Tycho Aidos
Private Tycho Aidos
Andy Lau
Andy Lau as Tycho Aidos
Alias: The Straight Man
Age: 33
Features: Intense and severe.
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Private
Department: Marines
Position: MP


Born into a family that produced twenty-eight policemen and two of the past thirteen police commissioners of Kythera City, Tycho Aidos is a detective who bleeds navy blue. Despite attending a posh private school and beginning a degree in Exploiting the Unwashed Masses at the University of Metis, he found economics eminently dissatisfying and dropped out the moment he turned twenty-one. After four interviews, two all-day tests, and a truly staggering number of background checks, he won admission to Kythera's Police Academy, from which he graduated six months later.

During his twelve years in the force, most of which he spent in Homicide, Tycho established a reputation as an officer of uncommon dedication. An unflinching supporter of Mayor Allen Rayburn's draconian city-wide crackdown, he found his loyalty rewarded by a sharp decrease in crime — and the drastic curtailment of his career in the field. By the time the Cylons attacked, he'd been manning a desk for nineteen full months, responding to nightly noise complaints and the occasional DWI while waiting for another worthy case to cross his path.

Tycho survived the Holocaust by chance. Summoned to Aquarian Pete's Gentleman's Club to investigate a particularly gruesome murder, he found himself underground when the bombs hit. He was rescued by Colonial forces led to his location by his one-time partner Hal Morrow and, upon his arrival aboard Battlestar Cerberus, promptly enlisted in the Colonial Marines.

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