Kelly "KT" Travers
Ensign Kelly Travers
Toby Stephens
Toby Stephens as Kelly Travers
Alias: KT
Age: 26
Features: brown hair/eyes, chiseled features, prematurely receding hairline
Colony: Caprica
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air Wing
Position: Viper Rook

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In most ways your average upper-middle class Caprican youth, Kelly "KT" Travers applied to the Fleet Academy for two reasons: the Colonial Fleet operates the fastest spacecraft known to man, and of course everyone knows chicks dig the uniform. He managed the Academy well enough, but his tenure in Flight School was marred by an undisclosed disciplinary event which resulted in his expulsion from flight training. Faced with the unpleasant possibility of returning home with a half-million cubit bill for training expenses wasted, he instead accepted enlisted rank and ended up as a deckhand on Picon Anchorage. Picked up by the Cerberus, he eagerly volunteered for flight training when the call came down. After all, it's not often one gets a second chance.

On February 16, 2042 AE, after months of training and several near-washouts from the Nugget program, Travers was commissioned as an Ensign in the Colonial Navy and assigned to the Mighty Lions squadron as a Viper pilot.

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  • While his given name is Kelly, he prefers to go by his initials, K.T.

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