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Below you will find a parts listing for the Viper Mark Two. It can be assumed that most of the parts between these and the Viper Mark Seven are close in that they would have similar sensor packages. The aircraft do look quite different, which is kind of a no-brainer. However, all Vipers would still need to have common items on them to work the avionics. Subtle differences would include engine designations, different types of ejection seats (yes, they would have different types due to how they differ in overall design), and some huge differences in the avionics packages. These are easily apparent due to the completely different layout of the cockpits. Both have close designs but they don't even have the same control stick. BattlestarWiki offers an outstanding point in the section on Viper Mark II avionics:

As part of its use in the Cylon War, the Mark II was initially designed to resist Cylon attempts at disabling or damaging its flight controls. Given the number of analog gauges and controls, its likely that the Mark II was intended to be flown entirely without computer assistance in fear of compromise by an electronic attack. Nevertheless, a simple computer to manage the flight systems is present in the cockpit, assisting the pilot's "Mark One Eyeball." Some gauges, such as the altimeter, are used only in atmospheric flight.

Players can reference the battlestar wiki for the Viper Mark Two HERE. Reference for the Viper Mark Seven can be found HERE. For any major discrepancies between the off-site links and the diagrams below, defer to the BattlestarWiki. The images below were taken from the "Viper Training Manual" that was digitally published by the Colonial Defense Forces in November 2006. Neither the Raptor or Viper Training Manuals available from CDF are considered canon to this game other than what is posted on this wiki or BattlestarWiki.

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