PHD #430: Trust. Love. Hope.
Trust. Love. Hope.
Summary: Having been released from the brig, Sawyer is invited to dinner by Evan.
Date: 02 May 2042 AE
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Sawyer Evandreus 
Deck 8 - Storage - Battlestar Cerberus
The floorplating along the corridors of the Cerberus are standard military. Their forged steel plates are welded seamlessly together to run nearly the entire length of each hallway. The hallways themselves are the typical load-bearing structural design of the angled quadrilateral. Oxygen scrubbers and lighting recesses are found at nearly perfect intervals throughout the angled passageways.
Post-Holocaust Day: #430

Having pawed at the glass a few times in passing in the midst of his other various duties, but never having quite caught a glimpse of the Soybean in her waking state while she was being kept in Reporter Storage, the Bunny has laid claim upon her on her escapage eve, no matter how much his SL might have right to first dibs.

Provisions for the evening have been graciously supplied by the Mess Hall, Aquarian Pete's, and Bunny's own supply of sweet stuff. Evan's even brought a blanket down to spread over the floor of a storage unit, picnic-style, though between the crates there's not quite enough room for the fabric, leaving it bunched up and lumpy in places, and Evan's there squatting on it as he tries to smooth out a place in the center to set down a large bowl of the pasta-and-'cheese'-sauce dish, redolent with the addition of peas. Peas. Bunny never thought he'd see the day he was pleased to see a pea. But these are fresh, and they smell it, there, in the pasta, as Bunny gets it settled flat and then sets a plate to either side of the bowl, looking at it askance for a moment. It'll do. He slumps the rest of the way down to his rump, one leg folded indian-style, one outstretched to the side. Behind him, on a crate, three mugs, two empty, and one with white twigs sticking out of it promising that it is full of lollipops. A bottle from Pete's stands by, which is presumably not full of pee. Or peas.

Sawyer graciously accepted the invitation, and so here she is, having told the guard now posted at the News Room of her exact location and the route she'll be taking. Being basically kidnapped twice in a month will make a girl a little paranoid. There's a rap of her knuckles on the hatch before she just pushes on in, rounding into the room and coming up on the sight of the little picnic. "Evan. This is so very sweet of you, thank you." She stoops to kiss him on the check before easing herself down across from him. A week in fleet issued sweatsuits and socks, Sawyer looks comfortable to be back in her own skin, as it were. Pressed slacks, pink silk blouse, high heeled shoes - ah, this is the life.

Evandreus pushes up to his knee again, offering up his cheek sweetly to the kiss and kissing Soybean's cheek in return, "Oh, hon. It's so good to see you out again," he tells her, puppy-eyed for a moment as the last lingering traces of his concern are still trying to melt away. It's obscured in a look of mischief, though, when he gives her outfit a once-over. "You didn't have to dress up. It's just me. But you look -awesome,-" he does tell her, reaching back to nab the two mug handles in one hand and the bottle in the other. "A little sip of something?" he offers, waggling the bottle.

"Do I?" Sawyer entones of her appearance with a faux modest voice, her hand tugging on the material of her pants right at the thigh to tug them a bit straighter as she sits. "I clean up well, I suppose. Good to be back in my own clothes." She holds up her hand to the offer of a drink, "Thanks, but I'm going to have to pass. Not that a good stiff drink wouldn't just do me proper, right now but I sort of made someone an unspoken promise. So have one for me and I'll stick with water?"

Evandreus sets the bottle up where the blanket bunches against the boxes, leaning instead for the squat plastic pitcher that had been pulling duty keeping the corner of the blanket weighted down while Bunny was treading all on it. "Aw. That's sweet," he notes, cheerful-eyed, pouring her a water and himself one, too, since he's got it flowing. He'll have a tipple next round, more than likely, but hydration is always pretty key. "Here y'go," he finagles the two handles apart, passing one toward the Soybean. "I'm guessing you're probably sick and tired of people asking you questions about Gemenon, by now, eh?" He sips from his own mug before setting it down to lean forward over his calf and begin spooning out peas 'n' cheese to each of the plates in turn.

Sawyer settles the mug of water on her knee as she leans forward to investigate the contents of the bowl. "I don't mind. The more people hear about it the better. Had I done a manifesto like Bannik however, I no doubt would have been shown the airlock, so. I'm still debating the merits of publishing my accounts." Fingertips snake out to snick a pea from the creamy sauce, popping it in her mouth, "Oh gods, are these fresh?"

"They have never known the inside of a can," Evan intones almost as though it were from sacred scripture as he finishes ladling out two portions, leaving Sawyer's plate on the blanket for her to mess with as she likes and taking up his own onto his knee and forking about at a noodle and a pea, finally abandoning the former for the latter, balancing it between two prongs and lifting it to his mouth, nabbing it. "I -hate- peas, but I just about peed myself blissful when I tasted these things." He stabs a noodle, next, an eats that about as daintily as he had the pea just previous. He does eat like a little bird. A nibble at a time. "Was Rejn there?" he wonders. Not exactly out of the blue.

Sawyer settles her cup down next to her to free both hands to tend to her plate, the first biteful goes down easily, with all the appropriate noises of appreciation. It's not until his mention of Rejn that Sawyer's fork becomes a little sluggish on it's route to her mouth, and on the next, she's merely toying with her food. There's a little shake of her head, and then she's covering her mouth with the curve of a finger as she verbalizes the response. "He wasn't. Just the Two's and Eleven's. Rejn, I'm told, was a model One."

Pea. Noodle. Pea. Pea and a noodle. Evan's never going to finish dinner at this rate. "Oh," comes the answer, a soft-spoken, disapponted little noise not un-akin to a sigh. But then, brightening some, he goes on, "Maybe he'll come around, though, eh? He seems a friendly sort. In any case, it'd be nice to see him. Didn't even get a chance to tell him good-bye," he notes, more upbeat than the words might connote, since, after all, the fellow is presumably Not Dead, despite the body in the science lab.

"If we see him again, Evan, he won't be the same. Even if he has the same memories. He won't be our Allan Rejn. Allan Rejn was all just…just a fabrication, a preconceived lie. His wife, his horses…" Sawyer sighs, "Sorry. Sorry, we're having a nice dinner, hmm? I just don't think, with everything, that I've really had time to process. I strove so hard to clean the man up, maybe should he see me again, he won't kill me for my troubles. His model is not human sympathetic, you see. At least not from what I gather. Rather that the Rejn-One was an anomoly."

Evandreus lets his back slouch against the boxes, his face settling into a gentle, affable smile of a faintly zen hue, even as Soybean doubts at him. "I understand. It's okay, hon. Don't be upset. You did good work for him. You know how much he appreciated it. You know that, don't you?" he re-iterates, an emphasis on the word 'know' as if to mean 'know in your heart even if you don't know in your brain.' He finishes off the water and unscrews the cap of the reused bottle from Pete's with one hand, using the other to balance his plate while he pours himself just a sipple or two of the stuff. "An anomaly. That's good, isn't it? If they can change their minds… and if we're making them change their minds. If we've done it once, we can do it again." He looks down into the drink with a quiet smile, but sets it down again before actually drinking from it, going back for more noodles, instead.

"They can change their minds, but can we? I can't say that I trust the Two's and Eleven's. It's in my job description to be skeptical, but I'm hopeful that Command will at least consider sending a small contingency to Gemenon to hear what they have to say. You'd go, wouldn't you Evan?" Sawyer finally finds her appetite again, now that she's drifting things a little further from the raw spot that is Rejn and her fork retakes some of its vigor. Fresh peas, afterall.

"Would I," Evan answers with a small chortle. "I haven't wanted anything but to be there since I heard the reports from the recon," he goes on. "They only have to tap me for it, I'll be on my boat faster than you can say Lampridis Falls. I dunno if they will, though. I don't think they want to send anyone who's too eager to go. Afraid they'll lose us to the lotuses. Maybe with good reason," he adds with a smile.

"It would have been easy to get lost down there. My gods, Evan. Children playing with Centurians! It was how it should have been before the first war. Not this…twisted existence we've made for ourselves. And if this may be our key to a real life again? A life with fresh air, and sunrises? I'd chance a sit down with them. Even if I'd be risking never coming home." Sawyer settles aside her suddenly cleaned plate, picking back up her cup of water to wash it all down. "Lords, I'm stuffed. That was scads above the second rate food of the brig. You know, Gemenon had fresh fish too. Wild game. Apples you could pick right from the tree but peas never tasted sweeter. Thank you again for this, Evan."

Evandreus smiles broadly at the thought, eyes half-lidding in a distant gaze at the description of the idyllic life on the planet. "We'll go, at least. From there, who knows… but we'll go." Whether this is from blind faith or the fact that he's seen plans in the works for a trip there, who can say? "And we'll see whether coming back is on the table after that." He finally sips from the mug, then drinks down the rest of the small drop he'd poured for himself. "I know you might not be ready to trust him, Soybean," he wanders back toward that earlier sore on the conversation, skirting around its edges by not bringing up names. "He once told me that he loved me, though. And I— I totally believed him. And I still do. Whatever else there is, or might be, or will have been. Nothing can knock the Laughing Lady down."

Sawyer starts to tidy her dishes as best she's able, "Trust. Love. Hope." The reporter smiles a bittersweet smile, nudging aside her dishes so she can lean over the bowl and crook her finger at Evan so he'll come forward for another kiss to his cheek. "If mankind is worthy of any of those things, it's because you are the shining example. I better go, now that I'm free, I need to track down one of my sources and see if he can give me the low down on Kal's light-duty schedule. I'm hoping to catch him before bed."

Evandreus can't help but go a little sad-eyed when Sawyer starts making getting-ready-to-go noises on him. But he obliges her with a lean and a cheek presented for smoochage. "Okay," he answers, at length, summoning up a smile. "Go find him, eh? We'll catch up more later," he rests a hand briefly on her upper arm. Squeeze.

Sawyer keeps Evan in close, finger toying with the hair right above his ear. "Soon. I promise. I just told the big baby I'd kiss his boo-boo's and who knows how long I'll have before I get kidnapped again, right?" Not as if Kal is actually a big baby, but her feelings for Rejn aren't the only ones that are difficult to deal with. "Thanks for dinner. Makes me feel better about this whole rejoining the populous thing."

"Beh. Next time you get kidnapped, it's gonna be me kidnapping you for a proper pedi," Evan murmurs, eyes closing drowsily with the finger in his hair catching at his spirit and holding it effortless captive. "You're gonna be fine, hon, eh? If you ever need anything, you know where I live."

Sawyer opts to kiss his nose in an affectionate manner this time. "My old stomping grounds. Times like these, I wish I had never given up my bunk in there. But maybe I'll visit. I'd be nice to associate the berthings with memories not so emotionally charged." She reluctantly gets to her feet, looking once more at the spread he went through such great effort for, for her. "Tonight was…perfect."

Evandreus flutters his eyelashes past Soybean's cheek in a butterfly kiss, then, eyes widening, "Oh!" he remembers, "Here," he notes, pulling the last mug off of the crate behind him and offering it to Sawyer. "Take a blue one. He likes those. Maybe you can get him to share with you."

Sawyer laughs lightly as she leans over the cup, selecting a lollipop from the candy bouquet. Indeed, she pulls a blue one and then lightly baps Evan on the forehead. "I guess that's one way to swap spit. G'night dear."

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