VSP-101: "Snow Petrels"

On 22 JUL 2041 AE, VSP-101 was folded into the VF-154 "Black Knights".

Reserve Fighter Squadron ONE ZERO ONE (VSP-101)


Insignia of the Snow Petrels.

The genesis of the Fleet Reserve can be traced back to the independent militaries that operated as their Colony's first and best line of defense. Though all of those units were integrated into the Colonial Fleet after the signing of the Articles of Colonization, each Colony retains paramount responsibility for its own planetary defense and is permitted to create field forces by the terms of that treaty. Their purpose is to create combat-ready units and individuals for active duty whenever there are not enough trained units and people in the Regular component of the Colonial Fleet to fill that role. While each of the Colonies' reserve units are nominally independent, they actually comprise a separate and unitary command under the aegis of Fleet HQ: the Fleet Reserve Command (FLERECOM).

The Picon Space Guards are, as their name suggests, the Picon branch of FLERECOM, created forty years ago after the end of the Cylon War. Still somewhat leery of entrusting all aspects of its security to the Colonial Fleet, the government of Picon created the Space Guards to give it a force capable of responding to whatever contingencies might arise during peacetime — natural disasters, drug trafficking, weather surveying, and the like.

The motto of the Snow Petrels is Aeternus adiuvo: "Support eternal."



Command Staff

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