PHD #275: Vulnerability Report
Vulnerability Report
Summary: Bannik reports to Cora on his analysis of CIC's wiring vulnerabilities.
Date: 28 Nov 2041 AE
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Bannik Cora 
TACCO's Office - Deck 10 - Battlestar Cerberus
Post-Holocaust Day: #275

Bannik makes his way into the TACCO's office, clutching a clipboard underneath his arm. He's in his duty greens rather than his coveralls for once, and comes to attention when he's in front of Cora's desk. "Captain?" says the deckhand. "I have the results on that vulnerability study I did on CIC for you."

"Specialist Bannik," Cora replies, looking up from her laptop as the deckhand presents himself. "Good," she replies, "I am glad to hear it. Please, sit down. What were your findings?"

Bannik sits down in front of the Tactical Officer's desk, taking a neatly typed up report from his clipboard and handing it over. "Here's the full write-up," he explains. "But I can summarize it for you. In short, there's really not anything out of the ordinary. I checked the most-likely candidates for infiltration and — well. I just couldn't find any tampering. That's the first part."

Cora shuts her computer and leans forward to take the offered report, eyes scanning the top page. She flips through very briefly before looking back up, brows lifting faintly. "No tampering at all?" she asks. Lips press together briefly, thinning a bit, and then she nods, "Go on."

Bannik shakes his head. "Not that I could see. Admittedly, shipboard wiring isn't my specialty, but." But she knew that going in. He flips down to some hand-written notes. "No one challenged me during my work. Whether it's because there are a bunch of cameras watching my every move or because they expected me there, I don't know."

Cora runs the pad of her thumb absently back and forth along the edge of the report, flipping pages against each other lightly as she listens. Her lips remain in a thin line, pressed slightly together, and they're joined by a faint furrowing of her brows as Bannik continues. "No one challenged you at all?" Her expression is definitely a frown for a beat or two, and then she smooths it away and nods, "I see. Was there anything else of interest or note?"

"I did a lot of work up on CIC after some of the attacks," explains Bannik. "Maybe people assumed I was just lending a hand up there, you know?" He shrugs. "But my bottom-line conclusion is that someone might have found a way to mess with CIC systems in an area that's non-threatening enough that it doesn't warrant camera coverage. But where that might be — I'm not sure."

"So it could have been done, but there's no conclusive evidence to say that it was done," Cora sums up. She nods after a beat, and then again, repeating, "I see." She glances down at the report, thoughtful for a moment, and then looks back up. "Very well, Specialist, thank you for your work," she says, "I don't think I have anything else for you at present, but I may in the future. I trust you're sufficiently busy with your regular duties not to mind the break."

"You would need to talk to someone in Engineering that has better knowledge of the electrical systems than I do," confirms Bannik, nodding his head. "But that's my sense, at least. I don't mind at all, though. I'm — you know — I'm here to help. Not like I've got a lot of shore leave to be using up for anything, huh? Just here to help." He cracks a small, small smile.

"I will have to do that," Cora nods, "When I've located someone in Engineering, I will likely send them to you to go over what you've already done." She nods, and opens her computer again, setting the report down beside the keyboard. "Your willingness to take on tasks outside your usual duties and expertise has been noted, Specialist," she tells him, and while she does not quite smile, there is something faintly warmer and more friendly in her countenance, even if it would be tough to put a finger on what exactly, "It is certainly the most memorable impression one gets from reading your file." Which, clearly, she has done. She looks at him for another moment, and then offers: "You are dismissed, Specialist."

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