Emilie "Snag" Villon
Ensign Emilie Villon
Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin as Emilie Villon
Alias: Snag
Age: 24
Features: Petite; brunette; shy
Colony: Virgon
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air Wing
Position: Pilot

On 11 June 2041 AE, Ensign Emilie "Snag" Villon was murdered as the result of an unknown perpetrator sabotaging her flight suit's O2 supply.


Emilie Villon is a young Viper pilot from the village of Meridien on Virgon.


It's a wonder this slip of a girl can see over the cockpit of the Viper she flies. A good three inches shorter than the average woman her age, she doesn't look a day over twenty-two: not with that button nose, not with those wide green eyes, and certainly not with those adorable dimples she can't help but display. Dark brown hair frames her youthful features, teased quite casually into fashionable shoulder-length curls. It's strange, then, that she carries herself the way she does: with a quiet dignity that belies her age, a surpassing seriousness that lends delicate grace to her slow and deliberate bearing.

A pair of small earrings flashes brightly amidst her hair: circles of hand-beaten silver that match the delicate band she wears on her left pinky. A homemade bracelet hangs loosely from her right wrist, its five rawhide strands interwoven with turquoise beads and a single crimson ribbon.

Recent Logs


norah jones - the long day is over

feeling tired
by the fire
the long day is over

the wind is gone
asleep at dawn
the embers burn on

with no reprise
the sun will rise
the long day is over


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