Assaultstar Victory (CA-33)

Designed to serve as an aerial base within a planetary atmosphere, the Assaultstar class ship was akin to a flying fortress. The Victory was considered top-of-the-line.


The Assaultstar Victory wasn't a prestigious station in a traditional sense. Stationed above Sagittaron, its pilots and marines were dispatched to the Colony's worst combat zones on a daily basis. KIAs were painfully commonplace, and the fate of those captured by the insurgents was gruesome. As a result, its notoriety for having the highest burn-out and casualty rates of any ship in the fleet was well-known throughout the Colonial Navy and the CMC.

The combatants who served there tended to fall under one of five categories: (1) those who pissed-off someone influential who was exacting revenge; (2) those seeking to rapidly advance their career; (3) hardcore adrenaline junkies; (4) zealous Colonial patriots; and (5) those with a death wish.

Surviving a combat tour of duty aboard the Victory is something of distinction. The definition of 'survive' is relative, however, as those who weren't carried out in body bags often left in straightjackets or wheelchairs. Many a promising career was cut short by death or trauma. Those who completed their stint relatively unscathed tended to have their pick of plum fleet assignments, provided they passed a psychiatric examination.

The Victory is presumed to have been destroyed on Warday.


Designation Insignia Nickname Primary Mission Stations
VAQ-136 VAQ-136.jpg Cavaliers Combat Support & Transport Worst frakkin' combat zones on Sagittaron

Command Staff

  • CMDR Anastasia Kittos: CO
  • COL Evelyn Montrose: XO

Department Heads

  • MAJ David "Ziggy" Thomas: CAG
  • MAJ Adalia Wilkes: CMC CO
  • CPT Yusef Vim: TACCO
  • CPT Dante Warner: CWO
  • CPT Itzak Levy: ChEng
  • CPT Mari Kerry: CMO
  • CPO Elodie Strauss: Deck Chief

Key Officers

  • CPT Melody "Harmony" Nelson: Squadron Leader — VAQ-136 "Cavaliers"
  • CPT Aurelio Vos: CMC XO

Prior Crew

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