you, married? Children? Family? Or you thought for a second that we were playing twenty question and I was the only one to answer?" He shows a bit of a bigger smile now.

"If I live long enough to be taken down by cancer, I'll count my lucky stars. For now, though, it's keeping me sane." At least Sawyer takes a more leisurely approach to smoking this one at Wade's observation. "Hey, who's the reporter here?" She comments as to his questions. She plays along, however, if for nothing but the distraction of it all. "Engaged once, no, and only child. I left my parents back on Vigon when I started my career."

Wade nods "Fair enough, I guess" this said about the smoking bit. "The answer is easy, you are. So..sue me if the interview is not going as you expect" adds the man, offering an amused smile. Finally, he takes a seat again and nods at the information given "So what happened, to your fiancee? It didn't work out?" As for the rest of the info, he says "My parents were from Picon, I left the Colony as soon as I was done with Flight School. But I saw them during shore leave and all that. Not always but, you know…maybe once a month? Sometimes a bit more"

"I got him killed." Sawyer says it so flatly, she could have simply been telling the man what she had for lunch, not what happened to the most notable man of her past. "I'd sue, but I'm not sure the JAG would take interest in the case, and the civilian legal system is virtually non-existent and the only charges I could creatively come up with in a pinch would be trademark infringement. So just you and your brother and your folks, then?"

"How?" asks Wade as flatly as her first answer. Now, he smiles a little and says "I don't think you would even be able to get away with Trademark infringement either." He nods to this and clears his throat, getting ready to answer the last part. "Family wise, well, almost. Recent events uncovered more." He nods and adds "See, I was in Leonis when the bombs hit. Was getting ready for my brother's wedding. His fiancee is a Pediatrician, she was in Aerilon giving a lecture on…something." He clears his throat again "Turns out, she is one of the survivors from Aerilon and she got here with, my brother's son. They didn't told us they were going to have a child, apparently"

The fact that the man has living family has a mild look of surprise on Sawyer's features. "What a rare blessing." And the reporter doesn't use that phrase very often. She and religion don't necessarily get along. "That had to be a trip, seeing her again and finding out you have a…niece or nephew? What are their names?"

Wade nods "It was..quite a moment, yes. Turns out I have a nephew. They are in the Elpis now." He nods once again and adds "Serene Wilkinson and Derek Wade Duncan Wilkinson….not the most original of names, I know" He chuckles at this and then looks straight at Sawyer "But you avoided my question. How did you actually kill your fiancee?"

"I said I got him killed, not that I physically killed him. And forget about it, the juiciest detail I've got from you is a family tree. You're going to have to work on your trade skills." Sawyer's looking more and more sour as time goes by, either from the conversation or the fact that time is ticking by and there is still no word about the CAP that had enemy contact.

"Right" simply states Wade after listening to Sawyer. "Well, I see how this is going to go" The man smiles at that comment and pats his knees. And, strangely enough, he doesn't say anything else after that, he just stands up and starts pacing again. Did he notice the way she looks, yeah…but perhaps it's not a good time to bring it up now.

Sawyer exhales long and solemn, smoke drifting up from her parted lips to momentarily join the haze clinging by the ceiling before it's whisked away by the life support system. One by one she lifts her long legs and hitches her heels onto the desk, "Now I bet you're wishing you had taken the offer of the drink."

Wade looks over his shoulder and back to Sawyer, he offers a faint smile and shakes his head "No, not really. To begin with, I am no good to them if I have alcohol in my blood. Nor I am good to myself…. /and/….it's really not something I enjoy. Drinking." He makes his way to her desk and takes a seat there "Or perhaps you are asking to avoid drinking alone?"

"I'm an emotional drunk, so I think I'll hold off myself until all this is through. Heaven forbid that any rumors start about Sawyer Averies doing something silly like crying." Despite Sawyer's hackles being raised, she doesn't seem to mind that he's taking a seat again. "Favorite color."

"I can hug you?" asks the man. Or…offers…either of both work ok on this one. "Favorite color" repeats the man "In mode of question?" He smiles to that and takes a deep breath "I think…blue, yes, that would be the most accurate one I do believe" Now, he looks at her a little and nods "You need to control that, otherwise nerves are going to kill you, you know?"

"Again, if nerves haven't killed me yet, I think I'm doing okay." Speaking of nerves, there is a sharp trill from the wireless that has Sawyer damn near jumping out of her chair. She doesn't answer it, she doesn't need to, she just waits. One ring…the reporter holds her breath. Two rings. All is clear. Sawyer seems to deflate with relief, finally ghosting a smile back to Wade. "If ever a woman is crying in your presence and you /don't/ offer to hug her? You'd be in big trouble." Putting out her cigarette, she smooths out her pants and wipes some ash off her sweatshirt. "Will you excuse me?" Either she's expecting company or she's off to somewhere post haste.

Wade smiles at Sawyer, looking at her for a moment "CAP trouble got you nervous…which, brings the options back to, one." He taps on his temple with one finger and then says "I'm glad he is ok" Offers Wade now, nodding and carrying a smile. Sawyer will know who he is talking about. "Well, I wouldn't want to be in trouble of course, and I do believe I give good hugs" he nods and smiles with amusement "Alright Sawyer, catch you later. I'll try to come up with something juicy…maybe"

There's an eye roll of capitulation to the departing Pilot, and then Sawyer offers, "Be safe, Wade." Before she's already turning to some other task she has to accomplish now that she no longer has to sit around and worry. "Don't forget my t-shirt." Because he promised, after all.

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