PHD #293: The Respect, The Trust and The Drooling
The Respect, The Trust and The Drooling
Summary: Shiner and Wade have a conversation about what are the next steps in the road to become a Raptor Pilot.
Date: 16 Dec 2041 AE
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Shiner Wade 
Hangar Deck - Port
The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.
Post-Holocaust Day: #293

Shiner is in his off duties, yawning widely as he exits the Chief's office towards the stairwell, bundle of books under his arm.

Wade has been meaning to have a conversation with Shiner, but duty, duty and a little more duty after that were preventing him from doing so. However, now, the man has time and so, he is looking for Shiner. He is wearing his pilot uniform at the moment, so it is possible that he has CAP in a while, but not right now. He reaches the Hangar and finds Shiner leaving the Chief's office. For a moment, he stops and considers a couple things as he presses his lips together in thought. However, he soon resumes his walk "Mr. Wright" calls out the Viper pilot.

Shiner looks up blearily, then smartens up to attention, shifting the books from under one arm to the other so he can throw up a salute. "Sir?"

Wade sees the salute and then offers one of his own "At ease" There is a small nod her, the kid is learning. "I've been looking for you, do you have some time to spare right now?" Now, he takes a moment to look around at what everyone else is doing. Finally, his attention is posed back on Shiner.

"I'm off duty, sir," Shiner tells him, rubbing at one eye. "My time is yours. I'm sorry I snapped at the Captain, sir, and it won't happen again. I got it all cleared up with the CAG."

Wade listens to what Shiner is saying and takes a deep breath "Don't worry Mr. Wright, I'm not here because of the incident although it was indeed, unfortunate." He clears his throat and then continues "Glad you cleared everything up with the CAG, and if I understand correctly you are still in the Pilot program?"

Shiner nods once. "Yes, sir. Until I fail it under my own power, I'm still in." Perhaps that's a little pointed. "I'm the only one that can screw it up for me, not anyone else."

The Viper pilot crosses his arms over his chest adn does notice how Shiner is wording things at the moment. "I can't help to feel that you consider you are being…maybe pushed, towards failure?" asks Wade now. He lifts one hand and rubs his fingers over his eyes before looking back at the Apprentice, just waiting for him to answer at the moment.

"No, sir," Shiner replies stubbornly, head and eyes straight ahead. "I wouldn't say that. Besides, it's not going to work. Only the CAG gets the final decision, no matter what the rest of you think."

"No matter what the rest of us think…" repeats the man for a moment, there is a small smile forming on his lips and then he nods "What do you think that is?" asks Wade now. Arms cross over his chest once again and he looks around briefly. Soon, he finds a few metal crates and nods to Shiner "Here, let's sit down" With that said, he moves towards those crates and takes a seat.

Shiner sets his jaw, moving reluctantly over towards the crates. "Sir, you're not going to trick me into saying anything dumb, okay? I'm /not/ giving up on this. I want to fly. And that's it."

Wade runs his fingers over his chin as he listens and then nods in silence. "And why do you think I want you to give up? Or that I want you to fail?" He seats back a little and takes a more relaxed stance "No seriously, be honest with me here…I want to know" Now, he can understand why he is thinking like this.

Shiner looks around, frowning a little. "Sir?" he queries, falling back on one word answers, chin lifting.

Wade just nods at Shiner "Go ahead Mr. Wright, you can be honest" He clears his throat and just waits, looking at the man with a completely neutral expression.

"You think I'm just another dumb knuckledragger, sir," Shiner finally allows, tone soft yet angered. "Just a joke who's only in it for shits and giggles. A waste of time even trying to train me, after all, I'll only get distracted by the next pretty girl to go by and forget all about it."

"I see, I see" says the Viper pilot, still listening to the man. He looks around for a moment and pays special attention to his own Viper who is now being handled by knuckledraggers. Finally, he looks back at him and asks "And, if you don't mind me asking…how did you arrive to that conclusion? You know, that I think you are dumb and a joke and…well…etcetera?"

Shiner grits his teeth. "See, I knew it was a trick question. No matter what I say now, sir, you'll tell me I'm wrong. I just want to learn to fly, sir. That's it. No stupid games, no humiliating pranks, no threats and no needling's going to make me want otherwise. Yeah, I know I'm dumb. But I can frakking study, sir. So maybe it takes me a bit longer to figure shit out? I just put in more hours, sir."

Wade finally sighs and says "Ok, Shiner.." note that he said Shiner instead of Mr. Wright. "Now you have to shut up and listen" He nods to this and clears his throat "No, I don't think you are dumb. Yes, I see that you really want to fly and you are evidently making an effort to become a pilot. /No/ I am not looking for you to fail, nor I will be looking for that in the near future. I'm an Instructor, Shiner…I don't seek to fail people, I seek to teach" He takes a deep breath and says "With that said, I think that perhaps, a purely theory charged approach was not the best. /But/ what you get from me, it's an Instructor, not someone that wishes to send you back. Are we clear?" This last is not asked with a heavy tone.

Shiner withdraws the books from under his arm, thrusting them out towards Wade. "Here, sir. You can test me on anything up as far as page 27. I even got that whole trigger thing figured out. Throw all the theory you like at me, sir. I'll beat it eventually." He wrinkles his nose, relaxing his posture just a touch. "Look, sir, I bet you're a great instructor for /real/ officers and stuff. Guys who went to college and ate books like these for breakfast. Just give me time, sir, and I'll prove you all wrong."

Wade takes the book that Shiner offers, looks at it and then looks at him again. "I'm not saying that you can't beat it" Now, he shakes his head and says "Look, I'm an Instructor in training…to start. And I would teach everyone that wants to be taught." He nods to this and adds "And you don't have to prove me wrong dude, I know you are trying hard." He looks at the books again and says "The reality is that we should have started with basic flight, determine what's best for you…Raptors or Vipers. And, before you complain, know that the Raptor pilots are pretty badass and I'm not saying that you shouldn't go Vipers. Ok? As for the Officer thing. I can teach you, help you to become one, if you are willing to listen"

"I want to fly Raptors, sir," Shiner points out. "Just nobody's asked is all." He shrugs. "And being an officer? Well, to be honest, sir, I'd rather not be one, but if that's what I have to do, then that's that."

Wade presses his lips as he says he wants to fly Raptors and then he nods "Then I made a mistake, and for that, I apologize to you" There is a nod of his head and he clears his throat "Well, Shiner, I don't think you'll be able to dodge the, being an Officer thing. However, it's not a bad thing, you know." He pats on his knees and nods "Alright then. Here is the thing, it is my duty, to turn you into an Officer. Which, doesn't involve brain washing, don't worry."

"More like removing brains," Shiner notes under his breath, wrinkling his nose. "Look, I'm kind of… friends… with an enlisted girl, right? And if I was an officer, I couldn't be… kind of friends any more, right?"

"See, that's not the right attitude man…I'm sure you had suffered quite a bit already because of…you know, of what happened. But you don't have to be disrespectful, specially when I'm trying to help you." says the man, just pressing his lips together after that and shaking his head. As for the Fraternization "Well, you know…at this point you would have to ask that to the CAG, given the circumstances, who knows how that is being handled." Now, he looks at him and says "So you are…dating this girl or hoping to date this girl?"

"Something like that, yeah," Shiner admits, wrinkling his nose. "Nothing all formal or anything. Just friends, y'know? With benefits."

"Well, ongoing relationships in a same squadron, are frowned upon. If not married of course, that's different. He clears his throat and says "I don't think there will be a problem really, but you should check with Toast." Now, he takes a deep breath "If you want to fly a Military ship, you need to be an Officer. It's the way it is, Shiner. Now, I am willing to help you accomplish that. And no, I do not seek for you to fail"

Shiner nods to that, scratching the scar on his neck again. "Well, sir, I'll do my best not to, then. I've done my basic training, so that's some of that shit you don't need to go over again, at least. And I've spent a year in the fleet. I know how things work, if not how they're supposed to work."

Wade nods, pleased with what he said "Alright then. It is indeed good that you went through basic, makes things easier. There are a couple points I want to discuss with you, things that have come to my attention and that we need to work together, to polish them." He claps his hands and rubs them together "Ready?"

"You teach, I listen, sir," Shiner replies drily, then nods. "Go on?"

Wade nods once again "Alright then. Let's talk about, respect and trust." He clears his throat and then rubs his fingers over his cheeks "Respect is something that you have to keep in mind. You have to respect others if you want to be respected. I'll give you an example. I, respect you…I think that you have the drive to learn and that's important, that's an actual very good start." He nods "Now, trust, is a different thing. Trust, you earn as well as others earn your trust. That doesn't happen right away, that is gained with time, so don't worry about that" The man takes a deep breath "Respect, respect for what we do, respect for this Battlestar and everyone in it. Respect for the uniform…you know." Now, he looks at him and asks "How does that sound to you?"

"So, for example, respect by not tying a guy up naked in a Raptor?" Shiner asks, an eyebrow raised. "And trust in the work of the deck crew, even if it's not exactly the same as it says in some book or other, sir? No offence to you, sir, but the most respect I've seen on this boat is from the enlisted guys, not the officers. You know Chief Damon, sir? He's sound as anything, and I've got nothing but respect for him. And then you've got somebody like Lieutenant Demarcos, who gets her kicks by getting her tits out and getting a guy in trouble."

Wade can't help but to press his lips together "There have been situations in which, respect has not been shown, yes.." He clears his throat and nods to that "No offense taken, like I said, some of the past events are, regretable" The man nods once again and offers "Yes, and he's a decent guy, I agree and does a really fine job to keep everything running. I can, understand why you feel that way." He taps on his knees for a moment and adds "But yes, it is indeed, an important thing, even if sometimes it doesn't seem that way"

Shiner and Wade are over by a set of crates, Wade in a flight suit and Shiner, oddly enough for the Hangar Deck, in off duties. "Regrettable," Shiner echoes. "Sir, I've got plenty respect. I've got respect for the Chief. For the CAG. For the old man. For you. Even for Captain Vakos, for all that. But not for some bitch whose sole purpose in life seems to be to make my life miserable, and then point and laugh. You know she came to visit me in the slammer, right? Just to gloat, that's all. She'll get respect when she stops being a dickhead. Sir."

Wade nods "Well, I'm glad I have your respect. As for Demarcos…" Heck, he can understand why he is pissed "You know, she is a great person but, I won't argue with you….I think that your position is, fair enough and that it'll take some time for you to, warm up again" He nods to this and then adds "However, do remember that they are ranking officers" He clears his throat yet again and says "On to the second point. And…" he looks at him "Shiner, we all agree that there are some really beautiful girls around, really…we are not blind" He chuckles lightly at this and he adds "But you can't just, you know going around pretty much drooling on them. Now, given that you have a girl to focus on now, perhaps that will change? My point is, you gotta behave a little better" He smiles at this.

Shiner rolls his eyes. "Sir, don't give me that shit. She got her tits out."

Wade lifts both of his hands up "And I'm not defending that…I'm not, really." Bet they were pretty tho. "Don't take those actions as examples of what being an officer is about. Ok? Just, you know….you said it youself, keep looking forward and work for what you want, yes? And I do think that won't happen again. You know, the problem with Demarcos." Now, he nods and asks "As for the second part, do you agree with me that you have to behave a little better?"

Shiner stiffens, lifting his chin. "No, sir, I do not. You name one time I've done anything I shouldn't have, sir, with a woman. With the one exception of the time it was an asshole officer deliberately getting her tits out in order to trick me. I pretty much think the rules go out the window when there's boobs, sir."

"Eye waggling at every woman? Staring at some ass as if it was the major price, even when everyone else is looking at you doing so?" says Wade. He presses his lips together and shakes his head "Look, I am not asking you to change who you are. But I've seen you loose focus to stare at someone's ass. Example, back in the Berths when you were looking at the Captain. You know what I mean?" He sighs "I just ask for you to, tone that down a little bit."

"I'm a guy, sir. If there are asses in front of me, I'm going to look," Shiner points out. "I'm not even an ass guy, usually. I like boobs. But if it's /right there/?" He shrugs. "You telling me I need to be gay to be an officer, now?"

Wade has to just rub both hands over his eyes and says "No, Shiner…you don't have to be gay to be an officer." He sighs heavily and clears his throat "Not saying you can't look either…heck, I look as well you know, like I said, there are some really pretty ladies around" To this, he nods and then sighs again "Do you have basic flight scheduled with the CAG?"

Shiner looks worried for a moment. "Should I, sir? Did I miss something? She sent me some books down to study, but that's it."

Wade shakes his head and says "No, no that perfectly fine. What books were you asked to read?…I'm thinking that it's time to setup a small Quiz for you. Maybe in a week from now?" He nods to this and adds "I'm just trying to gather everything up so we can properly resume your training and you can get your wings"

"Uh… there's a book on sensors and stuff, and one on airframes," Shiner replies, brow wrinkling. "Raptor specific airframes, like the Viper one you gave me. So I've been working on that, too. Have to see what shifts I'm down to work next week and fit in around that, sir."

Wade nods in acceptance and then takes a moment to consider a couple things "Well, do check what availability you have and we'll see to work something out so you can take the test. Granted, you've been studying hard so I believe you'll do fine" He nods again now "I'll meet up with the CAG to discuss this, maybe throw questions on Raptors /and/ Vipers.."

"Studying hard doesn't begin to cover it," Shiner notes wryly, shaking his head. "Between work and study, I've barely even had time to crack one off. But that doesn't mean I can't do it, sir," he hurriedly adds.

"But it's a good start" simply offers the Viper pilot. Now, he stands up and looks at time "And I need to head out on CAP" The man nods and looks back at Shiner "My point, Shiner, is that you have shown that you want it, and that's something important, believe it or not." Wade offers a firm salute to him and after lowering his hand, he says "I'll see you later, Mr. Wright. Clear eyes and steady hands"

Shiner hurriedly raises a salute in return. "Sir," comes his reply, then it's time to gather his books and head off for some well earned sleep.

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