Tohno Ardoli
Midshipman Tohno Ardoli
Morgan Weisser
Morgan Weisser as Tohno Ardoli
Alias: {$alias}
Age: 20
Features: See picture
Colony: Sagittaron
Rank: Midshipman
Department: Air Wing
Position: Raptor Nugget


Tohno was born as the youngest brother of many siblings into a family that was pretty well off, thanks to their business that, while not huge, did come to have facilities across multiple planets. As he had little prospect of gaining any substantial inheritance and certainly not taking an eventual part in running the corporation, it came down to him to decide on another path. Tohno decided on following in another older sibling's footsteps in pursuing his commercial spaceflight license. He'd only recently finished his training and had several promising career tracks lined up when the Cylons returned.

Some may notice that Tohno has difficulty dealing with strong/aggressive personalities, which really makes the military quite the ride. Chances are the young pilot would, ordinarily, never so much as consider 'joining up.' However, radical circumstances lead to radical actions.

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