Nora Walker
Corporal Nora Walker
Linda Hamilton
Linda Hamilton as Nora Walker
Alias: Charlie Two-Two Actual
Age: 24
Features: Blonde, burly, violent
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Corporal
Department: Marines
Position: Team Leader, Charlie Two-Two


OOC Note: This NPC is open for application! Please contact Polaris in-game for details!

A snarling, hot-tempered corporal who gained some degree of notoriety among her peers for being one of the first to start shooting at the rioting civilians on Warday. Not only did she escape without an official reprimand, she even earned a nice commendation for her official record. Go figure.

Walker volunteered to accompany the Kythera strike team and was stranded on Leonis during Operation Cobra Talon.

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