VT-27 "Hyperlights"

Training Squadron TWO SEVEN (VT-27)


Insignia of the Hyperlights.

VT-27, the Hyperlights, is the training squadron assigned to CVW-14. Prior to Warday, green Ensigns would come to the Hyperlights right after API (Aviation Pre-Flight Indoctrination) for six months of exercises designed to 'bring it all together'. For the first time, nuggets would apply textbook-taught methods to a real ship in a real vacuum.

When the Cylons made their move in February 2041, the Hyperlights bravely launched alongside their more experienced peers. Their Viper Mk. II-Ts were not disabled in the initial onslaught, and they engaged the enemy. The nuggets were slaughtered to the last man.

The Cylons can simply manufacture more pilots - humanity's remnants must be more creative. Now, as Cerberus finds herself with more ships than pilots to fly them, VT-27 has been resurrected as a hybrid of OCS and flight school. Designed to take enlisted and civilian folk with flight experience and turn them into competent pilots in less than the usual 18 month turnaround, the unorthodox, untested program relies heavily on simulators for Primary Flight Training. Instruction from the Fighting Fourteenth's most experienced pilots is supplemented by classes in military history, protocol, and decorum designed to turn washouts and civilians alike into officers fit to wear Colonial Blues.

The motto of the Hyperlights is Audi et aude: "Learn and dare."

Command Staff


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