Andrew Watters
Lieutenant (JG) Andrew Watters
James Purefoy
James Purefoy as Andrew Watters
Age: 31
Features: Short black hair, brown eyes, frequent five o'clock shadow. Generally careless appearance.
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
Department: Marines
Position: S4


Born to a working-class Tauron family, Andrew Watters enlisted the Colonial Marine Corps because his parents were unable to afford to send him to college. After nearly ten years serving as an assault engineer, Watters earned a recommendation to OCS and was made an officer. Stationed at the Tau Garrison when the Cylons attacked, he spent most of the next year conducting a guerilla campaign against the Cylon invaders before his rescue by the Cerberus.

Immediate Family

Having no contact with his family since Warday, Watters assumes his parents to be among the dead. He has no siblings.

Service Jacket

2010 AE - Born on Tauron
2028 AE - Enlists in Colonial Marine Corps
2028 AE - Completes Basic Training, AIT with rank of PFC. Assigned to BS-87 Themis
2029 AE - Promoted to Lance Corporal
2031 AE - Promoted to Corporal. Transferred to Fort Honos
2034 AE - Promoted to Sergeant.
2036 AE - Completes Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Transferred to Tau Garrison.
2037 AE - Promoted to Staff Sergeant.
2037 AE - Attends Officer Candidate School, Picon.
2038 AE - Completes Officer Candidate School. Commissioned Ensign. Assigned to BS-108 Cosmic
2040 AE - Transferred to Tau Garrison.
2041 AE - Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2042 AE - Rescued by Battlestar Cerberus from Tauron

Physical Features

A human male, standing just above six feet tall and weighing in at approximately two hundred and twenty pounds. His face is solidly built, with a relatively square-shape. Dark brown eyes stare out at the world, constantly on the move, rarely lingering in any one place for too long. His hair is black, kept cut short enough to not look untoward when left unattended, though calling it 'styled' would perhaps be overly generous. The rather careless appearance is furthered by the five o'clock shadow he frequently sports.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • Scrounger - Watters is an expert at finding needed equipment through channels official or otherwise
  • Gambler - Don't play Triad with this man.
  • Despises Paperwork - Though he tries to hide it, Watters loathes the administrative aspect of his job. He'd rather be solving problems than filing forms.

Recent Logs


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