PHD #319: Tidbits
Summary: Ships and Marines pass at chow time in the galley.
Date: 11 Jan 2042 AE
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Galley - Deck 9 - Battlestar Cerberus
Behind the two hangar decks, the Cerberus' Galley is the largest room on the ship. Nearly half the size of a football field, the eating area is made up of long lines of stainless steel tables that can be folded up and placed against the wall for larger events. Individual seats are the standard military issue, boring and grey with lowest-bidder padding. The line for food stretches across one of the shorter sides of the room while the kitchen behind works nearly twenty-four hours a day to produce either full meals or overnight snacks and coffee for the late shifts.
Post-Holocaust Day: #319

Sonja is chowing down on some of this very fine military food, if you hold your nose and squint before the fork gets close to your mouth it almost tastes eddible. That's how anyone walking in now would mind our residant Hick. Seated at one of the front table, having her chow.

Cidra is in the chow line, for her part. Duty blues jacket unbuttoned as if she's just come off shift. She collects a tray of mess standard fare, and gets herself a cup of coffee as well. And then she's off searching for a place to sit. Sonja is spotted. Watched. And angled toward. "Midshipman Lyon. How does the day find you?"

Sonja chokes down her mouthful with only a mild coughing fit, leaps to her feet and salutes rather smartly. "I'm fine thank you sir." She says, not at all phased at having such an honored dinner guest. "How are you?" she asks. "Sir."

Roland makes his way through the chow line, loading his tray. He picks up what looks like roll, and snifs at it. He frowns, but shrugs, and put it on top of the tray.

Cidra just eyes Sonja mildly. The salute is acknowledged with a wry sigh, though it requires some careful re-balancing of her tray. "As you were, please. That is not necessary in here. We are both off duty, and it interrupts one's dining. May I sit?" She will wait for an invitation. Roland is noted, and earns an inclination of her head in acknowledgement.

Sonja waves her hand over to Roland, then turns back to the bosslady. "Oh, yes of course, please." She moves her tray over and cup of brew then settles back down. "I'll keep that in mind also, no saluting in the mess." She grins alittle. "Alot to take in but I think I'm getting it." She confesses.

Roland blances the tray with one hand, and nods over to each of them in turn. He grabs a bottle of water, before recovering his tray, and moving toward the tables looking for a clear spot.

Cidra seats herself, setting her tray down in front of her, though it's her coffee she starts in on first. "Yes, it is a great deal to take in," she agrees with Sonja. "Pay attention and follow the lead of your senior officers and you shall come along well enough. You are on the Viper pipeline, yes? Have you begun your intensive instruction with Captain Vakos at this juncture?" A simple "Blue" is offered to Roland when he joins the table.

Sonja waves Blue over to their table. "If the Major doesn't mind, come join us Lieutenant." Sitting down again Sonya, shakes her head. "I haven't meet Captain Vakos yet, I've just been released from military protocal and basic training, as they called it."

Roland slides into an empty seat, and glances up at the clock on the wall before looks over to them, and nodding, "Sir…Sonja.." He glances between them, "Poppy is the Viper instructor?"

"Captain Vakos is a qualified flight instructor, yes, and the most experienced Viper stick qualified for it currently aboard," Cidra replies to Roland. "So she is rather by default. Drips is assisting her with the Viper nuggets, as am I as a I can." To Sonja, a short nod. "I see. Well. We had best get you to it promptly, then. It shall be simulator time at first to start with, but I would like to get all Nuggets into the cockpit as soon as possible."

Sonja looks rather excited at the prospects of more simulator time. "I've been familarizing myself with the sims over the last few days, Sir." She takes a few bites of her food, then carries on. "And I'm all for getting me flight ready."

Roland listnes quietly, "I think the sims may be full for a few days. They're about to start games with the Specters…" He quints at the clock, "I think I need to squeeze in some sim time myself…"

"The training for Operation Silent Mastiff does take priority," Cidra says. "But I shall make certain to slot out some time for the Nuggets. I would not slow the development of our new pilots. They shall be what keep us flying." Faintest of smiles. "Still, Blue, I do hope you all and the Spectres enjoy our little contests ramping up to it. I think they shall be most beneficial to our unit cohesion with the Areion's personnel."

Sonja glances over at Roland. "Well if your going down to the sims, any time soon let me know I can let you shoot me down a few times." She says, grinning slightly. "And yeah, I've been hearing about the Mastiff operation." She says stumbling over the military terms a little, damned hick. "Sure hope, I get trained soon, seems like I'm missing out on some sweet…Eh stick time, is that the right term?"

Roland shrugs, "You might take it up with Poppy.. I'm not sure she'd want you learnin bad habits from rest of us.." He glances over to the CAG, and clears his throat, "Umm Sir.. I'm sure you been in the old man's office." He nods, "Meetings and reports and such…"

"Are you referring to Colonel Pewter?" Cidra asks Roland when he inquires about the 'old man.' "I have been, yes. Why do you ask?" To Sonja, she merely nods. "'Stick time' works as well as any, Lyon. The Colonel and our compatriots on the Areion are planning an attack against what appears to be a Cylon manufacturing facility. It shall be quite difficult. Do not concern yourself with it. Concentrate on training. Stick time would do you little good until you are properly prepared."

Sonja takes the mild rebuke well and nods her head. "Aye aye Sir, noted." She can't help but wriggle in her seat a little though, part excited part embaressed by her eagerness.

Roland shakes his head, "No sir.. Was Lt. Colone Baer…You haven't noted anything.. specific.. Say around his humidor?" He sits at a table with Cidra and Sonja. He nods over to Wade as the pilot walks in.

"Ah. Lieutenant Colonel Baer, of the Areion." Cidra nods. "Yes. I have been to his office. He has a very nice couch." The observation is made with just a touch of dryness. "And yes, Blue, excellent cigars. I shared one with him on Aerilon and I *quite* enjoyed it. So you had best put your all effort into our little exercises if you would like to earn them." She's in her duty blues, jacket unbuttoned as if she's just gotten off, chowing and chatting with Sonja and Roland.

Sonja is chowing down on some military chow, and boy is it good! She's sat next to the boss lady chatting with her and Roland.

And then the Marine XO enters, currently in the process of unbuttoning his drab CMC uniform shirt which he peels from his shoulders when he's just inside the hatch. Seems someone is going off-duty. With his dual-tank tops now exposed, the Erinyes tattooed on his bicep seem to ripple with life as he hooks two fingers in the collar of his shirt which then gets slung over his shoulder. On to coffee he goes.

Wade is wearing his flight suit at the moment, he is not scheduled for CAP anytime soon, so it's more than likely that he has been spending time at the Sims. With him, he carries a small notebook and as he walks, he takes notes. Soon enough, his attention drifts to those around the area and then he tucks the pencil behind his ear. He does spot Cid, Sonja and Roland, so he makes his way in their general direction "Enjoying some food?" asks the man, looking between them and the notebook.

Cidra's eyes flit up to idly follow the new entrants into the mess. Mathers is observed. Or, rather, her focus goes to his visible tattoo. Eyeing it with a certain amount of scrutiny. Though at Wade's approach her attention turns to him. Mid-sip, she toasts her coffee to him. Swallowing before replying. "As much as one can, yes. Hard at work, I do see, Drips? What is your effort today?"

Roland smiles slightly, and nods to the pilot, "Hey Drips.. Got you a bonafide Viper nugget here. Fresh faced, and eager as all get out to hit the sims." He nods down to girl with white hair, "Sonja.. Meet Drips.. Viper instructor." He falls silent as Cidra's question takes precident.

Sonja jumps up from her seat and salutes the two new comers, being the Nugget she is, and even though Cidra just told her she doesn't need to. She's so fresh and green it hurts. See the back of her ears? Green! "Sirs." She says, giving them a lovely parade ground style one.

With a filled coffee cup in hand, Mathers approaches the CAG's table where she sits with her underlings. "Make a hole," comes a velvet rumble and it is all the response that Sonja gets with that 'Sir' address, at least from his end. Without any pomp or circumstance, the Marine Captain is then dropping down into the very spot the nugget vacated.

Wade chuckles softly at Cidra's first words and he nods "Right you are, Toast" Now, he looks at her and then back to his notebook. "This….well, I've been studying flight footage for the Mark 7.5s, I'm taking a couple notes /and/ making observations on those notes. Engine power, Position thrusters power, targeting systems…" he nods to his own words. This is something that was requested from the test pilots. Now, he looks at Roland and nods "Hey Blue" and he arches both eyebrows after that "Is that so?" Now, his gaze moves to Sonja. He offers a salute and then "At ease Midshipman" says the man with a nod and then asks "So, Viper Pilot huh?" His attention moves up to the Marine and then back to the notebook to finish crunching some numbers.

"As you were, Lyon," Cidra says, dryly, but she buries any further hint of amusement. Head rotates to Mathers as he plops down. But, since the Nugget was so jumpy from her seat, she doesn't objecct. "Captain Mathers. Do you fly with the Furies?" She seems to assume he'll know what she means, oblique as the comment is. Eyes rest on his tattoo again for a beat, then return to Wade. A nod. "Yes. Wade is…taking instruction on the art of instructing. But he is assisting Poppy with the training of our Viper pilots and you would do well to put in a good bit of your sim time with him, Midshipman."

Sonja nods at Wade. "Aye Sir, use to dust the fields back home on Leonis, and figured I'd sign up, do my duty and all that…." She waves her hand back and forth instead of saying, shit or crap. The marine whom takes her seat is given a shrug, rank has privilages and she supposes taking a nuggets seat is one of them. "I'll take that out your way sir." She says, going to grab her tray and move around to the other side of the table. She gracefully plops back down and cotinues to eat as if she was never relocated. "I sure will Major." She says looking up from her tray again. "You know I'm eager." She adds, rolling her eyes at herself.

Mathers makes a little gruff noise in the back of his throat as he didn't even have time to inspect Sonja's tray before she's sliding it away. Instead, his attention turns to Cidra's plate, likely in search of those little gelatin cubes he seems fond of stealing from the Major. "It is best to know them, so they don't consume you." Is his oblique response to Cidra. "But I'll leave the flying to the lot of you." His coffee cup makes a vague circle to encompass all the airwing he's surrounded himself with.

"Exactly, instructions in the art of instructing…and all that" repeats Wade with a very faint smile. Finally, he closes his notebook and studies Sonja for a little bit longer "Dust the fields huh?" He nods to this and adds "Do you know that one of our Squadrons was initially formed by farm people that used to fly crop dusters?" There is another faint smile. Is this a way to make her feel more comfortable or welcome? That will never be known. Now, he looks back at Cidra and nods to her "Yes, I agree with Major Hahn. You are to be put in the sims and we'll make sure to get a Viper pilot out of you." Now, he smiles with a bit of amusement and he looks at Cidra again "You hear that sir, she is eager." Har Har Har, fresh meat.

Roland chuckles softly, and leans back in his chair a little, "I think you just like naming the nuggets Drips.." He lifts his coffee cup to drink, setting it back down, and looking down the table to Sonja.

Sonja eyes light up even more that the grey they already are. "Really, Blue told me the same thing, not two days ago. I'd like to be introduced to em, if they talk my talk." She grins, and slowly places a hand around her fork, least she be called to defend it from the savage rough neck. No gelatin on her plate, no sir! "Eager sure am, can't wait to bust some cylon…Em booty?" She glances around at the senior officers, she'll be sprouting brussels soon.

"Let her do something distinguishing before you name her," Cidra says. "A callsign is not a proper one unless it carries a story one is *very* reluctant to repeat." Faintest of smiles as she sips her coffee. A small nod of approval to Wade as he speaks with Sonja, though she does not interrupt. Brows arching at Mathers again. "So it is with all things. I am curious why you select the totem of Erinyes, however."

There's a smile hidden by the rim of Mathers' coffee mug as he takes a sip, but the corners of his eyes crinkle in a tell tale sign as the topic of Sonja's callsign is discussed. Maybe he has some input on the subject, but holds back as it's not his place. This is an air-wang thang. Once the coffee cup is lowered, his bottom lip gets pulled over his top to clear the taste of coffee from them before he once more answers Cidra. "I'm told I have a…volitile nature. It's a reminder to me, to keep it in check. How long have you been winged?"

"I didn't mean that as a call sign, really" offers Wade with a faint smile. "For that very reason" adds the man now, nodding at Toast. "But! Before your Nuggetdom ends, maybe…we'll have to se." Now, he nods again, adding "The Black Knights, created during the Cylon War. I'm not sure if we do have farmers right at this moment., wait…you might want to talk with Hosedown, Andrea Demarcos…" He nods a couple times at that and then clears his throat "Did you meet Captain Vakos already, Lyon?"

Sonja isn't at all aware of her impending callsign being discussed, she's just merrily looking from one speaker to the next, clear trilled to be in such company. This aint no ho-down night at the farm that's for sure. "Captain Vakos, no sir, but I'm sure I will soon yes?" She says, glancing at Cidra and Mathers, Roland is given a grin just to make sure he's still with the conversation.

Roland laces his fingers behind his head, and smiles slightly, as the converstaion goes on around him. He nods once to Sonja, before speaking up, "Thats right.. A good name has to have a story behind it."

"Should most soon," Cidra says firmly to Sonja. "She shall also be most occupied with Silent Mastiff preparations and shepherding our Areion counterparts throughout the ship, but I am sure she shall have time for a Nugget." She still mostly leaves Sonja in Wade, and Roland's, hands, however. Gaze still on Mathers. "Volatile? I hope it not so harsh a thing as that. The Furies are not indiscriminate. They are avenging spirits, against crimes against the natural order. For my part, I have been flying a Raptor for the Navy for a little more than fifteen years now. I had intended to stay in until my twenty, at least. Not that any of us are truly eligible for retirement as things stand."

Wade chuckles at the comment of shepherding and the mention of Areion also brings him back to 'alotofworkland' "Actually, I should get going…gotta finish running some tests" With that said, he stands up and nods politely to everything "Have a good rest of the day" also offered to everyone. Now, he looks at Sonja and he nods to her "Meet me at the sims in exactly, one hour. We have to start with your training" With that said, he takes a step back, nods again, turns around and leaves.

Sonja claps her hands together and yeses and waves at Wade absently. "Looks like it's full steam ahead, afterburns on full!" Says the eager beaver, and now she bends to her tray, finishing it off, quickly least she be late for her first offical simulation practice. Her conversation partner, wondered off she turns to Roland, Mathers and Cidra.

Roland nods slowly, "There you go. In the saddle already."

Mathers's arm crosses his chest, fingers absently touching at the three ladies' visage that's tattooed on his upper arm. "They are vengence, they are jealousy, they are anger. To know them, is to know their madness." He gives a gruff little laugh at his own words, knowing it sounds ridiculous even as it's voiced. He turns back to his coffee, offering Wade a little up-nod as he realizes the man's leaving. "Your service jacket I have access to, Major. I meant your inked wing." A pause as he focuses on Sonja. "New blood?"

Sonja doesn't have a second to spare, she jumps up tray already in hand and nods at her table companions. "I gotta go, Sim practice!" She says as if the three waren't here when she was told to attend. "Can't be late." She turns and heads off, pauses half way to the trash line, comes back grabs her cup empties it, and then back to the clean up area.

"Afterburners on full," Cidra concurs with another of those slight nods of approval for Sonja. She's picking slowly through her meal, but she's more or less finished with it now. She continues to nurse her coffee and converse. To Mathers clarification she lets out a soft "Ah." Another sip. "The owl wings on my shoulders I got when I left university. When I joined the Navy, come to it. Or just before. The spear on my left arm and the olive branch upon my right I have had for a bit longer, though not much. I had all of my tattoos done when I was studying theology at the Kobol Colleges. All symbols to the Wise Lady Athena."

Roland stands up from the table, and nods to pair left, "Sir…Sir.." He picks up his tray, moving toward the disposal area before threading his way back out onto the deck.

Mathers is making a nasty habit out of picking off of Cidra's plate, and so his fingers go walking again. "At least you know she'll be punctual." He comments off-handedly about the enthusiastic nugget as she goes bounding off, almost literally. There's a nod to Roland as he too excuses himself. "If I'd have known I was going to run off all your dinner mates, Major, I would have showered after the gym."

"Blue. Clear eyes and steady hands," Cidra offers to Roland in parting. Brows are arched at Mathers. Not that she objects, really, though she does add wryly, "I am told the galley offers seconds if one is especially nice to the petty officers." A chuckle and shake of her head at the last. "Hardly. The pair of pilots have a good deal of work to occupy them, and a Nugget *should* have naught but work. And what of you? The ink, I mean. How long have you worn it?"

Mathers finds a little stray pea on the Major's plate, trapping it between forefinger and thumb so he can pop it in his mouth. It gets dispensed of quickly, because the pea is not as mighty as the crush of Mathers' teeth. "Twelve years. I got it shortly after I almost blew my chance at OTS for something as silly as a bar fight." There's a pause and a wry twist of his lips. "Over a girl."

"And she brought to your mind the Furies?" The amusement in Cidra's voice is not exactly faint. "Well. That is good, I think. A permanent reminder of a stupidity teaches one not to repeat the mistake. Such it is with callsigns for a pilot. The best serve as an object lesson one should do their utmost not to repeat."

Mathers swings one leg out into the aisle, turning sideways with his fingers snagging the handle of his coffee. "Oh, I repeated it alright. At least twice. Maybe third time is a charm?" And with that, he seems to be making ready to depart.

"Well, there are three Furies. That would have a certain divine symmetry to it." Cidra is near finished as well. She sips away the last of her coffee. "Keep your head out there, Captain. I shall impart some wisdom to you. Most women are not worth the trouble." Said with humor, if a very rueful sort.

"I'm starting to think it's not the women." Mathers lofts his coffee cup in mock-salute. "Be seeing you, Major."

Cidra's near-empty cup tips up to Mathers in kind and she stands. "Perhaps it is a volatile combination of factors. Be seeing you." And off she goes.

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