PHD #503: Event - The Takedown
The Takedown
Summary: Battlestar Cerberus marines take-down several high-level targets aboard the MV Elpis.
Date: 14 Jul 2042 AE
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Within the Fleet
From the Cerberus to the Elpis and back again.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear
Post-Holocaust Day: #503

When Marines arrive in the Security Hub for their briefing, it isn't Colonel Willows-Cavanaugh or Gunnery Sergeant Constin. Instead, it's Corporal Daniel Kincaid, a lowly NCO, standing in front of a diagram of MV Elpis's living quarters. He gets right down to business.

"Thank you all for coming." It's a perfunctory greeting. "This morning at 0912 hours, Captain Benjamin "Payback" Cincinnatus of MV Elpis signed warrants for the arrest of Piers Rene-Marie, Joshua Hewitt, and Mark Uselyn. He also signed search warrants for their quarters. He did these things under authority given to him by Fleet Command in a memorandum that will be released following these three individuals' arrest.

"Rene-Marie is to be arrested for the murder of Petty Officer Second Class Marissa Langer. Hewitt and Uselyn are being arrested for a severe assault on Doctor Magnus Dekker. As we believe all three suspects are working in concert with one another, we will execute these arrests simultaneously to prevent one from tipping off the others.

"Rene-Marie, as you may know, has his own living quarters, here. He also has at least bodyguards stationed outside the quarters at all times. The team assigned to Rene-Marie will neutralize these threats, enter his quarters, effectuate an arrest, and secure the quarters for search.

"Hewitt and Uselyn share communal living quarters here with thirty other individuals. We believe that's how they came to know one another and fall in with Rene-Marie. That team's goal here will be to control the crowd that may be present in the quarters and effectuate an arrest.

"I'll be leading the team taking Rene-Marie's quarters. Major Mathers." Kincaid nods to the Marine XO. "Will lead the team securing Hewitt and Uselyn. Lunair, Blaine, and Inoue will be with him. You'll have crowd control assistance from the Marines still on Elpis."

"Because we believe that Rene-Marie's organization has scouts in the landing bay and a deployed team of Marines in combat blacks would tip them off, we will dress in khakis, sidearms, batons, and cuffs, and come in under cover of being the shift change for the Marines currently stationed on Elpis. Those Marines, however, will remain, and will attempt to assist with crowd control. We are uncertain if any of our suspects are armed, but we will have to assume that they are. Move quick, execute the plan, and stay safe."

A beat.

"Any questions?

"Are there weapons already aboard the Elpis for our use? Or are we going to be completing this detainment with only our sidearms?" Ekho's question comes easily, casually. It's a problem, and problems just need to be solved. "As well, is lethal force authorized, if the necessity arises?" Diving into a potentially crowded room full of civilians guns blazing would be, well, bad.

Lunair's … helping. She is quiet, as she listens and duly respectful. This isn't her domain normally, after all. "I would be shocked if we did not have at least a few tazers," She offers quietly. But otherwise, she lets others answer. It's apparent she's not too fond of the idea, but well - what must be done.

Samuel listens a bit thoughtfully as he hears that. "Finally…" he mutters under his breath, before he nods a bit at Ekho's questions, looking back to Kincaid again for the answers now.

Mathers pushes off his lean against the wall, returning the nod from the NCO with one of his own. "You heard the man, Marines. We're going to suit up and ship out. I want this clean and tidy and by the books so when this hits the civilian presses they don't even try to paint these frakkers as victims. Any weapons free orders will come from me."

Kincaid nods when Mathers speaks. "Sidearms are — I think — the most we're going to want to have in this situation. We're facing confined quarters. Rifles are just overkill at this point. Also, once we start handing out submachine guns, we're going to tip off what we're up to. Tazers can be checked out, though, if you think it's going to be useful." A pause.

"If there's nothing else, we've got a Raptor on Deck. Let's stay safe out there."

Nataly took a bit of a long breath as the orders are given… she has a beef with all of these men, indirectly, after her time on Elpis, and she is more than a little ready to be part of the team to bring them to justice. She falls in with Mathers' team, awaiting orders. She's gonna do her job, and make them proud they let her enlist.

Ekho nods, considerng, before she steps away from her post by the entry hatch, "As you say, sir." That to Mathers. "But I'll be checking out the tazer." A dead conspirator won't get you much intel. "Nothing else from me." That said, she waits for the dismissal, before she'll gather what little else she needs of her gear before heading to the raptor. She's already dressed in her standard uniform.

Lunair is for her part, quiet. "I would like to check out a Tazer as well," Just to be sure. She will wait for her dismissal as well, then.

Samuel nods a little bit as he hears that, waiting patiently for now. Keeping quiet for the moment as he looks to the others a bit thoughtfully.

The Major himself is already in the indicated uniform, but now he pops an old worn ball cap out of the back pocket of his khakis and flicks it open. "Boots to the ground, Pounders. Asses in seats for skids up in ten." That said, he settles the hat with a frayed bill on his head, pulling it low to shadow his eyes. Looks like the XO is going a bit incognito for this one, but he slips his telltale toothpick between his lips. "Dismissed."

There must be something like a dozen Marines in khakis packed onto the Raptor that takes off from the Deck, all dressed in their finest pressed khakis. While some are clearly nervous — they're not used to going into a potentially hostile situation not in their combat blacks — others are more eager, ready to 'bust these guys' as one says. It's an uneventful trip over, the Raptor's channels tuned to the Marine tac frequency from Elpis that 'reports' — for the benefit of any wireless scanners out there — the wind down of the day shift, headed into night.

When the Raptor touches down in the Elpis's landing bay, Kincaid is the first one out, taking a clipboard from the last shift's senior NCO to take a carbon copy of the incident reports from the last eight hours.

<FS3> Lunair rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Nataly rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Samuel rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Mathers rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Ekho rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Nataly rolls Social: Success.

As her boots hit the ground, Nataly feels a buzzing and glances over at one of the deckhands. She remembers him, kinda, and he is sure as hell eyeing up the team. Doing her best to be nonchalant, she walks up to the Major and mutters, when the deckie is looking at someone else, "Eyes on us, sir. Four o'clock… the ugly Saggie."

Hmmm. Lunair's purple eyes narrow slightly, and she inclines her head, nodding at Nataly. She seems to catch it too. It's confirmation, as the Lieutenant was about to open her mouth. Granted, given her odd eyes - she might be a bit used to reactions from people. Still.

Ekho's happy enough to be off of the raptor, if her attitude is anything to say for it, as she moves, not far away from the team, but into the marines now coming off of their shift, the soft conversation she offers polite and extraneous, just the sort of thing one does when friends are meeting friends in passing, nothing here to see. If nothing else, it does give her a chance to refamiliarize herself with the Elpis and the general layout of the ship, as far as she can gather from here.

Mathers steps off the Raptor, pulling up a clipboard. There is nothing but the barest acknowledgement that he even heard Nataly. "Alright, let's see which of you frakkers drew the short straw for evening shift tonight. Inoue, Blaine, Rassvet and Lunair, I hear you're going to miss one helluva wet t-shirt contest tonight at Pete's. The first I hear boo-hooing about security detail earns themselves an extra special trip to the Latrine, where they'll be scrubbing it on their hands and knees with their toothbrush." Mathers finally flicks a glance up in the direction of his Four, but back to his men. "Now beat feet to your post and relieve the last muttley crew."

Samuel moves off the Raptor as well, nodding a bit as he exchanges some brief words, a joke or something, with one of those coming off shift. Glancing around for a few moments as he hears Mathers, before he nods a bit. "Will do, sir."

The person that Nataly and Lunair seem to have noted takes in the Marines coming off the Raptor, but then shakes his head, apparently satisfied that this is just some changing of the guard. Kincaid and his crew make their way off towards Rene-Marie while Mathers' crew is directed off and town the corridor towards the communal living quarters where Hewitt and Uselyn bunk. As they pass, civilians turn and glance at them, taking in the crew of khaki-clad military police.

Her bit said, Nataly falls into line, marching off, at attention but only barely, for all the world another bored marine on for some boring duty. She rolls her eyes at the mention of the wet t-shirt contest, of course.

Lunair seems appeased although she smirks softly at the wet t-shirt joke. "I'd only be worried if my husband was participating, sir," She offers quietly and wryly. But she accepts her assignment and nods. Time to settle in for some guard duty. She moves along with Nataly then.

"If your husband was participating, I'm sure we all would be worried, sir," Samuel remarks to Lunair as he follows the others. Shaking his head a bit lightly.

Ekho moves out as ordered, her manner as matter-of-fact as ever. Another day at work. The people she pases, whether they give her unhappy looks or not receive her smile and the politeness she's learned to cultivate through long years of not punching anyone in the face at the slightest whim. Onward and upward, as the four marines follow the Captain to spread out on their patrol.

It takes a short walk down the corridor before the Marine team gets the hatch outside the set of living quarters where Uselyn and Hewitt dorm. The team would know that inside is a common room — likely filled with people — and off of it is the set of bunks and lockers that Uselyn and Hewitt call home. Some of the 'heading off shift' Marines have loitered about off of the hallway, waiting for their cue from Mathers.

Nataly takes another breath a bit deeper than normal as they approach the dorm. She wasn't looking forward to this part, walking into the dorms, once her home, as an enforced outsider. Some of the things that had been shouted at her in the past would become true the moment that happened. Still… she nodded slightly to herself. It had to be done, especially with these guys. It was time.

You know it's time for business when Mathers pulls the toothpick out of his mouth and slips it in a little worn hole in his ballcap. Beneath the brim of the hat, his eyes are sharp and focused and any hint of faux humor has been wiped away from his face. "Remember. Crowd control. Only two that go down are the two we're here for. In and out." The XO nods at his team and then motions for whomever is closest to the hatch to throw it open. Oorah.

Which would be Ekho, it looks like. She doesn't unholster her gun, though she loosens the holster, the tazer given the same treatment. Hand to hand will have to do for the moment, as she reaches out, spinning the door to the hatch and pushing it open in a single efficient movement.

Lunair seems used to being somewhat distant. She might smile politely at people in passing if they don't glare. But otherwise, she's vaguely statue like in her polite, thoughtful demeanor. She nods and will stand by then, tense but calm.

Waiting with the others now, Samuel seems to have the same idea as Ekho when it comes to the gun, preparing for what's about to come. "Nice and clean…" he mutters, under hid breath.

Pop! The hatch opens up easily, revealing — well, revealing an evening in Elpis. Some people sit in groups and talk. Others play cards at tables. Some are headed to the head or to their quarters. Now the ball is in the Marines' court.

<FS3> Nataly rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Lunair rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Mathers rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Samuel rolls Alertness: Bad Failure.
<FS3> Ekho rolls Alertness: Success.

Ekho's voice is sharp, pitched to rise above the babble of the people in the room, as well as the pounding of boots on hull, "Joshua Hewitt and Mark Uselyn, this is fleet police, we have a warrant for your arrests. Come with us peacefully, we promise you will not be harmed."

As the marines pour into the civilian berthing, Mathers hangs towards the back, not intending to take direct part in any of the arrests if he can help it. The man merely surveys the area as Ekho gives her loud and booming address, eagle eyes set to pick out any dissenters when he spies one of the people of interest making his way to the head. He doesn't shout his name to tip Hewitt off that he's been seen, but rather just lifts and points a hand so his marines are alerted to the him.

Making his way in as well, Samuel's attention is drawn towards the people at one of the table for a few moments, before he notices the pointing from Mathers and glances over in that direction, then back towards whoever he was watching from the start. Not adding to what's being said at the moment. And hand firmly away from his gun at this moment.

Nataly walks in, quietly, trying to see everything and, thereby, not seeing much of anything beyond the major's subtle gesture, waiting for someone to make a move.

Ekho remains near the door, at least until the marines wh were supposed to be going off shift will come in to back her up and secure the exit. She's not going to be the one who lets them get out and all that. But her eyes are always alert, trying to spot the second of the two men they've come for.

Ekho's announcement certainly sets off the room. There's a hub-bub. Mostly it's just sounds of surprise. Others try to get out of the way, but end up finding themselves in the way of other Marines that are trying to maneuver through the group. As for their suspects? The person who Samuel is about to grab turns, glancing over his shoulder. Whoever Samuel thought this was, it isn't either of their suspects.

But as for the person Mathers pointed at? Hewitt? He seems to realize he's been made and makes a break for the hatch, trying to get through and away.

<FS3> Nataly rolls Melee: Good Success.
<FS3> Ekho rolls Melee: Terrible Failure.

The general reaction is one Mathers was undoubtedly expecting, but was unavoidable. He quickly steps back, ushering some panicked people out of the way and to safety while trying to keep his sight on the fleeing Hewitt to see if he's going to be successful in making a break for it. His booming voice cuts over the general din, "Marines. Who has eyes on Uselyn?"

Nataly sees the guy make his dash, and grimaces. Right. You're gonna run away from the Marines? To where? Stepping up, she moves to take him down as quickly an easily as she can, focusing not so much on brute strength, but redirection of force, just like Van had taught her.

"Oh, sorry," Samuel remarks to the person he thought was one of the suspects when it turns out to be someone else. Muttering some choice words under his breath, he looks around for now. Trying to locate that evasive Uselyn in the crowd.

Lunair is for her part, quiet, helping to hunt Uselyn unless someone specifically calls for her

The backup Marines are just getting to the hatch when Hewitt starts making his run for it, and out of instinct she moves in to make a grab for him. It doesn't quite work out like she planned however, as she steps left when she should have stepped right, and ends up bouncing off of a man trying to get out of the way and knocking them both down on their asses, falling hard enough to knock the breath out of her. Not a good showing for the MP at all. But she's struggling to get back to her feet, "Heading for his quarters now sir." She almost manages to make it sound like she's not in pain.

<FS3> Ekho rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ekho:Melee+3 vs Uselyn:5
< Ekho: Great Success Uselyn: Success
< Net Result: Ekho wins.

Nataly, meanwhile, has a good bead on Hewitt. She's able to grab his wrist and use that as a pivot to SLAM him face up against the wall, in a perfect position to be cuffed by the youngest Marine in the bunch. Ekho, meanwhile, enters the living quarters where she can catch out the corner of her eye a figure looking to grab he —

But no, she's far too fast. She steps out of the way and is able to turn on him, getting the upperhand to subdue him.

Ekho manages to make like a marine and work through the pain, probably well fueled by some of her pissedoffness now. Into the living area she goes, turning her head just in time to catch sight of the man, not bothering with her gun, or the taser, using just the momentum of her body and her training. He's moving, but so is she and she uses his motion to supplement hers, as she sweeps his legs out from under him and brings him down for the marines to take him into custody.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ekho:Melee+1 vs Uselyn:5
< Ekho: Success Uselyn: Good Success
< Net Result: Uselyn wins.

Nataly grins as she holds the runner up against the wall, reaching for her cuffs. "Now that's no way to play, Hewitt. You are under arrest, like the lady said. So lets just keep this nice and quiet, okay? No one will hurt you so long as you play nice."

<FS3> Samuel rolls Melee: Good Success.

Moving to provide backup in case something would be going wrong, Samuel arrives in time to see the man go down. "Nicely done," he remarks, before he moves over to get a hold of the target for this little operation. "Like it's been pointed out, you're now under arrest," he offers a bit lightly to Uselyn as he works on pulling the man up to remove him from the room. Offering a bit of a smile in the process.

Although Ekho tries to sweep down Uselyn, her leg is stopped by his, stopping the takedown. But that's just when Samuel comes in and grabs him from behind, able to grab his wrists to cuff him. Nataly, too, manages to get the cuffs on Hewitt, making this — well. Making this as successful a bust as one could hope.

Once Mathers sees that his men have everything under control, forefinger and thumb run along the bill of his hat until the sliver of wood prickles his skin. The toothpick is pulled free and slipped back between his lips to get flicked from one corner to the next. "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for your cooperation. The suspects have now been apprehended and will be taken into custody. You can now resume your evening's activities. Marines, escort our new friends out."

This is certainly one of those days when Ekho wishes she were a shoot first, ask questions later sort of marine. Thankfully, she and Samuel make a good team, and what she starts, he finishes, and she has a chance to dust herself off as she gets to her feet, before she moves in to assist him, the rest of the people in the living area not seeming, she would hope, about to riot. Here's to hoping Kincaid's team has as much success, "Any word from the other squad?"

Nataly salutes, then starts with the escort, moving her prisoner along carefully. No signs of brutality were to be shown, unless required. Her ears perk as the question about the other team is raised.

Kincaid, indeed, does have his man. When Mathers's team arrives back at the Raptor, the Corporal is there with a certain Virgon and two of his 'followers,' likely bodyguards. Danny just grins at the Major, seemingly pleased at what he's brought in.

"Well look at this," he remarks, a smirk all over his lips. "An op on Elpis that actually went right for once. I've got my people going through Rene-Marie's stuff. But I think we've got these three nailed." A toss of his head. "Thanks for the help, everyone. Good work." And so, with that, the victorious Marines of Cerberus move off to its brig, three high-level civilian criminals in tow, bound for — well — bound for the Fleet's first-ever civilian trials.

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