PHD #116: Troublemaker
Summary: Kincaid brings some info about a potential troublemaker in the civilian population to Madilyn.
Date: 22 June 2041 AE
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Kincaid Madilyn 
Marine Offices - Deck 6 - Battlestar Cerberus
This offices consists of desks for those under the CO, along with his desk toward the back of the room. The S1 and S2 have desks here and the place is neat as a pin, with everything in its place. At the front of the room, a Marine sits at a desk to meet people as they come in through the hatch.
Post-Holocaust Day: #116

Enter Danny Kincaid, one of the relatively newest Marines aboard Battlestar Cerberus. He's just out of the Basic program thrown together here on the Battlestar, and has been down in the bowels of the ship chasing background checks. He has one of the ubiquitous manila folders from one of those checks in his hands. "Sirs?" he calls out to the officers as he enters the office. "I've got a background check that I wanted to discuss with someone higher up on the chain than me."

"Is there a problem with the person in question? Or a suspicion on your part?" Madilyn replies from her desk at the back of the offices. She doesn't bother to spin around in her chair, sitting at the terminal behind the desk - only a glance is given to Kincaid. She's a little snarkier than usual today, as the tedium of reviewing personnel files, and little more than personnel files for the last few days is taking its toll. There's all the new civvies, then the cases of Fleet looking to make the 'transfer' from their previous station to Cerberus after being rescued, then the random issues like this. The particular order of importance changes from day-to-day. An intel officer and an ex-Marine looking for a new job are sort of at the top of the one pile.

Kincaid makes his way to in front of Madilyn's desk, since she has chosen to answer his question. Whoever bite first gets the prize. Here, the prize is fielding this particular issue. Kincaid flips open the file. "Name's Jase Hylas. He's one of the pick-ups off of Leonis. Describes himself as a 'musician' and 'peace activist.'" Already this should be setting off bells. "Admits to being a drug user and drug manufacturer. Admits to withdrawal from his fix, but claims it's only psychological."

Well now, that sounds…troubling. It also sets off a few bells inside Madilyn's head. There was some pretty heavy political discussion going on down in the starboard hangar last night, between that one QUODEL member and some raggy-looking civvie. Madilyn stops at the terminal and spins around in the chair to face Kincaid. "Is he…a little scruffy-looking? There was some discussion going on down there between a civilian and a QUODEL member last night. I'm curious if it's the same individual. Given the number of civilians, I wouldn't be surprised if it is not, however."

"That's the one." Kincaid nods. "Admits to prior criminal record, but claims those charges were 'political' in nature. That could mean anything from a disorderly persons at a protest or something heavier. I can ask around and try to find out, but it's not like I have central booking to get anything definitive." He shrugs his shoulders. "Like I said, interesting case, sir."

"You're the one that was a reporter before, right?" Admittedly, she should know all the new faces in the Company, but they're coming in so fast and so many names and places are flying across the desk that they're starting to get jumbled up. "What's your read on the man?" No sense in not trusting your instincts, if you've made a career of reading people.

Kincaid shrugs his shoulders. "I wrestled with politicos, not protestors. But you want my two cubit opinion. Seems angry. Violently angry? I don't know. My suggestion? Get Lieutenant Stavarian to check him out about his detox. Try to ferret out his prior arrest. Hook him up with Sawyer Averies in the civilian workforce; try to get him to do something useful to get him out of trouble. Maybe if he has some productive work to do, he won't have time to try to rabble-rouse. And then we can keep an eye on him." A pause. "That's my two-weeks-out-of-Basic recommendation, at least."

"Has he cleared medical and psych evals yet? That should give us a technical read on his detox and mental state, if nothing else. Sort of a he-said, lab-tests said situation. He was actually chatting with that reporter woman when I was down on the deck last night, in fact. That work-force idea isn't a bad one at all. Idle-hands get themselves into trouble, I've found. The problem is that there's no real way to force him into the work force if he doesn't want to, and the idea of sweetening the pot for them to get to work sickens me."

Kincaid takes his pen out of his pocket — it's nicer than most Marines have, must be his personal pen from his time as a reporter — and clicks it open to make some notes. "I'll set up a medical and psych eval for him," echoes back the MP. "If he's a man of the people, he might do it voluntarily. Show that people can do better than government and all of that." The last sentence has a wry tone to it. "I'll talk to Averies and see where she's getting with him."

"That's as good a plan as any. A nice starter project, as it were. Welcome to the Corps, courtesy of me and all the paperwork we go through between ops." It's not really any different than the other departments, but their paperworks is less of a police-y sort and more of an 'OMG I want my Viper to flyzorz!' type. "When you get that done, I'd like you to report back here. With the political climate on this ship such as it is presently, I don't want there to be any more distractions than there needs to be."

"Yes, sir," says Kincaid with a nod, making a few more notes in the manila folder. "I'll get on it. Good to be here." He smiles wryly. "Is there anything else you need from me, sir? Other than making all of the civilians process themselves?"

"At the moment, no. But then, you'll remember that I have the authority to call together training exercises at a moment's notice. Stay on your toes, do your job, trust your instincts, and we shouldn't have a problem. You made it through basic, and that's better than most of the civilians down there. That's good initiative you showed in bringing that particular file to me. Most wouldn't think that a civilian could cause that much trouble, especially after our people went through hell to save his ass." Madilyn folds up her hands on top of the desk, and gives a little hint of a smile at the man.

"Honestly, sir, I just hadn't run across a file where anything interesting was in it before now." Kincaid smiles faintly and gives a vague sort of salute. Not exactly Basic-perfect, but not bad either. "Thank you, sir. May I go?"

"You're excused, lance corporal. Carry on, and see if we can keep this trouble-maker from starting an trouble." Madilyn returns the salute with about the same sort of gusto. There are, after all, a bajillion things to get done, and only so many waking hours in the day to be spent in this metal office doing them.

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