PHD #297: Tenacious A
PHD #297: Tenacious A
Summary: Andrea approaches Khloe and admits she was pushing and asks for (and receives) an apology. Wade and Roland blow through.
Date: 20 Dec 2041 AE
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Pilot Berths - Naval Deck - Battlestar Cerberus
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #297

Andrea is pacing around the floor, glancing up at the door to the head repeatedly while she waits. She looks very much like she has been stalking someone, and that is because she has. No pilot should ever want to see her Squad Leader THIS badly.

And, much to Andrea's relief, Khloe does in fact emerge from the head, looking freshly showered. Her hair has not been combed out yet and is loose and mussy around her shoulders; in one hand she has her towel, and the other her shower bag. She makes a straight line for her locker, apparently wearing blinders to the fact that someone was standing there, waiting.

Now she's here, Andrea suddenly has a frog in her throat. She has to take a deep breath and forcibly relax before she steps forward. "Poppy… Captain. I… I need a word. Won't take long."

Opening up her locker, Khloe is quick to fish out a brush, and she takes it to her damp hair. "You've precisely as long as it takes me to finish up here, Hosedown," comes Khloe's quick reply - that usually means post-shower this-and-that, and dressing up in her uniform blues.

A nod. Andrea takes a deep breath, and then lets it out in a rush of words. "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. For pushing you so hard, for everything. Been doing some thinking about it all and… I spent almost a year in that bomb shelter, and it's like I've tried to make up for all of that time all at once. Pushing you to be a best friend, pushing Drips to be a boyfriend…" she coughs. "But that's not your problem, or at least it SHOULDN'T be, and I'm sorry. I just wanted to let you know that I do respect you as a SL, and I like you a lot, too. That's why I pushed, but it's also why I'm going to stop. Sorry for being such a frakking pain in the ass."

Huh. Well, that wasn't what Khloe was expecting. She pauses in her grooming to actually listen to Hosedown, face its usual stony half-frown but she's not intentionally scowling, at any rate. "Well, then, uh, apology accepted," she manages to say. "I suppose we've all got our faults, for our own reasons." She resumes brushing her hair and beginning to braid it back into its usual configuration.

Roland steps into the bunks, walking a few feet and stopping in his tracks. He looks at the rows of bunks, and mutters to himself, "Frack me…" He studies them a minute, transfering his flight helmet from one hand to the other.

Andrea visably relaxes as Khloe accepts her apology, then kicks the ground under her foot a bit nervously. Running out of reason to be there, and all. "Oh, and one last thing. An offer, and I won't mention it again if you don't like it. I lost a lot of tone down there. Been working hard to bring it back, but I could really use a sparring partner, and given that you kicked my ass the last time, there's plenty I could learn for you. No talking required, just a regular exercise date? Help me vent some?"

Wade storms inside the Berths, moving past Roland and directly towards his locker "Poppy, Hosedown, Blue" says the man in a quick stream of words as he opens his locker. Soon enough, he pulls his flight suit and starts to put it on as fast as he can. Apparently, he has CAP. He also takes his helmet and places it over the table. Zipper goes up, horizontal belt straps are buckled in and he is almost ready to go "Double CAP, gotta love them" says the man with a bit of a smile to himself.

Roland nods absently to Wade as he passes, and gurmbles again. He moves between the bunks glancing at each of them as he passes.

"It's difficult to learn something from an exercise routine if you can't communicate what's going on," Khloe states flatly. "You can talk to me, Hosedown. Just don't treat me like the ice cold bitch that never opens up that you think I am. Regardless if it's true." If that's a joke, Poppy's not smiling. She finishes fixing her braid and slips the leather clasp around it tightly against the base of her skull. "I'd be glad to show you a few pointers." She glances over her shoulder at Wade and Roland, nodding to the first… and arching an eyebrow at the latter. "Blue, forget which bunk you chose?" She asks.

Realizing for the first time that they're not alone in the room, Andrea gives a bit of a start as Khloe glances at the newcomers. "Oh, Blue! Sorry, I didn't see you there…" her eyes then shift to Wade, and her cheeks color. "Uh, Drips, hi! How long have you been…" she pauses. Does she really want to know? She glances back at Khloe. "Thank you, Poppy. When's good for the first one?"

"How long have I've been…." repeats Wade as he looks at Andrea, wanting to hear the last part. He shows a soft smile to her and then looks back inside his locker, taking a few more things from inside. His attention is stolen by Poppy when she says 'cold bitch' and he can't help but to smile with amusement. However, he makes no comment on that and he returns to what he is doing. Finally, he closes the locker and takes a deep breath, relaxing a little bit. Now, Wade looks over at Blue.

Roland's ears burn a bit red, and he reaches up to run the back of his neck, "Temporary academic malfunction Sir… I'll figure it out."

Khloe begins replacing her off-duty greens with her dress blues as she continues her conversation with Andrea. "Probably best to work around your schedule as my schedule's a bit more busy, I'll bet. But, let's say, 0600, block off two hours." Glancing again at Blue, she shrugs. "All right. Don't hurt yourself," she says, buttoning up her jacket.

Andrea is at least somewhat tempted to point out that NOT treating Khloe like an Ice Cold Bitch (tm) implies treating her like a friend, but best not to say it out loud when a specific time for a two hour ass kicking has been laid aside. She simply smiles shyly, nods, and turns back to Drips. "Oh, nothing, just wondered how long you had been standing there." She also smiles over at Blue, but doesn't needle him. Not right away, anyway.

"Just got here" says Wade with a small smile. Now he looks at Blue and nods "Sorry man, wasn't here when you picked one, had to run….pretty much like I'll have to do now" To this, he smiles again and then places his attention back on Andrea "Nothing to worry Hosedown, if there was anything juicy to hear, I didn't hear it." With that out of the way, he nods at all of them and offers "Clear eyes and stready hands" and with that said, he takes his helmet and walks outside the place.

Roland plops down on a bunk, and lets out a long breath. He shakes his head, and glances around at his seat. He turns a bit red again and opens up his locker to store his helmet.

Khloe closes her locker and gives her combination lock a spin. "Right. Well, condition two means a frakton more paperwork for the SLs to review. Duty readiness and all that. So I'll maybe catch you lot later." Could it be that the Captain's three night stint away from the berths is coming to an end? She makes for the hatch.

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