PHD #417: War Names
War Names
Summary: The Cerberus Air Wing converge on Colonial Pete's to name their new recruit.
Date: 19 April 2042 AE
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Colonial Pete's - MV Elpis
Colonial Pete's is the long-awaited successor to Kythera's Aquarian Pete's, though this version is more bar than strip club. Not that there aren't any strippers here, in fact there's even a raised platform complete with pole built just for them. The majority of the room, however, is dominated by mis-matched tables and chairs and a long bar. Lighting is haphazard, the harsh fluorescents that came with the place usually left off in favor of lower lighting from scavenged lamps and even a bit of neon rustled up from somewhere and hung behind the bar. There's a pretty decent sound-system playing a wide variety of music, and a couple of low-tech bar games, like a mini pyramid arena. There are always a few burly-looking guys around to keep an eye on rowdy patrons, and especially to guard the doors to the back rooms, where the stills are kept along with (rumors say) a few private alcoves for those willing to pay extra for one-on-one time with the girls. A large black chalkboard that once adorned Cerberus' Ready Room hangs behind the bar. Scrawled on its surface beneath a crude picture of a steaming bowl are the words 'SOUP OF THE DAY: MOONSHINE.'
Post-Holocaust Day: #417

Drink and be merry! The atmosphere at Pete's is one that would surely give even Dionysus the vapors were there enough alcohol left in the universe. All the same, even when the booze is limited people can always find a way to party like its 2099. At present, Ensign Burke stands at the bar trading in one of his vouchers for a round of various alcoholic beverages of varying degrees of quality (and a glass of soda for himself). That done, he turns about and gingerly attempts to carry all the clattering glasses at once back towards the tables.

Tables. Solstice is seated and she has vaulted for her sweats as she looks amongst the others. Shakes gives a passing push of her finger to her sweatpants against her thigh. Not normally a group function person, the recent happenings have given need to reassess and connect with the Wing as a whole. Her eyes follow Burke's movements back towards him and she finally allows her people watching skills to set in as hazel eyes scan over the faces. A faint smile is offered, but the ECO says nothing.

Its usually quite easy to identify Mark. He's the tall guy who hasn't shaved or washed his face today - the one in orange coveralls. But today? He actually looks a little clean and the burnt orange has been replaced with a shade significantly brighter. Oh yes, Doc Mack is sporting another colorful 'hawaiian' shirt as he ambles into Pete's. Otherwise in a pair of jeans, the man heads for the bar. Time to make good on those promises to himself.

There's a shrill cat-call whistle, followed by, "Hey, baby, you came back!" Coming from a remote corner of the bar, directed at one of the most unlikely people to visit Pete's: Captain Khloe Vakos. Dressed in her uniform blues, she doesn't even pay the cat-caller any attention. In her left hand is a loaner cane from sickbay, probably still feeling some adverse affects from her electrical burn and partial decompression to her left thigh. In her right hand, she not-so-discreetly hides a small clamshell box, the type that new brass is typically stored in.

"Why, arn'choo like a kleptomaniac squirrel gatherin' for wintertime," remarks a stylish honey blonde who comes upon the scene. "Why ever did you not ask for a tray, cousin Beau?" With a fond smile, Ginny shakes her head.

Cidra slips into Pete's. Clad in her off-duties, copious Athena tattoos on display. She has a slowly-fading black eye and the bandage over her right temple, but those are the only outward signs of her recent captivity aboard the Areion. The table is spotted, and she heads in that direction. "Might I join you, Ensign?" she inquires of Burke as he approaches. Always a little hesitant about joining such 'parties' among her pilots, but this occasion has gotten her out.

Not as festively arrayed as the tall Engineer leading the way into the bar, Leyla at least isn't in her flight suit anymore. Duty greens are the order of the day, complete with her sidearm. No way in hades is she trusting anyone. Not today, hell, maybe never again. But at least she got rid of the leash before she left the Cerberus. for all of that, she simply heads to an empty table, leaving the bar for those who would actually be making use of it.

By now, the concept of /Light Duty/ should be ringing in Wade's ears, after all, people in Sickbay kept telling him this and making threats about sedating him once again. Whatever, it's not like one say he is /on duty/ right now. He is wearing a short sleeved shirt, mostly white but with black and blue vertical lines. Dark blue jeans that look pretty old and also, black shoes. He is also wearing a black arm sling, right side and what can be seen of his arm is covered in bandages. The Viper pilot makes his appearance and immediately walks to where everyone is gathered "Eeeeevening everyone…or…whatever the time is…I'm rather lost lately"

Sneak, sneak, sneak. Sofia has a few vouchers in hand. She's planning something and shiftyeyes. Surely, it's not busy now. Perfect time to see what she can rustle up for a party right? She's right behind Cidra though, her eyes widening at the tattoos. "Oh wow." That's pretty awesome and - wait - a black eye and bandage? Sofia looks horrified. But she mercifully hides it after a moment, the idea of someone hitting the CAG stuffed away. For now, she surveys the area, choosing which area best to attack. She's in her off-duty greys. And her BOSS! He's alive. "They're alive!" Glee!

Mark takes up his own beer from the bar and turns to head towards a table with Leyla. "Hey," he greets with a grin, lifting his chin at her. "I heard about this gorgeous blonde Raptor stick, liked to come rescue people in impossible situations. Crazy as all hell. With this guy who wears these totally awesome shirts. You, ah.." He motions around the bar, looking with his eyes before settling back on her. "You, uh.. come here often?"

Evandreus heads along with Khloe, not quite going so far as escorting her, but ambling in at her side and then hanging back a step or two to let her go on ahead. He's revelling in the anonymity of some civvie gear, himself, a ringer tee that looks, from the fit, like it was borrowed from a woman at one point and never returned, jeans worn to the pinnacle of comfort. Cid gets popped a bright grin before he catches sight of Lala and her gun, and it fades a little with the first twinge of anxiety.

"A'course, boz," Burke says to Cidra with a smile, gesturing towards the table as … yes! He makes it and puts all the glasses down without spilling them (well, most of them). He raises his arms over his head in triumph, turning about in time to spot Ginny, "They got trays? Dang, Ah'll get one next time." Much experience drinking in bars, this one, "Okay! Who done ordered the Bandundu Sling?" He gestures at a particularly colorful drink with a parasol.

Leyla sniffs, in Mark's general direction, as he wanders over to her table, "I'm sure I don't know who you're talking about. I am most certainly not crazy, so it can't be me. And that shirt is a crime against humanity, so I know it can't be you." Despite the seeming disapproval, a booted foot does push the chair opposite her out, and there're a few other empties around as well. A glance, to the door, noting Cidra, and Bunny, and then the Sofa, "I think you've been found out."

Cidra spots Mark over the crowd, and the Chief of Engineering earns a specific and rather glad greeting from the CAG. "Captain Makinen! You look much better than when last I saw you." A nod of gratitude to Burke, though she does not sit just yet. "Do save me a seat, please. I shall need to get a glass of water, for my part. I had a…poor reaction to alcohol recently, so I am drying." To the bar she goes to procure this, on that note.

Devlin laughs as Burke raises his arms and does the same, echoing, "Yes! Victory is yours. And that is definitely not mine." He reaches for one of the less-colorful drinks, mostly clear with a little hint of greenish-yellow. "Thanks, Burke," he says, taking a sip and leaning back. A hand is lifted to wave at all the newcomers, who he does not attempt to greet individually, instead just saying, "Hey, everyone."

Khloe stops halfway into Pete's, giving the room a once-over. The last time she was here, she had a particularly aggravating argument with a certain Major from Areion. Now, the room seems emptier. But, she homes in on the group of folks that are collecting. She heads that way slowly, tucking the box into her trouser pocket. That's something for someone else, not here.

Mark smirks. "Good enough for me." He slides down into the chair and grins larger. "But this shirt is completely awesome and no amount of denial will save you from it." He winks and tips the beer back, eyes turning towards Cidra as he does so. "Heyyy! Major!" He lifts the beer in toast to her. "Same goes for you. Last I saw you had a little nub on your head. Take a few aspirin and drift it away, I trust?"

The explosion of sound about her has Solstice lifting a brow as the ECO observes the antics and all the amazing array of drinks set out before the table. It seemed it might be safer away from the loud display. Her head tilts and she had not asked for anything - safer. A dark brow arches a bit higher and she leans forward as she watches the slow dispersal of drinks. It is to the newcomers she gives her attention, head turning before she smiles and gives a few nods.

Lips still drawn in an expression of affectionate amusement, Ginny tells the Ensign of the hour, "That they do." When Devlin generally greets, it is a truly amiable smile that is flashed. "Why, howdy. Ah take it you're a friend of Bumblebee's." One hand alights on Burke's back. "How do you do?"

Wade starts looking through the different options and digs his free hand into one of his pockets, looking for those damn bouchers. "I'm not really much of a drinker but…hell…" His attention drifts to Khloe for a moment and he nods to her "Hey Captain, going to enjoy some down time?" There is a faint smile from him and as his gaze travels back to the bouchers, he spots Leyla with Mark "Hey Plebe…good to see you again" then to Mark "Captain…nice shirt"

Evandreus looks away again, a touch of color hiding underneath the rough stubble striving for beardhood along his jawline. His smile returns as he watches Devlin make trial of the Ensign, and he slides over, resting a hand on Abs' shoulder and snugging down close. "Be nice, now. Dude already had a hell of a first week."

"Bumblebee is a terrible callsign," Khloe announces as she sidles up to the group, her usual stoic frown on her face. She hooks the cane against the back of a chair, and moves to stand at a relaxed parade rest. "I had my own thoughts, regarding Ensign Burke's performance, and his callsign should reflect his first notable performance as an air wing Ensign. And Drips, you should be resting, and not sitting around in this dump polluting your liver." She's a doctor too, now, it seems.

Sofia cautiously inches towards the CAG, smiling. "Sir!" She chirps and waves. Though, she's quiet for the most part, watching and kind of edging in. "And Boss!" Mark too! Wait. Ack! Her eyes widen conspiratorially. She goes quiet for a moment to catch the news then, tilting her head.

"Midshipman Second Class Duncan, sir!" Loud and staccato perfect, before Leyla returns to her normal, more subdued voice, "Who let you out of your cage?" A tsk at the El-Tee's comment, "Don't encourage him. Next thing you know, it'll be purple and neon pink. And then I'll have to put my own eyes out." Leyla rises, not evading the Captain, but making her way to the bar to pick up water. Not a drinker, is Leyla. "

"A sign of Lieutenant Colonel Baer of the Areion's courtesy. But thanks to my pilots, that one has been dealt with," Cidra says, not without a touch of bitterness. She considers the bartender, like she's perhaps going to request moonshine after all, but in the end she just says, "Water, please. Sweet Pea. A good eve." The sidearm is noted, it earns an arch of her brow, but no comment here. She even smiles slightly at Leyla's greeting to Wade. "Call me Cidra if you like. Mark." If she's offering, she might as well do in kind. "And Wolfe. It does me good to see you here. You are about to witness a 'ceremony' of sorts." Tone very wry, at the word ceremony. "I hope Ensign Burke comes out of it unscathed. Tonight we name him."

"Call sign?" Ginny seems mildly perplexed. "Whatevah does she mean?" she asks the rook in need of naming, her hand sliding down a bit from betwixt Burke's shoulder blades.

"See? People love this shirt. One day.. you're going to wake up and realize how jealous you are of my collection. Bet your buns, it'll happen." Mark motions at Leyla with the bottle, smirking with the promise. "And I totally should do purple and pink!!" Shameless. "Man, that's look pretty rad with, you know, that as a background with black? Have some electric blue palm trees or a flower or two." Ideaz: Mark haz them. He smiles to the CAG, though, and nods. "Awesome. Thanks, Cidra. Tonight only, DH's Gone Wild." He flashes that grin again.

"Hey, Evan," Devlin greets his fellow wearer-of-civilian-clothes as he takes the next chair over. He sips his drink and returns Ginny's friendly smile in kind, chuckling, "Bumblebee? Really? Wow, dude," he grins at Burke, "So many choices, now! The list just gets longer and longer." Turning back to Ginny then, he smiles once more, "A fellow Ensign. Alex Devlin, nice to meet you. Are you guys…" he gestures between the pair, "Together?"

Burke visibly winces when Ginny pats him on the beck and calls him 'Bumblebee', though whether it is from his wounds (which are freshly bandaged) or the name is anyone's guess. All the same, he does what he is told and sits down at his own seat while putting his feat up on one alongside it in order to reserve it for the CAG. To Khloe, he smiles a guilty smile, "Bumblebee's jus' what they call me back home. On account a' them two B's in my name." Then, to Ginny, "Callsign's what pilots use, Ginny girl. Kinda like a nickname, 'cept'n it's all official and what not. S'what pilots call each other when they's out flyin'.

Okay crowded table is crowded and Solstice is not being an effective conversationalist. She pushes up from her seat and slowly draws closer to the bar. Not for a drink, Lords no. That is when she catches sight of Drips, "You are as bad as Poms with pulling bad ideas. I thought you were out and down.." She intones and looks Wade over for a moment before she nods to the others, recognizing Mark from the other day and then she faintly smiles at Sweet Pea. Shakes folds her arms before her with a lack of something better to do with them.

Sofia looks amused, but tilts her head. "I'm really glad to see you're okay," She admits to Cidra. She nods at that. "I'm sorry," She frowns, hearing about the injury. She doesn't seem fond of people who turn on their friends or allies. She does, however, look amused by her boss. "I was just gathering things for a surprise but …" She choose a bad time. "Ah! Really? Congratulations to him and you guys!" She goes quiet, in awe maybe. What a dork. Or she's flattered.

Wade arches both eyebrows at Khloe and says "But…I am sort of, resting, Captain" he smiles to that and adds "Plus, I'll have something light, I don't drink much, my liver does thank you for your concern. We both know that you love us…even if very, very deep inside." He does show a smile to Khloe and stands up, walking towards the bar to get his drink. He chuckles at Leyla's comment and says "We'll you can't say it's not a cheerful shirt. /And/ as for the cage…they kinda left it open and unprotected, I had to quietly…errmm…go away" The LT shows his old friend a smile and then turns to look at Solstice "What did I do now? And yeah, it is my understanding that I was out for a while…"

For Ginny's benefit, Khloe indicates herself, and then others in kind. "Poppy, Toast, Drips, Decoy, and Shakes," she says, identifying pilots in the room. "Sweetiepea's over there being anti-social, but that's part of her charm." She gives Wade a slightly dubious look, shaking her head. She obviously does not approve of his actions nor his words, but she lets it go.

Evandreus slumps down into the chair, almost exaggeratedly casual as he lifts one knee up against the table edge to stop himself sliding onto the floor outright. "Bumblebee. That's adorable, is what," he gives his own opinion, then grins at the ensign's acquaintance. "Hi," is a brief but chipper greeting before he sits up to put a hand in the air for Sticky, waving her closer. "Don't leave us guessing, Popsicle love," he adds, for Khloe.

"And I'm Bunny," since Pops didn't mention it.

Ginny is given a look as Solstice is offered up as a introduction. Shakes gives the woman a nod and offers a faint smile before a rueful look settles on Wade. "Yeah, right. Sounds like you still should have been as well. I was on the Aerion, but the coms were running quite openly on my Raptor while I waited for Sweet Pea to return with the marines." She explains. But past Wade Solstice gets a look at Evan and smiles to him. The ECO tugs her arms tighter to her chest as she gives him a faint nod.

Extending her hand in greeting, the honey blonde offers, "Miss Ginny Juniper Wells. 'Tis a pleasure," which sounds like pleh-zhah, "to make your acquaintance, Mistah Alex." The sentiment is carried over to the rest, with polite nods and, "Miss Poppy," Pop-peh. "Miss Toast. Mistah Drips. Miss Shakes. Miss Sweetiepea. And you, too, Mistah Bunny." Bunneh. Winsomely, she smiles. "How evah did y'all get such colorful," culluhful, "callsigns?"

Khloe adds, incidentally, "And Bunny. Sorry, Bunny. And don't call me that," she says, tone getting a little firmer but nowhere near her usual barking alto. Regarding Burke, she offers, "Well, since he did indeed steal a Mark VII-point-5 and 'fly it like he stole it'," she says, sparing a quick glance for Leyla, the corner of her mouth turning upwards just briefly. "I was thinking 'Crowbar'. You can use a crowbar in many interesting ways; there are several different applications it has in the arena of grand theft auto." A beat. "Not that I have, uh, personal knowledge, or anything like that." Ahem.

"Toast indeed," Cidra affirms to Ginny. "Are you a friend of our Burke? I do recall he was plucked from the civilian population not long ago. One of our foundlings from Aerilon." She adds, "A callsign is an official nickname, of sorts. It serves a useful purpose. It identifies a pilot quickly and efficiently over the wireless, to ease communication in flight. They are generally reminders of…colorful incidents. Burke will come out of it more fortunate than most, I suspect. He at least has a story to be proud of for it."

Leyla accepts her water, being at the bar long enough to offer a smile to Cidra, "Good to see you up and about, Toast." Mostly everyone seems worse for wear but surviving and that's the important thing. back towards her table, "I don't bet. But I imagine you're just insane enough to try to find someone or something to make you a shirt like that." There's just no accounting for taste, really. back into her seat, and for once, Leyla does something she never normally does in Mark's presence. She lights up. A cigarette, pulled out, along with a lighter from her shirt pocket. And returns the smile to her ECO. Yes, she's decided she has two. One girl, one guy, just for variety.

Burke turns attentively towards Khloe when it comes to her suggestion for a callsign, but doesn't say anything about it since it isn't his place to pick or choose it. He lifts his drink to take a sip, a simple glass of non-alcoholic soda at what could technically be called his own party. He grins to himself at Ginny's question, nodding his head as though to reiterate it. He does pipe in after Cidra's question, however, "Ginny girl's my cousin from Thales. Coulda knocked me down with a dang ol' feather when Ah heard y'all done rescued her too."

"More than a friend, Miss Toast," is the reply to Cidra's question, although it lacks the usual intimation of such a statement. The reason for that becomes readily apparent when Burke elaborates. To Poppy's suggestion, Ginny's eyes widen enough that her darkly golden brows arch, and she turns to regard her cousin. "Crowbah?" For the 'r' at the end is dropped. Eyes back to Khloe. "Why, cousin Beau would never use a crowbah. He jus' asks nicely with his hands."

"Yessum," Bunny to Khloe, with a not altogether mischief-free smile. Hand still limply wags in the air, trying to coax Sticky closer. And since Ginny's asking after stories, he'll freely offer his, "My last post before Cerberus I jumped into my SL's bunk for a cuddle. She said I must be her little bunny." Said SL has since become a mother to him, of course, and he smiles fondly over the memory before his brows shoot upward, "Really? Wow, that's awesome."

Mark settles back in the chair as she lights up and chuckles to himself. "Look, don't be hatin. I know you're jealous, that's all, so I'll get one made for you." There's something disturbingly reassuring about the nod to go along. He takes another sip of the beer. "So what's up with the group? Somethin about callsigns? They namin Burke?" The ChEng chuckles. "Stuck in a cell with the guy for a few hours and he feels like family."

"Nice to meet you too, Ginny," Devlin returns the greeting. He nods as Burke explains their relation, lowering his drink to comment, "Wow, that's awesome! You guys are hugely lucky. And yeah, some people get callsigns to go with embarrassing stories, like Drips," he points at Wade, "Or Pom-Poms, who's not here. Burke's stories so far are all pretty badass, really, the way I hear it, so he's got a leg up, there. We could just call him 'GTA'," he suggests, "Or 'Pow'. Or… I swear I had more ideas earlier. I should've written them down or something."

Wade offers Solstice a silent smile and then looks at Ginny, extending his hand to shake hers "Miss Ginny Juniper, a pleasure" Now, as for the reason for the callsigns. "Well, in my case, old Squadron mates played a prank on me when I was a Rookie, they got my hand in warm water when I was sleeping and I ended up peeing myself. Drips" He shows a faint smile at that and then takes a deep breath, looking back at Solstice "But I do know you are happy that I'm back" He winks at her and his smile brightens a little more. Now, he looks at Cidra "Hey Cid, good to see you again as well…" he tilts his head looking at that bruise for a moment and presses his lips together, clearing his throat after that "…having some water today?" asks the pilot, looking at Cid's option.

"Nice to meet you.." Solstice intones to Ginny, offering a faint shake of the hand that is given to Ginny. "Well Wade, I am happy as long as you don't moon us all again and take over the CAG's bunk." A smirk even goes so far as to play at her lips. But is the thought on the callsign that has her quipping. "I rather like Poppy's suggestions. Crowbar." She tests it and then shifts, moving to settle back and get comfortable, one arm falling from being crossed over her to hang at her side.

At Solstice's mention of the CAG's bunk, Khloe looks away suddenly; not one to blush, the Knights SL is probably holding her tongue. It is best not to be preachy to one's senior officer, especially about the demerits about booze, in a bar, and the ramifications.

"I have decided not to drink for an indefinite period of time. Possibly forever," is Cidra's wry reply to Wade. "Most good to see you as well, Drips. We had feared you were done for when they brought you back from Gemenon. This, we must speak on later." That has a somewhat ominous ring to it. Not that she's going to get into it tonight. A nod to Mark. "That is it precise. Burke is a rook, and has not gotten his name yet. It should have some reference to larceny, I do think. Breakout, perhaps? Or Burglar."

"My daddy was the sheriff'a Leucothea," Burke explains, tacking a little response of his own on after Ginny's, "He'd a'given me a whoopin' Ah'd never forget if'n I ever stole anythin'." A pause and he goes a little red about the face, "'Cept Ah doubt he'd mind I done stole that Vipuh. Not like they was usin' it anyhow."

Evandreus just sort of clears his throat as Crowbar is tossed around for a possibility, lowering his hand to his mouth, then, looking to Cid, "Or we could go with an onomatopoeia. How about Yoink?" he even giggles.

Sofia is listening for the most part, smiling faintly. She does seem to be chatting quietly to someone, likely arranging something. But once that's done, she returns to her spot listening. Pilots are an interesting lot. "I don't know if I should offer suggestions, but those sound cool." She nods. Hmmm. She taps her chin, looking thoughtful. "I might sneak out," A handwave. She beams and tiptoes out, to let the pilots to their task.

Wade shows a faint smile to Cidra and then nods "Certainly, Major" He's screwed. "And I'm glad to be back as well, I have to thank the entire Medical staff and well, everyone in Sweetpea's Raptor for bringing me back." He looks at Leyla and shoots some sort of apologetic smile. "Heeey…." change of subject, quick! "How about Lockpick? Because that's done with style" Damn right.

"I suppose they are. Sometimes people receive callsigns on the fly. other times they make a ceremony out of it. I didn't have one of those." There's a slight turn of her lips, "I always thought it should be more of a spur of the moment thing. But I'm not the authority on such things." Especially as nobody hardly uses her callsign as it was given to begin with. "You can go and socialize."

Thalesians are very touchy-feely sorts, but only in the most amiable of ways. Ginny uses both her hands — one in the palm and one placed atop — when she shakes. When Wade tells his callsign story, she can't help but laugh, drawing fingertips to cover her mouth. "Why, that's right awful what they did, Mistah Drips." Then to Burke, "He'd be proud that you saved her from bad people." Again, she pats her cousin, affectionately.

Mark nods a few times to Cidra, looking almost like he's grooving his head with her reply. "I suspect you're right, my illustrious 'sir'. Larceny, jails, having to deal with a bunch of pisssed-off department heads in a brig.." The Captain grins but he's not about to toss in any suggestions. This is apparently a pilot's thing. "I thought his name was Daaaaang. That's about all he said for the first few minutes," Mark snickers to Leyla. But at her suggestion he shakes his head. "Nah. I can socialize from here. So, any word about the /tatau/?" Another sip of the beer.

Devlin nods along a bit with Cidra, commenting, "I like Breakout. He broke out of jail and broke the Viper out of Areion. And had to break out of his own Viper the first time, too." He drinks, and then nods, "Yeah, it only counts as stealing in the fun way, I think, not like it was a real crime. You liberated it!"

At Poppy's reaction, Solstice can not help but smile. As a few more are offered in place of Crowbar - which Shakes gets the obvious feeling it was not a good choice, she speaks up, "Rake..Rogue.." She says, finding the rakkish sound to be about right for the accented tone of the Ensign. The ECO shoots a look between Leyla and Wade. Obviously the hasn't been around long enough to know all these little stories and as quiet as she is she may never find out.

When Sticky makes her way close enough to shake Ginny's hand, Evan leans from his seat in the most awkward of angles to try to snug her close. "I dig Breakout," not as though it matters too much what he thinks, but he'll say it anyhow as he goes a-Sticky-wrangling.

"Indeed. That Viper was *liberated* for a far better cause," Cidra says. "We shall give her a proper home. I shall need to talk to Chief Damon about removing her customizations so any can fly her. Whatever pilot they were made for shall no longer be using them, and she should be introduced into the regular flight rotation. Is it true you have named that plane, Burke?"

With single, emphatic nod to Devlin's statement, Ginny beams with pride. "Just like a white knight." A pause, then a tilt of her head and a quizzical look at her cousin. "Arn'choo a Black Knight, too?" To the others, then, "Why evah are y'all called that when you do such good?"

Khloe shrugs lightly at the consensus drifting more towards one choice above another. "I don't care what his callsign is, as long as he doesn't forget that if he acts like a common criminal in my squadron, he's going to get locked up again," she states evenly. "I only dropped by to see what the commotion was. I really only came aboard to trade some vouchers for something." Her hand covers the outline of the box that's tucked into her pocket. "If you all will excuse me." A separate farewell for her CAG: "Major." And with that, she turns to go.

"The Kaiwhakairo is ready when we are. But with Boots off the flightline until who knows when, the Harriers are mine. I can't afford to come off the line as well. And I won't be able to sit the pilot's seat until I heal, well, mostly heal. So, unfortunately, we need to wait until he's back up and on duty." A glance over towards the short-haired pixie woman, "White knights are pansies. Black knights get it done."

Looking to Khloe as she leaves it is Evan that grabs Solstice and her attention. She pauses, tensing at the touch but once seeing who eases some. Her hand lowers to smooth over his hair lightly and -sticky- as he has so named her actually shows some teeth when smiling. A nod is offered, "So Breakout.." She says and looks to Devlin for his choice. "I don't often vote on such things..but I wouldn't be opposed." Her voice comes softly.

"Too bad there's no version of 'liberate' that works," Devlin says, musing over Burke's options. He eyes the other ensign for a long, thoughtful moment as he sips at his drink, and then glances up at Ginny and shrugs, "No idea," he admits, "I don't think it's meant to be black like evil. Just… cooler. Black is way cooler." He plucks at his black t-shirt with a bit of a grin. After a moment, he comments, "Breakout kinda makes it sound like you've got shitty skin, though."

Evandreus glances across toward Leyla at her explanation, something flat in his eyes that goes without comment, however, as Sticky starts to fuss with his hair. Yes, Sticky has found his off-switch. The acne comment from closeby does pull a snigger, though.

"Mmm. It doesn't sound like congratulations are in order. I suspect this Boots character isn't on vacation." Mark grunts, nodding. The beer is sipped once more. "Well, no problem. As soon as we can, if its alright with you? Doin' hard time changes a man." Yeah, that was hard time. He doesn't sound like he takes it too seriously, either. "I can probably get the downtime for it if I have a few days notice to distribute. Speakin of healin." He gestures towards her chest. "Feelin alright today?"

Burke looks guilty when Cidra asks him about the stolen Viper 7.5, like a schoolchild who has been caught doing something they shouldn't. Nevertheless, he's truthful and he casts his eyes down at his own drink before nodding his head a few times, "Yeah, Ah called 'er Ellie Sue affer my ol' Challenger back on Aerilon. She's jus' as temper'mental as she was."

"Poppy." Cidra offers to Khloe as the woman goes. A pause as if she's about to say more to the captain, but the debate soon has her attention again. A low chuckle at Devlin's comment about bad skin. "All the better. A callsign should not be entirely without embarrassment, after all. That is what makes it fun." Burke's explanation of the name just earns a laugh from her. "Ellie Sue, then. Perhaps she can befriend Sweet Pea's Bertha."

To Leyla, aforementioned pixie replies, "In all the tales Ah've evah known, all the black knight evah did was wickedness, an' die at the point of the white knight's sword." As far as acne goes, Ginny clearly does not fully understand this callsign business, because she remarks, "But Bumblebee has a lovely complexion." Must run in the family because she has flawless skin. (A daily beauty regimen does help, too.)

Slender fingers rest in Bunny's hair and then smooth down the back of his neck before Solstice smiles down at him. She has fallen silent in regards to the callsign now, tilting her head as all are exchanged and Burke is dubbed something new by everyone. Slowly she moves to take up a seat next to Bunny if he doesn't stop her by his arm about her waist.

"Only if vacation involves having your guts sewn back into your body and being zonked out on morpha…although…it might have brightened up his personality." Eyes move across the room, though Leyla hasn't offered any suggestions as to Burke's callsign. She did enough for poor Pom. Her eyes settle on Bunny, but she's not callous enough not to notice that her fellow pilot is not happy with her. More serious, her expression, as she looks back to Mark, "I don't mind. Silly of you to even think it." And offhandedly yo Ginny, "Not every story paints the black knight as a villain. Some pain them as outsiders who work against the odds for the good of the people around them."

Devlin grins as the others laugh and then nods with Cidra agreeing, "True, definitely helps if it's not all good. Mine's pretty good," he admits, "But it's still that my aim sucks and I make a better decoy than anything else. And Breakout's still less embarrassing than 'Bumblebee', too," he opines, grinning at Burke and Ginny.

"Huh. Sounds like fun. Surprised something like that could happen and the suit would maintain any sort of pressure to prevent exposure." Mark lofts his brow as he says it, sipping again at the beer as he finishes. To the rest he stays quiet and seems content to watch for now while the pilots carouse.

If Leyla's explanation drew a less than satisfied look from the Bunny, Ginny's rebuttal makes his lazed eyelids open again with a brief glimmer of approbation as he pulls Sticky into his lap. Seats are at a premium, after all. He tucks his arms about her waist to seatbelt her in place and grins at the Abs, cuddle-drunk, "Bumblebee's adorable," he reiterates, "But if it's a family nickname, we shouldn't step on it, eh?"

"You, Miss Wells, do not know the story of our Black Knights, then. Aydin has the right of it here." Cidra sits up a little on her barstool. "Burke - I still favor Breakout for my part, but however he ends up called - has joined a squadron with a fine history to it, going back to the First Cylon War. When they were strung together from scattered, disparate pieces not so different than ours are now. Have you yet been told the history of those you join, Burke?"

"That Ah do not, Miss Toast," Miss Wells readily admits, "but, as Ah said, no tale Ah've evah known evah cast a black knight in the same positive light as your Black Knights."

"Bits and pieces, boz," Burke answers Cidra, shrugging his shoulders slightly, "F' th' most part my trainin' was jus' about not gawn gittin' blown up. Which Ah kinda failed at, Ah guess. Eitherways, if yer tellin' the story, Ah'm listenin' to it." The myriad of callsign suggestions have him looking from person to person like he's sitting front row at a Pyramid match.

"You'd be surprised how many safety systems are built into the raptors and vipers to prevent damage from disabling a ship. Enough to keep pilots and ECOs alive even when the whole ship seems determined to fall apart around them. We don't usually have the luxury of going home when we get a scratch on the paint." Not that leyla sounds admonishing, far from it. Indeed, a hand sneaks over to rest palm up on the table not far from Mark, "I'm healing. I'll be fine in a few days. How about you? Should you even be walking with those ribs?"

Being caught up and redirected to Evan's lap, Solstice blinks and tenses a moment. The ECO settles eventually and smiles some as she watches the hit of the ball back and forth. "Breakout.." Shakes agrees finally, leaning back a little against Bunny as she crosses her ankles.

"Triple redundant systems and even tertiary life support systems designed and developed specifically to keep flight crew protected from enemy fire." Mark smirks. "Remember, I worked the deck once upon a time. Even worked on Raptors." He winks at her and places his hand atop hers. "Yeah, I'll be alright. Nothing was broken. Just some bruises. As long as I don't attempt to belly flop the pool or get into a chest bumping contest, I should be okay. Still wearin a few light bandages but nothing serious."

Cidra takes a drink of her water, as if to get her throat in order. "Well. That shall no do. I shall tell it, if you lot have a mind to listen. I have tried to memorize those histories of the squadrons in my Wing, but I confess this tale a favorite of mine." She clears her throat and gets to it, tone taking on a oratory sort of quality as she projects it through the jovial noise of Pete's to Burke. And other who wants to listen.

"The Black Knights were cobbled together on the eve of the Cylon Wars of forty years past, like so many squadrons with them. They were originally recruited on Sagittaron…" A little nod to Solstice. "…from a combination of rooks, washed-up soldiers pressed back into service, and those who would have washed out of flight programs in better times. Their peers called them the 'Black Sheep' for their unimpressive - or non-existent - service records. And because they came from mostly rural places." A slight smirk at Burke, as if she finds this rather fitting. They did not immediately acquit themselves particularly well, it must be admitted…" She pauses, to take another sip of water.

Ever one to love a story, Ginny is a captive audience, letting her hand seek out her cousin's.

Devlin looks interested as well, settling comfortably in his chair to listen with the others as Cidra begins the tale.

As the story falls over Sagittaron, Solstice gives a faint nod of her head and the Saggie settles back into her living seat that is Evan. Her hand falls to Bunny's about her waist and she listens. Her honey eyes center on the CAG with a faint smile.

Leyla seems content, with the touch of Mark's hand on hers. But her voice is still serious, quiet though, to not escape far past her table. "You know I would have gone to whatever ends necessary to get you out." She's still angry about that. And the fact that there are Areion defectors on the ship doesn't help. "Of course you did. Back when you were just a nobody." And not the ChEng. "Maybe you could get yourself demoted. Bertha likes you."

Burke sits back a little to listen to the story as well, not objecting to Ginny grabbing onto his hand as he tilts his head to the side.

"The Black Knights were initially used as a reserve squadron, so little faith did the Navy have in their combat performance," Cidra goes on. "They did not see combat proper until 1993 during the First War, over Leonis, and such as a harsh beginning for them. Their commanding officer killed in the first seconds of battle, and the remaining Knights broke formation and scattered, to be picked off as easy prey by pursuing Raiders." She pauses again for another drink in that particular unflattering portion of the tale. Smiling faintly.

"And that was the best thing that could have happened to them. The Black Knights were not the only squadron nearly decimated that day, and the Fleet had to stitch them back together with remnants from dozens of others. Not so much like the lot of you now. Survivors from all corners. They were redeployed to the front lines - as was everyone, for there were no enough other pilots for any to sit 'reserve' any longer. And rebuilt, they were better, stronger, and over the course of many battles they did win back their confidence and scored the victories the Fleet so desperately needed just then. They began in obscurity, but they crafted themselves into the warriors their people so desperately needed just then. So are you now, Mister Burke. Such it is to be a Black Knight. For my part, I think it a fine banner to fly under."

Mark winks at Leyla but it doesn't need to go beyond that. Her drinks his beer with his free hand and shrugs at the last. "You have any idea how much fun I had when I was enlisted? Oodles, I tell you. Everyone just told me what needed doing and when, I never had to decide anything, plenty of time off, got to play with big ships and got paid for it?" The man snerks. "Best job ever. Course I could take a straight demotion to like Ensign and come fly with you. Though something tells me ye thar Cidra might frown on a /tahu/ team of a Raptor pair. That and I don't know much about your Raptors anymore." SIGH.

A lambent smile forms over the course of the story, and it lingers even as Ginny says, "Well, Black Knights certainly sounds more intimidatin' than Black Sheep. Since all y'all do good, howevah, Ah reckon that makes you black sheep black knights. Right fittin', really."

"Not sure I've ever heard that whole thing before," Devlin admits, setting his cup down, and smiling as the CAG finishes the tale, "That's pretty cool. And a lot like now," he agrees, "I mean, a lot of you guys were here already and experienced and everything, but… there're more and more like me and Burke, too, from all over. Cool. Thanks for explaining that, Toast."

Burke nods his head in agreement with the sentiments thrown forth at the finish of the story, "Ah like that story. Ah already was proud to be a Black Knight, now Ah'm doubly so." He turns slightly to grin broadly at Ginny, the kind of look that says 'Look at me! How cool is this?' without a word.

Ginny beams right back at her cousin, obviously proud of him. Fondly, she gives his hand a gentle squeeze.

"There are already one married couple in the Knights. We'd at least have the benefit of going down together. But somehow, I doubt Pewter would allow you to step down from ChEng. Even if you would make a fine ECO." As for the raptors, well, "It's not as if you couldn't find the time to refresh yourself. Isn't that what you have a department for? Crack the whip." The story of the Knights plays on, though not the one for the Harriers, and perhaps that's just as well."

Mark chuckles once more. "No, I doubt Pewter would allow it. Besides, can't just leave Engineering. You think Cidra would let me wear these shirts when I fly? At least I can retain some semblance of control over what I get to wear to work down there." Its finished with a grin. "Bah. I'll leave the whip crackin to the NCO's. They seem to get a kick out of it anyway. Easier for me to just run around doin what needs doin."

Solstice smiles some, enjoying the story. A pat is offered to Evan's hand before she rises and untangles herself. She excuses herself and then moves over to Burke. "A name will stick, thanks for inviting us.." She intones and nods to him. "I gotta get some rest." Solstice hardly gets that and with a nod to those nearby, the ECO goes to make her exit. "Have fun for me." SHe offers over her shoulder before exiting Pete's.

"Pewter had a lot of poeple fooled. Most of them thought he was soft. A hick from Aquaria who wouldn't know how to put his uniform on, if Red didn't help him out in the morning. But that was never the case, i think." And certainly ass-kicking, name-taking, Kepner-killing Pewter is a fighting machine. "Or smoking in your office?"

"I am still partial to Breakout, for my part," Cidra repeats, sliding off her bar stool. "But I shall let the committee decide, as tradition dictates. We are most glad to have you fly with us, Ensign Burke, under any name." She toasts him with what remains of her water, which she finishes. "I must be getting back to the battlestar myself. I am…most glad to be back amongst you all."

With her free hand, Ginny waggles her elegant but callused fingers at the departing Solstice. "You take care, now, Miss Shakes!" And then Cidra is also seeking egress. "You, too, Miss Toast. Thank you for the story."

"You're tellin me, babe," Mark chuckles. "After I tackled that Marine, he shows up with a smoking shotgun in the doorway. Bet the look on my face was probably somethin' between shock and.. even bigger shock. I thought someone had knocked me on the head! Then that guy Marduk shows up in the doorway with armloads of guns and- Yeah." Mark grins. The last gets a sly look from him. "Most importantly. You think you can buy privacy like that anymore? Its fantastic."

Burke takes a look from side to side as it seems like people are getting up to go, quirking his eyebrow as he does so, "So, uh, considerin' y'all are 'bout to scoot back on home. What did the committee pick?"

"See you, Shakes," Devlin offers to Solstice as she rises, and gives a little wave to Cidra as well, "Bye, Toast." As far as the committee goes, he glances around at the others and shrugs, "I think Breakout's had the most votes? I mean, if anybody comes up with anything awesome later on that we all like better, we can always change it. They're not set in stone or anything, I hear," he shrugs.

"I just hope they're not waiting for me to say thank you," clearly Leyla means the Areion folk, because Pewter is their commanding officer. Stands to reason he'd be at the head of the group coming to rescue his people. "You want another beer?" Leyla rises again, her own glass empty, and her cigarette nearly down to the filter. "Want something stronger, before you go back to your private office?"

"Somehow I doubt it. Though that'd be a little funny." Mark smirks. The man got his ass kicked bad and it still shows on the bruises on his face but he at least seems to be dealing well. Or just well-entrenched in denial. But he waves off the offer of a beer. "Nah, thanks hon. I'm just gonna finish this one and we'll hit the road."

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