PHD #263: The Start of a Beautiful Friendship
PHD #263: The Start of a Beautiful Friendship
Summary: Robinson and Samuel gets introduced to each other, and talk about life, fashion and music is the result.
Date: 16 Nov 2041 AE
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Recreation Room - Deck 9 - Battlestar Cerberus
This huge room spans quite a lot of floor space, the support beams crisscrossing at even points throughout the room. The two sides are divided fairly between the Enlisted and Officers with an unseen line more or less running down the center of the room. A couple pool and card tables sit in no-man's land with a series of regular mess tables at the rear of the room, nearest a counter full of minor refreshments like coffee and bags of chips. Magazines and reading material are spread out over the couched seating areas and a few televisions are set-up with a couple of video game systems made available.
Post-Holocaust Day: #263

OOC Note: Unlike the awesome scene in the good old movie where a variation of the title quote occurred, absolutely no Majors were shot in the production of this log.

Ah, the joys of not having to work. It's a wonderful thing. And by the amount of people in the Rec room at the current time, it seems quite a few people are enjoying time away from work. One such person is Ensign Ida Robinson, PA-C. The Medical Marine is sitting at a table in the 'no-man's land', reading a magazine and sipping on a coffee. The table is fairly empty except for her. Which those who know her might find odd. She's usually such a sociable person.

Stepping in from the corridor outside, Samuel looks around for a few moments, before heading off in the general direction of where the coffee can be found. He's singing softly to himself as he moves, and at least some of the song can be heard. "Now she cries with silent tension, this can't be right. And the downtown special cries along, 'cause I'm leaving… tonight…"

Peering up from her magazine, Robinson lets her gaze move toward the newly introduced singing voice. Curious, that. But she smiles. Singing is fun. Much like acting or fashion or surgery. For a good few moments, she just lets herself listen to the man sing, watching him as he moves toward the coffee. It's not creepy to watch people without them knowing, right?

The creepy part would probably be when people notice that they're being watched. Which isn't yet, in Samuel's case, as he works on getting his coffee ready while continuing to sing, "Now I slip the night around her, and I hope she'll be okay. I just pray someone will find her, and guide her along her way. 'Cause I'm leaving on the 1 am, by soon I'm out of sight. But she'll always be my baby, though I'm leaving tonight…" Getting the coffee ready, he takes a few steps back from the coffee maker.

Robinson can't help but giggle a little. Unfortunately she giggle's a little too loudly. With a little gasp she moves the magazine in front of her face and makes it look like she's reading it intently. In reality, however, her face is as red as a beat. How embarrassing! Hopefully he didn't hear her! That would be unfortunate if he did!

Samuel turns a bit as he hears that giggle, song trailing off for now as he looks around the room. Pausing a bit as he sees Robinson with the magazine, then he looks around the rest of the room for now, trying to decide where to seat himself.

Robinson peeks up over the magazine to see if Samuel has noticed her before quickly going back to the magazine. Did he hear her giggle? Does he know it was her? Oh, so many questions that are yet unanswered. Reaching under her magazine, she grabs her coffee cup and brings it around the magazine and takes a long sip from it.

If he's noticed where the giggle came from, Samuel doesn't give any indication of it. Making his way further into the room, he looks around for a good place to seat himself, and ends up moving for one of the other tables not far from where Robinson's seated, placing his coffee on the table before he drops a bit heavily into a chair.

Once she feels her face cool down a little bit, Robinson peeks over her magazine once again and sees Samuel sitting at a table nearby. After a moment's thought, she stands up, picking up her coffee, and walks over to the his table. "Hi. Do you umm…mind if I sit down here?" She asks cautiously.

Samuel pauses for a few moments, and looks up as he hears that question. Offering a bit of a smile, he replies. "I don't mind." Taking a sip from his coffee as he studies the woman for a few moments.

Robinson offers a little smile and takes a seat, unfurling her magazine and opening it up. Taking a sip of her own coffee as well, she looks up at Samuel. "I'm sorry. I didn't even introduce myself. I'm Ensign Ida Robinson. PA-C." She says, holding her hand out as an offering to shake.

Samuel shakes the offered hand, "A pleasure to meet you, sir. I'm Corporal Samuel Blaine, MP." Letting go of the hand after the handshake, he shrugs a bit, before he chuckles, "Also known as the one that gets attacked by all wild animals."

Robinson bows her head slightly. "Pleasure to meet ya, Corporal. Gotta say, I'm a fan of the MPs. You guys are pretty awesome. I even thought about becoming an MP if becoming a PA-C didn't work out." She says happily. "Wild animals? My my, that's not as enviable. Just remember: If at first you can't stop them, go limp. At least I hear that helps." She says with a sly grin.

Samuel chuckles a little bit as he hears that last part, "Oh it helps. Especially when you're knocked out by an enraged bear." It's said a bit lightly as he takes another sip of his coffee. "My advice is not to have to try something like that."

Robinson giggles softly. "Well, enraged bears are certainly not on the top of my list to see. But…I'll keep that in mind if I do ever see one." She shrugs. "Note to self, avoid angry animals at all costs."

Samuel chuckles a little bit, "Be very happy for that," he offers. Taking another sip from his coffee, a bit quietly.

Robinson smiles and nods. "So, how long've you been aboard the Cerberus?" She asks, looking at Samuel with a curious gaze. "Personally, I've been here since the ship was at Saggitaron. I got rescued from that planet."

"I've been around since forever, at least in terms of the ship's existence," Samuel replies, with a bit of a nod and a half-smile. "I guess they have a bed set aside for me down in sickbay, since I've spent too much of the time aboard down there." A bit of a grimace, very briefly, before he smiles. "How did you end up on Saggitaron?"

Robinson laughs. "So that's who that bed belongs to! I was wondering!" With eyebrow raised, she grins. "You probably know the ship better than I do, though. I pretty much just know sickbay, the flight deck, the rec room…obviously, the mess hall, and where I sleep." She smirks slightly. "I was stationed on Saggitaron when War Day hit. So I was stuck there until rescue."

Samuel nods a little bit, "You'll get used to it eventually. Took me quite a while to get used to it when I came aboard for the first time. Only time I've served on a ship. Seeing how home got smashed, it's a good thing I was here, though."

Robinson nods a little bit. "This is the first ship I've served on myself. Of course, I didn't have much of a choice in the matter. Everywhere else was destroyed. Both of our homes got smashed. Everyone's home got smashed. It's the way of universe we live in now. A plain fact of the matter."

"Some planets more than others," Samuel offers with a shrug. "But that's in the past now, I guess."

Robinson wiggles her nose a little and nods, looking down at her magazine. "Yeah, the past. Nothing we can do to change it, can we?" Taking her coffee, she takes a good, long sip of it.

Samuel shakes his head, "Only do our best to shape the future," he replies, draining the last of his coffee. "Or stay alive just to spite the Cylons. I haven't decided what alternative I'm working on yet." The last part said a bit lightly.

Robinson looks up at Samuel. "I wouldn't mind spiting the Cylons. They're the ones who did all this, we might as well cause them a bit of grief in return, yeah? Couldn't do us any harm to do that, could it?"

"They could kill us," Samuel remarks, before he shakes his head a little bit, "But that wouldn't be as bad now as before, I guess."

Robinson shakes her head. "Well, let's not think of that. Being dead is not anywhere near the top of my list of things to do. I plan on staying alive for a good, long time."

Samuel nods a bit as he hears that, lifting a hand to hit himself lightly atop his head. "What were we talking about again?" he asks, expression absolutely straight for the moment.

"We were talking about…our assignments." Robinson says after a moment's pause. "Anyway, where are you from originally?"

"Picon," Samuel replies, with a bit of a smile. "Small town in one of the mountain areas of the planet. How about you?"

Robinson smiles a little bit. "Picon, eh? Awesome." She chirps out. "Me…I'm from Virgon. One of the bigger, touristy cities. I'm a city girl through and through."

Samuel pauses for a few moments as he hears that, "Virgon… Spent two years there right after training. Fort Calderone."

Robinson tilts her head to the side. "Fort Calderone, eh? I hear it's a great fort. Although, I can't imagine that a lot happened while you were on Virgon. Were you all that busy? Or was it like an extended holiday?"

"Well the others weren't busy, but when they are idle, it's a bit of work for us MPs, you know. But I liked it there. Nice place, nice area." A brief smile, before he adds, "Good memories from there."

Robinson nods a little bit. "Total party colony at times. It was the celebrity hang out." She says in a reminiscent voice. "I learned some great fashion sense growing up there, I tell you what!"

Samuel grins, "Always good to have, great fashion sense." Spoken a bit lightly as he looks around the room for a few moments, then back to Robinson. "Hard to get a good tailor these days, though."

Robinson smiles a little. "Of course great fashion sense is good to have! Without it, life would be as boring as a speech on submicron doohickeys." She giggles. "It's hard, but not impossible, to get a good tailor. You just have to know who to talk to." She gives Samuel a little wink.

"I'll keep that in mind," Samuel replies with a bit of a chuckle. "It's probably one of the components needed for a non-boring life. Like music and other kinds of culture as well."

Robinson laughs. "Fashion is very important. Especially for us military people. Most of our outfits are so boring and drab, that we need to expand our repertoire of clothing when we're off duty, just to make sure we know what it's like to be not military." She says in a matter-of-fact tone.

Samuel nods, "I'll take your word for it," he replies, a bit lightly.

Robinson smiles and averts her gaze shyly. "I'm…I'm a bit of a fashion buff." She says quietly. "I like fashion. It's…my thing."

"Somehow, I think I could guess that," Samuel replies with a bit of a smile. "We all need some kind of interest to keep us going," he adds.

Robinson slowly looks back to Samuel. "It's true. What…what kinda things are you interested in? Probably not so much fashion, eh? I understand fashion isn't everyone's thing."

Samuel smiles, "Hiking, hunting and music, mostly." He shakes his head a little bit, "Last time I was hunting, the stag ended up hitting me, not the other way around." Another moment, before he grins, "Won't stop me from trying next time, though."

Robinson smiles and nods. "Sounds like a good combination. I've done some singing in my time. I really like singing. It's relaxing…really relaxing." She says softly. "Remind me to come hunting with you the next time you go. I'll be the one there to mend you up." She gives him a playful wink.

"I'll keep that in mind," Samuel replies, with a bit of a smile. "Singing's nice, but I like playing my guitar more, really. Reminds me that if we end up near a store down there, I'll have to get hold of some spare guitar strings."

Robinson nods a little bit. "Well, whatever music, music in general is nice. I like it. A lot of musical celebrities came to Virgon." Is she possibly boasting? Noooo. Not Robinson! "Do you own your own guitar?"

Samuel nods, "One of the things I brought with me when I was assigned here. My true treasure aboard this ship, really." Another pause, before he nods a bit at the mention of the musical celebrities. "Did you meet some of them?" he asks, after a few moments.

Robinson nods a little. "Well, I'd like to hear you play sometime, then. It could bring some happiness to the world." She says brightly. Shaking her head at the question, she responds, "No, never got to actually meet any of them, unfortunately. Well…not personally. I would often…you know…be one of the people in the crowd watching them. Because they're amazing."

Samuel nods, offering a bit of a smile, "I'll promise that you'll hear me play at some point, then," he offers, before nodding once more, "They sure are…"

"Maybe we can set up a bit of a performance thing. I sing, you play guitar. We're one happy musical group." Robinson says with a giggle. "But we'll see about that."

"I'm sure there's quite a few others that play as well, so we could get a big band around here," Samuel offers, with a bit of a smile. "I know Captain Quinn place the fiddle, so we're at least three."

Robinson smiles brightly. "I think we've got something started here! I think we need to organize something now. We can't just…you know…not!"

Samuel grins, "I vote that you get the organizing job, then…" A brief pause, before he adds, "After all, you're the officer."

Robinson giggles and raises an eyebrow. "Yes…and as the officer here, I get to delegate the responsibility. So, I'm gonna have you do the organizing." She giggles again.

Samuel headshakes, "I'm not a good organizer, really. Can't even organize my spare socks…" Looking around a bit carefully. "I think we need to find a higher ranking officer, then."

Robinson wags her finger lightly. "That's why I need to delegate the organization to you, then. You need to learn how to be a better organizer. And there's no better way to learn than to be thrown into the midst of it."

"And there's no way to convince you otherwise?" Samuel asks, looking around for a few moments. "I mean… I'm trapped?"

Robinson giggles again and nods. "No way to make me change my mind. I can help you, but I'd appreciate you doing the majority of it." She chirps happily. "Don't sound so downtrodden. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully."

Samuel takes a few deep breaths. "You, my friend, are an evil woman," he comments, although it's done quite lightly. "But I'm sure you know that already, right?"

Robinson places a hand on her chest and looks positively aghast. "Me? Evil? How could you SAY such a thing? I demand that you take that bake immediately!" It's obvious that she's being melodramatic; that she's only fooling around. "I am nothing but an upstanding woman and a valuable member of the Marine Corp."

"How can you be upstanding when you're sitting down?" Samuel remarks after a few moments, before he shakes his head a little bit. "Thanks for the confidence."

"Upstanding as in respectable and honest." Robinson responds with a little wink. "Of course. Anyone who can be an MP can certainly do this task. I know you can!"

Samuel nods, with a bit of a smile, "I'll try to fit it in where I can find the time," he offers, after a few moments of pause.

Robinson smiles softly. "That's all I can as of you. I wasn't expecting all of your time to be put into it." She says with a shrug. "Besides, Medical is keeping me waaaay too busy. Especially after the attack." She says, shaking her head.

"That's why it would have been good for you, when you're off duty? To get your mind off work?" Samuel comments a bit lightly, putting on his best puppy-like expression.

Robinson shakes her head. "Ah, you see…you're trying to be sneaky sneaky there. But, no luck." She says with a grin. "I've no doubt you'll do awesomely, though."

Samuel mutters, "I had to try," he comments, before he sighs a little, looking around. "Okay, I give up…" Spoken with a bit of a grin, though.

Robinson smiles brightly. "That's the spirit! I'm liking you more and more already!" With a firm nod, she says, "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."

"You know, I believe it just might be," Samuel replies, with a bit of a smile.

Robinson chuckles and raises her coffee cup. "Here's to a new friendship!"

Samuel raises his now-empty coffee cup, "To a new friendship," he echoes.

Robinson finishing off her own coffee, which she's taken a long time to finish, she stands. "Well, it's been a pleasure. Hope to meet you again soon, with more music the next time!"

Samuel nods a little as he hears that. "Likewise," he replies, with a bit of a smile.

Robinson picks up the magazine and bows her head. "See ya 'round." And poof! She's gone.

Samuel remains where he is for a little while, just looking around a bit thoughtfully.

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