Flak Frigate Theatron (CF-1163)



One of the old flak frigates whose predecessors first found use during the First Cylon War, the Nadiv class was not designed and produced until about ten years after the Armistice was signed. CF-1163 Theatron — thirteenth in her class of forty-nine — is a little over twenty-seven years old, and she lacks the computing power and conduit tubing required to utilize the newest navigation software. Thus, Fleet Command chose to redirect all her power into her DRADIS systems, now among the most powerful in the Fleet. The EXtreme LOng-RAnge DRADIS (EXLORAD) system provides triple the effective coverage of the standard battlestar unit, allowing her serve as an early warning ship and occasional scout. However is also has the capability to coordinate task force operations some distance away from the flagship. In addition to her sensor capabilities, the Theatron also possesses an impressive number of anti-aircraft guns, not to mention sixteen anti-ship guns and respectable set of six heavy cannons. But all that firepower comes at a heavy price: the 2,300-foot ship requires nearly all of her 988 crewmembers to run and reload her guns.


CF-1163 was attached to BSG-41 (Battlestar Group 41) "Valkyrie" and was assigned as local defense to a Signals Intelligence ship (CC-22 "Resolute"). It would also approach the Arm Line often enough to employed is EXLORAD as deep over the line as it could. It has served with distinction for 27 years and its crew has been awarded three Presidential Unit Citations, patrolling the Armistice Line the whole time despite being transferred between different BSG's over the years.

Command Staff

  • Colonel Maria Westinghouse, Commanding Officer: Tough woman with a heart of iron. She demanded the absolute best out of every one of her officers and would accept nothing less than perfection. Some people loved her. Even more hated her. Everyone respected her.
  • Major Felix Edwards, Executive Officer: Major Edwards had quite a difficult time working with Colonel Westinghouse. It was often rumored that they would fight in her quarters about quite a few decisions. However, in CIC and in public Edwards backed her 100% and never questioned her. He would often rise to her defense if anyone ventured a comment around him. A lot of the junior enlisted said he was spineless. Quite a few others knew better.

Prior Crew

  • LTJG-LT Clive Tillman: Tillman served aboard this Flak Frigate nearly a decade ago, putting down two years for Colonel Westinghouse. He served as the ships Tactical Officer and Intel Officer for seven months during an extended deployment to Arm Line space after the ship's billeted IO fell ill and died. (Deployment: Late 2030 - Early 2033)
  • APP-CN Kal "Bootstrap" Trask: Engineering Technician: Electrical (2026 - 2028 AE)
  • LTJG Willem Justinian: Justinian was posted to the Theatron for less than a year, serving as her Tactical Officer from 2040 AE until the crewing of the Cerberus. He was then transferred directly to the Cerberus for her commissioning.
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