PHD #353: The Falls are Calling
The Falls are Calling
Summary: Cidra and Wade discuss a dream that Andrea had.
Date: 14 Feb 2042 AE
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Cidra Wade 
CAG's Office
Though it's not much bigger than the average ship supply closet, the office of the commander of Cerberus' air group has as much luxury as one can hope for aboard a battlestar: privacy. It is dominated by a blocky gray metal desk straight out of standard Navy supply with an equally standard-issue rolling chair behind it. A few other chairs are shoved against one wall, for those who drop by for whatever business they have with the CAG. The surface of the desk is covered by a computer and stacks of files and octagonal papers covering whatever bit of aerial bureaucracy she's mussing with that day. A few heavy books on air mechanics - mostly devoted to Raptors - occupy the shelves.
The room is largely devoid of decoration, save one item hanging on a hook on the shelf direct above her desk: a set of prayer beads, well-worn olive wood and strung with a single, crudely-carved owl charm.
Post-Holocaust Day: #353

Cidra has been mostly keeping to the berths since her Raptor, and flight suit, were punctured by shrapnel in the last attack. But the medics patched her well enough that she's not technically on even light duty, so she's flitted up to her office to review the daily reports. Medical and Deck are leaving her several on both the state of her personnel and the birds. Her hatch is slightly ajar, as ever, and she's standing behind her desk smoking (awkwardly with her left hand) as she sorts.

Wade brings news, news that are actually creating a lot of questions in his mind and since he has spoken about this with Cidra in the past, it is the right thing to do, to bring news about this to her. The man is at the moment, wearing his pilot suit, holding his helmet under his left arm. He sees the door, not closed and lightly pushes it open "Major…" says the man, peering inside. When he finds her, he steps inside the room and adds "Do you have some minutes? I don't wish to interrupt"

Cidra's cloudy blue eyes flit up at Wade, nodding him in with an inclination of her chin. "Certainly Drips, though I shall not be here overlong. I am supposed to be getting some rack time. What is upon your mind? I have not heard the klaxons in many hours, though I should not speak of it. Tempting fate, such things."

Wade now closes the door behind him and approaches Cidra "Yes, of course. How is the wound" asks Wade now, looking at Cidra's arm. But he looks at her right back and he says "I just spoke with Hosedown, she revealed something to me that is…well…I'll let you be the judge of that" He nods and swallows before he speaks again "During the crash…her crash. A dream…or a vision started, and ended up at the moment she woke up from that coma she was in. Or, at least that's what I understood"

"Stings like hells, but the medics did a fine patch job with it other than that. I was quite fortunate." As he begins, however, a slim frown comes to Cidra's face. "I see. Did you experience anything? At the same time she did, I do mean. The last time we spoke of dreams it was shared amongst several of you."

Wade smiles a little "I'm glad to hear that, you should be good in no time" offers the man. Now, he shakes his head and says "No, I did not experience this. And she mentioned that there was nobody else on that dream, just her." He clears his throat and starts the story. "She said that, when everything exploded in her Viper, shattered glass and everything. She found herself flying alone, the Viper was intact. A voice came through the Intercom, asking her if she believed in God." He nods again and continues "She mentioned that, for a moment, it was open space but then, a planet appeared in front of her eyes, a beautiful planet according to her. She took the Viper down, flying right over a River, really close to the water. She said that she did that to ignore the voice, because she never flew that way…" He rubs his fingers over his cheek "But then the river turned into a snake, and the controls of her Viper were locked, stopped responding. The voice staid that we have to get to Lampridis Falls, and she saw herself racing against the snake towards the incoming falls. She said she was going fast, but the snake faster…and they both crashed into the falls. The voice asked her if she knew God, and then she woke up."

"Drips, I am a believer. But do understand, that sometimes a dream is merely a dream," Cidra says. Still, she quiets as she listens to the whole of that. Though the account makes her shudder. "Serpents…again…it does recur. Lampridis Falls…it does recur. Captain Quinn dreamt of the place not long ago, herself. And waves, and serpents. Drowning…the worlds drowning, the way Jugs told it…"

"I know you are a believer, that is why I come to you." says Wade to Cidra "Toast, I want to believe too, I want to believe that this is key…I want to believe that there is something to be found in your beloved Gemenon. Something hidden, something hidden behind those falls." He is making an assumption there but, heck, it might be, right? "And if things are the way they were dreamed. That Snake…is winning, is getting there before us." He leans forward and places both hands on the desk, looking at the woman in front of him. "Quinn too?" he takes a deep breath "These are no coincidences anymore Toast, there is something big here…and we can't let it go." He stands straight again "We need to get the answers to our questions. I suggest we sleep in that ship for more days, should a dream come tu us, perhaps that'll trigger it…"

Cidra nods to Wade, a slow smile coming to her lips. There's gratitude there. "We must return to Gemenon. This I believe. I intend to send another reconnaissance. Preferably piloted by Captain Quinn herself, if her own experiences mean anything. The first found so little…so little that provided answers and not just toaster confusion…but perhaps there *is* something there…" She very much wants to believe this. "Engineering is working over the ancient ship, but I would return there on the morrow. I…none has come to me yet in there, Drips. But I do feel…even if it is just a thing of our ancestors, perhaps their spirits can guide us, somehow."

Wade looks directly into Cidra's eyes and he nods "We must." He closes his eyes and then adds "I want to go there Toast, I want to be able to set foot there and see these things for myself. How can I do this, Toast…do you allow me to go?" He takes a deep breath and rubs his hand over his chest, or at least over the padding of the flight suit. "There /has/ to be something there and I'm sure that there /is/ something there." Now, as for the Ancient ship, he just presses his lips together and says "Then we keep going, we keep going." he shakes his head "I refuse to let this matter go Toast, whatever it is…"

"When our Raptor returns, it itself shall not set foot upon Gemenese soil. Not at first. Perhaps we can find something to prove we should return in force. At least…I cannot justify how that might be done," Cidra says. Sighing heavy. "The Cylons still hold that place. We cannot justify a return as we did to Sagittaron, to Aerilon, to Tauron. But…if we do return properly, Drips, I would request you accompany a proper mission there. There is…it calls. It calls to so many. There has to be something in that…"

"Then I'll pray for that Recon mission to be a success" says the man, later smiling a little "Well, I'll attempt to pray at least" He can't help to chuckle a little, not making fun of those matters, not at all; but making fun of himself, for not knowing how to properly do things. In his mind, there are ways and ways of doing things. "Precisely, they still have it…which means they have an interest there. And I would very much like that Toast, I shall go down there with you…and all the others that have been called by this vision, dream or whatever it was."

Cidra chuckles soft at that. "Sister Karthasi would tell you there are many ways to pray. I…was raised on a more fundamental path. But I do believe those who seek the gods with honest souls shall be rewarded. Someday." A touch wryly, that last. "I pray now for such a return. One way or another. Though I fear in my soul what we may find back there. I admit, I fear it…"

Wade nods to her "You know what I want Toast? I want a home…a new home." He looks around the place "I am a man that has chosen a Military life, but I loved my home, and returned there at every possible chance. Without a place to go now, I feel our souls die just a little more every day." He breathes in and blinks "You will be rewarded for your faith, Cidra. You will" He smiles just a little and then rubs his eyes with his fingers. "I refuse to go down…to let myself go"

"I left Gemenon because it did not feel like home anymore," Cidra says. "I had a home for awhile in the years after…then I did not. I never thought of returning to my colony of birth. It seemed easier to let the duties of the Navy carry me among the stars…" Is there regret in her tone. Perhaps. A shrug. "Well, the gods guide us as they must, not always as we would like. Fly until you can fly no more, Lieutenant. Such is how we live. We are still flying this day."

"Then the idea of a new home should be welcome" offers Wade to Cidra, smiling at that. Now, he nods and says "That I will, I will fly and fight until I can't do it anymore, and maybe some more after that" Now, he takes a step back and nods to the woman, with a faint smile "I will leave you be. Something tells me we'll be visited again soon enough, and I got to head back to the Hangar" Now, he stands straight and salutes Cidra "Major"

Cidra rises and acknowledges Wade's salute. "Clear eyes and steady hands, Drips. I pray the Cylons do not come this day, but the gods cannot control the enemy. So I also pray if they do, they shall give us fortitude to face them. And a path toward some home, wherever it may lie." She lets him go at that, reaching up to pluck her prayer beads off the hook over her desk.

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