Trina Logue
Ensign Trina Logue
Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho as Trina Logue
Age: 29
Features: Pale skin, dark hair, almond eyes.
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air Wing: VF-154
Position: Viper jock, Rook


Trina is a bona fide speed fiend who is incredibly creative and somewhat unorthodox. Her wit is as quick as her reflexes, which are hella fast. Despite no small amount of academic smarts, she lacks the inclination to apply them to anything not pertaining to vehicles.

On 10 Oct 2041 AE, Logue graduated from Nuggetdom and was made a full-fledged Ensign.

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  • First name is pronounced TREE-nah. Surname rhymes with brogue.

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