PHD #342: The Aerial Front Line
The Aerial Front Line
Summary: This is why engineers invented gunnery cannons for Raptors and Vipers. The CAG and her midshipman put in some time on the range.
Date: 03 Feb 2042 AE
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Cidra Sonja Shiner 
Shooting Range - Deck 12 - Battlestar Cerberus
This nearly soundproof room has ten shooting booths in a straight line that face the target field. The ranges move out to thirty yards, each booth using its own track to take targets out to the desired distance vial a simple dial at the booth. Behind the firing line is a long bench that runs the width of the room where crewmembers can load magazines and compare targets. At one end is a huge stack of paper targets that has either Cylons or a few different types of human targets on them. A large sign hangs from the ceiling that details out the rules such as wearing eye and ear protection and watching where weapons are pointed at all times.
Post-Holocaust Day: #342

Cidra is in one of the lanes on the range, adjusting her stance as she takes aim at a paper target. A simple ringed one with a bulls-eye in the center. Not one of the human targets. She's yet to fire. She's just getting herself planted and futzing with her aim.

Sonja enters the room quietly, then shuts the door behind her and turns the wheels to secure the range. It's her free time right now and she's choosen to spend it on the range improving her shot, she's a good one anyway but this she enjoys unlike the PT and the rules and regs lectures. Grabbing an unloaded weapon goggles and ammo, she check all three then turns into the lane next to Cidra. "Major." She says respectfully.

Cidra turns her head, doing her best to hold her body in position as she does so, to acknowledge Sonja. "Ah. Midshipman. Good to see you on the range. Flight training can be much absorbing, I know, and I do feel like sometimes the Nuggets are not pressed in the other aspects of Basic as they should be. But, well. There are so many hours in the day."

Sonja smiles warmly at the Major. "I did alot of shooting back home Ma'am, just homing my skills and keeping my hand in. I figured I'll need it at least once while I'm here." She says dryly. "And yes this does make a nice change from the other activies I've been told will help keep me alive. I also had my first Cap last night, I think Captain Vakos said I did well."

"Sir," Cidra corrects. It's said as an after-thought, but a firm one. "There are no 'Ma'ams' in the Colonial Navy, Lyon. That is a civilian term. All ranking officers, regardless of gender, are referred to as 'sir.' It is a tenant of respect, as I am no different and no less than Major Tillman save by differences in our position and duties." Mention of her first CAP brings a slight smile, however, and turns her attention from the target again. "Ah, yes. How did you find it, then?"

Sonja nods her head slowly. "Oh please do correct me sir, as I'm fond of saying I'm very new at this military stuff and it's taking some getting use to, I meant no disrepect." She says softly, and then the mention of the CAP ends that little dicussion and she says excitedly. "If it wasn't for the fact I'm training to kill and protect the fleet, I'd say it was the most wonderful and exciting ride I've ever been on. But that would just be very imaproperate of me so I'll say it was tence and nerve racking and I landed without a scratch."

"Do not worry, Lyon, I shall correct you," Cidra replies in that dry, and rather inscrutable, way of hers. Her talk of CAP earns a short, but approving, nod. "I never feel more right with the world than when I sit in the pilot's seat of a Raptor. Such responsibility in your hands, with a ship of that size and bulk, yet such power. A feel as if you can go anywhere, so long as you have got fuel and a spooled engine. It is a glory like no other."

Sonja nods her head and closes her eyes for a brief moment as she remember the freedom she has high in the sky, flying her little duster., "It's certainly something I never thought I'd be doing again flying." She says softly, opening her eyes and regarding the Major. "I just hope I can be on some use, even if all I do is keep my lead from getting shot."

<FS3> Cidra rolls Firearms: Good Success.

"You are of Aerilon, yes? Have you spoken with Captain Quinn? She is Aerilon-born herself. Began her career flying a duster. Now she is easily the best pilot in our Wing behind a Raptor stick. I shall be very glad to have her flying again, now that her child is born." Cidra contemplates her target again. "The fact that you have willing hands to work is the most important step, Lyon. The fortitude to do what needs be done is half the battle in the Navy. The rest is skill and courage, when the time comes when duty calls you highest." On that note, she fires. And actually hits the target. It ain't a bullseye, but it's respectable enough.

Sonja shakes her head. "I'm afraid not Major, I was one of the pick up on Leonia, but it sounds like our backgrounds are similar, I have yet to meet Captain Quinn and I'd like too." She news of a child shocks her for a few moments. "People are having children join the time, it doesn't seem logical to me, but I suspect it was not planned. She is married then, I have heard of a few couples marrying recently." She says smiling slightly. "Almost makes things seems normal, and then you realize you can never go home and reality hits you again."

Cidra makes no comment to Quinn's marital status. She merely says, "I think she felt she would not get another opportunity. And the human race must carry on. One step at a time. Such is the reason we fly Vipers at all." A small, rather somber nod to the rest. "No. Home is no longer what any of us remember it to be. Or would want to look upon again. We must forge ahead, to make what life we can out here, and perhaps seek a new path. While dealing the Cylons whatever hindrance we can manage."

Shiner arrives from the Deck 12.

Sonja stills seems rather awe at the mention of a child but she simply nods her head to the rest and smiles wearily. "We need to find a new home, one where the cylons won't every attack us, though they will find is no doubt the only salution is to destory them." She glances back to the target the major just aced and ponders the meaning of home. "Though for now, we are home." She says quietly.

Cidra is in one of the lanes on the range, service pistol in hand, goggles and all that on. Though she's presently more concentrated on making conversation with Sonja than in abusing her target. Another small nod at the Nugget's words. "So say we all, Lyon. This ship is as much home as any of us have now. And I must say I have had few better ones in my time."

Shiner grumbles quietly as he enters, muttering to himself as he heads over to collect with poor grace a set of goggles and ear defenders, before moving to issue himself a weapon. Apparently his training also involves a range refresher and he's Not Happy about it.

Sonja has a weapon and goggles at hand but hasn't done anything with them as of yet, she too busy talking to the Major. "I must confess, I am enjoying the different life, would I have choosen it normally no, but I am making the best of it." She trails off when Shiner walks into the room and gives off a childish woolfe whistle. "And the man of the hour has arrived."

<FS3> Cidra rolls Firearms: Terrible Failure.

Cidra notices Shiner as well. Nodding approvingly. "Ah. Wright. Most good to see the Nuggets down here. As I was just telling Lyon, I at times feel flight training swallows all one's time. Other skills can be neglected." On that note, she takes aim and fires again. BANG! And miss. Extreme miss. That one hit near the ceiling rather than the target…somehow. How it managed that trajectory is unclear.

Shiner grunts. "Never much liked this bit, sir," he admits. "Wasn't much good at it first time round. Probably why they didn't make me a marine. Sir," he greets more politely, touching his forehead in vague salute. "Snowjob. Missed me, I see." Flex. Cidra's shot is eyed with some amusement. "Ah, right. Not just me, then."

Sonja gives Shiner a winning smile and mockingly swoons at his flex. "He's all muscle and no brains." She tells the Major, then ducks when the Cidra fires, hoping it doesn't come back and hit someone, now would be a good time to place the goggles on. Once recovered from her faceplant she glancing sideways at Shiner to see how he took that comment she just made. "Not sure why Dave, your have the mentallity for being a marine."

Cidra clears her throat. "I am better with a gunnery cannon to target with," she says mildly. Adjusting her aim again. Her brows arch at the nickname 'Snowjob.' She blinks, but does not question that particularly. "The Marines tell many jokes about the shooting skills of the 'airy fairies.' This is…why we practice."

"I'm too hot to be a marine," Shiner quips amiably, heading for a booth and there checking over his firearm and ammunition. "I can see why you'd want to learn gunnery with the birds and all, but all this?" And he waggles the end of his pistol downrange. "What, are we going to lean out of the window and shoot them?"

Sonja nods her head in understanding to Cidra. "We learn to use the tools of our own trade the best." And then glances at Shiner. "In case you get shot down and need to defend yourself long enough for a jarhead to come save your fine ass, my dear." She drawls in her best Leonis accent, Cidra is then glanced back at. "Well I'd like to see one of them fly as Viper or Raptor Sir, they wouldn't know the first thing."

<FS3> Cidra rolls Firearms: Terrible Failure.

"We are military personnel, Wright," Cidra says, aligning her posture again and lacing her fingers over the trigger. "Which means, if we are called upon to defend the lives of ourselves and our shipmates outside a plane, we do so. It is particularly important for Raptor personnel, actually. A Viper's entire duties are concentrated in air and space. A Raptor lands. It delivers Marine personnel. It occasionally finds itself in very hot situations and must defend its ship. And missiles are not always the best weapon ward off a boarder with, Midshipman Wright." As for Sonja's last she says, "Different hands for different jobs, Lyon. The Marines are very good at their duties, we are I pray very good at ours. We respect each other's service and roles. At least, such is what I demand, so you had best do this." And she presses the trigger again. And…it doesn't fire. It appears while she was fiddling with hte pistols he left the safety on.

"Have you seen the toasters, Snowjob?" Shiner smirks, aiming downrange, squinting, and loosing a round. "Like these little guns would even dent them? I can probably manage to hit somebody inside a Raptor, though. The range isn't very far, right?"

Sonja wants to get in on the action and turns to center herself in her own lane. "I didn't mean any disrepect." She murmurs softly, still trying to get this whole military thing down, it's going to take a while. "Well you have a point there, but like Watters told us, there's a reason we've been told to do all these seemingly meaningless jobs."

"It is not far, Wright," Cidra affirms to Shiner wryly. Good for both of them that it isn't, apparently. "Watters?" That name isn't instantly recognized, but the advice from it gets a ready nod. "WEll, they are most correct. The routine builds discipline and, in desperate situations, discipline shall keep you alive. Keep a ship running, keep your Viper flying. The larger matters flow from the smaller."

Shiner grumbles quietly, "Because a year driving frakking Henry isn't routine enough or something." He peers downrange and fires another round. "I can /do/ this stuff. It's the flying I need training in."

Sonja nods her head. "He's the new S4 Sir, got picked up from Tauron, not long again. Been spending some time with him. Good guy, interesting take on things and seems to act like this is some big joke, but he's stress relief." She shrugs and mutters cheerfully when the shot she lets off almost gets dead center. "Yeah sure looks like you can do this stuff Shiner, I'd stick to frakking." She jokes.

"A Raptor is just a big bus, Mister Wright. One that flies and can be armed with cannons. The Deck shifts are a routine. CAP is a routine. It is all routine until the toasters burst in and it suddenly matters that the repairs were done properly and you paid attention in your firing drills." As for flying, "You are coming along not badly at that, Wright. We should start getting you up in Raptors properly a day or two a week. Not piloting, but riding. With Lieutenant Leyla Aydin or myself, or one of the other full El-Tees. Let you see how it is done, before you are called to do it yourself outside the sims."

Sonja nods her head eagerly at Shiner. "It's nerve racking and wonderful all at the same time. I went on my first Cap yesterday evening with Captain Vakos."

Shiner points out, "I can drive a bus, sir. Buses are easy. They stay on the ground, for one. And a forklift, and a trailer, and all kinds. But any time you've got space for a passenger, you'll let me know, right?" As Sonja mentions Captain Vakos, however, he reddens a little, clearing his throat. "I understand that I was mentioned in conversation, Snowjob. So she said this morning."

"Did well enough behind a Viper, from what I do hear, too," Cidra says to Sonja, with a note of pride in her voice. Though Shiner's input makes her arch a brow. "This morning, Wright? To what are you referring?"

Sonja laughs heartily at the blushing Shiner, she places down her weapon, places the safty on and goes to ruffle his hair. "Oh look at those cheeks, your blushing worse then the milk made whom my brother use to tease." She is rather delighted at the slight. "He's almost cute when he does that." She glances at the major then back at Cidra, her praise making her blush now. "Thank you Major." She murmurs, pleased as well as embaressed.

Shiner hurriedly puts the safety on his own weapon, clearing his throat. "Uh, she did the wakey wakey this morning, sir, in the berths, is all. We had a bit of a chat. So tell us more about your CAP, Snowjob?" he adds, quick to change the subject from his blushing.

Cidra makes a soft "Ah" sound. "Captain Vakos does do her diligence in making certain the Nuggets are attending to their regimens. It all relates, Midshipman. Even though it may not seem as if it does now. It does." She falls silent now, not shooting again either, so she doesnt' BANG while Sonja is talking of her CAP.

Sonja raises an eyebrow at the wakey, wakey explaination from the other Nugget, she'll let him change the subject for now. "We took a few spins around the fleet, took it slow and took our time, captain Vakos is a real dab hand at the stick, she turned so gracefully I felt like a whale next to her, the G's were pretty harsh on my body." She glances down at herself. "Not much to me, but I felt it after, my muscles are still aching."

"Captain Vakos is a real smooth touch," Shiner agrees, flicking off the safety once more and pointing the weapon downrange. "Did you land and everything? I landed the other day. Didn't I, sir? And nobody died?"

"This is most true, Wright. Nobody died," Cidra replies to Shiner with the barest hint of a smile. Wry, that, but there's pride there as well. A nod to Sonja. "The G-forces are punishing. This is why PT is particularly important for Viper candidates, Lyon. Builds muscle strength and stamina. And Poppy is one of our strongest Viper pilots. Her time put in at the gym is in large part to this. She builds a solid foundation, and can fly longer and stronger because of it."

Sonja nods her head up and down slowly. "Sure did, and I kinda had too I was the only person in the Bird, Dave, kinda hard to let someone else do it." She chuckles softly. "Good shot." She comments. "I didn't know that." She replies to Cidra. "I'm doing almost four hours aday in the gym, thanks to a tidy locker." She rolls her eyes, slightly all in good humor though.

"I'm going to kick her frakking ass in the gym later on," Shiner insists, gritting his teeth.

"Good good." Cidra is approving of talk of ass-kicking in the gym. Mostly. It sounds vaguely like it might lead to something constructive. "In any case, my clip is nearly empty." Nearly. She takes the safety off, lines up and fires one more at her target. And…BANG! Right dead center this time. The CAG smiles. Just a touch. "Empty now. Keep to your duties and straight and narrow, Nuggets." And off she goes.

Sonja gives the Major a salute and goes to secure her weapon. "I think I will call it a night also, Shiner you coming." She says with a grin and a sly wink. "Need to make sure we know where you are at night." The mother bear gets another grin. "Always Sir, always." she comments.

Shiner gives a nod, firing off another round. "I'll keep practicing. Sir, any rumours you hear? Totally not true." And that out of the way, he switches his full attention to shooting.

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