PHD #305: We Are Adults
We Are Adults
Summary: Cidra and Cora engage in 'girl talk,' of a sort, in the Head. Evandreus gets fresh and clean.
Date: 27 Dec 2041 AE
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Cidra Cora Evandreus 
Room name goes here!
Like any normal head on the ship, this one is painted in light grey with some blue around the top of the room. Down the center there are 16 sinks, 8 on each side backed up to each other. Along the hull areas of the room, showers and lockers are toward the back and off to the left of the sinks are closed toilets and open urinals.
Post-Holocaust Day: #NUMBER

Cidra sets a brisk pace to the Naval Head, saying nothing to Cora until they're inside. The place is not exactly packed, but there's the usual flow of personnel showering, shaving and doing whatever other business they have here. Cidra takes a shift look around and steers herself to a bit of sink that's reasonably clear. For a moment she says nothing. She blinks a bit more.

Cora matches that pace easily, stepping into the head alongside the major and ignoring any looks this sudden invasion of Blue'd TACCO and flight-suit'd CAG might draw. Once they're at as secluded a sink as they're going to get, she just waits, watching Cidra a little bit expectantly.

Cidra watches Cora right back. Pursing her lips. Clearing her throat. One might almost think the CAG was uncomfortable. Well, one *would* think this. She's usually more inscrutable than this, however. "Captain Nikephoros, I have something to tell you that may be of tactical importance to our intership relations. Or it may not. I am not sure."

Cora waits. It does not seem as if she particularly wants to wait, but suppressing impatience and curiosity when necessary is a key interrogation skill, and one the captain seems to have mastered. So wait she does. When Cidra finally comes out with the reason for this 'meeting', she even manages to nod slowly and keep her tone even as she asks, "Oh?"

"I slept with Papa." It is just kind of blurted out, albeit in an undertone by Cidra. She clears her throat again. "Skiron, that is. Lieutenant Colonel Baer. On the Areion. Well, I did not 'sleep' with him precisely but…" She makes a sort interlocking hand gesture. "…it is the common figure of speech for such relations, yes?"

Cora blinks. Apparently that is how inscrutable women display surprise, around here. She blinks once more, and then nods slowly, and then smiles suddenly at the last. She doesn't laugh, but just nods again. "Yes," she replies, "Yes, that's… I know what you mean." She is silent for a moment and then asks, "Is there a reason that you think that might… cause a problem?"

"I…would…not…think…so?" There's a lilt at the end that makes it sound like a question from Cidra. "I mean, he is an adult. I am an adult. We are adults." She establishes that fact, in case there was any doubt about Baer's age of consent. She turns on the water faucet, to further drown out their conversation. "Has anyone from the Areion…said anything about…it?"

Cora nods slowly again, glancing down once at the faucet and then back up. "No?" she replies, shaking her head, "Not to me. Not to others, that I'm aware of. Is that what you thought Mathers was alluding to?" she asks, putting pieces together in her head, "Or do you still think he was? I don't know how he would know that, but then, I've just met the man. Who knows." She shrugs a little and asks, "Are you concerned about it for some reason?" She and the CAG stand near a sink in the back, as far from the others in the Head as possible, with a faucet running full-blast beside them as they speak quietly.

Cidra is standing by one of the faucets with Cora, in her flight suit and looking rather uncomfortable as she converse with the woman. She's running the water in her sink to add some noise in the area of their conversation. Which is, from all appearances, an extremely strange bit of 'girl talk.' "I…do not know," she confesses to Cora. "No. I do not think so. Do you think so?" A slim frown. "I mean, really, I have not anything to be concerned about. It was just…what do you think of him? Baer? Just…generally speaking."

A good lungful of steam and a drenching below water heated to nigh-scalding by the internal functions of the vessel is just the thing for a Bunny right on the verge of his bedtime, and he shoves on out of a shower in a pouf of steam with a towel over his head and a laxness to his lobstery-red limbs that speaks of a long day's double shift most blessedly finished. Lest he be mistaken for the Ghost of the Head, he lifts his hands to the towel draped over his hair and begins to rub vigorously over his scalp, soaking up some water from his hair while for the rest he remains content to drip and steam the wet away.

"I don't think so," Cora replies to Cidra, just the faintest hint of a question still in it, "Not unless there's something more to this that would potentially get… messy in some fashion?" She shrugs a little, and then brows rise a little more at the question, and she shrugs again, admitting, "I've barely met him, to be honest. No pun intended," she adds with a wrinkle of her nose, "We've yet to work together much at all. He seems professional, capable. Other than that you'd be a better judge."

"It was not messy," Cidra says to Cora. "He was quite the gentleman. And he has a very nice couch. He is a very good pilot. A Viper pilot. You know, I have not been with a Viper pilot in ten years ago." She splashes her face with the water she's left running. Regarding herself in the mirror. She admits under her breath, tone wry, "I have had better, honestly." Evandreus exiting the shower makes her lift and turn her head. Perhaps on the look-out for ghosts.

An Evan is a ghost with elbows, sharp angles that point out at the air in varying degrees of acuteness before he whips the towel off of his head and becomes a human being again, draping the towel over his shoulder and swallowing over a hiccup on his way to the sinks. He can't hear a word of whatever Cid and Cora are talking about, but he gives the pair of them a sleepy, good-natured smile, no less.

Cora glances down at that faucet for a moment as Cidra speaks, looking up through her lashes at the older woman and then down again, jaw shifting, lip twitching just once to the side as if trying to hold in a smile. "Then… I wouldn't worry about it," she suggests, glancing over her shoulder at Evan, noting the pilot with a polite nod and then looking back at the CAG. "There's no real reason it would be a problem, so long as you are able to work together still, and I'm sure you are." After a brief pause she asks, "Do you think you'll see him again? That being an even more vague but common figure of speech for such things."

"I do not really know. It is…more complicated than I had originally anticipated it being," Cidra admits. "I may have been…thinking of someone else when we were…together and I may sort of…called him. That." Ahem. "Such things do bruise a man's ego quite awfully, I am sure. Ah! Bunny!" Her voice is raised as she spots Evandreus, offering him a wave that likely comes off overly casual.

"Cid Space," Evan calls back genially, radiant with the flushed skin of one having just stepped out of a really hot shower and beaming with something that would be contentment if it weren't of quite so frenetic a timbre. He leans forward toward the mirror, tipping his chin toward it and trying to decide if shaving tonight is an absolute necessity or if he can fudge it one more day, fingers scritching through the stubble. "'Sup, dude?" he wonders, the meanwhile.

Annnnd it's time for Cora to blink again. And once more for good measure, before she nods, "Ah. Well." She pauses, and then shrugs, "What's done is done," she replies, "And like you said, he's an adult. Hopefully he will just… deal with it. Professionally." She glances back at Evandreus again, and then looks back to the CAG, reminding, "You have CAP." After which she adds, her tone sort of reassuring and friendly (which may be too strange to actually be effectively reassuring, who knows), "I'm sure it'll be fine."

"I have CAP," Cidra repeats. "I am sure it will be fine. We are adults. Thank you for your time, Cora." And she seems to mean it, too. In her way. Though the TACCO's tone does not reassure her. Evandreus' stubble is not commented upon, so either it's still within regulation or she's too distracted to carp about details like that. Either or. "Steady hands, Doe," she remarks as she strides back him. She pivots on her heel as she strides out. Looking this way and that hurridly. Reaching up to touch her cheek. Frowning. And then off she goes, at an even quicker clip.

Evandreus is an adult. No matter how much he sometimes behaves to the contrary. And since the CAG herself doesn't seem to think his face is problematic, he stands back up straight and gives the upper portions of the rest of his body a somewhat critical looking-over in the bathroom mirror before he grins for his CAG lady. "Right, Cid," he chimes back to her, winsome-eyed. Then, brows quirk at the sudden stop, but he doesn't say anything. He doesn't need to, really. He's been there, before. Touched. Brows grow lax again and he draws his towel into both hands, pulling it down and drying off behind his ears. "Have fun. Don't die," he adds to his farewell. Cora, in turn, gets a serene little smile hello.

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