PHD #348: Touchy Feelings
Touchy Feelings
Summary: What we have here is failure to communicate.
Date: 09 Feb 2042 AE
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Andrea Wade 
Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #348

Andrea is sitting in the berthings, working on some paperwork as she kicks back. She's in her civvie wear, tight jeans and all, as she has been a bit when off duty for the past few weeks. Boots kicked up on the table, she's looking pretty darned relaxed, all told.

Wade steps inside the Berths, wearing his blue uniform. He is carrying a couple folders with him and he makes his way straight to the table "Hosedown" offers the man with a curt nod and then he takes a seat. He opens one of the folders and takes a pen in his hand just in case he needs to write something down. There are some pictures that seem to be taken from gun camera footage, the code number on said pictures signal that they were taken from his Viper.

Andrea looks up with a smile when Wade walks in, but is taken a bit aback with the curt nod. Her boots come down from the table and she looks at him, curiously. "Drips?" She asks, curiously. Her own paperwork is placed aside on the table… it was just weekly hours stuff, anyway. "What's up? What are you working on?"

Wade lifts his gaze and looks at Andrea "I'm running a stress study on my Viper, taking the data from our mission in the mine field." says the man, looking back at the few sheets of paper in front of him "I want to better define how much I can push that particular bird without structural damage" He taps the pen on his chin and then starts working on some equations "You?"

"Just my weekly CAP hour report, and the like." Andrea leans forward. "We haven't talked in awhile. You did a good job in the minefield, you know. That was some pretty sweet flying you were doing in there."

Wade nods without looking away from his work and adds "Things have been busy, to say the least." He comes to a result and he makes two very strong lines in ink, underneath that number "Right." Now, he looks back at her and nods, offering a very faint smile "Ah, thank you. You did pretty good as well, not even a scratch on the birds, that's a good thing" Now, he takes a couple pictures from his gun camera and takes note of the different values printed in them.

Andrea smiles. "Well, we are the best damn pilots in the Galaxy. No one should expect less from us, right?" She stands up, walks over to her locker, and there is some clinking of glass as she pours herself a glass of… something. Sipping it, she walks back to the table and finishes up her paperwork, then leans back again.

"I always like to think that I'm not the best, gives me room to improve and keep getting better." says Wade, still working on equations. When she stands up, he looks at her and sees that she is drinking…something. "Drinking again?" asks the man with a completely netural tone of voice, returning his attention to his work.

"Occasionally." Andrea replies, her voice equally neutral. "Remembered how much I missed at the party, and figured that in moderation it would be a good way to relax. Don't worry, I've switched to drinking by the glass, rather than by the bottle." She takes another sip and looks at him. "Though, as memory serves, its been since the party that we haven't really talked."

Wade shrugs casually "If it works for you, knock yourself out" says the man, rubbing his fingers over his eyes as he reaches new results. He taps his pen on the paper and then looks up as she mentions that last "Maybe? I can't remember." He drops his pen now and leans back on his chair taking a deep breath as he does so. "I don't even think we talked that much at the party, either."

"No, we didn't." Andrea leans forward. "Come on Wade, lets drop the crap. You made it clear enough you didn't want me in a romantic kind of way, but the moment I move on and try to focus on someone else instead, you go all cold. I thought this would HELP, maybe we could be better friends if I wasn't always carrying a torch for you. So what's wrong?"

Wade does indeed, keep working on his reports while she speaks, however, when she mentions that he has gone cold, he looks up and "What?" He shakes his head at that and points to what he is wearing "See this, Andrea. It means I'm On-Duty, and it means this right here, is work. I haven't gotten cold over anything, I'm just trying to finish this." Now, he closes the folders and takes a deep breath, looking at her "You shouldn't, carry a torch for me and I'm glad that you found someone." He nods to this and then clears his throat "As for being friends, I'm not saying we can't be friends"

Andrea shakes her head. "So being on duty means curt nods and cold stares? I'm not blind, Drips. We used to hang out all the time, have fun. Now its all curt nods and rolled eyes." She looks down at her glass. "So, you're not saying we can't be friends, but you aren't being friendly, either. So what ARE you saying?"

"What the frak are you talking about, Hosedown" says Wade with both eyebrows arched "I only noded /once/ since I got in this room and there were no /cold stares/ So tell me, what the hell are you going about? Rolled eyes?" He just shakes his head at that, thinking that she might be a little drunk and says "Duty happens, Hosedown. I spend long hours training Nuggets, I spend long hours working in the Deck and on top of that of course, I do my regular Pilot work…that's all there is. I'm not avoiding you nor I'm being cold towards you."

Andrea looks at him awhile, then sighs and knocks back the rest of the drink. "Good to hear. I guess its just my imagination, then." She stands and walks over to the head to take some time to rinse the glass out before returning it to her locker, pulling out a notebook, and sitting down again. "So, how are the nuggets doing?"

"Yeah, it probably is your imagination" says Wade as if stating the obvious. He is not acting cold. He looks at her as she walks to wash that glass and just shakes his head. When she returns, the man nods and offers "They are doing well, we'll soon get a new batch of Ensigns so the Knights are getting bigger. Unless of course they are placed in another Squadron, which I don't decide"

Andrea nods. "Always good to have some nuggets in the chute coming down, Knights or not. I don't suppose Wright has learned to keep his ego down to a dull roar, has he?"

Wade nods in acceptance to Andrea's words and about Wright, he says "Well, he spends most of his time with the Raptor pilots since that's his path. As long as he can follow orders and not screw up, he'll do fine. If he can't handle that, well…we'll see what happens"

"Guess we'll have to see." Andrea agrees, and then flips open the notebook, looking through it before she starts writing in it quietly.

Wade shrugs at this and says "If you want more information on Shiner's development, you should ask Toast or Sweet Pea, they are the Raptor Instructors." Now, he flips his folder open again and returns to his numbers, but he doesn't go silent "You shouldn't worry, I'm not acting cold or anything like that, it's just time…being a bitch. And…how are things with Splash going?"

"Too soon to tell." Andrea says, though she smiles when Splash is mentioned. "Kind of just happened, and neither of us was entirely sure what we wanted afterwards. I warned him about me, and he seemed willing to risk it, so that's nice. I hope there's something there… we'll see."

Wade nods to what she says "Good, good. Do remember about the Fraternization rules, and don't screw up." simply states the man, going through the pictures as he says that "If your minds are not on the task at hand when we are out there, shooting Cylons…you can endanger the whole Squadron not to mention that you endanger yourself"

"I'll try to remember that. Luckily, I've cared a lot about you since coming on board, and that hasn't messed up my flying. But we'll see if my Vagina gets in the way this time." Andrea shakes her head a bit and looks down into her notebook. "If it does, I'll enroll in one of your classes to get it up to speed."

"I'm not talking about your ability to fly, but to do what you have to do, when you have to do it without being affected by other things." says Wade as he finishes some more number crunching. "You'll enroll in one of my classes? What do you mean by that exactly?" asks the man now, looking up and making no comments about her Vagina.

"What I am saying is that my feeling for people have not affected my decision making ability so far. I am quite aware of frat rules, and I'll be watching my wingmans back like always when we're out there. Whether I'm crushing on you or frakking Splash, I know what my job is out there and I intend to get it done." Andrea gives him a look. "And I am referring to your lecturing. You want to give me a talk on the dangers of drinking, next? I mean, what the hades? What's got you all preachy all the sudden?"

"Very well" simply says Wade, nodding after that. "And for the record, I know you can do it" adds the Viper Pilot, going through different pictures for a moment. Finally he looks up and sees her giving him that look "I already gave you a lecture on the dangers of drinking, remember?" He shows a smirk "I'm not being preachy, I was just making sure that we are on the same page, that's all." He shrugs casually and adds "You can be offended by it or understand that I mean well, it's your choice really"

"It's my choice," Andrea replies, dryly. "I could also spit on a handkerchief, wipe that bit of grime off of your face, and you could realize that I'm acting like your mother, just meaning well. Please tell me you understand WHY I might get a little tetchy around comments like that."

Wade nods "Of course it's your choice, and I cannot change that." says the man, closing the folder again. "No, I don't understand it. One bit is straightforward, rules and regulations. The other bit was a comment about the problems with drinking. And like you said, it's your choice to make, and that's fine, trust me"

Andrea shakes her head and stands up from the table. "Well, if you can't understand it, I don't quite feel like dragging you through the hoops to figure it out. If I want condenscending, I'll go to the chapel and ask for a sermon on the wickedness of my ways. Have a good day, Wade, and next time you fly, be sure you remember to wear your flightsuit, instead of your greens. Just making sure you're up on regulations. Want to make sure we're all on the same page."

Wade can't help to chuckle at her reaction "You have a tendency to over react, Hosedown." says the man, standing up as well, taking the folders and moving to his locker. "Let's do this, I won't bug you again with your drinking nor I will call regulations on you, is that good?" He opens his locker and moves the folders inside, digging for a few things while at it. "Like I said, it wasn't ill intended but if it bothers you so much, I won't do it again. Hopefully you won't get the Captain telling you those things, I don't think you would get off that easily if that were the case."

"Frak a virgin goddess, you can be dense sometimes." Andrea looks at him. "Poppy wouldn't quote regs at me unless I had given her reason to think that I either didn't know them or wouldn't follow them. You all but called my suitability to fly into question back there and for what? For WHAT, Drips? Have you ever, in the whole time we have known each other, been given reason to believe I wouldn't follow regs on a mission? I mean here you are, lecturing me on the most basic rules of flying in a wing, like I was one of your godsdamned nuggets! You think I would have made eltee if I didn't know that?"

Wade lifts a finger "I wasn't questioning your ability to fly or to follow regulations, I was just telling you to be careful with the whole Fraternization thing, that's all." says the man "You chose to assume I was giving you lectures when I really wasn't. You chose to believe I think you know shit about flying in a wing when it's really not the case, and I've already stated that." He nods to that "If your problem is that the words 'I mean well' don't work well for you and you don't want people giving advises, then I won't give you any other advice"

"Yes, Wade, you were. You did. You don't ask someone a question on regs unless you're not confident about whether or not they know the answer. Unless, of course, you were unsure of the regulations and wanted me to clarify them to you?" She raises a questioning eyebrow. "I want advice WHEN I NEED IT. I also want the respect I am due as a senior member of the wing. We're both eltees now. But even when we weren't, I never once felt the need to 'tell you to be careful'. I respected you as a pilot and an officer. And the interesting thing about respect, Drips? Is that it isn't worth shit if the party being respected thinks it looks like disrespect." She shakes her head. "So here I am, dreaming that you're being cold and disrespectful. But after awhile, Drips, you have to start thinking that where there's smoke, there's fire."

At this point, Wade is just rubbing his temples with his fingers. He takes a deep breath and sighs "The respect you have it, and don't worry, I won't ever tell you anything on that nature, so it doesn't hurt your feelings." He takes out a hanger with his off duty clothes and then starts taking shower items "But hey, Hosedown, if you feel you are being disrespected, file a report." To this, he shrugs casually and starts to unbutton his jacket "We can go round and round, arguing about you thinking that I'm being disrespectful and me saying that it's not like that, but it doesn't seem we are going to reach common ground"

Andrea just shakes her head. "File a report. THAT is all you have to say? I suppose; 'Hey, that wasn't what I meant, I'm SORRY I CAME OFF THAT WAY,' is out of the question then? Or any kind of indication that, hey, maybe you might be in some way shape or form responsible for what is apparently a miscommunication? No?" Andrea walks to her bunk. "Well, I am. Apparently I'm just misreading everything, one big frak up today. Congrats on your promotion. Now you're an eltee, you've mastered the art of never making a mistake." She rolls into her bunk, and pulls the curtain shut.

Wade follows Andrea with his gaze as she moves into her bunk, and while she pulled the curtains, she can still hear. Unless she covers her ears of course "The fact is, Andrea. That you know pretty well what I meant, and don't know for what frakking reason you decided to take it the wrong way." He shrugs at this. He takes off his jacket and pulls off his tanktop and tshirt, getting a basket with his shower supplies "And thank you, altho, mastering the art of never making a mistake is not something possible. We always frak up, in some form or the other." Now, he starts with his pants.

The curtain opens and Andrea looks out at him. "So, if that is the case, is it possible that maybe you might have messed up in what was a well intentioned reminder to me?"

Wade shakes his head "No, because it was a well intentioned reminder. Heck, not even a reminder, just a comment." he shrugs at that, wrapping a towel around his waist "Basically you just want me to apologize at this moment. For what, Hosedown? Is that going to make you feel better? Fact is, I didn't intend on you to feel…not respected. But, since you said you wanted to be friends, I was just giving advice to a friend. I guess that's off limits, I'll keep it in mind"

"It would make me feel better, because I'd like to think a friend would apologize for hurting my feelings, no matter what the intentions were behind the comment he made. Because whatever the hell you MEANT to do, this is what you DID."

"Your feelings got hurt because you misunderstood what I said" says Wade at this, a bit annoyed at this moment. "If I were to doubt the nature of what I said, that's one thing. But I don't." Now, he closes his locker and turns around to check that his basket has everything that needs "But sure Hosedown, you win. I'm sorry for hurting your feelings with words that really weren't meant to hurt anyone's feelings given that we are all adults here."

Andrea nods. "You are forgiven. Even for the added snark. I, in turn, apologize for misunderstanding your words which is always a possibility even when something is being said between well meaning adults. Because I do value your opinion, as a friend, which means a comment from you might be a little harder to shrug off then from someone else. Especially when that advice relates to my love life. Have a good shower."

Wade pats his chest with one palm and nods "Right on." says the man, offering a thumbs up after that. Now, he takes his shower stuff and makes his way towards the head, not before saying "And enjoy your, nap, or something" Assuming that she is going to sleep. And then, he is gone.

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