Tau Garrison

Around 2007 AE, Tauron obtained the reputation for being a troublesome colony within the federal system of the Colonies, often disobeying directives decided by the colonies and "pushing their luck with the admiralty every chance they got." As a result, the Colonial Fleet decided to establish a military garrison on the planet in an attempt to curb some of the population's more restless elements. Tau Garrison is located close to the Tauron equator, allowing planes and troops to reach almost any location on the planet within a reasonable amount of time.

However, garrison duty anywhere is never a highly desired assignment, and the harsh climate of the area around Tau Garrison makes it a singularly despised post by most who end up there. It's widely regarded as a 'punishment station' within the Colonial Fleet, many of those stationed there having ran afoul of a previous superior in some fashion or another.

Command Staff


Prior Crew

LTJG/LT Anton "Lasher" Laskaris: When William Adama found himself transferred off Valkyrie following the failure of his black recon mission, the battlestar recieved a new commander who wasn't as inclined to put up with Lasher, who soon found himself shipped off to Tauron. Laskaris languished here for a year and a half before he was finally transferred back to a battlestar. He recieved his promotion to Lieutenant while serving at Tau Garrison.

Psyche "Bubbles" Athenos

Kazimir "Chicken" Meszaros

Khloe "Poppy" Vakos

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