PHD #165: The Jack-of-All-Trades Deckie
The Jack-of-All-Trades Deckie
Summary: Cora meets with Cilusia about joining the IIG.
Date: 10 August 2041 AE
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Cilusia Cora 
Naval Offices
Post-Holocaust Day: #165

The naval offices are neither the busiest nor the quietest place on the ship, the mass of cubicles that takes up most of the room home to any number of junior officers working away on any number of tasks. Cora has claimed one for herself, and she sits in the office chair at the desk therein, sipping her coffee and waiting, a laptop mostly closed beside her arm.

Clang. Squeak. Thump. Clang. The hatch to the offices opens and in strolls one of the knuckledraggers. Dressed in offduties with hair going every which way, that whole sleeve out there for the navy officers to check out, Cilusia strolls on in to the offices. One hand clutches around a rather crumpled up piece of paper that looks like it's been shoved into a back pocket one too many times. "Ell-Tee Nikephoros? Are you the one listed on this paper?" Clusia says holding the paper out like her hall pass.

Cora appears to have been waiting for Cilusia's arrival, because when the deckhand enters she drops her foot from her chair, uncurling to a more officerly posture. "Miss Fasi," she greets her, "Yes, I see you got my note. Thank you for coming. Please, have a seat," she offers, gesturing at the additional chair in the area.

"Will do," Cilusia replies, giving a nod. The chair is dragged out from the desk by looping a boot around a leg of the chair, then Cilusia sits herself down. "So, I hope I didn't do anything wrong?" Cilusia's eyes narrow at the woman for a second. "Wait, you're an intelligence officer right? You didn't dig up any crap on me from Scorpia, did you?"

"Maybe you'd like to just be upfront about it now at the start," Cora suggests of crap from Scorpia, "It's usually best to just admit things, even if it is a bit late." Her expression is deadpan, and she lets this suggestion hang in the air for a beat before shaking her head, "Just kidding. No, you're not in trouble. Actually, you've been recommended to me as someone who might be helpful on a project I'm heading. Would you mind telling me a bit about yourself and your specialties?"

"Well, I'm short. I'm a mean drunk. I can sing and dance. As for work? I'm a seamstress, when it comes down to it. I patch up the flight suits, check the boosters on the ejector seats, and all that good stuff. That's my speciality, but I'm pretty well trained up on how to fix most parts of Raptors or Vipers. Electronics occasionally give me a fit, but that's a whole trade to itself." She's pretty good at improvising, if the recent-ish events in CIC mean anything.

"I see," Cora nods as she listens, ticking down mental notes as the deckie describes her various areas of expertise. "So you do a bit of a lot of things, it sounds like," she says, "I recall you helping with the repairs in CIC during the incident at Audumbla as well, correct?"

"That's right. Part of the job…being a jack of all trades I mean. I'm a deckie with a specialty in survival equipment. Doesn't mean I don't have to do normal deck work like keeping the birds in the air," Cilusia says with a nod. "And yeah, I was up there in CIC during Audumbla. Had to rip the power out of the air circulators to get communications and DRADIS back up. Good thing I'm tiny…it's come in handy more than once around here."

Cora nods in acknowledgement again, repeating, "I see. Well, a jack of all trades is certainly useful in any number of ways," she says, "And your insight into the situation in CIC that evening is particularly helpful. I've been tasked," she explains, tone shifting subtly from 'mildly curious' to 'professional', "With organizing an interdepartmental taskforce to undertake certain investigations. I'd like you to be a part of it."

Cilusia hmmmms a bit, running her tongue around the inside of her mouth. "This isn't a thing for officers or whatever? You really want run-of-the-mill deckies invovled?" Then she narrows her eyes at Cora and leans forward in your chair. "What? Do you think this was sabotage or something? I thought all those people were caught?"

"Yes, Miss Fasi, I want deckhands involved as well," Cora replies, "Not just officers. I'm aiming for a diverse collection of people, on this committee." At the narrow-eyed questioning, she replies simply, "The MPs believe they have caught those responsible for the sabotage on the deck, yes," she nods, "Our investigations will head in other directions. They, and even the existence of this committee will be classified at the highest level, and are to be considered completely Top Secret," she explains, "Is that understood?"

"Clear as day," Cilusia replies with a nod of her head. "Which, if you've ever been on Scorpia isn't really super clear, but…you get the idea. Still, no talking to anyone about anything here. Got it." Cilusia leans a bit farther forward, putting her hands up on the front edge of the desk. "What exactly is this committee going to be investigating? Cylons? Am I hearing this right?"

"The committee's purpose is need-to-know information," Cora informs her, "And as there isn't any preparation required prior to the first meeting, you don't yet need to know. So I'm afraid you'll have to live with the suspense for a little while," she says, lips bending in an almost-smile, "Once things are in order I'll be in touch with the time and place."

"Ah…got it. This is the recruitment meeting…so, yes. I do." A little smirk plays at Cilusia's lips. She leans back in her seat now, and crosses her arms over her chest. "I mean…you just wanted to get a yes or no from me on involvement, right? Until the first meeting, that is?"

"Yes, this is the recruitment meeting," Cora confirms, and then nods again at the question, "Right. A yes that you'd like to be involved, which I'm glad to hear." She nods again, and then asks, "Do you have any other questions or concerns? Obviously I can't guarantee I'll answer them."

"No, nothing I can think of right now. Figure that they'll pop up between now and the meeting, at the least." Cilusia gives a little shrug. "But yeah, I'd like to be involved, especially if I came recommended for the job."

"Very well," Cora nods, "And good. Your department head is aware of the project's existence and your participation, so there shouldn't be any difficulties in arranging its schedule with your usual duties. Beyond that, however, everything is, as I said, top secret. So if you do have any questions, please come to me directly or save them for the meeting, which I hope will be soon."

"Understood Ell-Tee. You don't have to worry about me gossiping when it comes to this." Cilusia gives a nod and then stands up from the chair. Whoops! She didn't really asked to be dismissed yet, so before she scoots out, she looks at Cora and gives a sort of nod and eyebrow raise toward the hatch. "Uh…is that everyhing? I guess…am I dismissed or…?"

Cora smiles slightly at the moment of confusion on Cilusia's part and nods in return. "Yes, Miss Fasi, you're dismissed. Thank you for coming. I'll be in touch."

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