PHD #356: Wading Through Blood
Wading Through Blood
Summary: The aftermath of the seventh swarm attack. Wade screams like a little girl.
Date: 17 Feb 2042 AE
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Hangar Deck - Port
The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.
Post-Holocaust Day: #356

The Deck is in a state of kinda-controlled chaos. Which is how it's been existing regularly during the Raider attacks over the last week. Techs rush about in a flurry of activity, preparing to receive the incoming birds, pry pilots from their cockpits, put out fires. That sort of thing. Iosif is being ordered about by a shouty PO1, who is gesturing him to pre the elevators. He's scurrying like mad to do so, not even looking like he's about to trip anymore.

Marko finishes the post-flight on his gear and is out of the hatch, yanking his helmet free as he moves to check on Wade and his Viper. "Heh, I think they're gonna have to bill you for this one, Drips." he comments with a wry grin.

Medic's as always are on the ready and redressed in her gear, Circe is amongst them. It's like a replay of a horrible memory as they all come in. Oddly enough, most are not damaged and that alone causes the medic to smile as she waits for the deck to clear of ships before she moves forward to start checking out the pilots and crews.

Leyla and Marko's raptor comes back quite a while before the rest of the wing start their RTB, and the reason's obvious. They've got a seriously busted up viper in tow, the cable pulled in as tight as possible and still avoid metal hitting metal. Leyla doesn't even wait until the elevator locks down on the deck, she's already got the hatch open and is off at a jog for Wade's viper, "Get me the ladder!"

Devlin manages a clean landing and pops the canopy on the Viper from within before climbing out and clambering down the ladder. He takes the clipboard and does a rapid post-flight, his bird untouched. He is thorough, but there just isn't that much to do, and soon enough he's jogging across the deck to peek at Wade's bird hitched up behind Leyla's Raptor. "How's it look?" he calls to anyone who might be better able to see than he is.

Khloe does her usual post-flight documentation with her assigned deckhand, signing off on a clipboard, and then climbing calmly out of her Viper. She surveys the damage - in comparison to previous nights, this night seemed trivial. Except for Wade. Gray-blue eyes peer over towards where his Viper lay broken, and the hands swarming over. Leaving her helmet on the step ladder, she heads over in that direction.

Helia's landing is nice and smooth today. She checks the clipboard, her bird quite nicely unharmed, save for a very slight scorch mark from a close call, less fuel, and less bullets. Then, she's all but launching out of the Viper, her helmet left on its wing. She's worried about Wade, and is thus making her way over to his Viper, unzipping her flight jacket in the process.

Wade is trying to use his good hand to unlock the Canopy and he at least can get the manual override. He can't seem to be able to open the cockpit that easily, but it starts to open up, slowly, very slowly. "Frak!" screams in pain the man as he looks at his right arm and hand, all pretty much frakked up. He sees Leyla and extends his good hand to her. He does this for a few second because he is not unhooking his harness the best way he can.

"Ladder!" Damon shouts, his booming voice echoing Leyla's previous call. "Frak me," he says under his breath, looking at the wrecked Viper. "All right, let's get him out of there." He waves in a team of deckhands to assist, since pilots are already gathered around. "How we looking on the other birds?" he calls out, taking a sweep across the Deck to see if this was one of the worse battles as of late.

The commotion is towards the towed Viper and Circe begins to weave her way that way. At the yell from the pilot she starts to slow to make room for herself. She waits for the Chief, hovering near the bottom of the bird as she looks up. It takes her a moment and Wade is noted. Her face sombers some but she is ready, gloves being pulled on in the relative chaos.

"Frak me," Iosif can't help but mutter as he sees the state of Wade's Viper. Ouch, that's gotta hurt. He scrambles to the call for a 'ladder,' getting it in place as fast as his long legs can carry him.

Marko says, "Juno's cunny! Shit, Drips, we didn't know _you_ were hit." Marko exclaims. "Here, lemme help you with that.' he adds, moving to unstrap the man's restraint harness. "You look a mess, son." he notes, waving for Circe. "We're gonna need some help getting him outta there.""

Leyla is small and squirrely, and she scampers up the ladder quick as quick can be. Hey! This is what happens when you clear a pilot to work on the deck, Chief. Gloved hands push back the canopy, "Didn't we already have this talk about you messing with my flight plan, Middie?" Leyla bends down, working the harness to pop hm out, "He's gonna need a hand down."

Devlin stands up on his toes, not wanting to move in closer and get in the way, but clearly anxious for news of Wade's condition as well. "Do you need another hand getting him out?" he calls over to Damon, offering eagerly enough but hanging back for now. He looks to Khloe and asks, "You come through okay, Captain?"

Help she can do. She reaches down and pulls out the flat nosed clippers. She calls over, "Help me up!" Circe calls and she looks about for a hand up. Her green eyes gaze upward.

Khloe doesn't get much closer to Drips' wreck, as it's clear that he's conscious and there's enough folk working on the problem. She just folds her arms across her chest and watches.

The controls over the right side of Wade's Viper are covered in blood and he closes his eyes tight again as if trying to beat the pain. He opens them just to see Marko right there. The man is sweating right now, a looot. He lifts his good arm and tries to push the helmet off him. When Leyla speaks, he turns to look in her direction "Always…." PAIN! "like a…challenge." He winces again and tries to grab his bad arm but immediately screams in pain. Stupid, stupid… "Plebe."

Marko bends down from his perch on the ladder to offer Circe a hand.

The helmet is grabbed, as Wade starts screaming. That's not good. Not good at all. But that's all she can do, and so Leyla scoots back onto the nose of the ship, to make room for those who are actually big enough to get the man out of the seat. Once she's clear of the canopy and far enough down on, well, sort of what's left of the nose, she flips her legs down onto the far side and jumps back down to the deck. "I know you do."

As the hand is offered, she snags her bag, hoisting it up after her as she climbs up with Marko's help. She looks between Leyla and her ECO a moment. "Drips sit still." She says in her firm no nonsense voice like she had with telling him how to handle Hosedown.

She settles the bag before her as she draws closer, "I am going to take care of you right here before we move you too much." She whistles through her lips for the other meds to bring a stretcher as she begins to work. "Can you get off any of your flight suit or am I cutting you out of it." Cutting it looks like, so she starts at the seriously injured right arm.

"Get up there, give her a hand," Damon says to Iosif, giving the Apprentice a push toward the ladder after Leyla, As for him, he's not unsympathetic to the injured pilot, but his job needs him to focus on assessing the extent of the damage to the Viper - and more importantly, figuring out if they can fix it or if they're going to need to strip it for parts.

A wince trails over Helia's features as she spots Wade's wounds, and hears his screams. "Frak, Drips." She offers a sympathetic frown toward him. "I'm going to have to start calling you 'Bloody' if this keeps up." She's trying to be light and cheerful, but that looks painful, and she would be pissed if she got hurt like that. Poor Wade.

"Hold still, buddy." Marko says to Wade, moving aside to give Circe room to work. "Can't think of way to get him out of there that isn't going to hurt like hell." he notes to her quietly. "You got any morpha on you? I can give him a surrette while you start doing your thing."

Iosif scrambles up the ladder deftly enough at Damon's command. Rookie though he may be, the man is quick and flexible. "Easy there, mate," he says to Wade. "Just be still now. We'll get you settled right enough." His face pales at the close-up sight of the pilot, and his plane. Oh, yeah. World of pain there. He'll help get the man extracted and settled for the medic as much as he can.

Wade follows Leyla with his gaze as she moves away. Now, with his helmet off, he breathes a little better. His attention moves to Circe and does what she says, because if he moves, he believes she'll just slap him silly. "I…" says Wade's voice, a bit of trembly tone. He uses his good hand to unhook his suit straps and then lowers the zipper, but that's as far as he can go. Yep, Circe will have to cut through it. The man looks at his hand and arm, trying to move them but that immediately brings another scream of pain that will echo around the area. He takes his left fist to his mouth and bites on it, trying to muffle whatever sound of pain he makes. His attention drifts erratically, from Marko to Iosif.

As Iosif joins them, Circe looks up at him nods. The medic nods, "Yeah, hold on." she states and while keeping Wade's arm steady in her grasp near his shoulder, she reaches for the bag that she straddles, searching between her legs for the side pouch. She hooks two fingers in and drags it out, she gives the package a toss to Marko. "Give it right to the front left of his neck, it will move it faster." she says and then looks at Wade, meeting his gaze. "Look at me..okay." She breathes. "Wade just relax, you tense it will make it worse." She says giving it straight.

Her hand lowers and she tries to keep him from moving. The long neck tweezers are brought out and she hooks them over a finger as she starts to peel away the laywers of his suit from his arm, slowly and carefully around the wounds. The bloody material is deposited over the side of the craft with a wet flap against the ground. "Hold these" She says to Iosif and hands over the flat-nosed clips.

"He's conscious, he's in pain, but he's holding on," Khloe says to herself. Giving a quick glance around at the availability of planes, Khloe slowly approaches where Damon is standing. "Chief, I know you have your hands full with 662 and Lieutenant Duncan, but we need to re-establish secure space ASAP. Put me in a plane and I'll get out of your hair."

Marko bobs his head as he tears the packaging open, dropping it to the deck as he leans over to jab the needle into Wade's neck at the carotid. "Okay, this oughta take care of that pain in about nothin' flat." he tells Wade, depressing the little plunger in a smooth, rapid fashion. "Okay, one surrette on board." Marko notes, sticking the needle through the front of Wade's flight suit so the docs at Medical will know how much medication he's had.

Devlin chews on a knuckle as he lingers nearby, watching the drama unfolding around Wade's Viper, ready to jump in if an opportunity to help appears. "Captain," he says to Khloe when she speaks to Damon, turning to half-join their conversation, "855 is clean, I think they fueled it back up already, too. Do you need me back out as well?"

Wade focuses his gaze on Circe when she asks for him to look at her, but he can't relax, he just can't. When Marko sticks that needle in his neck, he winces and his reflexes fire up. As a result, he tries to close both hands. One of them, he can, and when he tries to close the other he screams again but not as much as the last time. Morpha is indeed, making the desired effect and the man starts to blink ever so slowly, leaning his head back against the seat.

"Uhh - frak," Damon curses. "You're right. All right. Lazaroff, take 662 and finish this report." He hands his clipboard off to the PO and starts walking the Deck, looking for serviceable birds. "855 is the best we got right now. I know it's supposed to be good to go, but I haven't had a chance to go over the reports on it yet. 309 and 311 are… good enough to fly. They're not the best, but it's the best we could do with 'em so far.

Helia frowns, drawing quietly over to Damon along with Khloe - Who she still hasn't quite recognized. "Same here - Either put me in a bird, or put me to work doing repairs." She turns to peer at Damon. Then, she turns to peek at Khloe, brows raised. She recognizes her. Though she doesn't say anything just yet. She wants something to do.

The tweezers in hand, she begins to extract the large piece of shrapnel as the morpha starts to drown out Wade's pain. "Drips, it will be okay." The stretcher is waiting at the side of the plain, but the pilot will need help getting out. Circe braces herself next to the cockpit as she carefully places each piece she pulls out that is apparent into a small pouch on her bag.

She looks up at Marko and Iosif. "He's gotta get out..I can't do anything more here. Not like this. Help me get him to the stretcher." She slips the tweezers in the bag and her blood gloves reach out to help cushion the shoulder of his injured arm as she pushes her back off the side of the Viper. "Please, gentleman, help me." She braces herself so she doesn't fall off the side.

Khloe nods slightly. "All right. Decoy, take 855. We'll finish out our original CAP and give the deckies a chance to fix up more birds. I'll join you in one of those," she says, meaning 309 or 311. And, true to form she leaves the Chief and his deckhands be, marching over to one of those Vipers to begin a pre-flight inspection. But in passing, she calls out. "Sweet Pea, do me a favor and yell on wireless once Drips gets situated in sickbay? I'm going back out."

"Flasher, you stay up there with Wade, I'll grab a free backseater and get back on the CAP." Sometimes, you just need to take one for the team. "My bird's still alright," she offers as she heads back towards Not-Bertha, pulling a deckie along with her to do the pre-flight checks before she'll be back on board. "Shortie, get your ass in my seat," clearly, Leyla's also grabbing the closest ECO on deck, squadrons be damned, "Flasher can ride with Piper when he's clear. Sorry Piper." It's out with the new and in with the old, as Leyla and Jeremih head back to the 304. "Been six months, Sweet Pea, you sure I'll remember how to fly with you?" Not that he's necessarily complaining, but hey, the first dynamic duo are back in action. "Get those cables stowed, I'll start your pre-flight."

"Aye," Iosif says, taking the clips from Circe and holding them steady. He's playing assister duty as the medic tends to beaten, beaten Wade. He still can't help but stare at the wounded pilot, eyes getting wider and wider behind his glasses. "You'll…uh…be all right there, guv…" He tries to sound like he believes it. But he's not particularly comforting.

One emergency after another after another. Cameron was right in the middle of surgery when the klaxons starting blaring about incoming casualties. He just had to grit his teeth and finish the work at hand, leaving off when it came down to closing up the incision, leaving that task in the capable hands of his assistant surgeons. A quick scrub, a change of coat and he's off again, heading down to the Hangar Deck to offer whatever aid might be needed. H slows down briefly as he enters the space, eyes narrowing, trying to see the trees from the forest, looking for the obviously injured before espying Circe's familiar frame working over one of the pilots. Striding over, he takes a quick glance asking, "You have this under control Circe?" He's not going to interfere if she's got him stabilized.

"Flasher, then," Khloe addendums as it's clear Leyla's intending to go back out, as well. Smirking to herself, she resumes her preflight check.

"I'll give you a holler once he's in sick bay." Marko calls to Leyla as the pilot gets ready to go back out. "How do you wanna do this, Airman?" he asks Iosif. "Straight up, then shoulder carry down?"

Devlin nods to Damon, confirming, "I was just flying 855, I didn't have any trouble with it. Not so much as a ding. Not a new one, anyway." He nods again to Khloe, and then starts to say something else, stopping as she calls out to Leyla and Marko for updates on Wade's condition. He nods, and steps away, pausing to smile politely at Helia and offer, "Nice shooting out there, Sunspot," before heading back towards Blackknight-855 to start all over again."

Yeeeeah, Wade is under the effect of Morpha right now. The man just blinks ever so slowly, looking right ahead with his head against the back of the seat on 662. He looks down at his hand and immediately hits his chest with his chin, staying like that for a good while before he tries to lift his chin again.

"Poppy, Flasher's got it. Shortie, we cleared the pre-flight? Cables are retracted." "We're good," comes the ECO's answer, before Leyla hops up to head into the raptor, to move her away to the next elevator, since Drips still has this one fouled, "Then let's get her on the next elevator out of this crapshoot." Off they go, moving right along to the next one over.

Waiting for Iosif and Marko to get a hold of Wade, she rests at his injured right side and slightly back. She looks to the two men as she hears her name below next to the Viper as she lowers her hands behind his back and neck. "Drips." She says softly before her gaze slips down to Cameron. "Doctor, we got some deep shrapnel, I can't get anything to stop bleeding and I don't want to bind it with the pieces still in his arm.

She waits for the other men as the stretcher is lifted upwards to help ease Wade down.

Damon glances over to Helia. "Sorry, El-Tee, you're not cleared to work on my Deck." That's that. He follows Devlin over to 855 to help him prep for launch. "You sure you're fine to go out again so quickly like this?" he asks, grabbing the clipboard and running through basic pre-flight. "They haven't jumped on top of us immediately following a jump yet, even though they usually come back within 24 hours."

Iosif nods to Marko. "Sounds right to me, guv. Got to be careful not to jostle him…" And he hefts Wade on that note, with Marko's assistance. Gently as he can, but it's not a gentle sort of job.

Helia tilts her head toward Damon. "Well, then at some point, I'll have to speak to you about getting cleared." She nods after the Chief, before running a hand through her hair. As Devlin speaks to her, she raises her brows, and smiles. "Thanks, Decoy. Didn't do too bad yourself." She offers a charming smile, before turning and making her way back to the stairway.

Devlin looks to Damon as the Chief accompanies him back to his Viper and they start checking the ship back over. He nods, "Yeah, it's fine, Chief. Kinda hoping it might not be the full shift since we were a good way through the last before, but. You know." He smiles crookedly, pulling his gloves back on and hooking them back into his flight suit, "If they're gonna come back they might as well while my luck's still holding. Or maybe they'll stick away so I don't wear it out. Who the hell knows, right?"

Pulling out some Bloodstopper, Cameron slips in next to Circe, applying the stuff and noting, "We need to slow the bleeding," he notes calmly, even though his heart is racing as he applies gauze in large pads to the injuries. It's only a patch at best, but if he bleeds out before we can get him to Sickbay, it won't much matter if the shrapnel is still in his arm or not. He'll be internally bleeding regardless. Lets get him the hell out of this cockpit in one piece and straight into surgery. I want you assisting me, since you're already familiar with the extent of his injuries." He works quickly but as soon as he done all that he can to slow the bleeding he gets out of the way of the crew trying to remove Wade from the ship and onto the stretcher. "Careful now. Quick as you can. Circe, I need you to get an IV in him on the run, think you can do that? We're gonna have to hustle."

Marko nods and bends down to put both hands under one of Wade's armpits, signaling for Iosif to do the same. "Lift on three…One…two…three." he says, grunting with exertion as they begin to haul the man out of the cockpit. "Two words, Drips, 'portion control'." he grunts as he starts to settle his half of the pilot on his shoulder and make his way down the ladder as quickly as safety allows. Because dropping him, as funny as that would be, would be a bad idea.

Wade tries to look around, to find the voice that's calling for. Right after that however? He is being lifted by Iosif and Marko and, perhaps for the first time…there will be a good display of the wounds on his arm while it drips blood that falls into the Viper again. Yeah, it looks like crap. What Cameron does is indeed, helping slow the bleeding. The man weighs around 200 pounds, it's not that bad! Alas, he is down in the stretcher and pretty much completely knocked out.

"I'll cross my fingers for you, Ensign," Damon says to Devlin, giving the Viper a good slap on the frame to signal the all-clear on the check. "That moustache of yours have anything to do with this lucky streak, by chance? I noticed El-Tee Ellinon was also sporting one, and he hasn't crashed and burned a Viper in a while now, which is sort of new for him." Helia's given a nod, acknowledging her intentions to attain clearance.

Devlin smiles to Damon, and then chuckles, shrugging, "I've got no idea, Chief," he admits, "I started growing it before I destroyed 312 the other night but I hadn't shaved off the rest of the beard then yet, so… who knows. Spiral made a bet he could grow one faster than me. Don't think Bubbles is likely to put up with it too long in any case, so let's hope it's not my luck, right?" He grins crookedly, "She says I look like a pornstar 'but not the good kind'," he explains, complete with airquotes.

Crash course from the Doctor, the EMT nods, letting the two men handle putting him on the stretcher, she slides and plops to the deck, grabbing up her bag. "You got it.." She says and moves over and under the fighter to get to the stretcher on the other side. As the other medics wait, holding it up as they get Wade onto it, Circe is soon on a knee, getting the IV Strung up and ready to go, laying it over the side of the bag. She gets the needled insert and as she waits for Marko and Iosif to get him straightened out her hand is shaking as she steadies part of it against his better arm. She presses down to get the vein to show and then sticks him. She pops the end on and then lifts up the IV. She fits it and then lifts it over her head, "Crewman get my bag." She says to another medic as she stays at Wade's side. "Doctor, ready go go." She says, the IV held over her head and next to the stretcher. She looks up to Marko and then Iosif, giving a thank you softly.

Iosif did not drop Wade. So he's succeeded in that today, at least. "There you go, guv," he mutters, leaving him to the medics to work. He then takes a step back to just stare, now covered in blood and still looking decidedly bulge-eyed.

With all of the excitement going on behind her, Harrier-304 chugs her way out to the CAP in relative silence, joined by Poppy's Viper and the rest who've joined up to see to the fleet's safety until the end of the shift…or the next Cylon attack. Off they go.

Marko makes sure Wade's settled on the stretcher before stepping out of the Medic's way. "Thanks, Airman." Marko nods to Iosif, not noticing he himself is as bloody as Iosif. "Well, this has been a lovely way to end the night." he sighs.

He doesn't waste any time. Heck, he barely lets Circe get the IV in, already calling for a clearing of the decks heading up to Sickbay. As soon as Wade's secured and ready, Cameron shouts, "Alright people, lets move it! Go, go, go!" And he's off and running, jogging alongside the stretcher, as they bustle out of the Hangar and through the cleared corridors just as fast as they are able.

Damon just laughs and shakes his head. What pilots do or bet on is their business, really. "How is your she doing, your wife?" he asks, voice dropping a bit. "I, uh, I didn't get a chance to go visit her in Sickbay like I wanted. Not that I know her real well, really, she just… I mean, she just seems like a nice person, I guess. I think Bannik's close with her, though, from what I can gather?"

"She's okay," Devlin relays with a nod, "She's awake, now, and bored out of her mind, snipping at the poor PO doing her PT." He smiles crookedly, adding, "She'll be in Sickbay a few days yet at least, it sounds like, she got torn up pretty bad… not quite as bad as Drips, from the looks of it, but they're worried about infection and shit, you know? And yeah, she and Bannik are tight. I'm sure she'd love the company if you wanted to stop by. Not much to do in there, you know? And I can't hang out as much as I'd like."

"For sure. I'll try to stop by when I get the chance. I… frak, I haven't even been to see Rose in over a month now, I think. I lost count. We talk over the wireless when I can steal some time, but…" Damon shrugs and steps back from the Viper. "Good hunting, Ensign, and let's hope you land this bird looking just as shiny as it does now, yeah?"

"Shit, really?" Devlin's brows rise at that and he shakes his head, "Dude, go see your girlfriend. Psyche'll live, I'm gonna drop off some books for her later and stuff. I appreciate the thought, yeah? But… yeah. You don't need to spend your free time on my girl." He grins a little and claps the chief on the shoulder, nodding, "I'll do my best. See you later, Chief."

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