PHD #366: The Ballad of Tom and Cass
The Ballad of Tom and Cass
Summary: Marine S3 finds Quinn and Bunny about their visions.
Date: 27 February 2042 AE
Related Logs: Serpent, Lampridis, lots.
Evandreus Quinn Vandenberg 
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The area here has been spiffed up for the Delegates. Bunks are kept neat as a pin, the lockers are brand new and have a beautiful shine on the fake wood. A table sits in the center with a vase of fake flowers resting in the middle. The deck has been mostly covered with a round, braided rug of multiple colors. To the back of the area, there is a private shower area. This is just one of five separate areas along Deck 3.
Post-Holocaust Day: #366

Who knew a good night's sleep could do Big Brother Evan the world of good? In any case, he's stopped shambling around like a zombie from one of his video games, and has stepped up in his big brotherly duties to give mum some free time this evening. Little Kal's just had her bath and been done up in a clean diaper and onesie, and Evan is sitting with her with his back to mum's bunk, butt on the floor, cradling her against his upturned knees as he sings her a nursery rhyme. "Old King Danaus went to the fair — in hopes to marry off his daughter there — he fell in the mud and he got all sticky — when his little girl told him: Boys! Are! Icky!" Bouncing her on his knees in time to the simple little tune.

Quinn is actually taking the opportunity of having a baby sitter to get some dearly needing napping in. She knows that Vanderberg is sue to stop by soonish, but in the few stolen moments that she has, Maggie's dropped off to sleep fully clad in her BDUs, her hair lightly restrained from her face. She's gotten very good at the twenty minute power naps between times she's not going through rehab, feeding the baby, soothing the baby or eating herself…

There's a knock at the hatch and after being told to enter, Vandenberg would step inside. The Surliest Dwarf in Bravo Company dips her head Even, her smile brightening in silence. She waves like an idiot at him and its a drastic change in a matter of seconds. She walked in looking so serious. The Lieutenant is in her combat blacks, complete with sidearm and rifle. The helmet is plopped on her head but the chinstraps dangle and the assault vest is unzipped to hang. She's technically 'on duty' but looks about as on duty as a drunk. "Hey," she whispers, stepping lightly closer. "I'm looking for a Captain Quinn." A beat and her own smile takes on a warmer note. "You look better, Buns. Good."

Evandreus loses his place about three verses into the song when he spots Vandypants on the approach. He continues jostling the kiddo with his knees, letting her hold onto his thumbs while he works her arms back and forth, though he gets a big goofy grin for Vandy to match her idiotic wave. "Heeeey," he tells her, keeping his voice low but sounding a little intoxicated, himself, "I feel better. Thanks for letting me crash last night. I really. Really needed it, I think," he keeps his voice low, but there's a playful note in there. "Mum's asleep, but she told me to go ahead and have you wake her up for your thing."

Quinn hears voices, noises that aren't in the run of the mill of things, so that's enough to jerk her out of her nap. She's up and sitting in about 1.5 seconds, eyes a bit blearly, but the rest of her on the alert and ready to go. She breathes deeply and gives a small, drowsy nod to both of them. "Sorry, I'm here… just… thought to nap a bit, since Bunny had Kalli for the moment." Kalli herself is wide awake, but not really fussy, comfortable in her elder brother's attentions, though her small head is slightly turned to the unknown voice now.

"No thanks needed, Evan. It was fantastic sleep. If you ever need company like that again, you know where to find me. You don't even have to ask. But cool. I'll-" She's turned her attention towards the baby but as Quinn rises, the Marine swings her attention towards the rising Captain. "Sir," she greets, lifting a salute despite her own somewhat dishevelled state. The rifle was slung over her shoulder the moment she walked through the hatch. "No rush, Captain. Wake up as you need."

"I might, I— very well might," Evan answers. "I've had a lot of trouble sleeping alone recently, and… with Lala gone, now, and mum's bunk a little on the crowded side," he gives his mum a warm smile, no less, for all his teasing her. He looks back to Vandy. "It's really nice to know I have a place to go. Even when I don't end up needing it," he adds, some unspoken significance lending weight to the words, an echo of their earlier conversation. He gives her a warm, lazy smile, and then— gasps! All funny and playful, for Kal, lifting her arms into the air by his thumbs, as she's still gripping them. "Who has my thumbs? ONOE! YOU have my thumbs! Aha!" he adds in a goofy, exaggerated laugh that seldom fails to pull a little giggle from the little girl.

Quinn gives a tired little chuckle, "Yes, visit with the little one a minute, if you like… Bunny is quite good at showing her off. I'll be up in a minute…" Maggie smiles tiredly to both of them and then pushes herself up into standing, moving for the small bathroom area so she can splash off her face and push a comb through her frizzy red hair.

Vandenberg nods to Quinn as she moves off for the bathroom and her salute drops. "I'll be here, sir." She unslings the rifle and puts it in the neighboring empty bunk for now - way outside baby range. There's a short breath taken and she looks to Evan. "You're always welcome in my bunk, Evan. I'm don't have company over to stay so you should be okay. Even if you end up not needing it." Yes, she knows what he is getting at. As the man dives into mini-hysterics over his thumbs and the baby, Natalie smiles and pockets her hands, leaning back on her hips.

"C'mere, Vandypants. Feel the grip on this girl. She's already vying for viper jock," Evan gives Van a crooked little smile. "That sounds great. I've got to get to bed by three-four the next bell, myself. I'll catch a shower after I'm done sitting and come over?" he asks her, even though she just told him not to ask. He doesn't know what her sleep schedule is, after all.

Quinn calls from the bathroom as she finishes washing off her face. "She's a raptor pilot, don't listen to that nonsense." And then Maggie steps back out, looking more awake and fresh than before. "Anyway, thank you for being around, Evan… feel free to stay as long as she's not being fussy. …Uh… Vandypants…" Maggie half grins, "I'm all yours."

Van lifts her eyes to a spot on the wall just over Evan's head as he explains his schedule. "Y- Ymhmm. I think I should be there. If I'm already asleep just crawl on in like last time. Just, for pete's sake, don't ask. Just come over." Vandenberg twinkles a smile at him and offer her rough fingers to the Littlest Viper Pilot. "Never been great with the littlist ones, myself. I always get nervous. Once they're self contained I get better. Doctor Adair's charge, Elpis? She melts me." But as Quinn returns, the Marine chuckles. "Uh huh. Already being faught over. Lucky kid. And, heh." Another short chuckle to her 'name'. "Yes sir. She offers to the table as she reaches for a notebook. "Okay sir, the first thing I wanted to talk to you about." She takes off her helmet and rests it on the table. The Lieutenant doesn't bother to try and hide her glances around the edges of the room. Ten seconds later, she seems to be done looking and her focus falls back to Quinn. "Sir, Major Hahn told me that you have.. seen things. I have orders from Fleet Command, signed by Colonel Pewter, to pursue these matters as they relate to an investigation I'm conducting. I can't be more honest than to say that I am here on official business but not as a military police officer. Any information is purely voluntary and if I come off as threatening at any point you can ask me to leave. I will."

Quinn settles down at the table, giving her adopted son and new born daughter one last look before her tired green eyes flicker back in Vanderberg's direction. Both her brows loft as high as they can go at the thought that Colonel Pewter would actually look into visions, but she nods in understanding. "…Yes… I have seen… some things. Most would pass it off as foolish dreaming and exhaustion but I suppose we… we're opening our eyes to other possibilities. I saw things before the attacks… and now again… Which are you inquiring about. Lampridis Falls?"

Evandreus tries to coax Kal into letting go of his thumb in favor of the rough marine finger, but he's too smitten with the baby to take his thumbs away by force, and so he just rubs her knuckles against the finger with a smile and quiets down so that Vandy and mum can get down to business. As much as he endeavors not to eavesdrop, the cant of the conversation sounds serious, and so he sort of perks up his metaphorical ears all despite himself, continuing to bounce the infant.

Vandenberg opens the notepad and clicks her pen out. She flashes a fast smile at the name of the Falls. "Its amazing how that name keeps coming up, isn't it?" Apparently the Marine has come across it a few times, herself. The name is noted at the top. "Well I'm here about your visions in general, sir. Its not related to any particular one. My investigation is tied directly into the importantance of the knife that a team recovered at Knossos on Tauron. Since then I've been tying together different visions and witness reports of unusual activity. I can honestly say that I was a religious woman before all this. Now I'm utterly convinced." She gives a soft chuckle, winking to Evan. "So, Captain, just tell me what you feel is most important, if you don't mind sharing? We can work our way back from there."

Quinn keeps a careful, gentle eye on the other pair in the room, but most of her attention is for the woman across from her. She's dead quiet for several heartbeats, trying to pair down what she's actually seen and what were just dreams. She shakes her head a touch. "I was… not, really… a religious woman. I tried very hard to forsake it all. It was my… sister… who was to get visions, not me. I just ignored them… Now…" She laughs almost bitterly at the thought. The military should not be asking her about child's games and dreams. She pushes one hand across her face… "My family worshipped Castor and Pollux… the brothers helped us sew our fields, gave us good harvest… and sometimes came, alone, shadowed in death… when things were going to turn for the worst. I saw Castor standing with his horse, alone… in the Hangar…Just after the wargames that took place but a year ago."

"Yeah. I was supposed to be retired and a mother by now, myself. I don't mind telling you there's a little bit of jealousy on my side of the table." Natalie's easy smile returns. She seems completely at home and relaxed to listen to the rest of this. "Mm. The brothers. Okay. And they would appear as shadowed? They would come in singles? Or would they appear together?" She jots all of this down. "And you saw- Wow. Yeah those games were right before Warday. Days, if I recall the logs right. Did you get any feelings from him other than the obvious? You knew he had associated with death for you before. Did he give off any ideas? Remind you of something? Did you smell anything? Hear anything?" It might make Quinn wonder just -what- Vandenberg has run into in the course of her investigation.

Evandreus doesn't know exactly where this is going, but seems to think the topic of conversation a little strange for a representative of the CMC to come chat about. He does not resume his singing, now actively curious about the discussion, but he continues the rhythmic bouncing of the child on his thighs, now and then rolling his tongue into a tube or folding it into a clover shape for her amusement.

Quinn furrows her brow, a hint surprised at the intensity of the questions. She shakes her head slowly, "No… no scents… no hearing, really… not in this vision. Just the lone brother and… the greatest sense of forboding in my life. I couldn't breathe. I didn't want to go out and fly… didn't want to stay the mission… It felt like I was…. surrounded by the dead. Not just him." She admits softly, a touch breathlessly sick just to remember the sensation. Apparently, it was rather intense.

The Marine jots all of her answers down on paper. No digital recorders in sight. Its not standard Colonial either. Its some kind of flowing shorthand slang. She's about to ask more when she looks up to see Quinn breathless. "Take your time, sir. Don't crash yourself out. I know some of these can be sorta nerve-wracking, yeah?" Her voice barely comes up above a whisper, as soothing as she can be. "But whenever you are ready, keep going. Try to keep them within single visions if you can for me so we can relate them as best we can."

Kal starts to fuss as too much of Evan's attention loiters up at the table, but Evan, well-trained big brother that he is, knows that his little sister's asking him to start singing again. And so he goes on, rolling the baby from side to side on his thighs. "Old King Danaus went to the fair — in hopes to marry off his daughter there — he fell on his face and he got all muddy — when his little girl told him: Boys! Are! Cruddy!" A little quieter, this time, for the sake of the interview going on.

Quinn shakes her head quietly, "That's the… clearest vision, concerning the ship, the… war… that I remember. There were occasionally other times, usually a pilot would die, or a squadron. I had a dream about Pollux being tossed from his horse before we crashed on Leonis… nothing as intense as those days before warday, though. And then there was the Lampridis Falls vision…" She frowns, pushing a small hand through her ragged red hair, "It was very different than the others I've had… a clear dream… But neither of the brothers were there… " She then falls quiet, looking back to siblings for a moment. "Evan… if you wish to join us, you can listen, you know… I am not certain if you've had dreams or not about this either."

"And just before Leonis. One of the brothers and his horse." Vandenberg keeps writing and looks up to Evan, nodding. "Please, love. Come join us if the Captain is fine with it. If you've seen anything or know someone that has let them know I'd like to talk to them." She isn't collecting names like the Gestapo. "I still have two others I need to talk to about what they've seen of Lampridis. Nobody should feel freakish or odd about it. I think its just our Gods giving us a whole bunch of signposts." The implication being that they need to get there in a hurry but she keeps her smile and the upbeat attitude. It probably hides most of that urgency. "So you've had a dream about the Falls but nothing of the brothers. Interesting. So what happened, sir?" Its offhanded with ease. She honestly wants people to be comfortable here. It may be painfully obvious.

When mum calls him up, he pulls Kal gently to his chest and then rocks forward onto his feet, standing with remarkable ease for one using no hands to steady himself. He bounces over toward the table, not sitting down, but swaying with the kid, keeping her calm with a charismatic ease. "I dreamed about the Falls," he murmurs. "That it was the gate to the underworld. I went there with Ducky before she… before she left," he puts in his two cubits quietly, swaying like a tree in an uncertain wind.

Quinn looks up to Evandreus, nodding slowly. She thought he had a vision. She breathes out slowly in memory, "My dream was…. my childhood farmstead. A little while after we did visit it, on Aerilon… I and Kallistei were there. Together, but this was before she was born. She was older then, a toddler. A bit older…It was raining outside, madly so, to the point that we knew a flood was coming. And there was a serpent curled by the fireplace, like a family pet…." Maggie looks down, struggling to remember detail by detail.

And Evan has a revelation, too? Vandenberg's brows loft. "The gateway to the underworld?" She definitely wants to hear about that. There's a lifted finger for him to hold that thought and she looks back to the Captain. "Interesting, sir. So you would estimate this vision to have taken place two to four years in the future? And a serpent coiled by the fireplace." She furrows her brow. "The connection of a serpent and the Falls. That's..twice now. The first time was with the people who found the knife at Knossos." She taps the pen on the table and looks back up towards Evan.

"Right, like… we died together and went to Lampridis Falls," Evan explains. "Instead of… wherever else. There were these… old folks who had us over to dinner. We had some petal and I tried to see if I could go find Octavian. I went off into the woods, and… yeah, then I woke up," he narrates as much as he remembers from the event. "The old people said that the place was the end of the war. Which I figured meant that we were all going to die and go to Lampridis Falls." Evan shakes his head slowly. "I had another one where cylons laid eggs in my head and I was wearing the Sun's wings and trying to give birth like Zeus. And for a while I'm pretty sure I was getting telepathic communication from Leonis." May as well air all of his crazy, since she's asking after it.

Quinn listens quietly, but then she smells something…"Finish your questions with Evan for now. I'm going to change her and see what more I can remember… it's all a bit fuzzy, but I think I have mine written down." Maggie admits, standing and leaning over to scoop up the baby so she can go for the small changing area.

She's about to ask about who the other person was until she hears the name. Oh. This is all scribbled down but the mention of the End of War gets her to actually choke on an inhale.She looks up, eyes wide. "Wow. Okay. So you died, went to the old folk's home for dinner, they told you that, then Tavi left you and you woke up when you got to the woods. Could you do me a favor and try to draw this house in the next few days? What you can remember of it. Externals would be fantastic." To the idea of telepathy with a colony, Natalie lifts a hand and chuckles. "Okay, lets stick to Lampridis for now. Anything else, darlin? Smells? Sounds? Maybe you could hear birds or the sound of the falls themselves?" She nods to Quinn on the woman's quick exit.

Evandreus hands off Kal to their mum, and settles down in a seat at the table, "He wasn't there. I just thought… if we were dead… I might be able to find him, if I looked," he shakes his head, though, indicating that this was not the case. "I don't think we ever saw the house, really. We were… we were sitting outside, around a fire. I think I was sitting on a fallen tree," he dredges stuff up piecemeal. "We were eating shish kabobs." He jerks upright at the mention of birds, "There were birds in the smoke. The fire's smoke was making… smoke signals. Shaped like birds. And one of them got eaten by a snake." As to the people, his shulders play at a shrug, "They looked… old. Generic old folk? Um. They were nice?" he sort of guesses.

Quinn frowns, not too many feet away, though she looks up from the changing table. "I… don't suppose their names were Tom and Cass? A couple, perhaps? Kindly looking… like your grandparents?"

"Holy shit. Yeah. Cass. Tom. That sounds… right," Evan furrows his brow. "Very… grandparent-esque, yah," Evan agrees, pushing up from his seat to go finish up with Kal, tagging Mumsie in, intending to take the little girl for a walk after her change.

Evandreus has disconnected.

Quinn allows Evan to work with Kalli, though shortly the baby is getting hella fussy. It'll be to the point that Evan has to take the babe out of the room, but at least he said most of his story. That leaves Maggie and the marine alone. Maggie's gone a bit pale beneath her freckles as she realizes they've dreamt the same people. "Yes… Tom and Cass… The same as his… they were in my vision as well. I… remember a bit more. Kalli was probably about five, actually… and she kept crying. Saying she wanted to go Home…"

Asking probing questions can sometimes pay off. Like now. She's taking notes on the whole thing and then hits paydirt with the bird question. She smiles, shaking her head and goes back to her notes. But then Quinn speaks up. The Marine S-Three blinks owlishly. When Evan confirms the names Van starts underlining their names in highlighted boxes, going over the names a few more times as well. She finally finishes scribbling and looks up. "Could you describe these old people in any detail. If you and Buns have seen the same things, sir, then it stands to reason that maybe other people have seen this Tom and Cass as well." She makes another note, this one apparently to herself. "So she was five or thereabouts. And she wanted to go home. And you said that you were in your childhood home? I'm sorry I might have become confused. Are you from Gemenon, sir?"

Quinn shakes her head. "No, we were in my farmstead home on Aerilon… but dreams often make little sense. Kalli kept wanting to go home, she was begging, crying… and the serpent was still there. As the storm got worse, there was a knock upon my door. I opened it. That's when Tom and Cass were there." She does describe them in as deep a detail as she possibly can. "They said they were travelers and asked if they could get warmth by the fire. I offered them to stay a while but they said they couldn't, the flood waters were getting worse and they.. Tom and Cass, were going Home. Kalli seemed to recognize them. She wanted to go with them. Then…" Maggie's brows furrow, rubbing one hand across her temple, "They asked me if I knew God…Singular, God."

"Ah okay, this is a different vision." Natalie flips over the paper and begins jotting down more notes. "Your daughter recognized Tom and Cass. She wanted to go with them. Do you think that your daughter considered them to be going to her proper home as well?" She taps the pen on the table. "Buns was invited to dinner at a campfire with them. No hints of a home. Huh." She looks back up. "Did they attempt to bring your daughter with them? Did they even try to get you to leave with these flood waters?" Apparently the part about 'God' will get its own line of questions.

Quinn shakes her head, "I think they warned me I should go, the waters were rising fast. Kalli wanted to go with them, the woman tried to take her. I wouldn't let her." Maggie shuts her eyes, trying to remember so hard, going through the dream scene by scene. "They told me time was running out. The waters were rising fast. That we should find our way home before we got swallowed up." She breathes out again, still a touch shivering, "I wouldn't let Kalli go, she fought me… And the man asked if I was worthy… if any of us were worthy before being swallowed up by the creature. The serpent by the fire, I think…"

Natalie grunts. "Time was running out. Rising waters. Home before you were swallowed, but they wanted to know if you were worthy before being swallowed by the serpent." Vandenberg looks at her notes after she finishes. "Do you think they were referring to you and your daughter in terms of worthiness? Or do you think they were referring to humanity as a whole?" Marines are investigating the words of supernatural beings. This life has truly taken a turn for the surreal. "Now they also asked if you knew God. What did you say in reply? What did they say in reply?"

Quinn clears her throat gently, "I told them that yes, we know the -Gods-… they didn't seem to like that and truly left. Kalli was throwing a fit at that point and the serpent by the fire was then stirring, almost threatening…" She frowns, pushing her hand nervously through her hair. "The door was opened so they could go. Outside was totally flooded… waist high water. And Tom said they had to go, there was no time, they had to go to Lampridis Falls. And they walked out into the water, no issue… I guess to go to the falls." She frowns, standing to go for her locker. "They said something strange… I think I wrote it down…" She digs for a small moleskin notebook. Pulling it out, she reads from the pages. "Lampridis Falls. Got to go back to go forward. Falls are above water, but you've got to follow the lightning" Her eyes flicker to Van, "That's what the man said."

"Son of a bitch. That knife I've been investigating was shaped like a lightning bolt." Natalie shakes her head, looking to the Captain for a moment longer before realizing what she said. "Oh, I'm sorry, sir. Force of habit in the Corps." She flashes an apologetic smile and looks back to the paper. Notes. SO many notes on just that part alone. She goes through nearly a page in her small rollover book. "Few questions on this." She underlines a few parts of her notes. "First, do you think the serpent became active at the mention of our Gods, plural? At the leaving of Tom and Cass?" A pause. "Second, again the mention of Lampridis Falls. Do you believe this was their intended home? Evan said that the end of the war was there according to these people. Was anything said that would hint to that end in your vision?"

Quinn nods slowly, "It did seem that Lampridis Falls either… was their home or, more so… the falls would -take- them home." Maggie corrects, actually sounding a bit firm in that. She gives a few more looks over the notes she put down in her book, short and seemingly meaningless. She should have written more. "…Finally, I gave in. I begged them to take us, but it was too late. The Serpent was coming up on us… A voice asked if I was worthy of life, as I waded into the water… and then the serpent's mouth was there, eating… and I woke up."

"Mmm. One or the other." Vandenberg taps the pen some more, the end parely making a sound as it grazes the paper. "The serpent was the enemy. The monotheists claim to be your friend. Are you worthy of life?" Its not a question directed at Quinn. Like she's been doing, Vandenberg is in the habit of repeating highlights aloud. "Sorry. Old cop trick. You repeat things. Sometimes hearing another person say it with a different inflection jars the brain into remembering something new rather than the same memory of an even in fluid form." She takes a breath and sits back in the chair. "Well, sir, I have two last questions: First, is Major Hahn aware of everything we've just discussed? Other than Evan's revelation, obviously. Second.. it was your vision. You felt it unfold. Experienced it. What do you think it means?"

Quinn nods in affirmation, "Cidra is aware of everything I remembered and could recall then. I might have forgotten details over time… or remembered different things, you know. That's as best as I could do, and you're welcome to share all this again with her, if you wish." Then the second question brings her back, allowing her to fold down into sitting. She frowns. "…I don't know… if it's a vision from the gods, why would they say god? It… makes me feel… strange. It makes me doubt… even when it is more proof of things greater than us than I've ever seen before. but…" She looks towards her child's crib…"I do not think there is any shortage of miracles around."

"Makes sense. She was unsure of what this all meant for a return to Gemenon." Vandenberg isn't looking at the Raptor pilot. She's staring at the table and her notes. "Don't sweat the details too much. I just wish I had known about this sooner. I've been buried in this investigation for going on more than a month," she sighs. Her tongue runs around the inside of her teeth as she thinks. "Aye, sir. I see where you run into the confusion. I'm not sure how to resolve this information with what I already have. I really need to speak with the other two pilots. And no-" Her eyes lift. "Sir, the amount of miracles floating around exceeds all ridiculous possibilities. Especially if you plot the things in our lives that would have to happen to bring us all together like this." Natalie taps the pen to her palm. "You said you weren't back on flight status yet. The CAG indicated to me you would be flying the return trip to Gemenon. Is this something you were aware of?"

Quinn blinks, genuine surprise on her pale, freckled face. She gives a short laugh. "I am now. When is the return trip scheduled?"

Vandenberg chuckles. "Wow. Okay, well my apologies for jumping the gun?" She doesn't sound so sure. "Major Hahn gave me your name as the point of contact for both these visions as well as the recon. I kind of got the impression that planning was already underway but apparently not." She crosses one leg over the other. "The recon will not be leaving before these swarms end. The wing is apparently too swamped - something I will leave to the professionals to judge." She wets her lips. "I was informed that Lieutenants Demarcos and Duncan will also be going. As will I."

Quinn hmms softly, nodding, "I'll speak with Major Hahn soon. I should be back on the flight line in the next week or two, so it's no issue." She smiles weakly, "If there's nothing else, I think it's probably about food time for her, probably why she was fussy. I should track my children down and get back to it."

"Fair enough, sir. Thank you for your time and patience with my questions." She rises from the chair, lifting her helmet and notepad. "When you begin planning operations, please let me know because there are a few things I might want to look at. I'm already tasked with looking for landing zones. I'm also looking at ground targets but don't tell anyone that, sir." She slips a wink at Quinn and moves to the open bunk for her rifle. Its slung over her shoulder and she turns back to the Raptor pilot and salutes. "Thank you for all that again, sir. I really appreciate it, Captain."

Quinn nods quietly, "Of course… if the major permits, I want to real all your findings once it's all put together. I look forward to working with you." She gives one last smile before saluting back and then heading out the door to find her offspring.

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