PHD #279: What Do You Do With a Naked Nugget? Part 1
What Do You Do With a Naked Nugget?
Summary: The Gods' gift to women winks at Andrea, who teaches him a lesson in trusting snake charmers.
Date: 02 Dec 2041 AE
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Andrea Shiner 
Hangar Deck
Post-Holocaust Day: #279

Andrea, clad in flight gear, is doing a bit of post flight work on her Viper. Yeah, it occasionally irks the knuckledraggers, but it is HER bird, afterall. She is humming to herself. Of all the things going on in her life at this moment, working on a bum gimmel is one of the simplest.

Shiner is sadly for him not in flight gear. Dressed in the bright orange deck ovies, he's sat on a small tractor, pulling a trailer full of components from one end of the deck over towards the downed birds at the other. Nonetheless, he's apparently in a cheerful mood, letting out a wolfwhistle towards Andrea as he passes her bent figure and waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Andrea pushes herself out from under her bird and stands up at the whistle, grinning a bit as he waggles his eyebrows. And he'd been doing so well, too. Well, it was coming up on time for the next CAP rotation, and she needed to… Suddenly her eyes went wide. She shouldn't. She REALLY shouldn't. There was frat to think about… and if the CAG didn't take it right… aw, hell. Why the frak not? It was all in good fun, and the kid was practically a nugget as it was. Suddenly wearing her best come hither grin, Andrea took a moment to blow a kiss his way, and then turned around and bent over to adjust something on her bird. Bait set.

Shiner is somewhat distracted as she bends over, almost, but not quite, running into a fellow deckie, who lets forth a long tirade of blue language to politely inform Shiner that he ought to watch where he's driving. Holding his hands up in defense, Shiner gives an apologetic smile and backs the trailer into the gap where it's needed. Job done, he doesn't immediately unhitch it, however, choosing instead to take a small break and watch that very fine Andrea ass from a distance, appreciative smile on his face.

Andrea smiles to herself. Well, she'd been the head Pyramid cheerleader in her high school, once. It was easy to get back into that frame of mind. Cue the helpless little girl act. She is suddenly clearly having difficulties with the gimmel, trying and trying, to no avail to turn the wrench. Oh, could anyone help her? She'd like to thank the academy.

Shiner has a quick glance around to make sure he's not about to be beaten to it, then slides down from the cab of the tractor, gait still a little awkward although he tries his best to swagger over towards the Viper in question, leaning up against its cowling with his best, most charming smile on. "Need a bit of help, sir?" Flex.

"Would you?" Andrea turns to face him, a hand on his chest, a worshipful smile on her face. "I just can't get the gimmel tight enough, and you know what a danger the Viper can be with a loose gimmel, right? With all of your study, and all…"

"Uh, yeah," Shiner lies, giving a firm nod and a quick swallow. He flashes that smile again, holding a hand out expectantly for the wrench. "No worries, sir, I can sort that for you. Don't want you going out in an unsafe bird, after all. We'd miss your pretty face around here."

Andrea hands it to him with a grateful smile, making sure her hand touches his for a second longer than was strictly necessary, while maintaining eye contact with him the whole time. "Yes, here you are, and thank you so much for your help. I can't wait to get you out of those coveralls… uh… and into a flight suit, I mean…"

Shiner swallows again, blinking at her for a moment, the wrench just hanging uselessly in his hand. "Uh… yeah. Flight suit, yeah," he echoes absently, mind perhaps not entirely on the job right now. Still, he clears his throat, running a hand through his hair before turning to the Viper and.. well, that tightened easily. Must be his Fit Muscles(tm). He turns back to her with a crooked smile. "You're welcome, sir. Anything else you need, you just ask, okay?"

"Oh, thank you!" Andrea exclaims it with a grin, at her absolute bubbliest, and then leans in to put a kiss on his cheek. "You really are sweet, you know." Suddenly, she blushes, and looks around, conspiratorily. "You know… for your training, you'll have to learn about Raptors. Really interesting birds. Not as agile as a Viper, of course, but quite rugged, FTL capable, and all that room in the back." She smiles, still holding his eyes. "If you'd like, I could… ah… show you around one?"

Shiner's eyes widen a touch at the kiss, and he simply nods mutely to the offer, absently tucking the wrench into a side pocket. Like a lamb to the slaughter.

"Great. Let's go quick, before your chief sees us." With a wink, she grabs his hand and pulls him into, oh, some Raptor at random. No way it would be one of those being prepared for the upcoming CAP rotation. Like, say, the CAG's.

Shiner stumbles after her, a hopeful and somewhat unbelieving grin on his face as he ducks inside. "When you said 'show me around..'?" he clarifies with her, eyebrows raised as he gives her a suggestive once over.

The moment the Raptor door closes, Andrea spins around, grabbing the Knuckledragger by two fistfuls of coveralls and pulling him in close for a kiss. Andrea knows a thing or two about kissing a guy, after all, and she does a thorough job of it. Nice lips on this one… good to keep in mind if he makes the wing. Then she steps back, bubbliness traded for pure R+R goddess material. "Lose the coveralls," she says.

Shiner isn't about to argue with that, the kiss redirecting what little blood there may have been circulating around his brain. He makes short work of the zip, unhitching at least his arms and torso from the overalls before backing off to the ECO's seat to pull off his boots, fumbling a little with shaky hands. "You can't tell anyone," he manages breathlessly, yanking on the trousers to strip, apparently giving some token thought to the whole frat regulations thing.

Andrea smiles. "Depends on how you do. Do well enough, and I may drop a good word when you make stick." One hand goes to her flight suit, slowly unzipping, the other to the little security box every Raptor carried. Useful for small time security detail, it carried useful things. Like handcuffs. Keeping them hidden, she steps forward to him, unzipping the flightsuit all the way to her belly button, and then allows a hand to trace down his chest. "Might be good for your reputation, you know."

Ungh. Boobs. Alas, Shiner is undone, any semblance of willpower gone with the promise of a rack to play with. Discarding his overalls to one side and sitting there in just his underwear like some sort of pornographic Calvin Klein model, he reaches into her flight suit with both hands. BOOBS.

Andrea grins as she leans in for another kiss, taking one of those hands and raising it into the air, where there is a soft click as the cuffs close around his wrist and one of the supports. There will be no removing that without the key or power tools. She smiles again. "Ahh, look at that. Looks like you're my prisoner, specialist."

"Kinky," Shiner informs her, grinning crookedly in eager expectation, free hand going for the grope and to pull her in closer to him. "Hey, I like a woman in control." He presses forward against the restraint for another kiss.

"Then you'll LOVE this…" Andrea murmurs as the kiss gives way, slowly working her way down to her knees, pulling the shorts with her. "Niiiiice," she comments as she does, pulling them away with a smile, and then stepping back to admire, now out of his reach. "So nice, in fact… I almost feel greedy keeping it to myself."

"Going to bring a friend?" Shiner asks keenly, quivering with the very thought. "Man, that is so hot."

Andrea laughs, sweetly, cutely… maliciously? That's new. "Bring one? No. But this is the CAG's bird for the next CAP, which is due in… hmmm… " she glances at her watch. "Oh, a few minutes." Suddenly her suit is zipped back up, and in a move that shows some of her pilot reflexes, she grabs the various bits of knuckle-dragger uniform lying around. "Since I'm sure she'll keep you busy, I'll just take this stuff off to the laundry, shall I?"

Hot… hot… hot… WHAT!? Shiner is jerked back to reality at that, eyes widening. "What?? No, no! Put those back! You've got to put those back! Shit!" He pulls against the handcuffs to little effect. "Come on, let me go! She'll frakking KILL me! Enough joking about now! Please! Sir! Come on, please!"

Andrea smiles, and hits the button to open the Raptor wing. "Nah, the CAG's a forgiving sort. She MAY just decide to have you flogged publicly, which lets be honest, would be better if it was Poppy who found you." Another grin. "Ah, if only the captain was a Raptor jock, eh? Now calm down. Don't shout too much, or your crew will hear you, and they'll be sure to take pictures before the wonderful event." She holds up the key to the cuffs, then drops it in the pilots seat before heading out. "Try to keep warm, if you can. Don't want her to get the wrong idea about your… qualifications, right?"

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