PHD #044: Wear and Tear
Wear and Tear
Summary: Jayden returns after a double CAP, to find Laskaris cleaning himself up after getting released from the impromptu sickbay. They chat briefly.
Date: 12 Apr 2041 AE
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Laskaris Jayden 
Naval Head - Deck 4 - Battlestar Cerberus
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Post Holocaust Day: #44

Lasher is alone in the head, wearing a tanktop and a pair of shorts as he leans in front of one of the room's metal sinks. His bathroom kit is laid out haphazardly on the shelf in front of the mirror; a pair of bandages, one from his neck and one from his side, have been discarded. Currently, he's trying to shave around the neck wound, an angry splotch of semi-healed red flesh. His razor traces a careful line down his neck; there's a wince as he nicks the skin — the unmarred part, thankfully.

Jayden sorta feels like he's been on the flight rotation for ages now, and it shows. The pilot ambles into the naval head with a worned-out look. Marks of grime and frizzled hair, add to the decor of his face. The flightsuit tied over his waist, as he makes for one of the empty sinks and turns the water on. "Lask," he greets tiredly before leaning down to stick his head in the running water.

Lasher's eyes flick over towards the new arrival before going back to the mirror. Another careful swipe removes more stubble. "Echo," he hails the other man in reply. The razor is rinsed under running water, and Lasher turns for a better look at Jayden. "Double CAPs treating you well, I see," he notes wryly.

Jayden grunts, "Indeed." The cool water is soothing, and he is in no rush to take his head out of it. He just sorta massages his hair in it as he speaks once more, "Flew for like ten hours and landed, only to find out Caparzzo is toast and that I /had/ to cover his slot." Talking about that missing pilot seems rather casual, since he is unware of just how badly the roster all over the ship has been compromised.

Lasher is quiet for a moment, standing still in front of the mirror with a wan expression on his face. "Going to be short a while, I'm afraid," comes the roughly accented reply after a pause. "Should get a little better soon, though. I'll be back on rotation in a day or two. Couple more wounded'll be back in a week or so. 'till then? Make do with what we've got." He shrugs, then returns to his shaving.

Jayden removes his nuggin' from under the running water and shuts it off. "You won't hear me complain, then," he responds with a level tone. A look to the guy shaving, and he quips, "Apos was due to have her cast taken off. Solid flier there," he offers to the guy. Scanning the SL a bit before leaning his hip on the sink and folding his arms in front of him. Tired but willing to have a chat, it seems. "And isn't Pallas combat-worthy now?" Hey, the more pilots up in the air, the better.

"Complain, don't complain. I don't care. Not going to change anything," Laskaris responds in a flat deadpan. His eyes remain locked on the mirror; still got some neck scraping left to do. "She was, yeah, and then the Cylons crashed our frakkin' party. Dunno if she's found a doc with enough time to remove it just yet." Scrape, scrape, scrape. Almost done. There's a quiet snort in regards to the comment about Pallas. "Ostensibly. Yeah. Another warm body to stick in a cockpit, leastways."

Jayden listens to Lask's lashing comments and seems unaffected by it. Seems he is used to his pissy disposition, and is not about to start pretending he wants to correct it. "Yeah, I wouldn't trade one Capparzo for a hundred Pallas either." He can sardonic if he needs to. "Still," he turns and moves to try and fix his hair in the mirror, "Try an act like you are thrilled to have another pilot to your squadron when your are with the rook juniors, eh? The last ensign that left your debrief nearly crap her pants."

Laskaris scowls ever so slightly at Jayden's admonishment. "Hnh," he grunts noncommittally. A last swipe of the razor, and Laskaris rinses it off a final time; taking a moment to examine his handiwork, he puts the shaver aside. Water is delicately splashed against his neck, but it stings against his wound a little nonetheless. "Raiders sure as shit aren't going to coddle anyone. Why should I?" A cloth dabs against his neck. "I'm not out to be a bad guy, but I'm not a nursemaid, either."

Jayden gives a his hair a few strokes with his fingers, and he hitches a shoulder after Lask's reply. "Hey, man, you are the only thing some of the chicks in your basket have. The rest of us can take your shit and move along." He doesn't challenge the SL here, just stating what he feels might improve morale. "And I dont think you are a bad guy, Laskaris," he gives the other pilot a sideways glance and adds, "Just an ugly-looking frak." He lets a smirk creep out of his lips, and he turns to face the mirror once more. His hair needs more work. "Honest to gods, I don't see what Allie sees in you."

There's a long silence, punctuated by a taut expression on the blond lieutenant's face. Lasher nods tersely, though, a moment later. "Starting to realize that," he says grudgingly. "Point taken." The washcloth is put aside, and he chuckles darkly at Jayden's gibe. "Allie. Poor girl. Didn't even realize she'd been eyeing me until I walked right in the middle of a screaming match 'tween her and Apostolos in recovery." He shrugs. "Never said anything about it, though." There's a slight smirk of his own. "That's not the sort of thing I generally pick up on on my own."

Jayden nods once and rubs his right eye with his fist, "Well, between you missing the signals and her clamming-up everytime the issue is addressed, it will take a while." He also chuckles, but once it stops, he is looking at Lask directly. "Listen, I know I have no business sticking my nose in your affaris, but… just…" a pause, and he lets a goofy smile light his face a bit, "Be nice to her, whatever the choice you take." He pats the man over the shoulder and backpedals towards the exit, turning his body only when he is near the door. Apparently, he said his piece inadvertedly, and letting it sink on Lask's head is the best thing to do here.

"You're right, you don't," Laskaris replies flatly with a slightly raised brow directed at Jayden. He doesn't seem to take too much umbrage at the presumption, though. "It'll play out how it plays out. But…" Lasher pauses, shaking his head slightly. "Of course I don't want to hurt her," he replies to the other pilot's last. "She doesn't need that right now. None of us does." As he sees Jayden going to leave, he offers a curt nod of farewell.

Jayden doesn't seem to wanna add anything more… not that Lasher will let him, anyway. He'll let Laskaris soak on that, and peel off to bed now that he is able too.

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