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On this page can be found a timeline outlining important events in the Twelve Colonies. All of this information should be considered common knowledge to anybody who paid attention during high school history. Feel free to leaven your backgrounds and your RP with references to these events!

For specific details of events on the game, please consult our After-Action Reports.

Before the Beginning


The Colonies Form

The Great Civil War

Enter the Cylons

Peace in Our Time

Prologue: Cerberus Awakens

January - February 25, 2041

Date Event Description
January 31 - February 15 Drydock Construction of the Navy's newest Mercury-class battlestar, the Cerberus, is completed at Spacedock Leonis. The military calls it the pinnacle of engineering and strength. But in the press and political circles, talking heads ask if behemoths like this are worth the millions of cubits they cost in an age of unity and peace. There are signs those critics are correct, as a series of malfunctions on board due to rushed work orders, cut corners from shoddy contractors, and problems with the new CNP software dog those final work days. And even darker religious omens mar the ship's ceremonial auspices. But despite all this, the Cerberus leaves drydock with her new crew and a gaggle of civilian observers on time, more or less ready for carrier qualifications.
February 16 - 25 Wargames Cerberus departs for the Uram Sector for a month-long series of war games. The ship shows her critics what she's made of when she wins the final mock battle against the CF Praetorian and CF Corsair and returns to Picon in triumph.

Season 1: How Sweet, Vengeance

February 26 - August 18, 2041 AE

Date Event Description
February 26, 2041 Warday The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The Cylons reappear with a vengeance, destroying the Twelve Colonies and killing billions of their citizens. Cerberus escapes Picon's destruction by the skin of her teeth.
March 2041 Flight Cerberus and her escorts take flight to the Uram sector. After some tentative reconaissance, Colonial attempts at salvaging the Virgon fleet Virgon Fleet graveyard meet with Cylon resistance. The stress proves too much for the ship's XO, Colonel Sarkis, who meets a fiery end.
April 2041 Breadcrumbs After a fortuitous discovery, the Cerberus battlegroup secures a top-secret Colonial anchorage. Though the magnitude of what they find eludes them, they know it's big. Why else would the Cylons attack with such dogged persistence?
May 2041 How Sweet, Vengeance The Fleet undertakes a risky mission back to Leonis dubbed Operation Cobra Talon. The goal: retrieve much-needed aircraft supplies, and find answers concerning a mysterious military contracting facility called MolGen that could hold survivors and more information about the importance of Project Ananke. Things do not go as planned, and the away team is stranded. They encounter survivors and discover the Cylons have the ability to mimic human form. The enemy may have infiltrated the highest levels of the Fleet…even the Cerberus' own CO, Michael Abbot! A desperate scramble to recover wounded brings this news back to the battlestar and ignites a mutiny that strips Admiral Abbot of his position. Colonel Andrus Pewter takes interim command of the Cerberus.
June 2041 Such Sweet Sorrow The motives of the Cylons grow more disturbing, as encounters with the "skinjobs" on Leonis reveal bizarre experiments the enemy is conducting on human captives. Though a model known as Number Eleven seems to call an end to this, the implications remain murky. Back on Cerberus, a daring plan to rescue their stranded personnel is launched and, despite much bloodshed, ultimately succeeds. The crew is reunited, honors are bestowed, and the battlegroup struggles to sort out all it learned on the nuked remnants of Leonis. The revelations taken from the data from MolGen are particularly troubling. Could humanity have had a part in provoking the Cylon attack?
July 2041 Auðumbla Anchorage The battlegroup jumps to Auðumbla, a Colonial anchorage that, like Parnassus, is surrounded by radiation believed to interfere with the Cylons' ability to function. Our crew seeks refuge while they form a plan of action. An act of sabotage reveals PO1 Lessa Morgenfield to be a Cylon agent, Number Six. The Cerberus becomes even more pressed to move when they stumble upon a mysterious research station and capture a Cylon Model Eleven. She cooperates and delivers key pieces of intelligence concerning a Cylon biological facility. But can her word be trusted? As they attempt to depart Auðumbla space, the Cerberus is set upon by Cylon forces. The ship is badly damaged, and saved only at a terrible cost.
July - August 2041 It Lies In Odd Numbers Acting on intelligence gleaned from Number Eleven, the battlegroup undertakes an offensive strike against a Cylon biological research station over Sagittaron. They succeed, and strike a hard blow against the enemy. But that success comes only due to the aid, and sacrifice, of the Number Eleven.

Season 2: The Widening Gyre

August 19, 2041 AE - Present

Date Event Description
August 19 - September 11 2041 The Widening Gyre Following the destruction of the Cylon biological station, renewed reconnaissance to the outer colonies reveals some planets have been abandoned by the Cylons, though others are still held tight in the enemy's grip. A mission is launched to rescue survivors from the colony of Sagittaron. They find humans alive, though some of those include terrorists from the Southern Sagittaron Liberation Front who do not welcome their Colonial "saviors." And questions linger over why the Cylons have pulled out of this planet, and what they were doing before they left.
September 12 - November 2041 Fly Away Home The Cerberus saves what it can and prepares to leave Sagittaron, but their going from the colony is sped by the sudden appearance of Cylon forces. They fight the enemy off, aided by the sudden appearance of a Colonial ship that jumps into the fray with a powerful weapon. This strange vessel is revealed to be the CEX Areion, an experimental carrier and pet project of Project Ananke's Admiral Madeline Hauck, that also escaped destruction on Warday. The battlegroup, now joined by the Areion, continues its rescue mission to the colony of Aerilon. They find it likewise abandoned by the Cylons and relatively free of resistance, and salvage people, supplies and the makings of a new home for the growing civilian population. But the humans are not out of the woods yet, as they are reminded when the Cylons reappear to chase them from Aerilon as well.
December 2041 - January 2042 More Than Just Ashes The final leg of the battlegroup's rescue mission takes it to Tauron. They find more survivors, and launch a new home for them aboard the MV Elpis. But questions about the plans of the enemy still hang heavy. Questions that not even the skinjob Model Five held captive by the Taurians, or the leavings of another hauntingly familiar Cylon on the moon of Wreath of Roses, provide ready answers about. Metaphysical concerns also plague the crew, as a strange dream seems to press them toward an ancient Taurian city, and perhaps beyond. But what they find leads to more questions than answers, and they soon have more tangible concerns.

The Cylons strike again and cripple the Cerberus, though the power of the Areion's Gun keeps the enemy at bay. As the crew rushes to repair it, they find signs a small enemy force has returned to Tauron on a covert mission. It ends in an encounter with the Model Five and a fateful exchange of an item found in the ancient city of Knossos. Lives are saved that day as the Cerberus jumps away from Tauron, but was it worth the cost?
January 9 - February 10, 2042 The Dog That Didn't Bark The trial of Rear Admiral Michael Abbot finally concludes with a guilty verdict. The former leader of the Fleet is ruled a Cylon agent and executed for treason. Old business settled, the Fleet goes on the offensive, in a strike against a recently-discovered Cylon Raider foundry dubbed Operation Silent Mastiff. The plan - unusually - goes off without a hitch in one of the few "easy" victories the humans have scored since Warday. The foundry is destroyed and a strange, new breed of Cylon - a half-machine, half-skinjob "hybrid" - captured from its interior.

Less explosively, but perhaps of no less importance, a Raptor reconnaissance mission to the outskirts of Gemenon border space discovers an ancient ship that may be a relic from the Exodus from Kobol. It is recovered and stored aboard Cerberus, though what import it might hold for the past or future of humanity remains to be seen.
February 11 - March 20, 2042 Nights of the Living Swarm But there are more pressing concerns than ancient relics. The Fleet comes under unrelenting attack from swarms of Raiders, hulls all marked with a 'III' symbol. Striking every 24 hours, hunting the Fleet across outer Colonial space. Though the Fighting Fourteenth keeps them at bay, they inflict death by small cuts day after day in casualties and broken planes. The production of the 'III' Raiders is tracked to another Foundry, but even the destruction of that facility does not end the chase. Finally the battlegroup is cornered by a trio of basestars, but the trap turns against the Cylons.

Using the Areion's Gun, now linked to the Corsair and Praetorian, its amplified power renders the Raiders dead. A team boards one of the basestars, and finds more than they bargained for. The basestar - and apparently the Swarms - was controlled by a previously-unidentified skinjob: Number Three. (An away team on Sagittaron initially encountered him on 20 March 2042 AE just as he was going to be executed by the SSLF for his role in the Aigothena Massacre of 28 December 2035 AE.) Though the Colonials destroy him and his evil craft, Three still seems ominously satisfied even in defeat and death.
March 21 - April 14, 2042 A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing The battlegroup jumps into space over the gas giant Ophion, to recover from the punishment of the Swarms, but all is still not well in the Fleet. A mysterious illness sickens dozens of members of the crew - particularly those in the Deck and Air Wing - leading to the death of one crewman and leaving others comatose. And strange portents are on the horizon from Gemenon. The next reconnaissance ends in a surprising lack of hostility from the Cylons, and sends a message that turns out to be a plea for help. While Medical works to find a cure and eyes turn in both puzzlement and hope to Gemenon, strife surfaces within Fleet leadership. Commander Kepner takes matters into his own hands in the hunt for skinjobs, kidnapping and detaining personnel to 'test' their humanity. Paranoia and suspicion grow between the crews, and the tensions among the humans slowly but surely come to a boil.
April 15, 2042 Alea Iacta Est Those tensions explode on April 15. Commander Laughlin rallies the leaders of the Fleet to confront Kepner, put a stop to his detainments and plan the mission forward to Gemenon. But Kepner has other ideas. He makes a grab for power in a bloody coup, murdering Commander Laughlin and taking the Department Heads hostage. His agents incapacitate the XOs of Cerberus, Praetorian, and Corsair, and gain access to the battlestar's nuclear launch codes. His ultimatum: submit to his authority and undertake a suicide mission against the Cylons to Gun the inner colonies, or die by Kepner's hand.

The cause seems lost until an unexpected figure offers his aid: Allan Rejn. The former QUODEL representative reveals himself to be a Cyon skinjob - Number One. He offers to 'plug' himself into CIC and use his Cylon abilities to break Kepner's hold on the nukes. Tactical personnel, seeing no alternative, agree. With Rejn's aid, the hacking of the nukes is disrupted long enough to get planes and Marines into the air, and launch a bloody fight to free the Department Heads and take down Commander Kepner. Cerberus forces - along with a handful of defectors from the Areion win the day, but the cost is high.

The Areion's XO, Colonel Riederer, surrenders after Kepner's death and jumps the Areion away, parting ways with the BSG-132. Rejn - or One - dies on the floor of CIC, sacrificing himself in order for Cerberus to win the day against Kepner.
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