PHD #408: The Building Storm
The Building Storm
Summary: Corrath brings all matters Areion to Mathers, and up the ladder it marches.
Date: 10 April 2042 AE
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Mathers Corrath 
Marine Offices - Deck 6 - Battlestar Cerberus
This offices consists of desks for those under the CO, along with his desk toward the back of the room. The S1 and S2 have desks here and the place is neat as a pin, with everything in its place. At the front of the room, a Marine sits at a desk to meet people as they come in through the hatch.
Post-Holocaust Day: #408

The Marine XO sits at his desk in his battle fatigues instead of his formal uniform, something a bit off about him like a button or a flap where he would normally be so polished. With brows furrowed so tight deep valleys are formed in his forehead, he's reviewing papers on a clipboard with a yellow highlighter poised at the ready. It looks like something he should have delegated, but for whatever reason, he's taken on this role himself.

The hatchway to the Marine Offices opens up, allowing Corrath to make his way into view, followed closely by an escort of two MP's. There's a quick flick of the S2's eyes from left to right and when the come to fall upon Mathers, seated at his desk, he's beginning to make his way over towards the XO. As he begins to draw near to the man, there's a quick clearing of his throat, followed by, "Sir, we need to talk."

There's a 'hmm?' followed by a quick glance up and then he's back down to his papers, expecting whomever it is to just start talking. It registers in his brain a fraction of a second later that it's the S2. He looks up with sharp hazel eyes that lock on the man's face squarely. Corrath has his full attention now. "Of course, O'Hare. Sit." It's not a command, but an offer, despite being worded so concise.

"Thank you sir, but I'd prefer to stand for now. Been sitting far too often, lately." With that said, Corrath's allowing his hands to slip behind his back, no doubt to clasp in the small of his back as he keeps his attention settles on the XO. "Sir, I've come to discuss the recent abductions of Cerberus crew by Areion Marines and the subsequent torture that they've been subjected to."

Mathers sets his highlighter down on top of the clipboard, marking his place in the pages as they ruffle forward bereft of his hand holding them at bay. "Have any more personnel gone missing or AWOL? Any more civilians from our own quarters?" They are questions he wants addressed before he gets to any discussion Corrath may wish to have on the matter.

"I've received confirmation that Crewman Lagana, Captain Nikephoros and Gunnery Sergeant Constin have all been taken, Sir. Furthermore, I've been informed that Ms. Averies is currently missing and unaccounted for, so I have reason to suspect she's been taken to the Areion as well." Once that's said, there's a quick breath taken and held and when he releases it, his eyes narrow just a touch. "At this time, Crewman Lagana has been returned to us and I've had a chance to speak with her."

There is a nod to the list of names, the man's jaw working as Mathers grinds his teeth together. It's the telltale sign of a man trying to curtail his own emotions so he can focus on the task at hand. "I've been going over the manifests, to see if any of the Areion's transports were in our hangar during the timeframe during which our personnel were abducted. And I say abducted because I want you to know that this was in no way sanctioned by myself or the Major that I am aware, nor were any orders sent down from Pewter regarding this matter. This is hostile action, as I'm sure you're well aware per your no fly directive." Of which, the marine XO obviously approved, as he's made no motion to overturn it. "Tell me what you've learned from Lagana."

Listening, Corrath gives a simple, curt nod as the XO begins to speak, followed almost immediately by a quick, "Good to know." There's a slight pause and another nod as his lips curve into the faintest of smirks, "We've already spoken with the CAG and requested to be informed when Areion birds arrive here. There's more, but I'll get to that in a minute. As for Crewman Lagana .." Hands unclasp so that he can move to that chair, lowering himself down into it while adjusting the web belt that's worn around his waist, "She came back with burns as a result of being subjugated to the radation of the gun. Second to that, she akined the interrogation to a torture session, sir. She said that they were constantly drilling it into her that she -was- a cylon, almost to the point of having her believe such a thing." Now, he's leaning forward slightly, arms coming to rest on his knee's as he does so. "This has -got- to stop, sir. I'm not going to allow Cerberus personnal to be taken from this ship and tortured on the mere whim of someone."

One eyebrow ticks up as Corrath takes a seat. Funny how he'll sit, now that Zane has confirmed this wasn't on the Cerberus' orders. "You were worried command had something to do with this. Or angry." It's said as an observation, "Trust, O'Hare." He murmurs quietly, before leaning back in his chair to listen to the full extent of the details pertaining to Circe's captivity. "Do you smoke, Lieutenant?"

"Both sir and with all due respect, I was informed that you were one of the individuals who submitted Crewman Lagana's name to Areion Command for testing." Leaning back in the chair, Corrath settles his hands into his lap, giving a slight shake at the mention of a smoke, "I do, but I don't need one right now. What I need, Sir, is your backing to ensure that Areion Marines don't seize another Cerberus crewmember off this vessel. What they are doing, under the auspice of Laughlin's authority, could only be considered as hostile. You don't go taking another ship's crew without consulting their security chief. And the fact that they seized -my- Master at Arms. Frak them." It would seem that the S2 is starting to get just a little hot under the collar.

Zane ticks his index and middle finger at O'Hare, silently asking for one of those cancer sticks, because while Corrath might not need one, the XO does. And the XO doesn't smoke. "Then you were informed incorrectly. Lance Corporal Kincaid was asked to compile a list based on his current investigations of possible Cylon agents. The order was never given nor approved for those names to be acted on in any way. For one, we had to independently verify the studies given to us regarding the Gun's capability and then and only then, were we to proceed. And by proceed, I mean within the full purview of the Code of Military Justice. I did not sanction a witch hunt." The last sentence is over enunciated with the XO's own ire. "The question isn't how we're going to stop this. We've done that. It's how we're going to get our people back and restore order amongst the fleet. Specifically, how Kepner is going to removed from his current capacity and how Laughlin is going to be brought back to his senses." Mathers hand reaches for his drawer, drawing out his copy of a thick file, while Madilyn and Kincaid have a matching set. "Here is everything Riederer gave us regarding the Gun. Classified." He thunks it down on the desk in front of Corrath. "Consider it un-frakking-classified as of now."

Letting his hands unclasp, Corrath's right one lifts to his pocket, slipping within to withdraw both a metal cigarette holder and a lighter, both of which are extended in the direction of Mathers. "Glad to here, though I'm disappointed in Lance Corporal Kincaid. He should have brought this to myself, before passing it along directly to Areion, considering he's one of my MP's. That's going to need to be rectified." Pause. "We haven't stopped them, sir. Just prevented them from taking people from the Elpis. They snatched the Gunny directly from the Cerberus. It's my intention to post MP's at all airlocks and in all hangars with -specific- orders to turn away Areion Marines." The file receives a slight lift of his brow as his hand moves to draw it towards him, "That's going to take some ready. But as for Kepner and our crew? We have a plan in place that could potentially get a Cerberus Marine contingent aboard the Areion, to retrieve our personnel. That's going to delve into a firefight, though, and is something I'm loathe to do."

Mathers reaches for the cigarette case, hoisting it in a silent 'thank you' before he goes about the business of lighting one up. They accoutrements are left atop the Riederer file for Corrath to take back as he will, Zane's eyes scrunching up as he takes a deep drag. "Detain them. Don't turn them away. I'll confirm with the Major, but there is no reason why we can't show hospitality to the fine folk of the Areion as they are doing to our people. Minus the torture of course. Hold them on the potential charges of conspiracy, and notify Kepner. By the book. We're not going to stoop to his level of lunacy. Now let's discuss your plan, and see how we can negate the treasonous implications in what you just said."

"Detain, copy that, Sir. Now, one additional thing before I go any further. What if the Areion Marines force the issue and attempt to by-pass our MP's, Sir? We're going to need to authorize the use of lethal force in the instances that they don't stand down or submit to being detained. I want the MP's to have -no- grey area in this matter and to be able to operate under clear orders, without fear of repraisal from us." That said, the S2 gives a simple nod of his head, "Now, as to the plan. Crewman Lagana is currently being monitored to see if any symptons of .. 'Cylon Activity', I suppose that's the best way to put, appear. She could fake having seizures or losing her mind or what not. Lance Corporal Kincaid would be obligated to have her escorted to back to the Areion under detainment. It's at this point that we could insert a marine detachment aboard the bird. Now, Lieutenant Vandenberg would be the one to discuss the operation details of such things, considering that's her bread and butter. Alternatively, I want this brought to the Colonel's attention. See if he can't get Kepner to release our people."

Mathers nods succinctly. "I'll have to pass a shoot-to-kill order past the Major and Command. While I'd love to give that order, that one is not mine to give. As to your plan, that will be our contingency. Let's see if we can try legal means first, before we do an all and all boarding maneuver. And I'll do so now." Mathers stands up from his seat, "Anything else, Lieutenant?"

There's a faint cluck of his tongue as Corrath allows a humorless chuckle to escape his lips, "Well, Sir, in matters of ship security, if a subject refuses a lawful order of detainment, security forces may take whatever means necessary to ensure the safety of the crew. But, the shoot-to-kill order is more in place, under that and with the understand that it's only if the Areion Marines refuse detainment and try and force their way aboard this vessel and past the MP's. In which case, it would be a justifiable action to maintain security." With that said, the S2 then gives a shake of his head, "I have nothing else, Sir." Now, he rises from his seat, moving to claim both his smokes and the file so that he can read through it, "I'll get this file back to you, ASAP."

"Make sure Vandenberg reads it as well. We're going into this with eyes wide open, Lieutenant. And all our 'i's dotted and 't's crossed. Is that understood?" Mathers' voice is firm, taking on the needed edge of Command.

"Of course, Sir," is all that Corrath offers. Drawing himself to attention, he's snapping off a quick salute, "With your permission, Sir, I have some things to take care of now."

Mathers' salute is as crisp as his voice, thankfully his cigarette is trapped between the knuckles of his other hand. "You're dismissed, Lieutenant." Because Zane has his own shit to stir.

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