Vigdis Anchorage



Vigdis Anchorage serves as the Naval Base for the 6th Fleet and regularly hosts 5 Battlestars off its docks at variable intervals. Also stationed out of the anchorage are the supporting task force ships as well as the Headquarters Company for the 6rd Marine Division which holds a permanent command post inside.

It is one of five major anchorages set-up for Colonial Defenses against an incursion across the Armistice Line. Each station is strategically located at a point to provide maximum logistical support to the ships that patrol the Arm. Vigdis, like her four sisters, can support the docking, simultaneously, of up to six Battlestars and six frigates or cruisers. It also can support the docking of up to two entire Carrier Air Wings within the station itself and provide the logistical support to service everything that can mate with the anchorage. Each station is commanded by a full Admiral and is staffed by more than 3,500 personnel – including the air wing permanently stationed at each one. Vigdis, the first station built, boasts a top-notch defense system to include 450 flak guns, 4 batteries of anti-ship cannons, and 2 eight-missile batteries.

These massive space stations are set back far enough from the line that they are afforded the protection of distance (requiring two jumps to reach the Armistice Line) but close enough to ensure that deployments to the combat zones can be made quickly. The closest of these stations is also a short cruise plus three jumps back to Picon. Any licensed ship pilot knows that the space around these stations is Restricted and violating this policy is grounds for imprisonment and impounding of the piloted ship.


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