PHD #088: Washing Up
Washing Up
Summary: Two of Cerberus' personnel happen upon each other in the head.
Date: 26 May 2041 AE
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Alessandra Tillman 
Like any normal head on the ship, this one is painted in light grey with some blue around the top of the room. Down the center there are 16 sinks, 8 on each side backed up to each other. Along the hull areas of the room, showers and lockers are toward the back and off to the left of the sinks are closed toilets and open urinals.
Post-Holocaust Day: #88

There's little activity here, a sign of how late it is tonight, the head empty save for one person. Standing before a sink, Allie's working on getting herself washed up as much as she's able to while still bandaged. Torso mostly bandaged, there's only a small amount of flesh to be seen with the upper half concealed in tied-off tanks, allowing for her midriff and arms exposed. A washcloth's being drawn over those limbs, right and then left, Allie staring in the mirror as she does, lost in thought.

Tillman isn't immune to having to bathe and shave with the rest of the crew. Its one of those problems associated with no having your own quarters like an XO is supposed to have. After Sarkis' suicide, it still hasn't been fixed. Bigger problems. He wanders in wearing his sweats - the ones with 'AEGEAN' written in big block letters down the side. "Lieutenant," he greets with an easy smile, noting her bandages. "Hows the chest feelin' this mornin?" Easy enough greeting when you don't know whether or not the head is empty yet.

Alessandra darts a quick look to the Major and smiles, her cheeks turning slightly pink at being discovered while like that. "It's a bit better, sir. Still a bit easily winded, though. Guess that'll improve with time, however." The water's turned on now and the washcloth she has been using is rinsed out, the suds sent to be washed down the drain so she can finish her 'bath'. "It has gotten me to think though," she further comments, "as to if I'm going to be allowed to fly if this keeps up." It's a concern she voiced before when Clive came to see her in sickbay, but at least this time it's put a whole lot less crudely than it was then. "I don't know what I can do outside of flying…career options are kind of few and far between when all you know how to do is be a pilot."

Tillman smirks and puts his shaving kit down on the metal sink in front of him. "Last I recall in that state, you were concerned about your, and I quote 'boobies'." He looks to her pointedly with the remark as if he might laugh. "Though yeah, your concerns seem to be a little more founded, now." He removes the soap from his small bag and begins dabbing the brush over his face. "You're a survivor, Lieutenant. I have faith. Why? You got something else in mind?"

"I could be the recreation officer, I guess," Lucky grumbles, that idea distasteful. "Or maybe do something CIC-ish. I don't know, really. What options are there for me if it winds up that I can no longer fly?" Her arms are eventually de-soaped and she turns the water off again, conservation something she is seemingly conscious of. "I don't know if I'd be truly happy doing anything else but I guess as long as I continue to be able to be useful then I'd learn to suck it up."

Tillman removes the razor from the small kit and goes to work shaving. "Well lessee." He smiles. "An Oh-Four who doesn't like orders and enjoys acting as she pleases. Doesn't take any shit..Is willing to fight her XO for what she wants." The man chuckles as he moves the razor over his cheek. "Sounds like you're exactly where you need to be. Other than that?" He shrugs. "Pretty academic question if momma gives her approval, eh?" Apparently the XO got her note.

"Hey now. I follow orders just fine! I'm just not afraid to speak my mind while I do so, Major." Allie looks at Clive without looking at him directly, her gaze instead brought to the mirror he stands before so she can catch his reflection. "Do as I please? I don't…do that, do I?" A small bag is opened and her toothbrush and toothpaste are pulled from it but that's it, the items set down and ignored for a while. "I think I'm in regardless of what she says or not," she whispers, leaning a bit closer to the XO so he can hear her without her having to speak too loudly, just in case. "From what it sounds like, my involvement is pretty much a given."

"I think that you do as your heart guides, Lieutenant." Tillman says it directly, his eyes meting hers briefly in the mirror. "Whether or not the skin over top is bandaged? The momentum beneath is hard to deny. I bet your Captain would say something similar." He moves the razor quickly across his face. The man's done this a few times. When she whispers, he doesn't say anything for a long moment. Tilldozer just keeps shaving, working at his chin. "Talked to big daddy on the Praetorian. He supports. Sounds like we're a go. Too bad you haven't talked to mom yet. Could be tomorrow when we unwrap the gifts." Nope, never a second deviated from his shave.

Alessandra snerks loudly at the mention of Laskaris, the sound getting her to blink in surprise due to it having escaped her without her meaning to. "I am not sure about my Captain." There's a bit of an emphasis on the word 'my', a slight punch to that single syllable to perhaps indicate how she feels about him. "Lasher is not exactly the kind of man who's forthcoming with compliments. Makes me glad you have no problem doing so. Kind of nice to get some kind of validation. Makes me feel like maybe I'm not as big of a frak-up as I think I am." The secrecy of the other aspect of their conversation has Allie looking around; no one has walked in since she arrived, save for the Executive Officer, that getting her to sigh in relief. "I'm going to try and get with her in the morning, sir. I promised you I would and I'm not going to break it." She remembers what it was she was going to do and she now puts toothpaste to bristles and begins to brush her teeth.

"Well then Mister Lasher has never seen you only wearing a few bandages. Man oughtta know better." He cuts her a quick wink in the mirror. He *could* be flirting but by the tone in his voice and the expression on his face, its more of a compliment. "But its not your only defining quality. What I know of you so far speaks highly, Lieutenant. You're the kind of person I would want on my wing any day of the week. Maybe your Captain just demands more because he expects nothing less than one hundred ten percent. Can't say that I fault him there. A good leader doesn't settle. Sort of how you won't settle for being told what's what." He works at the last bit of his shave, jutting his chin out as he gets the bottom. "Promises like this are tough to decide to keep. Just remember what the gift might cost in the long run, kiddo. Last thing you need is another hole in your wallet." Yeah. Wallet. Riiight.

Tillman is left uninterrupted, free to speak his mind while Allie works on the dental hygiene. There's a smile from around the part of the toothbrush that's in her mouth. The appreciation goes without being spoken until she's done and the minty-fresh foam is rinsed out. "The man outta know better, yeah," she agrees, taking on a bit of Clive's accent when she does, "but he's not exactly the kind to be quick to give anything but criticism. Now, I'm not being down on Lasher, sir. Just how he is." Which has been a point of frustration with her since Laskaris made Squadron Leader but that's a subject she doesn't delve into further. When she's reminded of the promise she looks at the Major, turning slightly to do so. "The right decisions are often times the most difficult to do so. And this is one that I will not renig on. I'm in it to the end no matter what the result is."

"He is the man that he is." Tillman rinses the blade into the cold water and uses his fingers to get out the rough parts. "Can't fault him there. Though a man needs to appreciate a beautiful woman when he see's her. Though, of course, I'm just talking in abstract. Could be anyone. Regardless, I gotta respect where you both lie. Makes a Major proud." The smile on his face is genuine and there's not parsing that. He finishes cleaning the razor and tosses it into his bag, zipping it up. "You're in as far as momma says you are, Lieutenant. If she says you can stay out late, then I'm sure the man would be lucky to have you. If not and you still try? You'll be sittin prom out. Just keep it in mind." He offers her another quick smile and moves off for the hatch. Sly bastard.

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