PHD #323: The Library of Hard Knocks
The Library of Hard Knocks
Summary: Nataly meets Sawyer and it probably doesn't go as planned. Meanwhile, Sofia tries to skirt FRAT laws.
Date: 15 Jan 2042 AE
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Ships Library - Deck 9
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear
Racks of books extend deep into this room, nearly darkening the overhead lights towards the back. The shelves are neatly labeled to each category with nearly everything represented here. Fiction, Sci-Fi, Romance, and everything down to comic books has been loaded up onto the shelves. A smaller research area at the back has a large table for maps to be opened-up. Nearer the door is a small library of movies that covers some of the most recent blockbusters and flows through some of the more campy movies from about two decades before. Next to the door, a Petty Officer can usually be found at a desk to help someone checkout their selections.
Post-Holocaust Day: #323

The door opens, and in walks Nataly, accompanied by a bored looking Marine escort, sporting some overalls and a visitors badge. She looks around, a bit overwhelmed at first. "Ummm, I think the section on law is over here, maybe?" The marine just shrugs, and with a sigh she walks over.

A pause. Sofia nods at the Marine and his pal Nataly. There's a quirked glance and a curious look. But for now, Wade has her attention. She smiles. "Yeah?" Headtilt. "I'm glad you're alright then. I'm holding up. Kind of unsure where we'll go from here," She admits. "I'm … half debating asking about OCS but I dunno."

The library is a popular place tonight, but if they'd install a proper bar it'd be a far more happening place. Sawyer adds her presence to the mix, flashing a little finger wave at the petty officer manning the help desk with some sense of familiarity as she moves into the room proper. This particular civilian needs no marine escort, which may have something to do with the high security clearances she has hanging around her neck on a lanyard. She offers a quiet, "G'd'evening," to the others as she steps into the stacks.

Wade turns his gaze and looks at Nataly as she walks in, first time he sees her, and given the escort, and apparent young age, probably from the Elpis. He looks at Sofia again and smiles to her "Oh? Is that so? Well, what is keeping you from fully deciding to go trough OCS. I think you would make a fine officer." It's true! Now, he looks at Sawyer and shows a smile to her "Ah, Ms. Averies, good to see you. Good evening as well"

Nataly, reading the labels, heads over to the law books when she suddenly stops. "Averies?" She asks out loud, though not to anyone in particular, and when she sees the Reporter, she suddenly stands up a little straighter, a hand going up to check her hair. She then looks around, patting pockets until she finally finds her notebook shoved into the bib pocket of her overalls.

A brow archs on Sawyer's forehead at Wade's familiar voice, though her eyes remain on the spines of the books as she browses for something in particular. "So I'm a Miss now? When did I piss in your breakfast cereal." Her voice comes out dry and it's clear the Journalist is in a Mood with a capital 'M'. As Nataly repeats her last name, Sawyer forcibly plucks a book from the shelf. "That's me, sweetheart, last time I checked." Her free hand flicks the credentials up from where they hang around her neck, and she reads the name upside down. "Yup. Averies. Do I win a prize? Free trip out the airlock?"

Sofia smiles. It's Sawyer! She waves at the reporter, and looks back to Wade. "Do you know her?" A headtilt. Then a pause. "Because I'm afraid to be an officer," She looks down with a frown. "I like being a snipe but… I could stay with someone who I like really, really much," Uh oh. Someone has a crush on an officer. Then a pause. "And I could take care of other snipes I guess…" Pause. "Miss Averies!" She beams. A look to Nataly though. Then she glances around. "Um. Are you okay?" There's a worried look.

Wade arches one eyebrow at Sawyer's reaction and he presses his lips together for a second before saying "When did you? You haven't, not that I've noticed…it would taste like crap." he shakes his head at this and then asks "Bit of a bad mood I see?" Now, he clears his throat and moves his attention to the girl that seems to have a big great interest in Sawyer, but doesn't say anything. "What is there to be afraid about?" asks Wade, tilting his head and then "Aha…ok, I understand. Well, those rules are a bit…well…you know, there are loop holes everywhere"

From fangirling to almost hiding in two seconds, Nataly steels herself and does NOT hide behind her Marine escort, instead stepping up. "Umm, sorry to bother you, Miss Averies, but my name is Nataly Rassvet… I've been reading you since I came on board," Well, of course, EVERYONE read Sawyer, that went without saying. "Just, you've been pretty inspirational. Sorry to bother you."

"One loop hole being marriage, of course. Non-commissioned personnel can't date officers, but they have no qualms about marriage." Yes, one of Sawyer's greatest skills is eavesdropping. At least she's stepping out of the stacks now, so she can see who she's addressing. Ah. Sofia. But the journalist can't even muster a smile for the bubbling brunette. "You mean besides a once respected man getting executed because 'beyond a reasonable doubt' has turned into 'let my paranoia run rampant'? Yeah, I'm peachy." It seems the Abbot trial is the reason for this woman's discord. For a moment she just eyes Nataly up and down as if rudeness might rule the day, but in the end she extends a hand. "A pleasure." It's not warm, but at least it's lacking any bite. "Where have I heard your name before, Nataly."

"Huh? really?" Her eyes go wide at Sawyer. "Well, I don't like pressuring people but…" Sofia trails off and fidgets. "Um. I said too much," She looks shy. Then a pause. She winces and looks like she just saw someone get kicked. "Sorry…" Poor Abbot. There's a sympathetic look. "Pleased to meet you," She offers quietly hearing the name and just sort of … looks to the books. "Well, being in charge of things is terrifying to me."

Ah, so that's what it is. Yeah, Wade can understand that. "Well, granted, I didn't know the man but I've heard really good comments." he takes a deep breath and says nothing else about the subject. He looks at the interaction between Saws and Nataly, waiting to see if Sawyer tries to eat Nataly's head or something at this point. Since it doesn't seem to be the case, he looks back at Sofia "Yeah, those are the loop holes. I don't know Sofia, I think you should give the OCS thing a thought, I mean, if it interests you" Now, he looks back at Sawyer and Nataly.

Nataly's smile builds, a bit. "Ummm, well, I wrote a couple of pamphlets you might have happened across, concerning the incident between the CMC and Mr. Rene-Marie, and more recently concerning Martial Law." She blushes, she feels very much like a finger painter mentioning their work to the great Painter of the age. "Only way you're likely to have heard it, anyway, if you heard it." She gives a bit of a look to Sofia, trying not to push other folks out of the conversation. "Oh, a wedding? Congratulations?"

Sawyer makes a little 'ah' sound as Nataly hits on that particular recollection. "The glorified blogger who tacks on a personal ad at the end just be be /sure/ that no one takes her seriously. Yeah, I've heard of you. Let me know when you want to stop wasting our paper resources and go a little more mainstream. My last assistant did a disappearing act on me."

Aw. Sofia rubs the back of her head. "Er, wait - n-no not yet! It might not even work out," She admits quietly, sadly. "I don't want to rush him but I'm scared of being an officer and frat charges," She looks pained. "It seems like small fries in comparison with the things you guys deal with. I'm sad about lots of things, and a part of me feels guilty for having a crush on someone." She shakes her head. "We'll see. I'm glad to see you both." A blink. "If you run low on paper, please let me know." She's willing to support Sawyer's efforts. "I'm just … busy sometimes."

Wade nods to Sofia and says "Well, why don't you talk with an Officer? One you trust of course, someone that could guide you better and help you do what /you/ want to do." He nods at this and then takes a deep breath. His gaze moves to Nataly and he "Ah. So you were the one writing that." he nods to this as if processing and he says "Well, it does seem that you have a chance here. Tho be careful, Sawyer can make your life a living hell…and all that" He looks at the Reporter and smiles a little more to her. Kidding, kidding. She is not in the mood, he knows. But…still.

Nataly takes a full step back, looking like she's been slapped. "B-but I am pretty good at sewing and it's work some people need, and its not like there's a lot else for me to…" she takes a deep breath. "Someone needed to say something. People just kept tearing them down, people who didn't KNOW, people who were scared, or stupid, or greedy. There needed to be another voice, one that lived on the Elpis." She glances at Wade and nods fervently, before catching herself and looking back at Sawyer. Her notebook slides back into the bib pocket of her overalls… an autograph is probably not the best idea right now.

"First of all, don't let any question your motive for writing. Second of all, if you really want to consider yourself a journalist or a reporter? You have to take 'YOU' completely out of the equation. People respect fact, they don't want to be forcefed your opinion." There's a flicker of Sawyer's gaze to Wade, and then she's socking him one in the bicep. Friendly, of course, but it might smart /just/ a little if he doesn't move away from the blow.

A pause at Nataly. She tilts her head. "If you have a voice, it's good to learn to speak before you sing. I'd try being Miss Averies' assistant and practice alongside another if you're 100 percent serious. Or practice and let someone see what you write before you post it." She smiles. "Granted, I'm not a civilian…" She shrugs. Then a look to Wade and she blushes. "We'll see." She nods quietly at the discussion. "That's true too. I'm hardly a writer," She admits. "I just see a lot of things." A blank, sad look at that. She hrms softly.

Wade doesn't really move away when Sawyer does that, he just looks down and half snorts "See what I mean?" says Wade to Nataly but he does look at Sawyer afterwards, smiling at her. "You know, if you actually keep doing that, I'll start with the spanking" A firm nod and then he chuckles softly, shaking his head. His attention moves to Nataly and he says "The problem with what you've written, giving /your/ opinion. Is that you probably won yourself a few enemies. Now, needless to say, reporters always have that playing against them, or on favor…depending on how you see it. I understand that you want to voice your opinions but, in a hostile environment, you gotta be careful"

Nataly stands a little straighter, looking less like the girl and more like the woman, at least for a second. "It doesn't work like that, though. I mean, the guy was willing to start a riot, with KIDS around, just to make the military look stupid. And for what? Something the people he was attacking want as much, if not more, than he does?" She looks back at Sawyer. "It may have technically been an opinion piece, but I told the truth. I can't just shut up because it might make people angry. We keep that up, and maybe next time there is a Riot." She pauses. "You… you're interested in having an assistant? What would that… be? What would I do?"

Sawyer doesn't even have proper time to grill Sofia about this mystery man (or woman!), "The offer's not on the table any more. Be a good girl and try not to get killed? I have enough obituaries to write." The book the journalist selected is hugged to her chest, and she's turning from the trio as if to take her leave from the library.

Oh dear. Sofia looks abashed and rubs the back of her head. "I- I'm sorry," She looks to Nataly and Sawyer. "Be well," She nods to Sawyer. She tilts her head. For now, she's quiet, looking thoughtful. "Well, I can at least proofread for typos. But please do be careful. We've had at least one person killed so far." Frown. "A pilot was stabbed I think. Things are probably going to be tense a bit. Though I'm glad we got the Elpis at least. I worked on it personally," A faint happiness that.

Wade listens to what Nataly is saying, pressing his lips together, taking a deep breath after that. He is about to say something but then, Sawyer speaks her part. The man turns his attention towards her and when she turns and starts leaving, he looks at Nataly and Sofia and nods to them "If you'll excuse me" And after this, he walks after the Reporter.

"Hang on…" Nataly steps forward. "Just like that? You're pulling the offer just because I… because I give a damn? I don't see you pulling any punches or worrying about…" she takes a deep breath and turns to Sofia. "I'm sorry, I… thank you. The Elpis is great. 'specially the Gym, I run and climb the wall all the time." She is taking deep breaths, trying to calm down. Trying not to be a teenager. But it is really, REALLY hard.

There's a headtilt. Sofia cautiously reaches up and gently pats Nataly's shoulder. "Sssh. Give her some time. The execution of our Admiral's hit her hard," Sofia shakes her head. "I bet if you're kind to her and give her time, she'll totally warm up and you'll be in the news business in no time," She offers a sad smile. "I sometimes talk to Miss Averies when I see her or find some spare paper or stuff," A shrug. "I try to keep what needs to be kept safe but sometimes a little helps people." She takes a deep breath. There's a wave to Wade. "Be well, both of you," And Miss Averies! She still seems to care about the Reporter. "It's just … hard. I feel really awful about Abbot too," She admits. She's standing near Nataly, and a bookshelf while Wade is following a departing Sawyer.

Sawyer turns back slightly at Nataly's words, seeing that Wade is following her and her gaze tick-tocks over his face but no protest is forthcoming. "Your problem, kid," This said back to Nataly, presumably, "Is that you /don't/ give a damn. At least not about the big picture. I guess I should have been more specific. What I meant when I said don't get yourself killed? Was don't get anyone else frakking killed by spouting your so called 'truths'. You want a pointer? Stick to reporting on gardening and bird watching. Maybe work your way up to needlepoint." That said, she makes a sort of grunted acceptance of Wade's presence, and then she's out the hatch.

Marshall enters the library escorted by a Marine PFC. He's clearly a civilian; the old man is dressed in a suit and carries a briefcase. "I'll just be a few minutes," he says to the Marine. "Take your time, sir," she responds respectfully. Is she standing at attention to address him? He starts to wander the racks in the nonfiction section, zeroing in on the legal texts. "Martial law, martial law…" he mutters under his breath, squinting at the spines. "Excuse me," he says to the nearby group. "Are you familiar with this library? I'm looking for any texts on - " Wait for it! " - martial law."

Wade focuses his attention on Sawyer as she looks at him, but when she starts talking to the girl, he just takes a little step to the side so he is not in between. Just in case fireballs start to appear. His attention drifts towards Marshall and he nods to the man "Yes, you will have to walk…" now he turns around and checks "towards row number 7 over there, you can find what you are looking for there" He turns around and offers a polite smile to the man. "If you'll excuse me" A nod after this and he follows Sawyer. Or, Captain Angrypants.

Nataly's attention is yanked back to Sawyer, but the woman is gone before Nataly can think to retort. "Frakking people are about ready to riot, and she's calling out the one whose asking for people to chill out?" Her jaw kind of flaps for a bit. "Thats… thats…" Adjectives escape her, yet another reason she may not be ready for an apprenticeship in journalism quite yet. "I… well, the trial started not long after I was brought on board. Don't know much about it, except that I'm pretty sure it was legal." She looks concerned again. "That is the law, right? I mean, you might disagree with the ruling, but the procedure was correct, in the situation?"

A polite smile to Marshall. "Hello sir," He's an elder and thus worthy of a sir. Sofia nods. She looks to Marshall. "Welcome to our library," She offers to him as well. Then there's a pause and Sofia looks intently at Nataly. "Stop. Stop making this about you and your riot." She holds up a finger. "Because it isn't," Sofia points out. "The trial is deeply emotional because it concerns one of our leaders, and him possibly being executed out of paranoia and not a real trial," She explains. "Technically? Sure, it was correct. But /think/ about it and what it means. What does it mean for future legal rulings? For future people accused of being a skinjob? What it means for the military? The civilians? What if I really hate someone and just call them a skinjob to be rid of them? She probably knows more about him than most of us. Just … think about it for a moment. And let go. Look at it. Look at your riot in the big picture. I think that's what she meant."

"That," Marshall says, pointing a finger at Nataly while looking down the way for Row 7, "is precisely what I am looking into." Ah! There it is. He returns Sofia's polite smile with a warm one of his own. "Thank you. How do you do? J.J. Marshall." He holds out his hand to shake, though it's shaking a bit already. It's not because he's old, it's because he's recovering from malnutrition and radiation. Though he's gotten much better since being rescued from Tauron, some of the effects still show on him. "I didn't mean to intrude on your conversation like that, and I apologize."

Nataly frowns a bit. "But, what else were they supposed to do? There was a jury, there was evidence, I know at least one person on that jury and I know it wasn't an easy decision for her…" Nataly is torn, here. Teenage instinct is to challenge the system, but here that meant challenging Vandenberg, and she LIKED Vandenberg. "Were they supposed to just keep him that cell forever without a trial? Or ignore a jury's ruling because some people disagreed?" She holds up her hands in placation. "I don't know him, I'm not judging your feelings, here, but what else could they have done? She looks to Marshall and nods. "Sorry, yeah. It's on everyone's minds, these days." Another sigh. "I also can't be silent about the situation on Elpis just because she doesn't like the military very much right now."

"It should never be an easy decision when the death penalty is called up," Sofia stares up quietly, her eyes wide and somewhat blank. It's painful perhaps. She takes a deep breath. "There are a lot of things on people's minds. And don't give up on it. But do practice your writing," She offers a nod. "And talk to Miss Averies sometimes. Just be gentle and don't dump this on her all at once, you know? That's a heck of an introduction," Sofia points out. "When I meet someone… I don't expect that," She shakes her head. "Ease into it. But! that's your job, not mine," She smiles. "I am an Engineer." Uh huh. Then a pause. She smiles at Marshall and carefully accepts his hand. She's a gentle sort it seems. "I am Sofia Wolfe, Specialist. Um, engineer. I fix stuff." Beam. "Pleased to meet you, Mister Marshall." Well, he's older than she is! So there. "Aaah, don't feel bad. It's in a public area." Headshake. "We can help if you need it, but I was just looking and forgot." Sigh. "Oh well. It's good to see people coming to the library."

Marshall shakes Sofia's hand with a professional touch. "The pleasure is mine, Miss Wolfe." Turning to Nataly, he offers his hand to her as well. "There are many caveats and provisions that I'm intrigued about in this particular case as relates to the court martial," he says in response to her questions. "I'm uncertain which ones are rendered moot by martial law, if any. For instance, the authority to charge a flag officer and waiving the requirement for the President's approval on the sentence. But, as I am not a lawyer, I seek my answers somewhere along Row 7."

"There is a provision in the law in instances when the President cannot be reached." Nataly says quietly, taking his hand. "I just wanted to read the language myself, again." She gives him a small smile as she shakes it. "Sorry, you're here to study and I'm being all loud and combative. Miss Averies is a hero of mine, and I wasn't expecting her to stomp on me, like that." She shakes her head.

"Thank you," She smiles up at Marshall. Sofia seems to like the fellow so far. There's a pause for a moment. "Seems to be a popular section today," She admits. Then there's a thoughtful look. She looks to Nataly. A headshake. "That wasn't an Averies grade stomping. She's just hurt at the moment. Busy, and there's a lot going on," She notes. "That and she really loves what she's doing. It can make for a tough shell," She states simply. "Like I said, give her time and think on what she said. What does it mean? It's a bit more than 'technically we were right to shoot an ADMIRAL of all things and chuck him out the airlock'."

"Nevertheless," Marshall intones to Nataly. But doesn't expand on that. "Though perhaps if there are already so many minds interested in this topic, I need not do the legwork." He looks thoughtful for a moment, then nods to himself. "Yes, I believe that will do quite well." Giving Nataly a smile, he shakes his head when she apologizes. "No need to apologize to me, miss. I am but an inquisitive mind. While I wouldn't call Michael Abbot a friend, I knew him. I feel I owe it to him to investigate these circumstances."

Nataly's eyes perk up at that, and she pulls the notebook from her bib pocket again. "You knew him? May I ask how?"

Sofia is quiet and smiles. "Well, I'm glad to fetch books while I'm here. Though, they have me pretty busy. Frankly I'm glad we fixed the Sickbay and all that," She admits. She looks between the two. "I think that's a good attitude. He was our CO. He never struck me as a bad person," She admits. "Granted, it was kind of scary to talk to an ADMIRAL," Her eyes widen, "But… I dunno. I don't like how being accused of being a Cylon skinjob is good enough," She admits with a little shiver.

"You may, my dear, but I might not answer," Marshall responds. "Abbot and I have met a few times. I spoke to him one last time before… the sentence was carried out." That appears to be all he has to say on the matter. "As for the Sickbay, I also am glad you fixed it," he says to Sofia. "I can say that your facilities were excellent and your staff professional. And," he adds, "you need not fear any conversation, even with an Admiral. We are all, after all, just people." Except for the skinjobs.

"Would you be willing to tell me what he said?" Nataly asks, a little excited at the prospect. "I swear I'll be respectful with it. I'm not interested in slashing anyone."

Sofia smiles faintly. "We're all glad I think," She nods. "I'm glad you were taken care of. And I know. It just seems intimidating to talk to someone so high up." She pauses. "But I'm kind of a coward," She admits. "Still. Is it strange part of me is sad and misses him? He really didn't seem bad. I think he had a family once," This makes her hesitate and - oh no. She shakes it off. "Yeah. I only saw him at speeches really. I was a Crewman when I first came on." Not much reason for an admiral to speak to a snipe. "Still…"

"I may," Marshall answers Nataly. "However, due to the nature of the subject matter, I will have to discuss this with Andrus before releasing any of that conversation. In the meantime, if you find any Colonial or martial laws or regulations that may have been violated - or even slightly misinterpreted - I would appreciate it if you would inform me of your findings." Then he turns to Sofia. "You are a working, serving member of the Colonial Navy in a time of war," he says, his eyes locking onto hers. "Never describe yourself as a coward. Never tolerate anyone else to do so, either. You are a warrior, and you are just as vital to the mission as a pilot or a rifleman. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise."

Nataly nods. "I will, but…" she takes a deep breath. "The devil's in the details, isn't it? I respect at least one of the people who made the relevant decisions, and she respected the others. All soldiers, serving members of the Navy. They are not cowards, either. They had a hard job, and did what they felt they had to do. I don't like a lot of the rumors suggesting foul play, as if they acted purely out of fear, or paranoia. They could have just left him rotting without a trial… that would have been cowardice."

Sofia is quiet as the two talk. There's a blink as Marshall's eyes lock onto hers. She smiles sadly. "Thank you. That's kind of you to say. But it is my great flaw. We all have them I suppose," A little shrug. "But I'll keep an eye out for things," She admits. "And perhaps. But it's just as easy to simply /dispose/ of him to be done witth the matter," Sofia counters quietly. "Anyway, that's none of MY beeswax. You two are researching it," She pouts a little. "So I will leave you to it. Just … be careful. There's a lot of heated feelings."

"Respectable people still make mistakes," Marshall says to Nataly. "Honest people can still be misled. We must approach everything with deep skepticism." To Sofia, he responds, "The heated feelings amongst the civilians stem from issues outside this one. However, the execution has been a polarizing factor amongst the populace. The unrest will not stop until the greater issues are addressed." He adjusts his briefcase in his hand and smiles to both of the women. "This has been an edifying conversation, thank you. I'm afraid I must be on my way now, but I hope I'll see you both soon."

"Remember," he says, holding up a finger as he walks away, "that the Cylons did not merely wage war against us. They committed an act of genocide. They attacked our colonies and our fleets and massacred the majority of humanity. It then falls to us, the survivors, to gravely consider any decisions made to end even one remaining human life." The finger falls away to his side as he rejoins his Marine escort. "Assuming Abbot was, in fact, human."

Nataly lowers her head for a second, and looks to Sofia. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to talk like your opinion was invalid. I'm still… kinda defensive, but that's not your fault." She gives Marshall a respectful nod as he leaves… respect ones elders, right? That's pretty much everyone on Cerberus, for her, unless there are any pregnant women aboard. "It was good to meet you," she says, with a smile.

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