PHD #269: To become a Pilot
PHD #269: To become a Pilot
Summary: Decoy and Drips finish CAP, they talk with Shiner about his interest in becoming a pilot.
Date: 22 Nov 2041 AE
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Hangar Deck - Port
The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.
Post-Holocaust Day: #269

Shiner exits the Chief's office, leaning on his cane and with a stuffed bag full of something or other over his shoulder. The deck is otherwise humming along smoothly, clanging and banging coming from the grounded aircraft as deckies work on repairs, the occasional crane or forklift swinging into action to lift or move heavier components around.

For Wade, the CAP just ended. After he landed his Viper, the elevator moves it to deck level as he runs his post-flight checks. "Nice run Decoy, hope you didn't get too bored out there" says the man through the COM, still with the cockpit closed and his helmet on. Now on the deck, he opens the cockpit and starts working on his helmet while the set of stairs is placed right against Viper-662. The man takes off his gloves, looks around the deck for a moment and then stands up, slowly starting to walk down the stairs.

Devlin is taking his chances with Viper-853 again, despite the whole freak-ejection incident during the attack on Aerilon. "Nah, you know. Seems stupid to ever complain about being bored," he replies to Wade as he climbs out of the cockpit and pull off helmet and gloves, tucking the former under his arm and the latter in a pocket, "Better than the alternative, right?" He spots Shiner headed across the deck and lifts a hand to wave.

Shiner raises his free hand in reply. "Hey, sir! How's it looking out there?" he asks, hobbling over to the gap between the two aircraft where they've been lowered to the deck, and leaning against the nose of one. Towards Wade he adds, "Good flight, sir?"

"Better than the alternative" agrees Wade with Devlin. Now, with his helmet under his arm, he walks towards the other pilot and nods in acceptance "You'd be surprised, a lot of people complain for the strangest things" He offers a smile to this and then looks over at the person Devlin is waving at. Now, he has seen Shiner, maybe just a couple times, but he thinks the kid might be interested in becoming a pilot. He follows Shiner with his gaze and when he asks, he offers a brief nod and a smile "Indeed, good flight, no Cylons so that's always a good thing"

"Yeah, well, complaining's something to do," Devlin shrugs at Wade with a chuckle. He unzips the top of his flight suit and scrubs hands over his head before grabbing at his collar to try to flap some air into the suit. "Nice and quiet," he says to Shiner, "Like Drips said. How you doing, man? Haven't seen much of you lately, seems like. Heard some rumor about you and the SL?"

"I'm up and about, sir," Shiner is pleased to report, notwithstanding the cane by his side. He snorts, though. "Oh, dude, the Captain? She totally wants me. She's just got a weird way of showing it, y'know? By, er, throwing a hairy fit at me, mostly. All I did was compliment her on her fine ass."

Wade chuckles as well and looks at his Viper for a moment, tilting his head at the cannons. Finally, his attention moves back to the conversation at hand and he arches both eyebrows at Decoy "Oh?" He smiles with amusement and looks at Shiner when he corroborates the rumor. He chuckles once again and shakes his head "Well, I heard that you were interested in becoming a pilot." he stops for a moment and presses his lips, trying to remember "You mentioned something at the laundry room right? A couple weeks back" He smiles and then adds "You gotta be careful with the comments if you want to join the Air-Wing"

Devlin laughs and just shakes his head at Shiner. "Man, she is going to murder you in your sleep," he says, "Seriously, when'd your taste get so bad? If you're that desperate you're after her I will help you, I swear. I make an awesome wingman." It is his turn for brows to shoot up as Wade speaks, and he looks between the LTJG and Shiner in surprise. "Really?" he asks the apprentice, "You thinking about turning nugget?"

"Nah, she's like way old," Shiner points out. "Nice ass, sure, but she could be like my mother or something. It was just a bet, anyway." He grins a little, nodding to the pair. "Yeah, I spoke to the CAG and she says I can go for it as soon as I can walk properly and everything. Chief Damon's putting the request forward for me. Mnaaaaoommm! Pew! Pew! Pew!" Yes, Shiner is doing dogfighting noises, complete with enthusiastic, realistic 'gripping the control column' hand actions (action figure available in stores now, only $4.99). "Dude, it'll be awesome."

Wade listens to what Shiner says and nods, now knowing that it was a bet. He smiles to that and then chuckles with some amusement at what he starts doing. However, his smile fades and he simply says "Now, being a pilot is serious business. Your squadron needs to be able to trust you and you need to be able to trust them." He lifts one hand and places it on Decoy's shoulder, looking at Shiner "Your wingman, it's not just about Pew Pew Pew out there, it's about the people you fly with. You need to be on your best game out there" He moves the hand back and then nods, once. "You think you can handle that?" This is not said to put him down or anything, all new pilots are welcome really, but flying is serious business y'all.

Devlin laughs as Shiner acts out viper combat and nods, "Cool, man. Good luck," he offers, before agreeing, "Yeah, Captain Vakos isn't really anybody's type, I don't think. Shame, too. Never met anybody so desperately in need of a frak." He gets progressively quieter as he goes on, mumbling the last, and glancing around as if concerned he might have been overheard. His throat cleared, he turns back to catch the end of Wade's lecture and nods, adding to Shiner, "Yeah, it's pretty intense. I mean, I bet if you wanna do it you totally can, like… I did, right? But don't just do it for the girls. You can always just pretend, 'specially now they civilians are moving, they'll have no idea who's a pilot and who's not."

"I'd take one for the team," Shiner tells Devlin solemnly, "if it weren't for the fact that I think she'd rip my dick off and stuff it down my throat. Frakking her'll take a braver man than I."

Wade tilts his head as he hears what Shiner says, there is a brief smile on his lips and he shakes his head and says nothing about the subject. Now, as for the other subject. He looks at Shiner and nods, as if trying to get more from him "So, what about what we just told you. About the air wing being a serious business?" he smiles at this and asks "Anything to say on that area?" He nods to Devlin and he clears his throat "And yes, if you are hoping for this just for the girls…I mean, you won't earn anyone's trust man"

Devlin snorts at Shiner and nods, "Yeah, braver than me, too. And, you know. Less married." He grins and then glances at Wade and shakes his head a bit, smiling crookedly. "Give him a chance, Drips. I mean, he's on the deck, he sees the birds come in beat up and blown up and everybody all fucked up. I'm sure he gets it. And that's what all the training's for, anyways, right? Nobody thought I got it at the beginning, either."

Shiner wrinkles his nose. "Truth be told, sir? I get all the women I want anyway, due to my fine body and charming personality." Deadpan. He briefly rubs at his neck, adding, "Nah, as I see it if I'm going to get shot anyway, better I do it out there fighting than sitting here moving frakking crates from one side of the deck to the other. When I joined, I'd never have made the grades to fly and shit, but now? Now? You're desperate. So I got a chance."

Wade looks at Devlin and he shakes his head "No, don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want to give him a chance or anything like that" He shakes his head again and then looks at Shiner, now he smirks and says "I'm sure you do" As for the rest, well, in a way, Shiner is right. Pilots are really needed. Wade nods and says "Well, in that case, you gotta make sure to get better. It's not just about being able to walk without the cane, your legs have to be strong to be able to work the pedals" He looks at at Devlin and then back to Shiner "How is your recovery going?"

Devlin snickers at Shiner a bit and nods, shrugging, "Yeah, I mean, they took me. Might as well give you a shot, when you're healed up." He just sort of listens to Wade and then nods a little bit, hands shoving into his pockets.

"I'll keep on the weights, but it's just a case of getting the muscle tone back now," Shiner explains, shrugging a shoulder. "I mean, look." And he flexes and unflexes one fist. "It does as it's told and everything now. Doc says I should keep swimming, keep working on the weights, but I shouldn't dive any more in case it fraks it up again."

Wade nods in acceptance "Good, good. When the doctor gives you the green light, go see the CAG again…and well, there's the whole, paperwork thing also but I know nothing about that to be honest with you"

"You ever need a spotter or something, Shiner, lemme know," Devlin offers, "My schedule's got CAP and stuff in it now but I'm still in there every day at some point. Always good to have a gym buddy, you know?" He scratches at his head again and adds, "We should get a drink sometime or something, I can tell you more about the whole nugget program thing and how it works and stuff, if you want? I wouldn't be much help instructing or anything, but like… explaining what they make you learn I can do. Anyways. I should grab a shower, I think."

"Yeah, I'll take you up on that, sir," Shiner agrees, giving an earnest nod. "Thanks, yeah? Give me a shout when you're off watch sometime."

Wade smiles at the the offer Decoy makes to Shiner and nods at that. "Good, that would help you get a better idea on how the current Nugget program runs, you'll be more familiar with it and that's always a plus" Actually, Wade also has to get going, he needs to hit the showers and then the library for his 'Instructor' training. "Alright guys, I'll see you both around, I have to get going" He nods and smiles to both, and then looks at Shiner "You'll get there, just keep working on getting better" With that said, he starts walking away.

"Yeah, no problem," Devlin replies with a nod, "Whenever. Sometime soon." He smiles at Shiner and nods at Wade, lifting a hand in farewell. "See you, Drips. Maybe tomorrow, Shiner? Or the day after. I've gotta double-check CAP schedules. I think we've got back-to-back tomorrow, so I'll have some extra time to kill in the afternoon. Anyways. I'll catch you soon."

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