PHD #511: That There Puddle
That There Puddle
Summary: Marines down on Gemenon discuss the lake, the prospect of swimming in it, whether it is impressive compared to other lakes, if drills should be held in it, and the possibility of getting jetskis running on it. A Two joins them.
Date: 22 July 2042 AE
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The Sacred Circus - Lampridis Town - Gemenon
The Sacred Circus is the heart of Lampridis Town proper. Though it's ringed by a traffic circle that leads west to Lakeshore Way and east to the Boulevard of Doves, the square itself has been reserved for pedestrians only, not that anybody these days has much use for cars. To the north rises a large, ancient fountain whose ingenious plumbing system still functions five hundred years after it was built. A marble swan, wings extended, rises up from all four cardinal corners, streams of water spouting from beaks toward a central obelisk more than forty feet tall. Its sides are covered with reliefs of the goddess Aphrodite, each telling the story of one particular mythological lover.

To retain "local flavor," the square itself was never paved over, and the ever-present bomb damage has done a number on cobbled stone. Though only a few of the many shops lining the Circus survived the devastation, most of the signage remains intact, advertising restaurants, hotels, and the occasional hole-in-the-wall selling kitschy souvenirs. The electric lamps around the square have been replaced with wood-and-oil torches lit at night, offering a romantic — or medieval — feel, depending on who you ask.

But most remarkable of all is the sturdy brick building directly opposite the fountain that still functions as a temple to all the Lords of Kobol. Though its conical roof has partially collapsed, the Pantheon's inner sanctuary remains intact. A bucket full of chalk hangs beside the door, and on all four walls appear a few hundred messages in just as many different hands.

Condition Level: 2 - Danger Close
Post-Holocaust Day: #511

What days they have been there, Circe has been cloistered away with the sick and injured. It gives her purpose in such a strange situation. Free now, at least taking some time for herself. She has removed all but a pair of camo pants and a tank. Dogtags swing about her neck and she has not even thought about protecting her eyes. She shields her eyes with her hand, hair curling even more in the humdiity. A fine sheen of sweat sits on her brow as she spots the Captain and begins to march heavy booted feet in that direction. There is a gentleness in her gaze as the corpsman smiles upon Natalie, "Hey Captain.." Circe is already darkening in color, those years of being in the sun causing her to adapt rather easily. A rich healthy hue now.

Constin is among those certainly stationed dirtside, rather than taking his ease. The Gunnery Sergeant is decked out in battledress blacks and paying the price for his attire in sweat. Bootsteps bring the big marine into the square from the eastern walk, on a path that will ultimately take him down toward the lake, rifle slung as rest across his chest.

Like any good Canceran, Natalie doesn't so much burn as just get shades darker.. with a red hue. She holds the bottle to her forehead and looks up to Circe with a lopsided smile. She clears her throat and nods to the woman. "Hey, Specialist. Uh, thanks for last night. Hope that wasn't too awkward for you." Outside context of what they know, this probably sounds bad. Seeing Constin heading for the lake, she lifts her chin to him. "Hey Guns! Goin for a swim?"

Two is… well, a Two. This one has let his hair grow out over his ears in shaggy wings, and hasn't shaved in a couple days, a scruffy appearance that matches well with his outfit. Well-worn hiking boots, dusty khaki cargo shorts, and a green knit pull-over, the neck pulled open to display several strands of beads, and leather strings that no doubt have things dangling from them beneath his shirt. He wanders through, not looking in any particular hurry, and then stops and turns to eye the Wall, apparently seeking out the newest additions.

Smirking some, Circe gives a brush of her hand to her hair. "No worries, Nat." She winks. "I needed it as much as you." That said, her head lifts to look towards Constin, grinning some. Planetside is doing them all some good and tension is draining, at least for her. Space scares the crap out of her and solid ground is giving life to the corpsman that had not been there in a very long time. "Swimming? I would be up for that.." She grins broadly and then pauses, her gaze catching the cylon, her smile fading some as she watches his movements from the corner of her eye over her shoulder.

Constin turns an eye toward Vandenberg as the woman calls his way. This is one big Canceran who- after years in space following years in mines, burns like the blond he is. Nose and cheeks already ruddy from soaking up solar radiation, he drawls back at the marine ladies, "S'probably a sign says 'Private property'," is a deadpan jest. Narrow blue eyes shifting briefly aside to the Two, Elf turns his booted steps toward Natalie and Circe, briefly delaying his patrol.

Still owning a pair of good condition desert-warfare fatigues from his pickup on Sagittaron, Ciro continues to sport the headscarf, wrapped around his neck, as he rounds the corner. With his rifle over his shoulder, he's stepped away from the punishing roof of the AgoraMART and has taken to the town. Operator's helmet hanging from his hip, he's clutching a canteen, alternating sips of water with splashes over his neck. Spotting the "Two" and his friends by the graffiti wall, he quietly wanders in their direction.

"No kidding. I've been trying to find someone to go jump off the end of one of the docks with me. I think everyone is just scared of water that hasn't been filtered and chlorinated. Damn Navy. Probably never even saw a mud pit in basic." She smirks, reaching out to chuck Circe on the shoulder. The topic appears to be dead, whatever it was that happened. "Oh don't be a stickler, Elf," she chides with a short laugh. Natalie sips at the bottle again while she watches the Two. She almost seems surprised that the Cylon is looking over the wall at all. "Hey.. Two?" She doesn't know his name. "Do you all write on the wall, too? Or is it just humans?" Ciro gets a nod on his approach.

Two turns after a moment, looking around before finding the source of the 'Two' and lifting a hand in greeting to Vandenberg. He ambles over towards her, saying, "Hey. Yeah, we do. That last one's me," he says, pointing and smiling crookedly, "We don't all, but not all the humans do either." He shrugs a bit, and then offers a hand, "My name's Colin. Edgerton. Or was, I guess, but… I like it, so I'm keeping it."

Taking the cuff to her shoulder, Circe grins even more and gives a shake of her head, "Well we can show em its okay and then hold their hands. Its just as dangerous jumping in that water as it is breathing the air. Not high enough rad levels to be concerned." She smirks a bit and looks up to the biggest marine, winking, "I would like to test the theory and see if our Gunnery here sinks.." A joke of course, but as Vandenber speaks to the two, the medic is folding her arms before her and looking a little bit ill at ease. It is not outride dislike, but there is still that tinge of uncertainty. But Ciro receives a warm smile.

"Long walk off a short pier, sir," Elf drawls back to Natalie's complaint with a tight grin. Noting Ciro's approach, the big man grunts, "Sondray. What's status in the pocket?" he prompts, nicknaming the defensive line at the Agora-Mart. 'Colin's response is heard, but not commented upon, nor is Circe's sinking conspiracy.

"Well…one thing's for frakkin' sure. The water's going to be warm, but you open that spot up swimming it'll fill fast." Ciro replies with a wave to the Captain and Circe before coming to a stop near Elf. Adjusting the rifle over his shoulder, he watches Two, or Colin, as he seems to prefer, while updating the Gunnery Sergeant. "Everything's set at the pocket. Got a rotating shift going with water deliveries. Got a few volunteers as runners to keep everyone in position while some of the snipes and deck on lend have been delivering the water. All in all…we're lookin' pretty good." After speaking, Ciro finally nods upwards to Colin, not quite sure what to say to the Cylon just yet.

Vandenberg looks to the two and his answer, apparently weighing it in her mind. The extended hand, though. Mm. She looks at it a moment before rising from the bench and reaching out to take the grip. "Captain Natalie Vandenberg," she introduces. "Well-met, Colin. Earn your diploma, eh? Interesting prospect for a Cylon…?" She doesn't sound sure. "I figured your ability to retain information would be near perfect. The way you put it, though, makes me suspect otherwise." Elf gets a middle finger and a smirk. She looks at him but replies to Circe: "Of course he sinks. Look at him. He's like a walking heap of granite. I think some poor sod probably cracked him out of a wall in one of the mines. But yeah, we should hit up that lake for some R 'n R." She whispers over to Circe, looking at her now. "Traded a slice of soap to a teenager for a bikini top. Better believe I'm going ot make use of it. I need a tan. I'm as white as you."

"Well the surface will be warm, if you know how to swim..or sink you can enjoy the cool portions.." Circe grins further at Ciro's comment. But further attention to anything else but what Vandenberg does with the Cylon is lost. The medic shifts uncomfortably and rubs at the back of her neck with her hand. She might very well continue to look as she does if not for the whisper from Natalie. A slow grin spreads as she says back. "Bikini top? Who said anything about wearing anything…" SHe murmurs back and then scoffs a little. "I am hardly white…" Well she is, but she's not turning red. She's one of those instant tan women. But Colin gets a look again and she nods her head in greeting.

Constin nods once at Ciro's summary, "Good," he rumbles, before returning Vandenberg's salute with a middle finger raised to his temple. His words continue to Ciro, "Ay-Ay is online. Pocket is as solid as it's like to get," even as he eyes the ongoing banter and exchange between Colin, Circe and Captain.

Two doesn't seem totally sure whether Vandenberg will take his hand, and seems almost ready to retract it and move on when the captain gives it a shake. "Nice to meet you, Natalie," he replies, and then blinks, looking confused. "I— what?" He turns and looks back over his shoulder, and then laughs, and points again, "Oh, no, sorry. I used the real dark chalk, I don't know why. Mine's the last one, there. Climb a six thousand meter peak." He smiles and then glances around at the other marines, chuckling a little and offering, "The water's really nice right now. Lake's got a sandy bottom, too, no need to work about rocks and stuff. Not too many weeds, either."

"You hearin' this shit, Gunny?" Ciro smirks. "Just yesterday I was casually reminding deck-boy that this is still a hot zone so not to go wandering off digging for Hades' balls, and now I'm hearing the marine glitter talk about bathing suit optional." Ciro raises his voice, smirking in Van and Circe's direction "Just let me know when I can get in on that action. Some of the Dogs could use a dip. Been looking at that water for a while now."

Ciro lifts a brow in Colin's direction. "I was on a four-thousand meter one not too long ago." The pause after his words is a little too long for comfort. "It's not a bad view from up that high. You been around any of the peaks on this rock?"

Natalie chuckles at Circe. "Well the girls aren't anything new to the ship's Marine outfit. But to some of the locals.." She tilts her head back and forth. "I think I may just let modesty win out. And yes, well, look at where you're from. You're white. Stark like a ghost." She winks at the prodding, not really meaning it. Seeing Elf's salute, she kisses the air as if in thanks. She then turns back to Colin and lifts her brow. "That's one helluva goal. Not many people have even walked above three thousand meters." A glance to Ciro and she blinks. That wasn't expected. "Lords, Staff. That's a big-ass peak." Back to the Two: "Yeah, you been up any of the ranges on Gemenon? I did mountain warfare for a long time. I miss the views and the fresh air."

With the report on the lake coming in from their resident model Two, also known as Colin, Circe smiles. "Good, it means that the Gunney will be easy to extract." Glitter gets a look a brow raises. She smirks some at Ciro's talk of action and shakes her head. "Colin.." She starts, the name only made easier by the fact the Two looks human. "Gotten anyone sick off using the water yet or is that unconfirmed. My guess is it's safe and by any measure, I am taking a dip tonight when things have calmed and others have the injured at hand."

"Sondray, there's one thing worse than death by radiation, its a nose fulla wet Dog," Elf asides. "That there puddle ain't much to look at. Won't speak for the glitter," he adds, eyeing the distant surface of the lake. An easy curl twists his lip as the big man eyes Circe. "You got any idea how many centurions it takes to get me to extract, Lagana?"

"Ain't much to look at? Elf, you're killin me!" Natalie laughs. "I haven't seen a lake that size in years. Most I could come up with nearby on Libran was a couple ponds full of stanky water and mosquitos. I mean, we've got BOATS!!" But thinking on Sondray's other words, she taps her chin. "Staff? How about Monday morning we assemble dog for PT at the lake. Full gear swim. Mark off two hundred meters by the shore. Swim once. Do a short break with a run. Then we do it again. No punishment for stragglers.. Its been awhile since we've been able to do this."

"Vacation." Ciro replies to Vandenberg, his eyes passing over her in such a way as to say 'yes…pre-war…it's like that'. Shrugging his pack off, he leans it against the wall and crouches down, running a hand through his sopping mohawk. "I think after the shit shifts on the roof of the Agora with all that frakkin' tar, Captain, the dogs deserve at least a chance to dip in it before they gotta PT in it. I bet if I let them know ahead of time they'd have to PT in it later, they'd still get that morale up if they got a dive in first." He raises his head in Colin's direction, chewing his lip before he speaks. "Your human population taken a dip in there enough, Colin? I don't know how rad-shielded you are, but you've been here long enough, I'm just assuming you'd know more about the side affects than we, right?"

Elf's comment gains him alook and the cheek medic grins a bit, "Ahhh, no I don't. But I would love to see." Now the mention of swimming becoming a drill and she grunts, "You know, you were just in the wrong area on Leonis. We had beautiful lakes." SHe insists. It makes her frown a little. "Well the samples I took…" She catches her voice and thinks on it. "The planet has rad poisoning, but its not to any degree that will kill us. Not right away. So a dip is not going to hurry things along that aren't happening already." Always the ray of sunshine.

Two shakes his head to the questions, replying, "Nah, the worst of the rad posioning's those we picked up from other planets, folks from 'round the cities, or the worse spots. I mean, it's coming, here, we haven't got forever, everybody knows it, but nobody's got sick yet from swimming, that I know of. If you've got anybody who's 'specially sensitive, or who're like to end up filling their lungs as much as swimming they might want to watch out, but otherwise, you should be good. I reckon you all probably haven't had the pleasure in a while, huh?" He swipes a hand over messy hair and then rewinds to note, "I've been up a few, not ever quite six kay, but a couple fours and a five… was working my way up," he says, smiling crookedly, and then adding by way of explanation, "I was a trail guide, in the park here? So yeah, there's no peak in these parts I don't know."

"Shit, there ain't even no Enemy Hippo Elements on this rock to oppose our amphibious operations," Elf drawls on the heels of Colin's commentary of watery respite. He finds more amusement in the words than the common ear could find cause for. He gives ear, but no comment to the ongoing chatter between the others.

Vandenberg takes the advice from Ciro and nods a few times. "Alright, Staff. Sounds good. Grab the people you think deserve it most for a break. Tell them to go cool off in the lake or hit the bar, then drag them in after you get a few in them." The Captain grins. She then looks to Colin and dips her head. "No kidding. That's a pretty cake job. I'd considered doing something like that when I retired. These other sun-fried devil dogs had a chance to see a bit of it out west of here when we dropped in for a recon a few months back. Got some nice views. Ever been up to the northern ranges? Always wanted to get there, myself." Probably referring to those on Gemenon. The Captain seems quite interested with the Two who, damnit, seems to have had her dream job. She then slides a quirked brow at Elf. "Do we normally shoot hippos? Cuz opposition implies some very interesting prospects." Wild game. Nom.

"Alright, I'll call it in after I get my five. Frenx and Loras have been hauling all of the shit the last few days with very little complaining. They're going to be first on the list. Next will be the poor bastards that are drawing roof. Not much shade up there." Ciro replies, leaning his head over to allow some of the sweat to drip away as he wipes at his damp scalp. "We have a pool upside." Ciro replies to Colin, not looking to the man. "But we haven't have the pleasure of anything that wasn't man-made. No doubt both a blessing and a curse I'm sure, most people are just happy to feel some sun."

The prospect of swimming alone makes her smile, better than seeing injured that is for sure. Circe grunts at Ciro's mention of the pool, "Its a pool, its recycled water and chlorinated. I want to dive into something natural. It just isn't swimming when it's in a controlled environement." The pool was a blessing, but the lake is something she is looking forward to. "Either way, if you make it a swimming lap or drill, its still water. I may just beat all of you there and go before anything is scheduled. Then I get the place to myself."

"Sag. Armored amphibious resistance column," Elf drawlsto Van on the subject of shooting hippos. "Dumb frakkers advanced without infantry, and ate their own air support." A 'sad' shake of his head. "Damned shame," he snickers, in a tone that reflects nothing but wry humor.

Vandenberg lofts the other brow at Elf's explanation. "No shit." She chuckles. "Well that's what they get. That was just a poorly planned operation. Though.. sounds interesting. And gives me an idea. If you got time, wanna hit up Colonel Hahn? See if you can wrangle a Raptor crew to take you and a couple people out to pop some game?" But the mention of swimming has her attention. Gods that sounds great. "Hell, I'm good for swimming. I couldn't even stand to wear my uniform anymore. Its tempting to just run down there and cannon ball."

Two listens to the others conversing, and particularly Vandenberg as she addresses him directly, nodding. "Yeah, pools are nice, but there's nothing like swimming in a lake in the sun," he agrees. "And for sure, it's a great job. I loved it," he says, smile tilting just slightly. He carries on quickly enough, nodding again, "Sure, sure, been up in the northern ranges a couple times. Some nice climbs up there. I— hippos?" His brows lift, and he laughs a little in surprise, and shakes his head, "I'm afraid we haven't got any of those around here. But… well, I was never a big fan of hunting," he says, lips pursing faintly, "Seems a poor way to repay Mother Nature, but… well, these days it's a necessity. There are team assigned to hunt in different areas each week, in shifts. If you're all interested in pitching in, I'm sure they'd love the help."

"You've got wounded, Colin. How recently were they wounded and exactly how much protection does the swimming-hole need. Perimeter or not, all those bouncing boats in the water at the lake…" Ciro tilts his head, grunting as he pushes up off of the ground to lean his back against the graffiti wall. "…I'm a mind to get to that water myself but, the real question is just how safe are we versus just how safe are you?" Ciro asks, motioning to the Cylon.

"Well as it seems most of us.." Maybe not the gunny, but the rest of them, "Are wanting a swim, I am going to just head down there now. No reason to wait. I got time away for the moment and I plan to enjoy it. Tests show that we should be just fine, Sondray. Best to just man up." She winks at him, shifting on her feet to begin to break away from the rest of them. Perhaps it is the cylon that makes her move quicker than she usually would, but the medic keep sher arms folded as she heads for the lake.

Natalie nods to Colin, bobbing her head. Mountains. Hiking. Salivation. "They as nice as everyone says?" she asks with a growing smile. "It might be nice to get up there one last time before we have to pull out. Ever thought about taking a Heavy Raider up there for a few days and sleepin under the stars with a ruck and rope set? As for hunting, well, some of our guys are accomplished. I'll post a notice to the ship for volunteers. Not every hunter is a Marine." But likely the reverse is true for the most part. Though Ciro's mention of the wounded gets an interested expression. "Point taken. It might do us some good to arm up some of those watercraft just in case. We should get engineering down here to see about getting them going." The jetskis, too. Yes, even Vandenberg has personal motivations and schemes. Circe slowly moving towards the water, though. Temptation may be getting the better of her. Some people were just born to live outdoors.

Colin shakes his head at Ciro and says, "The wounded are mostly those who took injuries on other planets, or who are the most seriously affected by the radiation. Nobody's in danger down at the lakeshore, I mean, not that I've ever seen," he shrugs, "You all should be fine. Hades, there's probably a bunch of folks down there now, it's about that time." He looks back to Vandenberg and smiles, "That sounds like a good plan, I gotta say. I haven't done it myself, just been sticking local for the most part, but I'd for sure be up for it if folks want to go. More than happy to show you whatever trails strike your fancy." He smiles again, and then brows lift and his head shakes a little, "Nothing with a motor's gonna run, I'm afraid. We're bone dry on fuel around here, have been for a long time."

"Frak…so the AA and the emplacements aren't for anything current on planet, they're just circumstancial?" Ciro asks Colin, grunting as he rises from his position on the wall. He looks to the graffiti, considers, but then waves dismissively at the wall. "I'll throw something up later…" There's a click as he reaches to his wireless. "Dog-One-One, Dog Zero-One. Get me mailman one and two and three of your most burnt ready at the game, over."

Natalie nods along with Colin. "Fair enough. The Sergeant has a point, though. The anti-air has had us concerned for some time. But shoring up defenses along the lake might not be a bad idea, either." She reaches down for her helmet and rifle. There's a long ponder to the serious proposition of going camping with a Cylon. "I'll tell you what: I'll give this some thought. I like the idea of getting up there, but I'm not quite sure I want to go with a Cylon. Shit ain't personal, its just that this here truce is just setting in. Know what I mean? I'll talk to some people though. You got nothing to fear from me."

Two blinks at Ciro and then replies, "Oh, the anti-air guns?" He shrugs, "I mean, I'm sure somebody's mentioned to you guys by now that some of the other models aren't so keen on what we've got going here. We're hoping it won't come to anything, but better safe than sorry, right? We brought all these people here, we'd better be ready to defend them." He shrugs, and then looks back to Vandenberg and nods a little, smiling faintly, ruefully and waves off her explanation, saying, "It's alright. I understand. I can get you guys a detailed map if you want to go, and any questions you've got about the area and its trails and things, I'm your guy. But… yeah, I mean." He shrugs, and repeats, "I understand. No offense taken. We're just glad you're all here."

"Well…just so happens, Colin, I'm a recon-man, so I'd love a copy of those maps and trails, or namely just everything and anything I need to know about the area. Doubly so I've got an ear to the rest of the recon types, so that information needs to start getting spread about. We'll talk about that tonight over food. How's that sound?" Ciro asks, nudging Colin with his elbow as he passes.

Copy that Dog Zero-One, order's been sent along, 2 minutes, over.

Click. "Received. Dog Zero-One over and out." Ciro replies into his shoulder-based receiver, leaning down to take his pack back onto his shoulders. "Alright, I'm going to go was some dogs. Colin, I'll see you around and if you see Yazdah, let her know I'm looking for her. You're a bunch of ugly cylons but for the time being you're my cylons, so just don't give me reasons to want to hate y'all. You hear?" Ciro nods to them, turning to head back to the AgoraMART.

"Might be interesting to see what happens if the other models decide they're unhappy enough to do something about it." Understatement of the century from Vandenberg. "We might want to look at shoring up defenses more, Colin. I don't know who I would talk to about that, though. I'd need to speak with, like, maybe your head Cylon? I'm not sure if you all have someone like that." She listens to Ciro banter a bit with the skinjob and laughs. She expected a lot of things down here. Seeing the paranoid Sergeant do that? Not one of them. "He's got a point. Might do us some good. And I think we can probably spare some gas for the boats but that's likely a better question for command and engineering. I appreciate the understanding, too." She gives him a nod. "Anyhow, I'm gonna see about that top I mentioned and getting some time in the lake. Welcome to join if ya like." She plops the helmet on her head crookedly then slinging the rifle up on her back and taking a slow step back.

Two smiles at Ciro, and then it widens into a grin, and he nods, agreeing, "For sure, man, happy to. I'll catch you then." He grins again, and then blinks a little as he looks back at Vandenberg, and sobers a bit, echoing, "Interesting?" He doesn't sound as if he agrees with that assessment, but nods, "Probably Brother Solon and Ulf're who you want to talk to. They're more or less in charge, I guess, sort of. There are a few folks, but they're the ones to start with, I guess. Yazdah, too, if she's still here." He scratches at his jaw and then one brow lifts, perking up, "You could get the boats going? Man, I'd love to get some skiing in," he says, clarifying, "Water-skiing? It's been so long. Any of you guys ski? It's the best, seriously. We've got tubes, to, if you don't know how, though. Also a way good time. But, I mean. I'm sure there's more important stuff to keep the fuel for," he admits, reining in his enthusiasm and then smiling at the captain and nodding, "Yeah, I might wander down in a bit, work on my sunburn. Thanks," he says, smile widening, genuinely warm, "I appreciate it."

"Solon or Ulf. Copy that. I'll start there." Vandenberg gives him an appreciative nod, but laughs at the mention of skis. "I don't know who waterskis. You'd have to ask around. Now jetskis. There's a selling point." She winks to the Cylon. "We'll find out for the fuel. I'll forward up the request. I'll see you on the water, Colin. Nice meetin' ya." She lifts her hand in a short wave as she backs off, tunring after a few steps.

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