The Twelve Colonies: Virgon
The flag of Virgon.
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A temperate world like its neighbors, forested Virgon emerged relatively unscathed from the First Cylon War. It's known far and wide for its "gentrified countryside" chic, and tourists flock to the planet to enjoy its fabulous slopes, tranquil meadows, and sparkling lakes — cookie-cutter perfection for the happening Colonial elite. What poverty exists on Virgon has mostly been swept under the rug, though recent journalistic exposés have started to explore the plight of the Virgan worker. Many celebrities have tried to jump on that boat with varying degrees of success, and some would argue that their boneheaded advocacy has actually reduced the legitimacy of the cause. Virgans are generally perceived as vapid and superficial, concerned more with outward appearances than with substance of any sort: an image hardly helped by the Colony's overexposed glitterati.

Places and Regions

Players are encouraged to add their own write-ups. If you'd like to add to something already listed, please speak with the player who created the region.

The Actae

The vacation spot of choice of Virgon's old kings and aristocrats, the Actae — literally, "the coasts" — is one of the best-known resort areas on the planet. Boasting more than three hundred days of sunshine per year, seven ski resorts, sixteen golf courses, and over four thousand registered restaurants, this strip of magnificent coastline on Virgon's eastern continent is where the rich and powerful come to play.

Before their discovery by the ruling elite some two centuries ago, these hundred and fifty-odd kilometers of pristine beaches were mostly populated by impoverished villagers eking out a living on the bounty of the sea. But all of that changed when the Lanoux family went bankrupt some hundred and fifty years ago: forced to draw down its assets, that most tarnished of high-born families sold its jealously-guarded property in Valain-sur-Mer to make ends meet. Converted into a luxurious resort by its new owners, Hotel Lanoux is still the jewel of Actae, and though it no longer caters specifically to Old Money — indeed, the nouveau riche comprise the vast majority of its clientele — its old-fashioned decadence remains the same.

Unsurprisingly, the region's economy is almost entirely powered by tourism, whether in large cities like Valain-sur-Mer or tiny villages like Meridien. The former, with their yacht clubs and big casinos, are sufficiently generic to merit no special mention; the latter, however, are a particularly interesting case. Frozen in time by popular demand, each village promises weekend visitors an "authentic medieval experience." Quaint houseboats, rustic cottages-for-rent, cozy bed-and-breakfasts, bustling fish markets, five-hour fishing lessons — in other words, everything an overworked corporate apparatchik could want in an idyllic weekend getaway.

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Cultural Details

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